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(An important end time message to the English speaking peoples in the four corners of the Earth, and to the world in general.)

For Family and friends, COPYRIGHT 2003
7th November 2007 EDITION

(Updated May 2008 and now being made available in sections to on-line readers)

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In the words of my fellow countryman Robert Burns, national Bard, Poet and songwriter (1759~1796) “The Best-Laid Schemes o’ mice an’ men Gang aft agley, An lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain, For promis’d joy!” (The best laid plans of mice and men often go wrong, leaving us nothing but grief and pain for promised joy!) A statement surely applicable to us all, but to none more so than the Illuminati Hierarchy or Brotherhood who pull the strings of our politicians and world leaders of today, who year by year drive the Earth and its inhabitants nearer and nearer to the edge of the precipice. In their corrupt wisdom, blinded by lies and greed; an army of controlled, over-wealthy, corrupt, strung puppets, they press forward in their attempt to dominate and police the world, aiming to maintain or increase access to the rich oil and gas deposits whilst posing as ‘liberators’ from dictators (placed in power earlier by the governments of these same liberators) who may or may not be a threat to world peace, massacring the innocents in their wake which have been reduced in modern times to a term called collateral damage.
The sad fact is that instead of maintaining the peace and security of the world, which they claim to be their goal, they are achieving the opposite, and deliberately, leaving the Earth each time hanging from a more delicate thread. The Word of Yahweh tells us in Psalms 12:8: THE WICKED WALK ON EVERY SIDE WHEN THE VILEST MEN ARE EXALTED.” What we see today, not only in Washington and London, but in the world in general, is to date the most evil, vile, disgusting, perverse, cheating, lying, corrupt governments the world has ever had the misfortune to have in power. These people whom we used to freely elect in the English speaking countries of the world. The U.S. uses a system that works the same as in third world countries where it doesn’t matter who you vote for, the winner knows beforehand due to the easy manipulation of computer voting that is practically undetectable, and yes of course, the computers themselves are owned and controlled by the political parties, so, changing from one party to the next at the whim of the Illuminati godfathers, is only to fool people into thinking that they really have a valid vote. In Britain as well, it doesn’t really matter who you vote for, the main policies are kept on track. Socialist governors have most often been used to bring chaos and ruin to a country, again, in order to fool us into thinking that the game is for real, and is not limited to Great Britain. The Socialists here in Spain do exactly the same things, they have done everything in their power to help ETA terrorists strengthen themselves to the maximum and have TRIPLED the wealth of the rich whilst at the same time the noose around the necks of the poor, tightens!

Following, are extracts from an Alex Jones documentary film called: American Dictators. [Variations in text found on any of the cited documentary videos may be due to there being two or more versions available although the contents and meanings will remain unaltered. All videos transcribed by author of The Best-Laid Schemes – Ed.]

“The American dictatorship is the powerful global corporations that own and control the Military Industrial Complex, giving you false choices so that you think that you have a real decision to make when they put forward their two chosen candidates.”

Voiceover: “In 2002, elections were held in Iraq. Guess who got 100% of the votes? Nothing like that could ever happen in the west… could it?”

Alex: “Skull and Bones Society set up in 1832 to overthrow the U.S. Only 15 members per year admitted! Only 800 remain alive today, but you can count their members as three presidents, eight CIA directors, many of the heads of the Fortune 500, and they work in concert together to bring you the unfolding ‘Police State,’ these criminal wars of aggression against sovereign innocent nations.

Think about it. Out of 290 million Americans, we have two people from the most elite secret society in the U.S. Only 15 members chosen each year, and this is who we get for presidential candidates! It’s absolutely incredible!

Cynthia McKenna, former congresswoman: “There was a case in Tennessee where the tabulation software added illegally a quarter of a vote to the favourite candidate for every one vote that the unfavoured candidate received… we understand that these manipulations are going to take place.”

Vicky Karp, electronic voting machine investigator: “ES&S [Election Systems and Software], Republican senator Chuck Hagel, who’s he? He’s got ownership ties with a holding company to ES&S. Well he’s a 20 year old friend of the Bush family, he almost became our vice president instead of Dick Cheney, and he won his seat in the Senate twice, by these big landslides in Nebraska, in a state that had not elected a Republican senator in over 24 years! But you know what? 80% of his votes were counted by ES&S voting machines! While Americans are being fed a steady diet of Michael Jackson and Lacy Peterson, and lots of football, our elections are being stolen by the owners and controllers of the electronic voting machine companies… with no paper audit trails!”

Alex: “Three of the major companies have former deputy directors of the CIA on their board of directors. You wonder why our governments are getting more and more arrogant… they own the voting machines! Out of the five big voting machine companies, three of them are headed by former CIA deputy directors, one of the other big ones is run by the former head of the NSA, and then others are run by companies like Clear Channel, so I think that answers the question for you, but they know that you can’t handle the horror of this! We send advisors and monitors all over the planet to these third world countries, to monitor elections, and we demand a paper trail, but here: ‘Hey, don’t get paranoid, trust us!’… You’d better think about that!

Ralph Nadar: “Douglas Macarthur... said in 1957: ‘Beware of your government exaggerating foreign threats in order to expand military budgets.’”

... George W Bush heard saying: “You’re either with us or against us. You’re either evil or you’re good!”

Alex: “Ralph Nadar who stood against Bush and Kerry in the election campaign of 1999. Not only is one of his top lawyers and campaign managers a Skull and Bones member, but now we learn that Mr Nadar’s book was published by FOX TV! [CIA controlled] The ‘war on terrorism’ is really a war on dissent in the U.S. and the west.

Gary Busey, Actor and activist: “A lot of the people who are under the tyrants are like sheep, they know nothing else, they have no role models. This is from generation… to generation, and they come with generational curses and with spirits of evil. There are fourteen of them listed in the Bible, and these spirits of evil, work with you, within you, around you. And you have these spirits of evil working in the leaders, in the politicians, the generals, then you have nothing but evil… and the most endangered species is dedicated leaders. I mean dedicated leaders in the right way, in a good way.”

Cynthia McKenna: “We see ludicrous leaders like Tom Delay, Trip Lott, Ward Connolly and now Arnold Schwarzenneger parade across the stage adorned with the ornaments of power while thoughtful leaders are shunned or targeted or cruelly maligned. But there was a time when that truly wasn’t so, when our leaders challenged the best in us and encouraged us to shun war and invest in justice and peace.”

Alex: “You know what’s in Patriot Act Two, section 501? If you fit the description of a terrorist under section 802 of the first Patriot Act you can be arrested and secretly executed! That’s right, a three military judge panel! Now what is section 802 of the first Patriot Act? It passed on October 27, 2001 at five in the morning when no-one was allowed to read it, according to members of Congress. The definition of terrorist is: ‘any action that endangers human life that is a violation of any federal or state law.’ They have many other definitions about anything that influences government. Go read it for yourself! They’re counting on you not reading it! They’re counting on you not fighting it! (Alex Jones, American Dictators.

They just love playing with us, laughing at us, seeing how easily fooled we can be. And democracy anyway, what is it but a scam that allows a shower of thugs to rule over millions of people who never vote for them! In Scotland for example, the people have been dominated by English politics since 1707! Three hundred years of English rule, skulduggery and the barefaced theft of our nation’s wealth be it our brains our ancient forests or our oil. A country with its own internal government will find it much easier to keep within its ranks its most valuable wealth… its people! How can an educated man feel the same pride for his country when his country has lost the power to control its own destiny? A government of course that is honourable and good, which these days no longer exists, in fact it was probably the first major extinction that occurred on planet Earth in modern times. The Scottish people themselves were never granted the opportunity to say yes or no, so has free democracy ever ruled in the land of Gt. Britain? No! Certainly not since 1707! We did not freely elect to allow English rule over us at any time in our history, in fact the very opposite is true. We fought three hundred and fourteen major battles with the English before our insane, greedy ‘leaders’ sold us down the river!

Our Duiks were deills, [devils] our Marquesses were mad,
Our Earls were evil, our Viscounts yet more bad,
Our Lords were villains, and our Barons knaves
Who wish our burrows [boroughs] did sell us for slaves.
They sold the church, they sold the State and Nation,
They sold their honour, name and reputation,
They sold their birthright, peerages and places
And now they leave the House [Nation] with angrie faces.

Anonymous (18th Century), taken from the Scots Independent.

Then, within a generation of the failed rebellion by the so-called Bonnie Prince Charlie and his Highlanders in 1745-46, came the infamous clearances that without true leaders and a Scottish government, the Highland folks were left to the mercy of the English and ‘bought’ Scottish overlords, the so called ‘Improvers’ who improved only their wealth, who preferred sheep to people and which provided the nation with the horrific ethnic cleansing of the Highlands, of its brave, tough, irreplaceable Highlanders, but here again in history you can see the ‘type’ of people who attain to power, leadership and government in these end times. Cold, hard hearted monsters without scruples, whose only interest is their own, very few if any, are good people at heart, very few if any of them, can be trusted. Do you think that it is any better today than it was 300 years ago? It is much worse if anything! Around 3000 years ago, the wisest man who ever lived (apart from God's Son Yashuah), told us that there was nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1: 9,10). And that includes the supposed 'New World Order'. It is in fact Old World Pagan Disorder!

Anyway, just as the Scots nation was made up from distinct peoples from various tribes with the English speaking Lowlander and the Gaelic speaking Highlander, the Scots and the English are two very different and distinct peoples!
Nowadays there is really only one political party in control in the world and it is this same despicable, sexually perverted, paedophilic Fascist/Nazi, human sacrificing, satanic Illuminati.

(The extreme right and the extreme left, meet together on the outer edge of the circle. Nazis, Fascists, Socialists and Communists become the same people. They are only alternative titles the elite use for Satanism!)

You have to keep in mind here that these super wealthy Satanists control the worlds commerce, the giant multinationals (who murder people who stand in their way) whether they be involved in food, arms, chemicals, medicines, oil and gas, whatever! When you control multi-billion $ industries and the world’s banks, you also have control of politicians and their parties. What we see on the telly and hear on the radio is just a farce, a game. They are playing with us; you have got to understand that before you can understand ANYTHING that is going on here in this crazy Earth! All you see is politicians scoring points, having fun, making themselves rich. They do not give a damn about us or the starving millions. And when you understand that and the fact that we are dealing with people who adore Satan, then suddenly, everything makes perfect sense!
Whether or not we still do ‘freely elect’ them, (at least in Britain) they come down to us now through the various secret societies or connected ‘power’ families and no longer represent the man on the street, rather they represent the true mafia bosses (the destructive/sick/evil/hell-bound Illuminati, via the Bilderberg Group and the myriad of secret societies right down to the Masonic Lodges) who groom them and help them to power and of course who in turn, help themselves!

Let us take a look at a short transcript from a video called: Open Your Mind – Illuminati Symbolism – It’s all Around You:











Now, the information you have just read will come into this story in a much bigger way at the end of this book.
Political parties may change, even some policies, but the road they take us down remains the same. Instead of directing the country to the benefit of all and keeping us safe, the idea now is to keep us under as much pressure as possible and with as little money as possible giving us at the same time as much entertainment as possible, to keep us out of their hair, so that they can go about their secret agenda with as little number of interruptions from us as possible. If they keep us under enough pressure and at the same time give us enough entertainment, then we certainly will not feel like protesting will we? Their plan has worked a treat! A nice meal beside a warm fire, the telly, ahh what more could a man ask for? No I’m not a conspiracy theorist; I am more of a conspiracy realist! What conspiracy are we talking about anyway? It is not a conspiracy but rather a carefully thought out and well planned ‘world project’ stemming from the Project for the New American Century! First, the U.S., next... the world!

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Many well educated and highly respected leaders (before they became extinct) and other people in high positions over the years have been forced to admit that this world is mad and getting madder – but in more than one sense. Most world leaders are “mad” simply because they lack true wisdom and base their most important decisions on the money and power factors, which in the west at least are determined by the ease of access to the world’s energy sources and of course they are led and directed by invisible groups who really hold the reins of power. Without control of these extremely precious and needed resources, the United States for example could be ground to a halt in a very short space of time. Do you know that the U.S. makes up only 5% of the world’s population but uses 25% of its energy resources? This is one of the reasons the foreign policy of this country over the past one hundred years or so has left a lot to be desired!
Is President Bush at this moment fighting for the rights of the indigenous South American Indians or any other harshly treated and ignored minorities? Of course he’s not, why should he? Well maybe he should because he pretends to make moves in areas of the world in order to ‘help’ or ‘free’ peoples suffering under harsh regimes? Is he a Christian? Is Blair? Is Brown? Of course they are not! They do not act nor behave according to Christian doctrine but rather, they use it to sway public opinion their way. If Bush, for instance, really is a born again Christian then why did he not denounce the satanic Brotherhood of Death that he is a member of when he was given the chance to do so on the U.S. TV programme Meet The Press. Instead, when asked by the presenter what it means for America that he is a member of the Skull & Bones secret society, Bush smiled and said: “It’s so secret, we can’t talk about it.”…!? WAKEN UP PEOPLE! WORLD LEADERS TODAY CANNOT BE TRUSTED!

Well if you decide to read this entire book, you will find out more about this and many other satanic secrets that these disgusting people have lined up for the Earth’s inhabitants and secrets that Yahweh has been crying out for millennia in His Word. In the case of these poor and despicably treated Indians of South America, maybe they would stand more of a chance if oil deposits had been found on their soil instead of just trees, albeit under the control of the North American government! No, I know I’m very wrong in saying that, you only have to look at the state of oil rich Equatorial Guinea to see that. The western nations involved in the exploitation of her oil, the U.S. of course included, have decided to turn a blind eye to her grave problems that include child soldiers, mafias, ecological disasters and warring factions whilst her ruling elite live the life of wealthy corrupt kings. They were here in Spain in fact fairly recently, (Mid-November 06) with members of both main political parties dancing to their tune and of course the king and queen of Spain wining and dining them! (Well, they do have oil after all!) To the locals of Equatorial Guinea, oil is referred to as the Devils excrement! And, Dr Winifred M Ewing, please note: Scotland is not the only country in the world to have had oil discovered off her shores and to have benefited nothing, or are you referring here to the ruling families? As for our wealth of water, it is soon to be poisoned, has no-one let you in on the secret? Have a chat with Maurice Strong, you know, the guy who really runs the United Nations, I am sure he knows all about it, after all is it not he who has been calling for the destruction of the west in order to save the world?

Revelation 8: 10: “…and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters… and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.”

Revelation 16: 4: “And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of water; and they became blood.”

If the first wave does not get our water then the second one will. First the Earth is going to lose one-third of this most precious liquid that we in the west have always taken for granted, but in the end it is all going to be polluted and left undrinkable. This second poisoning of the Earth’s water supplies comes less than two years after the first.
Spain, along with the U.S. and Britain of course, is being used as a testing ground these days for the New World Order. Having a 33° Mason as president, as is normal now in the world I suppose, whose grandfather was seemingly responsible for the setting up of Masonic lodges here, is showing us very clearly the path the Illuminati want each nation to take, and it is so shocking it makes it difficult to take in. The insanities going on here in Spain on a daily basis need to be seen and heard to be believed. A socialist government that has turned this country into a haven for mafias, and the most wealthy millionaires and billionaires have tripled their wealth in just three years! The Banco Santander increased its wealth by 75% during 2005! ETA terrorists are being given all the help possible in order to re-arm and strengthen their organisation at the expense of the relatives of their 1000+ victims. These terrorists were actually in complete control of the so-called ‘peace process’ that was an out and out scandal and farce. French police say that ETA, apart from stealing around 350 pistols with ammunition, have also stolen over 40 cars and that they have over 500 trained killers at their disposal. Meanwhile, Spain’s Masonic president comes out daily saying that everything is under control and that there is no problem. (Better not even to mention the colossal corruption that goes on here amongst councillors and mayors).

Spain is slowly becoming a third world like dictatorship, and of course it is well known here how these socialists came to power in the first place. The blowing up of the trains in Madrid just days before the elections. The investigation of this horrific event, not only was a sham, but all the evidence, as in the case of the Twin Towers, ‘disappeared.’ How convenient! It is public knowledge now that the government along with certain factions of the police, Guardia Civil, Intelligence services and probably ETA as well had a role to play in this event which like in the U.S. and Britain is all part of terrorising us in order to control us – that is the very sad, shocking facts! Under the Illuminati godfathers, the Masons believe that out of chaos will come order and that is the reason for all the evil that is being perpetrated throughout the Earth today!
They believe that if they continually keep us in a state of shock, horror and terror with unending controlled terrorist attacks and the bombing of civilians using high tech aircraft and missiles, then, at the right moment, when they can bring forth their chosen satanic leader the Antichrist, all the people on Earth will welcome him with open arms when they hear his already written ‘peace’ plan.

“… The Tavistock Clinic was founded in London in 1920 under the patronage of HRH Duke George of Kent, out of World War I studies of ‘shell shock’ victims. For years Tavistock has been the chief psychological warfare unit of the British Crown and British Intelligence and now it virtually runs the CIA’s many Mind-Control Programs and terrorist plots.
In the early 60’s, one of Tavistock’s leading brainwashers, Dr. Fred Emery, together with the chairman of Tavistock’s governing council, Dr. Eric Trist, gave lectures to selected audiences at Tavistock on methods how to brainwash entire societies. ‘In this new age of mass communication,’ they said, ‘a series of short, universal shocks would destabilise a targeted population, plunging it into a form of ‘shellshock,’ a mass neurosis. If the shocks were repeated over a period of years, a more and more infantile pattern of thinking would develop.’ Emery elaborated these concepts in his 1967 article in Tavistock’s magazine Human Relations, entitled, The Next Thirty Years: Concepts, Methods and Anticipations and in his 1975 Futures We Are In. In the latter, he outlined the three stages of this process: 1) people ‘would lose their moral judgement.’ 2) next, ‘segmentation’ – societal disintegration – would begin, in which the individual’s focus moves from the nation-state to the preoccupation with local community or family; and finally, 3) ‘disassociation’ would set in, ‘a world in which fantasy and reality are indistinguishable,’ in which the individual becomes the social unit. Emery calls this final result ‘Clockwork Orange,’ after the Anthony Burgess novel.” – John D. Christian, Hidden Secrets of the Alpha Course, 2005, pp. 180-181, (Rick Warren and the Tavistock Mind-Control Operation).

Because the Illuminati control the terrorist groups and also our world leaders, it will be an easy task to make it look like this new leader is a god-send! His peace plan of course will be false because the main idea is to set up a satanic worldwide kingdom with even more blood-letting than before, but to achieve it, the world’s inhabitants have got to be taken under his spell, accepting his control microchips that will be linked to satellites. With that achieved, he will then set out to destroy the Earth and all people who refuse to accept him as world leader and god.
Now what about war? The world’s inhabitants have now decided that enough is enough, although it has taken thousands of years of wars to bring them to this point, and now they are “mad” at the constant war monger ethics of their leaders. The Arab or Muslim world is extremely “mad” at the western powers and specifically at the United States and her allies for their politics in dealing with different countries with a distinct measuring stick i.e. basing their decisions to help and protect depending on their strategic positioning on the Earth or their possession of oil or gas deposits. Of course, the way the western powers deal with Israel does not really help the situation as the Israelis can do more or less as they please. The fact that Israel does not have much oil makes it a very strange case indeed, given the help and protection it has enjoyed from the west, although in these satanic end times it is easy to see exactly what is going on. At the moment you could say that Britain and the U.S. are helping and protecting their ‘brothers’ i.e. Judah, Levi and Benjamin. These three make up the ancient Kingdom of Judah, the Jews, and that is who is supposed to be there in Israel today, but only a small portion of them, not all. Most of them are not of Israel at all but have slipped through on false credentials:

Revelation 2:9: “… and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”

Revelation 3:9: “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie…”

Britain and the U.S. with much help from the satanic Illuminati led by the Rothschilds, forced the modern nation of Israel into being, placing people there who do not belong to any of the original tribes. If you read the prophecies of the Bible, you will see clearly that when Yahweh Himself calls forth His people from all the nations of the Earth, there will be peace in the land and not as it is today! This modern day Israel is a false calling forth by Satan working in evil corrupt men who have a semi-secret agenda in which they intend the setting up of a thousand year reign of their ‘god-kings’ who will rule the Earth in a satanic, human sacrificing/paedophilic/Nazi New World Order with its Masonic One World Religion. Thank the Lord God Yahweh, that although this supposed time has begun as far as our insane sick leaders are concerned, (they consecrated it in the year 2000-2001) its days are already numbered and by the time their ‘peaceful philosopher leader king’ takes up official residence, less than six and a half years will remain for them!

The other ten tribes of Israel, the ten lost tribes of the northern Kingdom, along with the rest of Judah, Benjamin and Levi are still scattered around the globe and are not due to return until the end of the Great Tribulation period that will end life on this Earth as we know it and will begin in less than one generation from now. This time round it will be Yahweh’s doing and not the work of man as at last there will indeed be peace on Earth as the prophetic books of the Bible clearly indicate. It is rather ironic as well that as the U.S. strives in their efforts to bring peace to this region, it is they and their nine main allies who will shortly devastate Israel in an all-out nuclear attack, later moving in to take control of the country. Israeli troops will not know what has hit them; they will be taken completely by surprise, not firing a single shot in retaliation. As the title of this book suggests, mans plans, plots and schemes often go wrong, no matter who is leading or writing the script. Although at the moment there seems to be more and more co-operation between the ruling Illuminati families worldwide, something unexpected will surely take place, possibly thwarting the plans of the all-powerful House of Rothschild whose ultimate aim is to produce the Antichrist world leader. There is evidence to suggest that these all powerfull elite families are already at war with each other in order to try and gain overall control. The earthquakes in Japan and China may be strong indicators of that fact.
Will the Lord God Almighty Yahweh raise up a challenger to the Rothschild Antichrist throne at the last minute, taking them by surprise, giving them at last a taste of their very own medicine? Is that the reason why the book of Daniel states that three kings shall fall? Three world leaders that make up part of the ten nation alliance are destined to oppose this Antichrist figure because they do not accept him, why?

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The politics of most counties in the world leave a lot to be desired for those of us who wish to see peace on Earth. If they’re not pushing for control of other country’s legal assets, then they are murdering and imprisoning their own people or murdering slowly the women and children of other countries by placing harsh and very evil sanctions on them, that do little damage to the controlling regimes but which massacre the ordinary innocent people. In the case of the U.S., Druid and Mason Winston Churchill once said; “You can always count on the Americans doing the job right… once of course they’ve exhausted every other possibility!” (Has anything changed?)
In these times, I really doubt that they ever get anything right; talking strictly of course on government levels, but even then there is a reason for that! Their sickening tolerance of evil and corrupt commerce for the juicy carrot of big bucks will very shortly be overturned on their heads. Planet Earth has taken a giant leap forward to self destruction. The world’s giant multinationals, those who are pushing for globalisation, (U.S. business over the world, take the best, discard the rest and that includes humans!) have already pushed the button that will destroy the Earth and cause man to become as rare as “Gold of Ophir” as Jesus Christ Himself prophesied. There is today in this evil, unjust world around 751 million unprotected child workers that have been either sold by their parents to others who promised the parents a better future for their little ones, but who were in fact working for mafias, or that have been kidnapped directly by mafia groups and sold into slavery. These children work anything between 10 to 16 hour days, seven days a week until they drop dead! But of course these giant worldwide multinationals do not employ children, or at least they are completely unaware of it.
These same giant multinationals today are really global superpowers that weald more power than our governments. A group of just 15 of them want to control the Earth. They hold governments to ransom. They also have the same legal rights as human beings which in many cases mean that they actually have more rights than we do simply because of the money and weight they carry, money of course is power. In a documentary made by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott and Joel Bakan called: The Corporation, based on a book that goes by the same name and which was written by Joel Bakan, the question is asked: “If corporations are legally human, what kind of people are they?” The answer given in the documentary is quite explicit; “they are psychopaths who have a callous unconcern for the feelings of others, an incapacity to maintain enduring relationships, reckless disregard for the safety of others, deceitfulness; repeated lying and conning others for profit, incapacity to experience guilt, failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviours.”

That ladies and gentlemen, is a fair description of a corporation! They go on to explain just how exploited the foreign workers are by these malignant organisations that include; Nike, Liz Claiborne, Shell, amongst many others, and name companies that headed the list of corporate criminals who committed crimes against the Earth, and or, its inhabitants during the 1990’s: i.e. Exxon, General Electric, Chevron, Mitsubishi, IBM East Europe/Asia ltd, Kodak, Pfizer, Samsung, Sears, Hyundai, Bristol-Myers, Daewoo, Alcoa, Basf, Roche, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, Palm Beach Cruises, Princess Cruises Inc., Regency Cruises Inc., Tyson Foods, U.S. Sugar Corp., Crop Growers Corp., Eastman Chemical Co., United Technologies, Unisys, Teledyne, Copley Pharmaceutical Corp., Ortho Pharmaceutical Corp., Kimberley Home Health Care, Daiwa Bank Ltd, Bankers Trust, Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). These companies appeared in a report entitled: The Top 100 Corporate Criminals Of The 1990’s in the July/August 1999 edition of the Multinational Monitor. Did you notice that the vast majority are U.S. companies?

To give you an idea of how disgusting these corporate criminals are, and they are criminals whether or not they appear on the above list, Liz Claiborne, for example, a Belgian born fashion designer brought up in New Orleans, pays her slaves in El Salvador around 74 cents per jacket produced that she sells for 178 U.S. dollars! This lady and her multi-billion dollar company use over 40 different brand names that can be found in over 30,000 sales outlets worldwide! In other words, most of the time we are buying stuff that we have absolutely no idea of where it has come from or of who is behind it. It does explain however, the ‘how come?’ of the incredible drop in prices that occur in our shops at sales times. It is called slave labour! The multimillionaire founders and owners of Nike, Mark Philips and Bill Bowerman, who employ almost 27,000 slave labourers worldwide, have mastered the science of exploitation according to this documentary. The wages they pay are worked on the minute scale of 3/10 s, of 1% of retail price! Think about that the next time you go out shopping for Nike whose turnover for the year 2006 was a reported 15 Billion U.S. dollars!

They only use people who are desperate, and then eventually, when they are forced to up wages, they pluck themselves up and move to the next exploitable zone. We are a controlled people whether we like it or not. From our infancy our minds have been bombarded with images and sounds, colours and fashions. Unfortunately we fall into line like good little mind-controlled slaves handing our money over to these sick, evil conglomerates of corporate industry who prey on the poor and starving of the world, working them like slaves on harsh production lines that work on a wage ratio to finite degrees. High profits rule OK!

Nazi U.S. naval base building found in San Diego U.S. on Google Earth. There is another one in Coronado, California. Added by author.

Let’s go back to the documentary:

“Capitalism today commands the towering heights and has displaced politics and politicians as the new ‘High Priests’ and reigning oligarchs of our system. So capitalism and its principal protagonists and players, corporate CEO’s, have been accorded unusual power and access. This is not to deny the significance of government and politicians but these are the new High Priests.” – Ira Jackson, Director, Centre for Business and Government. Kennedy School, Harvard.

(Author’s note: The following comments are based on information from this same documentary: Cows in the U.S. are called ‘production units.’ The Monsanto Company [Mon-Satan as referred to by anti-globalisation activists] have produced a very lovely little injectable liquid called Posilac that helps cows to produce more milk. [The cows must feel deeply indebted to Monsanto]. Side effects include infections for the cows, but that is not a problem as they can then be pumped with antibiotics which the public can then drink! This company are also world leaders in genetically modified crop seeds that are causing so much problems and misery worldwide, they actually control 70-100% of certain crops in the world. They were also responsible for manufacturing the chemical agent Orange used during the Vietnam War that: “reportedly caused over 50,000 birth defects as well as hundreds of thousands of cancers.”)

“The largest institution on Earth, the wealthiest, most powerful, the most pervasive, the most influential, is the institution of business and industry, the Corporation which also is the current, present day instrument of destruction… it must change” – Ray Anderson, CEO, Interface, world’s largest commercial carpet manufacturer.

Voiveover: “These days, after all, corporations are trying to buy up everything from the world’s water to the human genetic code”

“I’ve gotta be honest with you, when the September 11th situation happened… I don’t want to take it lightly, it was a devastating act, it was really a bad thing, one of the worst things I’ve seen in my lifetime… but, I will tell you, and every trader will tell you who was not in that building and who was buying gold and who owned gold and silver, that when it happened, the first thing you thought about was: ‘Well how much is gold up?’ The first thing that came to mine was: ‘My god! Gold must be exploding!’ Fortunately for us, all our clients were in gold, so when it went up they all doubled their money! All I could think about was getting them to hell out, [of gold, not the towers!]... I mean until we found out the building was collapsing, but before the building collapsed, all we were thinking about was: ‘Let’s get those clients out; they’ve all doubled their money!’ Unfortunately we couldn’t get them out right then because the markets closed right afterwards and then in the next couple of days we got them all out. They all doubled their money, everybody doubled their money! It was a blessing in disguise... devastating... crushing... heart shattering, but on a financial sense for my clients that were in the market, they all made money. Now I wasn’t looking for this type of help... but it happened! When the U.S. bombed Iraq... back in 1991, the price of oil went from 13$ to 40$ a barrel for Christ’s sake. Now, we couldn’t wait for the bombs to come raining down on Saddam Hussein. We were all exited, we wanted Saddam to really create problems, do whatever you have to do, set fire to some more oil wells because the price is going to go higher, every broker was chanting that! There was not a broker that I know of that wasn’t exited about that! Then all of a sudden, they said the wars gonna be over a lot faster than we thought. We were all thinking, this thing could drag out for a couple of months here, prices could really get outta hand - could get to 50, 60, 70, 80$. People were talking 70, 80. But we were excited about it, because this was a disaster, this was something that was, you know, this was catastrophe happening, bombing… wars! In devastation there is opportunity!” Carlton Brown, Commodities Trader, New York.

[Well, there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth, the real profit of wars and disasters. If that does not sum up American style freedom, democracy and capitalism then I do not know what does! Freedom to lie, invade, bomb back to the stone age, steal, kill, and destroy, as long as it makes the wealthy few richer than before then that’s just fine in the good old U. S. of A. Yee-Hah! – Ed.]

Voiceover: “When Bolivia sought to refinance the public water service of its 3rd largest city, the World Bank required that it be privatised, which is how the Bechtel Corporation of San Francisco gained control of all of Cochabamba’s water, even that which fell from the sky. And these laws and contracts also prohibited people from collecting rainwater, so rainwater was also privatised. Unpaid water bills gave the company rights to repossess debtor’s homes and auction them off.”

“There’s an interesting connection between the rise of fascism in Europe and the consciousness of politically radical people, about corporate power, because there was a recognition that fascism rose in Europe with the help of enormous corporations!” – Howard Zinn, author of: A Peoples History of the U.S.

“Mussolini was greatly admired all across the spectrum, business loved him, investments shot up, and so when Hitler came in Germany he had the whole workforce under control. He was getting rid of dangerous leftwing elements, investment opportunities were improving, there were no problems, these were wonderful countries.” – Noam Chomsky, Institute professor, M.I.T.

“I think one of the greatest untold stories of the 20th century is the collusion between corporations, especially in America, and Nazi Germany. First in terms of how the corporations from America helped to essentially rebuild Germany and support the early Nazi regime. And then when the war broke out, figured a way to keep everything going. General Motors was able to keep Opel going, Ford was able to keep their thing going, and companies like Coca-Cola, they couldn’t keep the Coca-Cola going so what they did was they invented Fanta Orange for the Germans, and that’s how Coke was able to keep their profits coming in to Coca-Cola. So when you drink Fanta Orange, that’s the Nazi drink. That was created so that Coke could continue making money while millions of people died!” – Michael Moore, cine director, author, and controlled pawn of the New World Order. [End comment by author of best-laid schemes.]

“When Hitler came to power in 1933 his goal was to dismantle and destroy the Jewish community. That was an enterprise so fast that it required the resources of a computer, but in 1933 there was no computers. What there was, was the IBM punch card system which controlled and stored information based upon the holes that were punched in the various rows and columns… it was the IBM machinery and punch card system which enabled the entire ‘extermination by labour programme.’ This is where hundreds of thousands of Jews and other enemies of the Reich, were simply worked to death. Based on their location, their job skills, they were moved from place to place and then there was a slave labour billing. All that, was done on IBM machines. Now, the concentration camps… millions of people of all religions and nationalities and characteristics went through the concentration camp system. Hundreds of camps, thousands of sub-camps, that’s an extraordinary traffic management programme that required an IBM system in every railroad direction, and, an IBM system in every concentration camp… the punch cards, by the millions, had to be printed and they were printed exclusively by IBM and the profits were recovered just after the war… IBM will of course say that they had no control over their German subsidiary, but here in October 9th of 1941, a letter… written directly to Mr Thomas J Watson with all sorts of detail about the activities of the German subsidiary. None of these machines were sold, they were all leased by IBM and they had to be serviced on site once a month, even if it was at a concentration camp. This is a typical contract with IBM and the Third Reich which was instituted in 1942, it’s not with the Dutch subsidiary, it’s not with the German subsidiary, it’s with the IBM Corporation in New York!” – Edwin Black, author: IBM and The Holocaust.

“In 1998 I was invited to Washington DC to attend this meeting that was being put together by the National Security Agency… I remember standing there in this room and looking over, on one side of the room we had CIA, NSA, DIA, FBI, Customs, Secret Service, and then on the other side of the room we had, Coca-Cola, Mobil Oil, GTE, and Kodak… I remember thinking that I am… like in the epicentre of the Intelligence Industry right now, I mean the line is not just blurring, it’s just not there anymore, and to me it spoke volumes as to how industry and government were consulting with each other and working with each other.” – Mark Barry, author: Spooked Espionage in Corporate America.

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“I started this phase of my life, literally 1987, both under the awareness, made directly by the corporations who told us that by the turn of the century 5 companies would be controlling our food and health through patents and genetic engineering and corporate mergers. Over the past decade we have been gaining ground, and when I say we, I mean ordinary people committed to the welfare of all humanity, all people, irrespective of gender, class, race and religion, all species on the planet. We managed to take the biggest government and one of the largest chemical companies to court on the case of Neem (trees) and win a case against them. W.R. Grace and the U.S. governments patent on Neem was revoked… We won because we worked together. We have overturned nearly 99% of the Basmati patent of Rice Tech Inc. Again because we worked as a worldwide coalition, old women in Texas, scientists in India, activists, the City of Vancouver, a little Basmati action group. When countries are challenging and asking for review and change in the agreement, they use the language of bio-piracy, we stopped the Third World being viewed as the pirates and we showed the corporations were the pirates: (Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow, Du-pont, Aventis). Look how little it took Ghandi to work against the British, where the British decided to make the Army and the police forces bigger in order to tax salt, and all that Ghandi did was walk to the beach, pick up the salt and say: “Nature gives it for free, we need it, we’ve always made it, we will violate your laws, we will continue to make salt!” We’ve had a similar commitment for the last decade in India… that any law that makes it illegal to save seed is a law not worth following. We will violate it because saving seed is a duty to the Earth and to future generations. We thought it would really be symbolic but it’s more than symbolic, it’s becoming a survival option, farmers who grow their own seeds, save their own seeds, don’t buy pesticides, have three-fold more incomes than farmers who are locked into the chemical treadmill depending on Monsanto and Cargill. We have managed to create alternatives that work for people.” – Dr Vandana Shiva, Physicist, Ecologist and Seed Activist.

Let us deviate from this documentary for just a moment. The above is much more important than anyone could ever really imagine. The time is soon coming when all the people of the Earth will be obliged to receive a ‘mark.’ Anyone who refuses will either be put to death or will not be able to buy or sell. Many people will be able at least, to continue for a short time, growing their own crops, not having to worry about buying from these evil U.S. companies. Dr Vandana Shiva is an example to us all!


Anyone who thinks that receiving this ‘mark’ is nothing to worry about should think again:


One nasty idea being looked into seemingly by the UN is a forced vaccination plan. Maybe they will suddenly announce a cure for their laboratory produced AIDS and tell the world that we all must come forward for this ‘lifesaving’ vaccination. Problem is there shall be more than just one sting in the tail from this jab! The VeriChip Corporation of Florida, interestingly enough, has a snake eye symbol as its logo which may have incredible significance when we talk about the mark of the beast as in Revelation 16: 2 it says:

“… and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image.”

“A common characteristic of the most deadly pit viper bites is that more often than not the human victim is NOT INITIALLY AWARE THAT THEY HAVE BEEN BITTEN… it is common for the bite marks to be almost invisible. The cause of most deaths in children arises from the fact their parents do not identify early enough the fact that their children have been bitten… Although at first viperid bites look almost harmless, ultimately they become excruciatingly painful, cause horrendous local damage and look much worse than proteroglyph bites… soon, all those who take the ‘666 mark of the beast in the right hand or forehead for all buying and selling’ (Revelation 13: 16-18), are going to go about their daily business NOT REALISING THAT THEY HAVE BEEN BITTEN…” John D. Christian, Hidden Secrets Of The Alpha Course.

In other words, this ‘mark’ which most likely will be some kind of micro-chip or micro-tube will come with a special hidden sting that can be activated by remote satellite control. Will the micro-chips then be hacked by some other foreign power like Russia or China in order to activate the sting? And remember, the idea is for these chips to have the ability to receive messages beamed by satellites. The Antichrist leader wants happy obedient citizens, more easily controllable than before so his subjects can be tracked /watched 24 hours a day. Maybe the new military police they have ready will have hand held devices like the Eftpos they use in shops for debiting the accounts of their customers that they can use for instant population control when needed or for ‘touch button euthanasia’. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
As an interesting addition to his May 15th 2006 speech to the nation on immigration, President Bush addressed border guards in New Mexico regarding “tamperproof ID”. This speech was given on 6-6-06 and broadcast by CNN:

“... but what really Congress needs to do is to use a biometric technological [corrects himself] technology to create a new tamperproof identification card for every legal foreign worker... and the business owner has got to call for it and if they hire somebody without the tamperproof card they are in violation of the law and will be fined...” (Tamperproof biometric cards mean implantable chips!!)

Cyberfuturist plants chip in arm to test human-computer interaction
CNN.Com – August 28, 1998
by Jan Sanchez-Klein

“A professor at the University of Reading in England has had a silicone chip transponder implanted into his arm to demonstrate how computers and humans might be able to communicate in the future.”

Anyway, so far these demonic companies and the governments that both protect and fight for them have more or less got away with it, times are not too bad, but even a fool today can see the storm clouds gathering on the horizon – except of course a fool in power! The Twin Towers collapse, although perpetrated by the U.S. government and the Pentagon, with the help of course of the intelligence services under the auspices of the controlling Illuminati, was only a warning, but it is a warning that has gone unheard for the most part. Most people, especially Americans, due to their heavy mind-control indoctrination from birth, do not want to know the truth behind these so called ‘terrorist’ events, why? Simply because the truth in all of this is too shocking and terrifying. People would much prefer to bury their heads and carry on their lives blocking out any possibilities of it being true, that our governments could be so callous and downright evil! Our world leaders are now falling into line racing headlong to certain disaster. Not enough of these people really care about the possible consequences of their plans going wrong – they seem to enjoy a good gamble!

The renowned astronomer and author Dr. Carl Sagan once wrote: “Who speaks for Earth?” Politicians can speak for themselves and their families and possibly even the ‘well-being’ of their nation but do any of them really care about the whole planet and of all the Earth’s inhabitants? I think not! As long as they are not suffering, then they do not really give a damn, and it’s a rare thing to see a president, king, prime minister, mayor or politician suffer is it not?
Even as we look at the changes occurring on the planet with holes in the ozone layer and the manipulation by man of the ionosphere with the giant HAARP systems that are wreaking havoc with the world’s weather, and of course the mostly unheard of tsunami bombs, it makes one wonder how long can the Earth, its animals and its fauna cope with this stress? How long will it be until the final cataclysmic World War Three breaks out between the nations? How long will it be until judgement falls again and for the last time on mankind? (HAARP and tsunami bombs will be covered in a later chapter.)

I will allow Dr. Carl Sagan to finish my introduction as what he wrote in his book Cosmos over thirty years ago is as apt for today and tomorrow and reminds us of the terrible destructive forces that man is capable of unleashing on fellow man.

“The cosmos may be densely populated with intelligent beings. But the Darwinian lesson is clear: There will be no humans elsewhere. Only here. Only on this small planet. We are a rare as well as an endangered species. Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious. If a human disagrees with you, let him live. In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another… The choice is stark and ironic. The same rocket boosters used to launch probes to the planets are poised to send nuclear warheads to the nations… Every thinking person fears nuclear war and every technological state plans for it. Everyone knows it is madness, and every nation has an excuse. There is a dreary chain of causality. The Germans were working on the bomb at the beginning of World War II; so the Americans had to make one first. If the Americans had one, the Soviets had to have one, and then the British, the French, the Chinese, the Indians, the Pakistanis… By the end of the 20th century many nations had collected nuclear weapons. They were easy to devise. Fissionable material could be stolen from nuclear reactors. Nuclear weapons became almost a home handicraft industry.
The conventional bombs of World War II were called blockbusters. Filled with 20 tons of TNT, they could destroy a city block. All the bombs dropped on all the cities in World War II amounted to some two million tons, two megatons of TNT – Coventry and Rotterdam, Dresden and Tokyo, all the death that rained from the skies between 1939 and 1945: a hundred thousand blockbusters, two megatons. By the late twentieth century, two megatons was the energy released in the explosion of a single more or less humdrum thermonuclear bomb: one bomb with the destructive force of the Second World War. But there are tens of thousands of nuclear weapons. By the ninth decade of the twentieth century, the strategic missile and bomber forces of the Soviet Union and the United States were aiming warheads at over 15.000 designated targets. No place on the planet was safe. The energy contained in the these weapons, genies of death patiently awaiting the rubbing of the lamps, was far more than 10.000 megatons – but with the destruction concentrated efficiently, not over six years but over a few hours, a blockbuster for every family on the planet, a World War II every second for the length of a lazy afternoon.
The immediate causes of death from nuclear attack are the blast wave, which can flatten heavily reinforced buildings many kilometres away, the firestorm, the gamma rays and the neutrons, which effectively fry the insides of passersby. A schoolgirl who survived the American nuclear attack on Hiroshima, the event that ended the Second World War, wrote this first-hand account:

‘Through a darkness like the bottom of hell, I could hear the voices of the other students calling for their mothers. And at the base of the bridge, inside a big cistern that had been dug out there was a mother weeping, holding above her head a naked baby that was burned bright red all over its body. And another mother was crying and sobbing as she gives her burned breast to her baby. In the cistern the students stood with only their heads above the water, and their two hands, which they clasped as they imploringly cried and screamed, calling for their parents. But every single person who passed was wounded, all of them and there was no one, there was no one to turn to for help. And the singed hair on the heads of the people was frizzled and whitish and covered with dust. They did not appear to be human, not creatures of this world.’

“The Hiroshima explosion, unlike the subsequent Nagasaki explosion, was an air burst high above the surface, so the fallout was insignificant. But on March 1, 1954, a thermonuclear weapons test at Bikini in the Marshall Islands detonated at higher yield than expected. A great radioactive cloud was deposited on the tiny atoll of Rongalap, 150 kilometres away, where the inhabitants likened the explosion to the sun rising in the west. A few hours later, radioactive ash fell on Rongalap like snow. The average dose received was only about 175 rads, a little less than half the dose needed to kill an average person. Being far from the explosion, not many people died. Of course, the radioactive strontium they ate was concentrated in their bones and the radioactive iodine was concentrated in their thyroids. Two-thirds of the children and one-third of the adults later developed thyroid abnormalities, growth retardation or malignant tumours. In compensation, the Marshall Islanders received expert medical care.
The yield of the Hiroshima bomb was only thirteen kilotons, the equivalent of thirteen thousand tons of TNT. The bikini test yield was fifteen megatons. In a full nuclear exchange, in the paroxysm of thermonuclear war, the equivalent of a million Hiroshima bombs would be dropped all over the world. At the Hiroshima death rate of some hundred thousand people killed per equivalent thirteen kiloton weapon, this would be enough to kill a hundred billion people. But there were less than 5 billion people on the planet in the late twentieth century. Of course in such an exchange, not everyone would be killed by the blast and the firestorm, the radiation and the fallout – although fallout does last for a longish time: 90 percent of the strontium 90 will decay in 96 years: 90 percent of the cesium 137, in 100 years: 90 percent of the iodine 131 in only a month.
The survivors would witness more subtle consequences of the war. A full nuclear exchange would burn the nitrogen in the upper air, converting it to oxides of nitrogen, which would in turn destroy a significant amount of the ozone in the high atmosphere, admitting an intense dose of solar ultraviolet radiation. The increased ultraviolet flux would last for years. It would produce skin cancer preferentially in light-skinned people. Much more important, it would affect the ecology of our planet in an unknown way.
Ultraviolet light destroys crops. Many micro-organisms would be destroyed; we do not know which ones or how many, or what the consequences might be. The organisms killed, might, for all we know, be at the base of a vast ecological pyramid at the top of which totter we.
The dust put into the air in a full nuclear exchange would reflect sunlight and cool the Earth a little. Even a little cooling can have disastrous agricultural consequences. Birds are more easily killed by radiation than insects. Plagues of insects and consequent further agricultural disorders are a likely consequence of nuclear war. There is also another kind of plague to worry about: the plague bacillus is endemic all over the Earth. In the late twentieth century, humans did not much die of the plague – not because it was absent, but because resistance was high. However, the radiation produced in a nuclear war, among its many other effects, debilitates the bodies immunological system, causing a deterioration of our ability to resist disease. In the longer term, there are mutations, new varieties of microbes and insects that might cause further problems for any human survivors of a nuclear holocaust… And then there would be other agonies: the loss of loved ones; the legions of the burned, the blind and the mutilated; disease, plague, long-lived radioactive poisons in the air and water; the threat of tumours and stillbirths and malformed children; the absence of medical care; the hopeless sense of a civilization destroyed for nothing; the knowledge that we could have prevented it and did not.”

(Extracts from the book COSMOS by Carl Sagan Productions, Inc., 1980, (1981 edition) pages 339 and 320-323 respectively. Published by Book Club Associates by arrangement with Macdonald Futura. Printed in the U.S.A. Now published by Time Warner U.K., Brettenham House, Lancaster Place, London WC2E 7EN and Random House Publishers, 20 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V.)

Why am I telling you all this? To make you rise up and make your voice heard? Well that would not be a bad idea but only if you protested against the Illuminati families, their secret societies starting with the Freemasons, their puppet governors and false legal system, and refuse to sign up in any armed forces. Stop buying their controlled newspapers, listening to their controlled newscasts and educate yourself! Any other kind of protest is pointless because the Iluminati are counting on us protesting against ‘foolish or idiotic’ world leaders and against war, it forms a part of their overall plan, but it is not my reason for writing this book, rather, I want to bring to the attention of all people, the truth of man’s pathetic fallen state, proved by his disgustingly evil, horrendous acts and plans, and that there is indeed a God, who has given us an abundance of prophetic evidence that proves His existence and shows us in advance, man’s soon coming, fate.
Why do I say prophetic evidence? Well, Yahweh's Word is overflowing with prophetic writings, much of which has taken place as history has proven, (and you can check that out yourself simply by reading through a Bible like Bullinger’s, The Companion Bible published by Zondervan Bible Publishers, Grand Rapids, Michigan) and also of which much has still to come to pass. The prophetic writings that spoke of a coming Saviour, explicit details of His birth, life, ministry and death, spoken hundreds and even thousands of years earlier that gave as a whole, a myriad of specific points that had to be met by this single Saviour that mathematically would have proven absolutely impossible if it had not been planned and executed by the One True God Yahweh. Also, prophetic writings that take us right to the nuclear space age that cannot be denied by anyone! Prophetic writings that depict nuclear explosions and man dominating space could not possibly have come from man, when you realise that these writings were copied down up to 3000 years ago! Strange war machines that still today possibly do not exist or if they do, are still top secret; horrific and unprecedented disasters that are to hit this Earth and which could only be imaginable today. A 200 million strong eastern army that will very soon be on the march (In 1995, China boasted that she alone could field such an army!) a world dominating figure who will not only dominate the vast majority of this planet Earth but who will also bring about its almost total destruction. If you deny the existence of Yahweh then this book is for you, if only at least to make you think. If you already believe then read on and be surprised at what prophecy has said thousands of years ago concerning this Earth, that is dangerously close to its fulfilment and find out the name of that infamous and evil city that rules the end time ten nation strong “Babylon” and which must be completely destroyed and sunk beneath the waves. No, it isn’t any city in Iraq, but there is very specific information in the Bible that points directly to one world city only. Only one city in the world fits all the criteria and here in this book you will read its name.

Wakeup call to the Redeemed of God!

An excellent source of sane, on the Word teachings of the TRUE Gospel of Yashua Messiah and what the redeemed of God should be hearing, can be found by checking out the following post. You need to understand clearly, the difference between "everlasting life" and "eternal life" - your understanding is most probably very wrong! Indeed - "There shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth"... but NOT by unbelievers!! The resurrection of unbelievers comes AFTER the initial 1000 year plus reign of God's only begotten Son, Yashua:

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