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“Dr. E.W. Bullinger, ‘The Apocalypse, footnote p. 396, ‘Whatever meanings of… IHS may be given, the fact remains that it was the part name of Bacchus’. We then realized, most painfully, that our beloved Messiah was identified with the Greek (and Roman) deity Bacchus, by giving Yahshua the surname or other name of Bacchus, namely: IHS (Ies). Bacchus (IHS) was also a commonly known name for Tammuz among classical writers…also known as Dionysus, who was expressly identified with the Egyptian Osiris. Bacchus was also called Ichthus, the Fish. (Why there are millions of Iesus fish symbols on vehicles today). We are no longer surprised to find the ecclesiastical emblem, IHS, encircled by ‘sunrays’, commonly displayed on church windows”.

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“Another pagan group of worshippers could also be made to feel at home with the introduction of this surrogate name Iesous (IHSOUS) or Iesus, namely the worshippers of Esus. Jan de Vries holds that Esus was a Gallic (Celtic) deity comparable to the Scandinavian Odin. Odin of course, was the ‘Scandinavian Sky deity’ (Great Eagle Gott). This Gallic or Celtic deity, Esus, has been identified with Mars, and by others with Mercury, and was regarded to be the special deity of Paris! IHS… is to be found on many inscriptions made by the (Roman Catholic) Church in the dark Middle Ages. Dictionaries are witnesses to IHS (Ies) as an abbreviated form of IHSOUS (Iesous). IHS was a mystery surname of Bacchus.”



(If you cannot see these two Eagle God Seals
represent the same thing, then you too are deceived)

Today, these "three arrows" are still proudly displayed on the Eagle Seal of the U.S. Department of Defense... Even out in space, they have many untold evil secrets. This is not what millions of deceived Christians and loyal patriots in the U.S. want to hear. They are brainwashed from infancy to believe and trust in their Eagle God, and their Masonic Constitution... These three arrows are shown on coins with BAALS, ZEUS, IESUS, APOLLO, and grasped by the Eagle God in Egypt! They remain consistent throughout history! What do they mean? These three arrows are presented by the Eagle God to his chosen Eagle Son Ruler in a real covenant of 3,800 B.C. to go forth and conquer the world! These arrows are one of the ‘markers’ for the seeds of Cain. [I would say rather, the seed of Esau and the Canaanites as Cain's descendants were destroyed in the flood - Eddie, author of The Best-Laid Schemes O' Mice An' Men...] Satan's last Eagle Son must have these three arrows! (Rev. 17:10-11) They are now in the U.S.! Coins of the Eagle-Serpent-Sons-of-the-Sun usually have same throned images above of their Supreme Hellenistic Great God ZEUS (Jupiter), IESUS (Son of Zeus image), APOLLO (Iesus), HERCULES (Iesus), DIONYSUS (Iesus), MARS (Iesus), and with the images of those Eagle Son rulers deified. Alexander and Augustus were real men, and they were made into deified men Gods under the Eagle. What all of this means today is that ALBERT ARNOLD GORE JR. is also under the Eagle God, and he has already been ANOINTED and DEIFIED as a WORLD RULING SON of ZEUS by the world’s Masons. No mystery: As a son of Zeus, he is described as IESUS, and worshipped as "JESUS"! This image, in different modifications of the very same theme, such as holding out a power rod, is used again and again by deified Eagle Son Dynasty Rulers of Eastern nations and Greek-Roman-Egyptian nations to represent themselves. Why? They were all SONS of the EAGLE or DEIFIED EAGLE SONS of ZEUS and proud of it. They did not ever worship our Yahovah or Yahshua Messiah! ... * Note: When Masons say their 'Master', and their 'Ancient father God', they refer to Lucifer, and they are his 'builders'. Masons include U.S. Presidents, Congressmen, and Senators and millions of all other professions, including Ministers. Their Baal Zeus-Iesus D.C. Temple (Capitol) is built on lot 666. ... Albert Pike 33rd. Degree Quote: “From the Roman Senate, under Caesar, there comes only the rank odor peculiar to the Eagle’s eyrie. It is the ‘Force’ of the people that sustains all of these despotisms, the ‘basest’ as well as the best. That ‘Force’ acts through armies, and these more often ‘enslave’ than liberate.” P. 3. from ‘Morals and Dogma’, 1871. ie. Masonic: “May the Force be with you.”
‘Dope, Inc’. Executive Intelligence Review, 1992. Connection of George Bush with German throne of England and the movement of illegal drugs worldwide through the German Mafia and the C.I.A. What truths before January 8th. 1992 about President Bush (Senior) and drugs, most people do not want to hear or discuss. Why? Many are involved (directly or indirectly) in the 400 Billion dollars worth of drugs coming into the U.S. each year. Others are afraid of the U.S./World German Mafia Drug Machine, which involves C.I.A., F.B.I., D.E.A. and U.S./state law enforcement at all levels and the border patrol. It stretches to Canada, Mexico, South America, Africa, England, Germany, Europe, Turkey, Australia, India, and even China. (Their ‘competition’ is getting whacked, and that is all) 

It is amazing the number of government politicians, police, Banks, Savings and Loans, and fast food chains, etc. involved with this huge amount of drug money. The following includes comments from
Dope, Inc’. by the Editors of Executive Intelligence Review, in Washington, D.C. 1992. ISBN 0-943253-02-2 and LCCN 91-78004. (It is doubtful if this book is on the shelf in ‘public’ libraries.) 

“In February 1991, the Bush White House issued its third annual National Drug Control Strategy Report. The document was a compendium of ‘doctored statistics’ and unwarranted conclusions. Consumption of drugs such as Marijuana and Cocaine is not declining in the U.S., and it is not contained. Its rate of growth is not even leveling off. It is skyrocketing. There are currently 70 million Americans who have consumed drugs.” ...
“Drug trade on an International scale, is referred to as Dope, Inc., and almost doubling every five years. Estimated at $ 558 Billion in 1989, it has been growing by an average of about 18% per year.” (Note: for them to show arrests on TV of their competition and the burning of drugs means nothing) This year 2001, Dope, Inc. should be over one trillion dollars per year, and only 10% is stopped (which is their competition’s drugs and their players for the public’s eye), not Drugs, Inc. of the German Mafia’s world monopoly. Where then does this volume of money and illegal profits go?
“The large International Banks that finance the drug trade get it and launder it… In the face of this, the so-called ‘War on Drugs’ of the Bush Administration is a cruel joke. Washington is picking and choosing which Drug Mafias will survive and flourish, and which will be driven out of business… throughout, the ‘Financial Controllers’ of Dope, Inc., are PROTECTED FROM ALL PROSECUTION.” pp. 28-31, ‘Dope, Inc’. (which I personally found out to be the truth)

Please check this site for images and further information - if you need further proof that Washington is indeed demonic:
The Light of World (3) John 9: 5
Our, Not So Sacred, Capitol

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