Monday, 17 May 2010


"This most beautiful system of the Sun, planets and comets could only proceed from the council and dominion of an intelligent and powerful being!" - Sir Isaac Newton.

"... There really are only two choices as to why we are here. By chance or by design. Which side does the evidence support? ... the universe and the watch are often compared. Both have many complex parts, parts that work together to form a functional system. Both also exist, and since they exist, they had an origin... the watch therefore ... came from the watchmaker. It was made in his shop, with his parts and with his design and skill."

"I think most people understand the concept of cause and effect. You see something happen, you immediately look, uh, why did it happen? What's the cause? That's how science functions. We can't function without the concept of cause and effect, and when we look at the effect - the amazing design, (in the universe and in man, Ed) when you look at the tremendous effects, we must have a tremendous cause, logically, to account for it!" - Dr. Don Patton, professor, practical geologist.

"It is obviously difficult for anyone to say that they totally understand the instantaneous creation of everything in this vast universe and all of life that exists on this planet, within 6 days. But it is equally or in fact, more difficult - I think, if you are honest, to imagine that everything happened out of some spontaneous, uncontrolled explosion and that over billions and billions of years, an incredible series of the most unlikely coincidences took place!" - Grant jeffrey, Frontier Research Publications.

Voiceover: "Time is often the champion of evolution. Something wihch is impossible, according to science and common sense, suddenly becomes possible when the element of time is added. In truth, time cannot be the hero. A riddle asks, 'What destroys armies, kills kings, flattens mountains, lives forever and has no physical body? ... Time!'"

"It's the second law of thermodynamics. It's a law as basic and accepted as the law of gravity. It's also called the law of enthropy and basically it states that anything left by itself will break down and decay. And that's why our bodies will break down and die with age. Einstein said, of all the physical laws, this is the most obvious and the most provable of them all!" - Peter Lalonde.

While many blindly accept that the Big Bang created order out of nothing, science speaks against it, mathematical probability rules it out and common sense, dismisses it!

"In our culture, we have decided that we worship nothingness. That the universe here - God wasn't even necessary - of any kind. That we are here by random chance. It utterly refutes the law of enthropy, it utterly refutes what we do know about science. Yet we cling to that because to take any other view would imply a responsibility to the One Who put us here in the first place!" - Chuck Missler, Co-founder Koinonia House Ministry.

"The idea that the universe could have happened by accident is about the same as saying a tornado could go through a junkyard and put together a F-16 airoplane ... It just is simply impossible, and everybody with a brain in his head knows it!" - Dave Breese, Christian Destiny Ministries.

"We are here by exquisite design. We hear the ecologists scream about a tenth of one percent change in the ozone layer would bring cosmic doom. Turn that coin around - how did it get so delicately balanced? You're trying to tell me that there is a balance in nature that is so precise - that you change it just a little bit, and life can't exist? That's an evidence of design! Somebody went through a lot of trouble to balance it!" - Chuck Missler.

Voiceover: "Large explosions are asociated with death and destruction - not with order and life. A volcano erupting is a natural disaster - not a natural benefit! While many blindly accept that the Big Bang created order out of nothing, science speaks against it. Mathematical probability rules it out and common sense, dismisses it!"

"The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God'. What the Bible is saying I believe, is that the evidence from design, the evidence of the universe - is full of the most incredibly complicated design - from how a tree is made to the smallest cell in the human body, the way the optic nerve transmits an image to the mind. Every element of creation is of such degree of complexity, that any honest person who looks at it and says that he believes this happened by chance, I believe is not being honest!" - Grant Jeffrey.

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