Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Grievous Wolves have Entered in - Rick Warren-Nicky Gumbel

Matthew 7: 15: "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."

Acts 20: 29: "For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock."

Beware Church of the grievous wolves Rick Warren and Nicky Gumbel! The Purpose Driven Church (for purpose driven goats) and the mystical Alpha Course are destroying our youth and taking over our churches. The aim of both is to herald in their god's kingdom on Earth - not the Biblical God's kingdom! Their aims are the very same as the popes of Rome, the United Nations, the Bilderberg Group and the various secret societies that lurk in the background, and the driving force behind them all are the evil Banksters of City of London Corporation. 

(Some say that Washington and London have split and are forging ahead with separate agendas. Well, that could be believable if "Rothschild choice" Barack Obama was not in office over the pond!)

Rick Warren's Saddleback Community Church is Communist just as the Vatican's teachings are Marxist. The aim of both is to bring all religions under one roof. Same thing with the Alpha Course. Grievous wolves had indeed been planning on moving into the ranks of the early Christian Church during the days of the great apostle Paul. Today they are in the driving seat - no pun intended, and controlling our churches worldwide.

The Spirituality of Barack Obama and Rick Warren

"Barack Obama, the Senator who recently spoke at Saddleback Church, drew criticism from many Christians because of his pro-abortion beliefs. Rick Warren defended his move to include Obama at the AIDS convention, and while at first glance, it may look like the two men are at opposite ends of the pole when it comes to spiritual beliefs, in actuality, they have quite a bit in common.

In an article in United Church News, Obama stated that the teachings of the UCC (United Church of Christ), of which he is a member (Trinity United Church of Christ), are "foundation stones for his political work." Just what are those "teachings" comprised of? On Trinity's website, on the Yoga page, the following statement is highlighted:

Within each [of]us is the seed of Divinity. Each Soul is divine. I bow to the divinity in us all!

That is the spirituality of Thomas Merton! You may be asking right now, "How is this kind of affinity to yoga and panentheism similar to Rick Warren's beliefs? After all, he's evangelical! Right." But Rick Warren has been and continues to promote Thomas Merton's contemplative spirituality, which has the same premise as that of yoga and panentheism - it's just that what he promotes is disguised in Christian terminology so people are fooled.

It is interesting to note that on the Trinity Church of Christ website, it states: Rick Warren is "brilliant at explaining our real purpose on earth." Such a statement clearly shows that Obama's spiritual leaders at Trinity resonate with Rick Warren. 

The United Church of Christ basically is an ultra liberal Christian denomination that has focused on social justice and making the world into a better place. But in the process of their all encompassing view that anything positive is spiritually sound, many leaders within this group have embraced or incorporated the teachings and practices of occultism and eastern religion. One such individual is Bruce Epperly, a United Church of Christ pastor, who wrote a book called Reiki Healing Touch and the Way of Jesus, in which Epperly says: We can utilize the practice of Reiki to transform families, relationships, meetings, and institutions." Reiki, as you know, is drawn from Tibetan Buddhism and incorporates spirit guides and psychic powers. It is extremely likely that Obama has been exposed to things such as yoga or Reiki.

Rick Warren and Barack Obama also share views on global peace and world-wide unification. Obama, who was a speaker at the "Pentecost 2006: Building a Covenant for a New America" conference, used "the speech as a call for continued dialogue and bridge- building between religious conservatives and progressives." This "bridge-building" is the same kind of talk Rick Warren uses when he is discussing his "new reformation" that will include all religions, in which he states that he will do "whatever it takes" to accomplish it in his lifetime.

In Obama's address at Pentecost 2006, he talked about the "connection between religion and politics." That is what Rick Warren talks about with his "three-legged stool" philosophy that government, religion and business have to work together if global peace is every going to happen. Herein lies another similarity between Obama and Warren.

When New Ager and meditation promoter Marianne Williamson came to Rick Warren's defense recently, she knew he shared the same vision as she. That vision, which is also Obama's, will eventually attempt to eliminate opposition to this mystical-based new reformation. They will believe they have to in order for it to work.

We mustn't be fooled into thinking that Rick Warren is on a different page than Obama, just because their views on abortion differ. They have found a common ground, and it is one that is sinking sand." (End quote)

Below left, pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Community Church, California. Perhaps the world's most successful 'pastor'.

Nicky Gumbel, below left and right, seems very happy to be meeting some of his helpers along the way... the previous Pope, John Paul II and of course the current one, Francis!

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j.s.kern said...

Agree entirely as to Rick Warren, but haven't heard anything about Nicky Gumbel or Alpha being a part of this new--what's the term?--Emergent Church (yet, that is; I haven't checked, really, just heard Gumbel for the first time last night on YouTube--liked his preaching style). So, what's the scoop?

Shalom in Yeshua,

Eddie said...

The scoop J.S. is best read about in an interesting free pdf book that goes by the name of Hidden Secrets of The Alpha Course by one of your New Zealand countrymen who goes by the name of John D. Christian. In this book he relates to books by other authors who helped him see through a myriad of lies and deceit that emanates out of the extremely evil, demonic, City of London Corporation which interestingly enough was the Roman headquarters for their Empire in Britain. It seems that the Roman Empire never really died - it just changed its base - much like the Hitler Nazi regime changed its base to Washington D.C.
Download it and read it through - you will not regret it! The knowledge you will obtain from this book is certainly worth the effort. Thank you for your comment and may the Lord God Almighty Yahweh bless you! Eddie.

j.s.kern said...

Thanks for that, Eddie. I'll have a look at that book and get back to you.

Shalom in Yeshua,

Eddie said...

You're very welcome J.S. In my comment above, I meant that London became the headquarters or main city of the Roman Empire's Britannia Superior (York of course was the other main capital).
In J.D. Christian's excellent book you will find that many aspects that pertained to the Roman Empire were revived and are very much a part of the British Empire and its control of the Vatican and Washington DC. The Roman fasces, the Roman gods etc. And of course, it does seem to be true that our present day royal families and western leaders/elite families, have direct connections to Roman emperors (the Black Nobility), so for those reasons, I said that Rome's empire never really died completely, she just moved it across the water.
I see very clearly that the British Empire (which still exists behind the scenes) is the resurrected Roman Empire, so we have no need to be looking for Europe to rise up to become the end time beast conglomerate nation led by the Antichrist.
When you read his book, you will see what I mean.
Yahweh bless! Eddie.

Unknown said...

pic missing at the bottom

Eddie said...

yeah - tends to happen over time - videos disappear, fotos - don't have time to keep up with all the attacks... but thanks for alerting me.