Friday, 22 August 2008


by Edward Laughlan

                         Chapter Four 


Daniel 8: 23: “In the latter part of their reign, when rebels have become completely wicked, a stern faced king, a master of intrigue, will arise. (NIV)

“And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors (rebellions) are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.” (Authorised King James Version)

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The rebels or transgressors causing the rebellions, who are these people? We have mentioned them before and their aims are pretty horrifying. Yes, they are the Illuminati elite families and their band of obedient followers and slaves. Who better to tell us more about them than one of their main exponents Fritz Springmeier. According to Fritz, and I have no problem believing him, the Illuminati have managed to gain control of just about everything on the face of the Earth through their infamous pyramid system with its myriad of secret societies.
How does that work? It is really quite simple but brilliant. If you look at the reverse side of a US one dollar bill, you will see a pyramid with a single eye (reproduced on the opening pages of this book). This Illuminati symbol showing the eye of Horus, or Satan, actually shows plainly their aim and how they planned centuries ago to achieve it. The pyramid is built layer upon layer with the capstone competing the building. The capstone represents Satan, the Antichrist and the Illuminati themselves.

Fritz Springmeier

Fritz Springmeier

Satan and the Illuminati cap all the world’s pyramids whether the pyramid be the world’s banking system, the world’s political system, the huge multi-nationals, the world’s churches or the world’s secret societies. We the general public are always on the bottom level. Take for example the judicial system, above the general public you have the police force, above them you have lawyers, above them the judges, above them the 33° Masons and finally the Illuminati elite. The Illuminati control us mainly through the corrupt judicial system, the Inland Revenue, the Masonic Lodges, the secret services, the media, and even the local mafia if it becomes necessary! If we step out of line, they can make any kind of false accusations stick! Having control of everything from the newspapers to the law courts makes it almost impossible for the man in the street to defend himself. Let us now move on and read some of what Fritz has to say. Following are extracts from his pre-publication edition of Be Wise as Serpents. All bold type and emphasiss throughout these extracts are mine.

Be Wise as Serpents
Fritz Springmeier
Special pre-publication edition
Copyright 1991 by Fritz Springmeier

“Be wise as Serpents is the history of the systematic destruction of Christianity and the building of a 1-world-religion. As you read this research based on (a). Confidential interviews with participants within the conspiracy. (b). Interviews of unwitting participants within the conspiracy. (c). Historical documentation, you will discover that there is great evidence for a history we have not been told, and a great struggle before mankind as the one-world-power/religion comes into focus.
(Pre-publication Preface extracts): … There is still research to be done. For instance, an ex-member of the Satanic Illuminati hierarchy revealed that the Russell family (Watchtower Society/Jehovah’s Witnesses founders) are one of the top 13 Satanic families… This information is very timely. 1992 is a major year for the Satanists to kick off a series of crisis to bring the world under Satan’s rule. I cannot presume upon the future, that there will be an opportunity to put out books like this. Martial law under an emergency decree could come anytime during the next few years.
… If we know what we are up against and are going to experience, I believe it will take away some of the fear of the unknown. The more we seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and the more we love and obey God, the less we fear. Christ warned, “Ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled.” (Matt. 24:6) Christ also said, “Take no thought for your life…” (Matt. 6: 25), which is rephrased“Be anxious for nothing.” (Phil. 4: 6) The Christian will “commit thy way unto the Lord and trust also in Him.”… This book is a call for people to face reality as it is today. I believe that if we are unable to face what the real situation is, due to our fears, then the New World Order’s many tentacles will continue to wreak havoc with our lives… and it will continue to deceive us. May God give you hope and a spirit of courage that only God can give as you read this.

“My desire is to give you evidence… This book exposes a composite serpent which has devised sinister plans concerning everyone… The book is based on evidence and testimony. In addition to the evidences obtained from primary documents and books, this work is based on dozens of interviews with informed people. The strongest evidences are the personal testimonies given to me by those people that have been intimately involved with the conspirators. Unfortunately, because of the viciousness of those seeking our enslavement with their grandiose schemes, my sources remain anonymous… What I have done in this publication could be called a scouting report about our opponent… We would consider it very unwise if a team chose to close their eyes and stop their hearing when playing another team. Are the scouting reports already made? We need better ones. The ones we have, to try to stop a snaking river with a stone in place for a dam, at best redirect the opponent.
The scouting report must be able to give us a solution, a real remedy that stops the flow because it correctly gauges the width of the river. How wide is this torrent? This ravaging deluge is a conspiracy for power that extends into every dimension of life where power exists, be that religion, politics, finances, education, mass media, or science, and its current has been flowing for centuries. It has even skilfully planned and created its own opposition, which periodically makes pre-planned non-fatal attacks… In the end it doesn’t matter who wins the battles, but who is on the ultimate winning side when the war ends. Logic alone will tell you that evil which is self destructive cannot be the final victor. It is obvious that life had an intelligent creator. Do you think that an intelligent creator created life only to let it destroy itself?
How do we keep score in a spiritual war? Is a martyr for truth a victory for truth or a defeat for truth? I personally could not sit idly by and watch myself and my loved ones be enslaved. It made me sick to see the leaders that the Christian people looked up to selling them into slavery. I was tired of the Christian book stores filled with lies while the truth lay silent.
“… Why did we need another book on the One-World-Religion One-World-Government conspiracy? Firstly, the nature of the Conspiracy’s power is so vast no book covers it entirely. Its power is on three levels, (a) the dedicated, (b) the deluded who have been deceived into buying into its philosophy, and (c) those whom the Conspiracy in their secret papers have called ‘cattle’ those going along with the Zeitgeist of the times. Its power is multidimensional. Many of the books available to the public only scratch the surface of the religious dimension, or even pretend the religious aspect doesn’t exist.
Even most Christian books tend to dismiss the reality of any spiritual danger from human conspiracies. This book’s attempt to look at real situations which exist behind the scenes hopefully will expose the weakness of the pervasive pietistic viewpoint which narrowly defines the Christian’s enemy as ‘the devil.’ Due to the strong pietistic influence within Protestantism in the western world today, many Christians perceive spiritual warfare as something happening only on a spiritual level, something involving only the devil, and something happening only on a personal level. The world is not perceived as a threat. This pietism shields Christians from the fact that the world is out to destroy them, that there are real humans and real human institutions that desire to do physical harm to them.
The result of the pietistic view is that it shields the Protestants from experiencing the spiritual power of the Christian community. Salvation is viewed on a very selfish personal level, and not as an aspect of Christian community. The church to the pietistic is merely an aggregation of individuals. Concerning a wide variety of churches, even sects, that I have experienced, my opinion is that with minor exceptions the only Christian groups that really experienced Christian community were those of the Anabaptist tradition. These communities know already that the world is not a neutral environment, because they are sincerely attempting to live out in real life Christ’s Sermon on the Mount. To give one example: the Amish believe Christians should care for their elderly. They do not view the state as a neutral or benevolent force, but an anti-Christian force that is treated with love as Christ responded to the despotic Roman rulership. Because of this viewpoint they rejected participation in the social security program and are responsibly caring for their elderly better in many ways than the general public. Because these Christians are willing to accept that the world they live in contains real live enemies, these types of Christian communities have already caught onto many of the solutions to the New World Order and are implementing them even though they are not aware of the extent of the human conspiracy that this book exposes. The Pietistic view refuses to see the U.S. government as a threat, and so they have no problem giving the state more power to care for their elderly.
Second, this book Be Wise As Serpents… was written to show the full width and depth of the One-World-Religion while educating the reader how the One-World-Religion relates to the other powerful dimensions of the Conspiracy.
“This book is designed for any freedom loving truth loving person. You do not need to be a Christian to appreciate this book… because much of what is passed off as ‘Christian’ is trash. There are no sacred cows in my book. The world’s manure caked bovines are shown for what they are. I treat God Almighty with respect and esteem His Word as Truth, because in my life they have proved truthful. Many people mock God and the Bible, but have never sincerely tested the validity and truthfulness of both. People who have not experienced the power of God in their lives will not understand my motivation. I was sustained in writing this book by my conviction that the power of God which I have personally witnessed will somehow ultimately win the war against evil. It is beyond my comprehension how God’s ways have a tendency to be higher than my ways, so I am willing to trust in victory without being granted any special revelation or visions of the future. I am a soldier of the Lord, ready to stand in place and fight. That is my duty.
To the powerhouse Fraternity I belonged to, WestPoint, USMA, I pledged service to duty, honour and country. I have wanted to fulfil this in a higher way. If this book ever sees publication, I will have done my duty with honour for my country, the Kingdom of God. I hope that others who have made other pledges will revaluate their oaths, and choose the higher fulfilment of their search for light by joining with me.
May God Bless You.

“The number of people that have been involved in one way or the other in this book’s events is like the sands of the sea. The following is a partial list of major actors for the New World Order you will encounter in this book.
Sir Francis Bacon Rosicrucian and founder of some of modern Masonry’s rituals.
This genius of royal Tudor blood, helped plan and organise a society based on Plato’s wise men to rule the world.
Alice Bailey New Age leader with Lucis Trust. Important in founding many new groups, wrote many books, and wrote educational goals for US Health, Education and Welfare in 1958.
Hosea Ballon 32° (Mason) Instrumental in spreading Universalism in New England in the early 1800’s.
King Bulan Khazar king who converted his Asian nation to Judaism, thereby creating the forefathers of about 80% of today’s Jews.
John Dewey Father of the U.S. Public Education system, and part of the socialist New World Order. Ties to the Illuminati.
John Foster Dulles Descendent of prominent early Masons of the Mallet Prevost Swiss Intelligence families who had been prominent in bringing the Scottish Rite to the U.S. He was an important figure for the FCCC.
Mary Baker Eddy Close to Freemasonry and witchcraft, she started Christian Science. Her descendents today are prominent witches.
Benjamin Franklin Leader of several secret societies. A Mason and Rosicrucian. A leader in Masonic goals to establish a republic in the New World.
Frederick Franz Evidence reports his Masonic membership. Major doctrinal leader of The Watchtower Society after Russell and Rutherford.
Manley P Hall (1901-1990) Perhaps the greatest Masonic philosopher, author of around 200 books, covert co-leader of many religious groups. Illuminati.
Albert Pike Supreme Pontiff of Freemasonry. An important figure in Freemasonry, the Illuminati, and the plans to establish a one world government. Author of Morals and Dogma, a book given to 32˚ Masons.
Pope John Paul II Jewish Freemason leading the Catholic Church into One-World-Religion of the New Age.
Rockefeller family Members of this family have been prominent in the Bilderbergers, CFR, they have been one-worlders and have founded countless projects and groups to further the New World Order’s goals.
F Delano Roosevelt A 33° Mason. A key player for the New World Order. Gave America the New Deal, and gave America to the New World Order. His wife was in the Communist Party and numerous other socialist/communist groups.
Russell family Members of this family have prominent Masons, Fabian Socialists, One Worlders, Illuminati and religious leaders.
Saint-Simon Associated with secret occult fraternal groups. Laid groundwork for Marx, revolution and communism.
Robert Schuler 33° Mason, leading Christian minister who is helping lead the Christians toward a one-world-religion. Has knowingly taught people taking Luciferian initiations.
Joseph Smith Jr. Arch-Mason, ‘prophet,’ founder of a super-rite of Freemasonry called Mormonism, a restoration of the Masonic mysteries.
H G Wells Prophet of the New World Order. British Fabian Socialist whose plans and books have been important in lending credibility to their goals.
Rabbi Stephen Wise Arch-Mason, leader in the B’nai Brith, communist, friend of C. T. Russell. This man has played a leading role in Judaism and the New World Order.

“Just as there always seems to be a willing soul to offer himself to the New Order – there always will be men and women who have the courage to stand for goodness and truth. This list is but the tip of the iceberg and in no way indicates that these people contributed more than others, but rather they have been selected here for the part they have in this books manuscript.

Constance Cumbey Christian lawyer whose book and research was a major expose of the New Age Movement and its links to the One-World-Dictatorship.
Charles Finney An ex-Mason Christian evangelist who exposed and denounced Freemasonry.
Henry H Klein Jewish lawyer who tried warning the world of a Jewish world conspiracy.
Marchetti Ex-CIA agent, has tried to expose the CIA and its power.
Edith Star Miller (Lady Queensborough)
She compiled the first serious comprehensive study of the occult network of the New World Order. Her book is still a classic.
Brig. Gen. G Mohr One of the leading challengers to the New World Order today.
John Robison An intelligent professor and Mason who exposed the Masonic/Illuminati plot to rule the world. His efforts may have saved the U.S. from an overt takeover.
Menno Simons A prominent example of an Anabaptist minister. An example for Christians today. Anabaptists consisted of various groups that practiced a Christianity based on the teachings of Jesus, such as non-resistance to evil, and loving your enemies.

“… It should be pointed out that Jesus commanded his disciples to love their enemies and to do them good. This means most of the Christian churches do not have a Christ-like world view. Or to say it bluntly: most of what is called Christian is not Christian! Protestants and Catholics think nothing about a millionaire evangelist preaching Jesus’ sermons to the poor. Nor do many of them find discomfort that Protestants may have ‘Jesus in their heart,’ receive supportive prayers from their chaplains, and then climb into jet bombers and drop 500lb bombs onto innocent civilians, who are written off as collateral damage. Jesus continued to call the Temple the House of God even though it had become a den of thieves. (Cf. Matt 21: 13, Mk 11: 17, Luke 19: 46, et. al.)
Rather than detract from the readability by labelling all the various groups being used by the Conspiracy Power ‘pseudo-Christian,’ I prefer to use their own labels. Real Christians are an extremely small maligned minority. Although it is popular to say that it is judging to say someone isn’t a Christian, it is equally judgemental to say he is a Christian. To judge means to form an opinion about, to determine authoritatively. This book claims no ability to determine authoritatively the final judgement of people by their Creator. The Scriptures do command Christians to form opinions about the actions and fruit of other people based on the authority of the Scriptures.
I have done this research and contribute my observations not because I am against any particular person or denomination of Christianity, but because I am sold out to Christ, and believe an expose of traitors (wolves in sheep’s clothing) will protect the flock and encourage people to seek Godly men. Missing today from all the scientific, economic, and political studies is the vital voice of God the Creator. He can and is making a contribution to solve mankinds’ problems if mankind would listen… Consequently, there is collective ignorance as the people allow the Power to religiously lead them. These people, although nominally Christian, live and worship in such a twilight zone that they can’t distinguish black from white because of all the grey that has resulted, indeed somewhere along the way black has become white and white black! The definition of what is really Christian has been lost in this twilight zone.
… How do we describe a person who was born to Jewish parents, adopted by nominal Christians, sprinkled with a little baptismal water, and who then turns to Satanism? Is he Christian, is he Jewish, is he satanic? In some cases like this, the person may in the book be identified as ‘Jewish’- that is if they knew they were adopted from a Jewish heritage on the assumption ‘blood (a blood tie) is thicker than water.’ Blood ties are important in Satanism and witchcraft. Many higher witches belong to the traditional view that one needs to belong to a family with a witchcraft heritage to be a real witch. The whole issue is really difficult. Karl Marx and Adolph Hitler were both Satanists. They were both nominal Christians, and from the best I can tell, both had ‘Jewish’ blood. The same satanic bloodline that sired Hitler’s parent financed Karl Marx to write Das Kapital. Why not say that Marx was of satanic blood? Certainly, in these two cases, to call either Karl Marx or Adolph Hitler Jewish doesn’t seem proper at all. But then how does one describe their ties? If the word satanic is used, people think of only a spiritual tie-in. The word Jewish, although it doesn’t properly describe either man, comes closer to helping people understand a blood connection… The reason I use the term Jewish is that it is important to show the multitude of blood ties this conspiracy has. One of the primary satanic groups, which is a vehicle to create a false Messiah for people to worship, is a false Jewish blood group. This false Jewish blood group is a danger to every Jew who loves his Creator, and his Creators laws, and his Creators genuine freedom, (and not the pseudo-freedom passed off on the populace like snake oil!)

“The prophet of Israel Isaiah warned: “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil.” It seems that some of the advertising business hasn’t taken Isaiah to heart. The English language of the population in general is becoming a tool of evil men, as the misnomers and double-speak increase. The evil and selfish refer to themselves as good and generous. Slaves to sin call themselves liberated. The foolish call themselves enlightened. The lustful call themselves good lovers. Mortals call themselves God. The oldest religious superstitions are called ‘The New Age.’”

(Fritz shows four pictures or drawings that are being used by foundations or corporations that are pyramids with the top chopped off just like on the U.S. $1 note. He tells us that something important is being revealed in the drawings, what is it? Satanists looking for the coming Antichrist leader! He represents to them the capstone of all topless pyramids! Fritz asks other questions:

(a) “Who won the cold war?
(b) How would you deal with the significant differences between the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, and the Catholic Church?
(c) How long will it be before there will be witchcraft and magic taught in the Christian Churches?
(a) The same people who contrived it for profit and power were the only winners.
(b) You wouldn’t have to; they are all run by the same group.
(c) Magic and witchcraft are already being taught in many Christian churches, often under new labels. In fact, human sacrifices are already being done in secret in some well known Christian churches with well known pastors.”)

Back now to Fritz’s book:
“In August 1979, this author passed some intelligence information to the CIA via a Jehovah’s Witness.1 Seventy seven months later, the president announced this information publicly when it was politically advantageous. The release of this information was purely manipulation of the public, and a distortion of historical perceptions. It was a lesson on how intelligence information serves those in power. The public is manipulated by those in power through the use of information.
“What is amazing is how gullible even people with higher degrees are, those people who we might think would know better. Apparently, critical thinkers among the so-called educated public are few. Also, those who have been in the government controlled education system longer periods of time have simply provided the system more time to condition and propaganda them, unless they are the type of person to challenge what they are being fed… There seems to be no end to the fragments of information relating to the conspiracy, and these are available to everyone, but the meaning is elusive, because the observing public can’t assimilate or doesn’t want to assimilate their meaning.
Making a fundamental change in our frame of reference is a frightening task… Even if it is too difficult for you to agree with everything I say, press on, for if you gain even a little insight it will begin a process.

  1. The reason I passed information to the CIA was that while I was in Libya, (working with my father who was with the UN); I learned about the large missile silos the Russians had installed and were manning. I had never had anything to do with the CIA but as a concerned citizen for the welfare of the free world, I felt an obligation to pass on this information concerning the outflanking of NATO with Russian missiles. Today, I would not pass that information on because afterwards, I learned that CIA agents such as Edwin Wilson were carrying out assassinations for Libya’s Quaddafi. CIA agent Wilson hired anti-Castro Cubans and Green Berets to carry out assassinations and other assignments for Quaddafi. The CIA agents Frank Terpil and Wilson supplied Quaddafi with all kinds of forbidden military hardware like heat seeking ground to air missiles, sabotage and psychological warfare training programs, sophisticated assassination gear and bombs disguised as household trinkets using plastic explosives to slip past airport metal detectors. Wilson supplied planes, men, and weapons for Quaddafi’s military invasions of Chad and the Sudan, and supplied training for his air force which uses Pakistani pilots. (For more information on CIA agent Wilson and Libya, and other crimes, read Kwitny, Jonathan. The Crimes Of Patriots A True Tale of Dope, Dirty Money, and the CIA. NY: W W Norton & Co., 1987, pp. 101-104, 291, 312-313) Even after information of these things leaked out, the U.S. government continued to pretend not to notice. Ironically meanwhile, Reagan was picturing Quaddafi as a bloodthirsty terrorist supported by the communists, while behind the scenes Quaddafi’s invasions and assassinations were made possible by the CIA. While I was in Libya, Americans at home were being led to believe the Libyans were bloodthirsty for American blood, while Americans in Libya were running the oil fields. The reason I mention this anecdote is (a) to show how the public is manipulated by “news” (the media) and leaders. (b) to show the reader how this author has been around and writes from an informed position. (c) to begin destroying the illusion that Jehovah’s Witnesses have nothing to do with the CIA or the New World Order. Chapters 5-17 of the first section show how The Watchtower Society of the J W’s is part of the New World Order.

“… At some point, the things in this book will become part of your own experience. That is when this book will become real to you… Perhaps it will be when they start a cashless society. Perhaps it will be when friends disappear. Perhaps it will be when World War Three happens. Perhaps it will be when they try one of these things and the people refuse to cooperate. Because this material challenges people to rethink what they have experienced in their lives, it may challenge some of your core beliefs… I anticipate much of the reading audience may be Bible readers. Why should Bible readers read this book? Doesn’t the Word of God fully equip us? In one sense it does. A soldier is fully equipped going into battle, but he must still study his enemy. When a missionary uses a Chilton’s manual to repair a car, or prays for wisdom, he is showing that the Bible was not designed to answer every question. What many Christians seem unaware of, perhaps it’s a secret, is that the Bible was intentionally ambiguous and insufficient so that we would turn to God and trust in Him and not in some formulae or knowledge. Knowledge is a tool, and as a tool it can be used for good or bad.

“I was a West Pointer. West Point cadets learn the meaning of authority and discipline. I still believe in obedience to authority. Many religious or patriotic people want to believe in our leaders, for they feel it is our duty, rightly or wrongly to blindly obey. Whilst in the military I believed in obedience to authority. My primary focus in the military was how to carry out an order, not whether the order had merit. In this regard, I was like many of the men and women in this nation, an instrument of those who are deceiving this nation.
After reading this book, you the reader will understand more on how the Cold War at the highest level was a staged production, reaping all kinds of benefits for those seeking to rule the world, and creating a frame of reference that made it difficult for people to see beyond an East-West confrontation.
… President Bush’s [1st president Bush] remarks about the New World Order are another example. Few Americans are aware that Bush belongs to a powerful group called The Order (believed to be part of the American portion of the Illuminati). Nor are most Americans aware of what kind of New Order these people want for us. So when Bush says a New World Order is being created, most people must surmise at best what they think he means by this.4
The popular film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade provides the next example. At one point Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) is told: “The quest for the Grail is the quest for the divine in all of us.” At a later point, a character who has belonged to a secret order tells Indiana Jones how his order has protected the Grail for 2,000 years. Those who have read Holy Blood Holy Grail will recognise at once that this is preparing viewers to accept the new Messiah. Holy Blood Holy Grail ‘exposes’ a conspiracy connected to groups such as the Masons and other secret groups to introduce a new Messiah. Supposedly the Holy Grail that secret societies have preserved is the holy bloodline of Jesus Christ. By unconscious persuasion the viewer is having his frame of reference expanded so that when the story line of the new Messiah is presented; he will be able to place it within his frame of reference.
4. The connections of Bush to the Power (the New Order) documented in this book are so numerous they wont all be given here except in brief form. His membership in the Order is discussed in Antony Sutton’s America’s Secret Establishment. A Biography about George Bush by Fitz Hugh Green entitled: George Bush An Intimate Portrait (NY: Hippocrene Books, 1989) makes passing reference to his membership in the Skull & Bones Fraternity (p.48) and the Andover Fraternity (p.49). Sutton’s books serve as a good beginning to document and study what George Bush is. One of his books is The Two Faces of George Bush. This information has been leaking slowly into the news in a way to keep some lid on it. The Willamette Week (Sept. 19-25, 1991, Portland OR) had a long article on the facts about Bush’s Skull & Bones membership, pp. 1, 8-11 based on John Lawrence’s research. However, the tenor of the article was that the Order had little to do with a grand conspiracy but had much political influence. Without a proper frame of reference, this type of information is forgotten, ignored, or misused by people. Bush is also a 33° Mason, (testified to by numerous Masonic sources) even though it is being denied by the Whitehouse. He has oil connections, banking connections, intelligence connections and he was director of the CIA. He has connections with bloodlines connected to the Conspiracy. This footnote to Bush’s connections to the Conspiracy could be a book in itself. His Zapata oilrigs were used to smuggle drugs into the U.S. Drugs were unloaded onto the platforms off the coast of Texas. The small boats coming from the platforms do not go through customs. Also his son has been seen personally directing a flight of drugs which came through an air force base. Another good book about Bush is James J Drummey’s book: The Establishment’s Man (Appleton, WI: Western Islands, 1991).
“How has the American public had their frame of reference created by the conspiracy? … They have been in control since the American Revolution. Over a period of 200 years, they have had the time and the resources to create history and news. (See chapters 3-5 and 3-6) They control the major newspapers and the major political figures. If a president stepped too far out of line, he was assassinated. In each case, the assassination has been covered up. Although the cover-up in the Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations doesn’t fool anyone willing to look at the evidence, still they got away with it. They have written our history books and our text books. They have created such an artificial frame of reference that the public finds it hard to hang factual information about the conspiracy in their frame of reference. But this didn’t happen overnight, they have had two hundred years!

… Oh, does it seem impossible? Another eye opener is the identity of who wrote Shakespeare’s works. Manly P Hall, a powerful Mason… provides proof in his book that Sir Francis Bacon wrote Shakespeare’s works. This author being a certified and experienced handwriting analyst has long been aware the illiterate man who could barely sign his name, William Shakespeare, could never have written the works attributed to him. The works of Shakespeare are written by a man literate in several languages. Sir Francis Bacon was an early leader of that conspiracy which has successfully kept the identity of who wrote Shakespeare’s works secret for all these centuries. If that isn’t power, what is?

‘From 80 to 90% of the population can be hypnotised to varying degrees… At least 5% (10 million) of the U.S. population is extraordinarily hypnotizable, so easily hypnotizable that they are in a constant state of exaggerated suggestibility, even when awake and going about their normal daily routine. They are at the total mercy of all forms of influences and can be easily persuaded to do things and afterwards have no idea why they did them…’ Dr. Tobias H Brocher, Director, Centre for Applied Behavioural Sciences, Menninger Foundation, Topeka, Kansas.

“The conspiracy has succeeded in turning people from watching reality to a mindless fascination for a comic strip, video game sit-com life of unreality. You are to do your job for the system then go home and not think. Or if you want to think, tune in to one of their talk shows or read one of their newspapers. Perhaps no-one has ever shown you the names of who exactly controls big business and the media. The power in this nation is controlled by an elite. That can be documented. And it can be shown what they intend for us.

… The cold war is no longer needed by the conspiracy. In 1983, Constance Cumbey made an attempt to warn people about the New World Order planned for the entire globe in her book The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, The New Age Movement and our coming Age of Barbarism. On page 123 she outlines their plans for the future; ‘Next,’ the conspiracy was to involve ‘a sceptical and destructive criticism of personal-immortality religions. Strangely enough, Communism was to be destroyed at the same time. However, the New Agers feel the program they are offering the world would satisfy the basic desire of Communists in that it proposes a form of worldwide socialism. The existing Communist formulae-per-se were to be abolished…’

“Well said Constance. It is really only being abolished per se because every platform of the Communist Party has been adopted already in the United States, point by point. The U.S. already has what the Communists wanted.
And often we the people have been unconsciously manipulated into asking them to do what they wanted. At some point, the people of the world will ask them to create a One-World-Government. We the people will ask them to bring in what they have been wanting to do. That does not mean we understand what we are following. Hopefully, some of us blind followers will awake and break our mental chains of servitude and think for ourselves. Let us break our chains of servitude to Gnostic religious powers who are pawns of the conspiracy. Let us recognise all the manipulations and the puppets of this vast power.
… we believed in their cold war ploy. And the cold war was real for the common man. But now these vast spy networks cannot be dismantled. A great deal of their activities have nothing to do with the reasons they were created. And we unwittingly fund these secret services that spy on us and are at the complete disposal of the Conspiracy.
The machinations of the secret services such as MI5, MI6, the FBI, the CIA, and others boggle the mind. It is no comfort to realise that men identified as related to the Conspiracy are also men in control of the secret services. The tie-ins by the leadership of all these agencies to the Conspiracy confirms confidential leaks that they are used by the Conspiracy. For instance, George Bush (The Order, ex director CIA), Lord Rothschild (Family part of the centre of power, CSC, (chief) of MI6), Hugh Sinclair (Family part of bloodline for new Messiah, CSC, (chief) of MI6… and so on… This chapter is not the place in this book to detail all this.
“It may be sufficient at this point to simply sum up the power of MI6 (British Secret Service overseas) and the American system that works hand in glove with the British by quoting Nigel West, an expert on MI6: ‘… the firm, as it is referred to by outsiders, enjoys a unique reputation for stealth, devious efficiency, ruthlessness and, it must be said, treachery. It has often been considered all-powerful, wielding enormous secret influence. It was once said in America in the 1920’s that six institutions rule the world: Buckingham Palace, the White House, the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Vatican and the British Secret Service.’
Should the reader indulge this author long enough, he shall learn that apparently all these centres of power that Nigel West thought ruled the world are controlled by a single elite group. If the evidence shows that the last two popes are not only Masons, but part of the Conspiracy, (the present one, 1991, is Jewish by the way) then indeed they have solidified the power of the world into one hegemony.
…What good is it to know that a One-World-Government is planned if there is no means to resist? You can start by turning off the TV and reading this book. You can start by turning off the control Gnostic religious leaders have imposed upon you and start thinking for yourself. Disconnect yourself from the umbilical cords of the Conspiracy which have fed you misleading information. You can start by thinking. Use this book as a launching pad to new investigations… Some of the documentation can simply not be given. Dozens of interviews with people have simply resulted in the author knowing dangerous information that nobody wants to have their name associated with.
The German population feared the Gestapo. The same international group of people that helped Hitler to power and assisted him to cleanse Europe of unwanted people are ready to go to work cleansing again. (See chapter 2 and other parts for the details)

This book is not a comprehensive study of the Conspiracy, in spite of that appearance. It is actually a limited study on how a one-world-religion has been created and is to become the religion of the New World Order that forces are moving us towards. Many different groups have been studied in-depth, and all kinds of people with clues to how power is really functioning talked to. For instance, this author studied the following group:

“In Rabbi Jack Moline’s book Growing Up Jewish, on page 76 he claims that Congress is run by the Jews, ‘For years, anti-Semites have accused Jews of controlling Congress, and for years it has been denied. Ironically, as of 1984, the Jews do control Congress. A recent survey of the 435 representatives, shows that for all practical purposes, 219 are practising Jews. Interestingly, twelve members of the Black Congressional Caucus are Ethiopian Jews. On the Senate side, an astounding 62 out of 100 Senators identify themselves as Jews!’ (This surely does not square with what the press is telling the public)
The Jewish author A Cowen, in his book The X-Rays in Freemasonry, on page 6 says that Jews control Freemasonry, ‘The Jews swarmed into it (Freemasonry) from the earliest times and controlled it through the higher grades and councils. They have controlled the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite since the beginning of the Nineteenth Century’. (This is not what the Scottish Rite is telling the public).
“The widely known Jewish author Marcus Eli Ravage in an article in Century Magazine, Jan. 1928 wrote, ‘We Jews are at the bottom of nearly all your wars; not only of the Russian but of every other major revolution in your history. We did it solely with the irresistible might of our spirit, with ideas and propaganda.’
Rabbi Stephen Wise, a Scottish Rite Mason and leader in the Order of B’nai B’rith, when discussing communism said, ‘Some call it communism; I call it Judaism.’ (See The American Bulletin, 5/15/1935) What? How can communism be related to Judaism?
There are many other identical claims or similar ones made by other Jews in books and articles whose primary reading audiences would be Jewish. In investigating what power or powers control our lives, it was necessary to check the record to see if these Jewish claims had any validity. This author is a researcher, a detective who wants to ferret out the original documents, discover an honest history based on a more balanced broader picture of what happened in the past.
… This author could not care less what race the world says you are. Popular concepts of race are to a large degree based on myths. If the Arabs are from Ishmael, and the over twelve million Ashkenazim Jews are descended from the Khazars as some Jewish historians validate, then these Ashkenazim Jews are derived from a combination of European blood overlaying the blood of a Mongolian tribe. This Mongolian tribe, the Khazars, claim Togarmah, a pagan person found in the Bible, as their ancestor. Consequently, the majority of people called Jews would not even carry Semitic blood. The Arabs are known to be descended from Shem, hence Semites. Since the Jewish people are today the persecutors of the Arabs in the Middle East (at least by some Arab perceptions) that would make the Ashkenazim Jews the biggest anti-Semites in the world.”
(Note from author of The Best-Laid Schemes: Let’s break off for a moment from Fritz’s book to take a closer look at these Khazar ‘Jews’):

By LEO HUMAN: Coplay News Service San Diego Union 28. 8. 1966

“Nathan M Pollock has a beef with the Israeli government. His elaborate plans to celebrate this September the 1000th anniversary of the Jewish-Khozar alliance were summarily rejected. An elderly, meek-looking man who migrated to Israel from Russia 43 years ago, Pollock ekes out a living as a translator of scientific texts and proof-reader in a publishing firm.
But his great passion, hobby and avocation is historic research. He has devoted 40 of his 64 years to trying to prove that six out of ten Israelis and nine out of ten Jews in the western hemisphere are not real ‘Jews’ Jews, but descendents of fierce Khozar tribes which roamed the Steppes of southern Russia many centuries ago.
For obvious reasons the Israeli authorities are not at all eager to give the official stamp of approval to Pollock’s theories. ‘For all we know, he may be 100% right,’ said a senior government official. ‘In fact, he is not the first one to discover the connection between Jews and Khozars. Many famous scholars, Jews and non-Jews, stressed these links in their historical research works. But who can tell today what percentage of Khozar blood flows in our veins, if at all? And who can declare with any degree of scientific accuracy which Jews are Jews and which descendents of this Tartar-Mongol race? As a matter of fact, our alleged descent from the Khozars is the central theme of Arab propaganda,’ he added. ‘The Arabs claim most European Jews have no right to be in Israel in the first place because they are not descended from Biblical Hebrews, but from Tartar-Mongol nomad tribes, including the Khozars who were converted to Judaism en masse 1000 years ago.’

“Scientific opinion in Israel is divided on the subject. No one argues the basic premise: that a group of 12,000 Jews, fleeing from persecution and war in the Holy Land, in the wake of Byzantine and Moslem conquests, made the long overland trek to Persia, crossed the territory of today’s Turkistan in Central Asia and found asylum in the Khozar kingdom, which occupied a vast area between the Caspian Sea, Volga River, Ural Mountains, Black Sea and the Polish borderlands.
… Pollock believes the traditional Russian anti-Semitism probably stems from that epoch when Hebrew-speaking Khozar raiders attacked Russian villages, killed the men folk, abducted women, forcibly converted them to Judaism and married them in full fledged religious ceremonies. This also would explain why so many European Jews are blonde and blue-eyed, with a slight Mongol slant to their eyes, as well as the total absence of Semitic features among many Israelis of European descent.
The flourishing Jewish-Khozar Kingdom was destroyed in 1230 by the Mongol invasion of Ban Khan. Following the Mongol invasion and conquest, surviving members of Jewish-Khozar tribes trekked west and settled in Poland, Hungary, Bohemia, Austria, Romania and the Ukraine…” [End of quote].

Back now to Fritz:
“With the One-World-Power all racism becomes even more dangerous. Why? Read Orwell’s 1984. Remember Krystalnacht. The One-World-Power loves to direct peoples hate to their own advantage. The motion picture industry and their editing abilities are a powerful tool in creating and directing peoples hate. On August 1st 1990, Saddam Hussein was a good guy. Such a good guy that our president and government were generously supplying him with lots of credit and weapons. But after the invasion of Kuwait, it did not take long for television to create an image that Saddam Hussein had been an evil Hitler for a long time. Indeed he probably had been a rotten character for a long time. The point that the reader is being reminded of is that your image of him, whether good (during the Iraq- Iran war) or bad (during the Kuwait crisis), was formed by the systems television. For some reason most people don’t ask: If he was a Hitler in 1989, why were we doing business with him? Many people’s frames of references are built like faucets that the media controls and can turn hot or cold. Does the reader want to be a media faucet?
One idea that has been conditioned into the Christians through Christian television and their leaders (which will be discussed later in this book) is that the Jewish people are the apple of God’s eye, the seed of Abraham, God’s chosen people. This prevalent form of racism is unquestionably accepted because the Old Testament blessings of God are applied to the Israeli nation. Christians apply for instance the blessing given to Balaam to Israel today, ‘Blessed is he that blesseth thee, and cursed is he that curseth thee.’ Numbers 24: 9

“… 80% of the Jews today are not genetically the seed of Abraham but are descended from the Khazar tribe in Asia which later was forced to move into Poland and other European areas… Informed Jews know of this. It is in the Jewish Encyclopaedia. The Sephardic Jews in Israel, who are genetic descendents of Abraham, not only are a minority in Israel, but according to some of them, are abused and discriminated against.

… The Jew Jesus Christ, rejected certain Jews claims that they were God’s chosen people, ‘If ye were Abraham’s children, ye would do the works of Abraham.’ John 8: 39

“… The Christian church today trembles before the [so called] Chosen Race, and is afraid to criticize anything the American government does to assist Israel. Nor will many of the Christian ministers speak out against the human rights abuses done to the Palestinians. They have hurt the cause of Christ in many ways, first, there are a good number of Palestinian Christians, second, the Arab world has rejected Christ because of Christian support for Israel, and third, they are supporting human rights abuses.
“Since the Orthodox Jewish system was operating in Jesus’ time it is clear what the Christian view was: Romans 2: 28, 29: ‘For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.’

“… The events this book covers are world wide and entail more than just the Jewish people. Anti-Semitism is a tool of the Conspiracy. Klein and others have exposed that. Who do you think controls the Ku Klux Klan? [K is the 11th letter of the alphabet. K+K+K=33. It is said that Albert Pike who set up the 33rd degree of The Scottish Rite, also set up the KKK – Ed.]

According to Jewish sources, half of the Jews no longer have names that are recognisably Jewish. Further, reliable Jewish sources indicate that on a yearly basis about 80% of the applications for name changes in the United States are Jewish… that means on a yearly basis 160,000 Jews change their names legally, (this is not referring to marriages) and almost all the name changes are to non-Jewish sounding names.7 7.Kaganoff, Benzion C. A dictionary of Jewish Names and their History. Schocken Books, 1977, pp. 69, 72.
Because the Jewish people are not easily identified, and yet are interwoven so deeply into the whole storyline, it is necessary to point them out as the story develops. Scottish and British bloodlines also play a part in the story. They too will be pointed out.
This book is not an attack on individual religious or philosophical beliefs, except where necessary to turn people from the false authority of the One-World-Power. I say false because when we have attended school, we believed we were being handed the unadulterated truth. When we read our so called free-press and media we thought we were being handed the unadulterated truth. When we went to our Kingdom Halls, Masonic Halls, our churches and synagogues we believed we were being given the unadulterated truth. It is difficult to swallow that the same authority that lied to us in the Kingdom Hall, in the Masonic Hall, in the churches, and in our synagogues was the very same authority. This book’s task is to demonstrate what false authority is behind the One-World-Religion and its New Order.

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… The One-World-Power wants no rival. Their mass media is being used as a tool to destroy this rival authority (the Bible). So much hate has been injected into the public’s mindset that many people will not tolerate this book because it holds up God’s authority. The public is unaware of the constant bombardment of anti-Christian material spewing forth from the media. “The Moslems don’t fare much better. Those who are Arabs and Christians are doubly cursed by this bias. As one Lebanese Christian aptly said: ‘We are hated because we are Christians by the Arabs, and hated because we are Arabs by the Christians.’


‘The three main channels through which the preparation for the new age is going on might be regarded as the Church, the Masonic Fraternity and the educational field… In the esoteric group, which is composed of the true spiritual esotericists found in all exoteric occult groups, in the church, by whatever name it may be called, and in Masonry you have the three paths leading to initiation. As yet they are not used, and one of the things that will eventuate – when the new universal religion has sway and the nature of esotericism is understood – will be the utilisation of the banded esoteric organisms, the Masonic organism and the Church organism as initiating centres. These three groups converge as their inner sanctuaries are approached. There is no dissociation between the One Universal Church, the sacred inner lodge of all true Masons, and the innermost circles of the esoteric societies…’

ALICE BAILEY, THE EXTERNALISATION OF THE HIERARCHY Lucis Pub. Co. NY, 1957, pages 511 and 513 (Lucis publishing is a name change from Lucifer publishing and is an arm of the United Nations)

Clymer, R Swinburne, Philosophical Publishing Co., Allentown, Pa.

‘In placing the present work before the public I have no apology whatever to offer, and this for several reasons. First, because I have been ordered to prepare it, and second, because much of what I herein give is not new, for the simple reason that there can be nothing new in Masonry. True, many a thing, especially what concerns Mystic Masonry, has not been given to a profane people, but this is not to say that it is new, for it is not.
‘I know that the present work will stand unchallenged as to the Truths it contains, and this is for the reason that I quote from the highest Masonic authorities in the world, that which concerns Mystic Masonry comes direct from him who knows and who has no superior in his work.
‘… There are several reasons why this book should go before the people, and especially before Masons themselves. Too little is known by my Brother Masons concerning that Order to which they have the honour to belong, but which some of them do not honour…’


The Mason's dream carved in stone in the form of George Washington: 'AS ABOVE, SO BELOW' The bringing to Earth of Satan's kingdom. Satan is at the moment the prince of the power of the air, according to Yahweh's Word. All high ranking Mason's dream of him becoming King of kings and thus, ruler of the Earth!

[Image added by author of The Best-Laid Schemes.]

Pages 122-123:
220. ‘So broad is the religion of Masonry, and so carefully are all sectarian tenets excluded from the system, that the Christian, the Jew, and the Mohammedan, in all their numberless sects and divisions, may, and do harmoniously combine in its moral and intellectual work with the Buddhist, the Parsee, the Confucian, and the worshipper of Deity under every form**
221. And why is this true! Because the Vishnu of the Brahminical Trinity, the Isis of the Egyptian and the Holy Ghost of the Christians and symbolised in the Roman Catholic Church, by the Madonna, is the Mother Principle of every living thing in the universe, and, when a man or woman has their spiritual mind awakened they have a love for everything that lives and breathes, and they look on every object in Nature as the outward manifestation of the Divine Living Principle within. God is in all, and no matter at what Shrine we worship, God is there.’
** Webb’s “Monitor of Freemasonry”

[Fritz Springmeier continues to reproduce many pages from the various Masonic books available. The main points are picked out by him and printed in bold type at the bottom of each page. In order to save both time and space I will reproduce here only the main points – Ed.]

The real purpose of Masonry is the Utopian plan of a 1-World-Government.
A war is being secretly waged to destroy conservative religious elements.
In place of Christianity the Mystery religions will be restored by the Church & Masonry.
Esoteric groups like Masonry require their members to gain influence to promote their plan. The religion of Masonry is pure Theism.

It never had anything to do with Operative Masonry or the Builder’s Guild. Masonry was founded on the Ancient Wisdom Religion, and when founded was not known as Masonry.
Masonry is identical to the Ancient Mystery Religions.
Masonry is claimed to be the pagan Mystery Religions by Masons.
The leader of the Martinist Order of Masons & the Rosicrucians says that common sense should tell us that books don’t reveal all the secrets of Masonry.
The higher degrees deceive the lower degrees of Masons.
In 1921 Masons saw the world as a struggle between two world powers – Masonry and the Vatican.
Masons are aware that Masonry has been behind revolutions and social change.
The outline of a Church Universal shall appear by the end of the 20th century.

“Alice Bailey in her writings, especially the book: The Externalisation of The Hierarchy, quite openly spells out the plan to bring in a New Age One World Religion.
Alice Bailey needs no introduction to followers of the New Age Movement. Her 24 New Age books, her organisation Lucis Trust (originally named Lucifer Trust), her Arcane School, and the Findhorn Community in Scotland (started by her disciples Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Mclean) are present-day reminders of the immense impact she and her 32° Mason husband had on the New Age Movement. She is credited with starting over one hundred New Age groups. She worked for the Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare in 1958 setting up educational goals, and her writings were used in the new Globalisation 2000 curriculum (already tried in some areas) and soon to be used across the board in the U.S. public schools.
“Alice Bailey started the Arcane School to teach New Age disciples the principles of the plan to bring in the New Order. The Arcane School is located in Europe and America, and headquartered in New York City. A major part of this plan is for mankind to recognise the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet. This Spiritual Hierarchy is headed by the Spirit Being Sanat Kumera (the first name is a scrambling of the name Satan), and helped by the Great White Brotherhood. Her writings were given to her by the same Great White Brotherhood that Masons, like Manly P Hall (33°), say direct Masonry. Other New Age leaders, for instance Elizabeth Clare Prophet in her book, The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture History and Religion of America, also believe the Great White Brotherhood has been controlling religion. Various Rosicrucians claim to be guided by the Great White Brotherhood too.
According to Alice Bailey, the Masonic movement will be the religion of the New System. Benjamin Crème, another big New Age leader also believes Freemasonry with a revitalised Christian Church will be the religion of the New Age. Lola Davis, another New Age leader, also sees Freemasonry as the New Age Religion (Dark Secrets of the New Age, page 273).


· In the Masonic ritual during the opening ceremonies for the 31st degree of the Scottish Rite the Masons pray: ‘Hear us with indulgence O infinite Deity… Let the great flood of Masonic light flow in a perpetual current over the whole world and make Masonry the creed of all mankind.’

· The Italian Masonic Constitution, almost identical to the original Masonic Constitution of Anderson of 1723, states in Article 6: ‘It (Italian Masonry) proposes to itself as its first object to unite all free men in one vast family, which may and ought to take the place of all churches… thereby to constitute the true and only Church of Humanity.’

“Albert Pike, 33°, was one of the greatest Masonic leaders. Articles praising Pike abound in official Masonic publications. His book, Morals and Dogma, written in the second half of the 19th century, reveals the expectation of esoteric groups to become the world’s leaders, ‘… the world will soon come to us for its Sovereigns and Pontiffs. We shall constitute the equilibrium of the Universe, and be rulers over the Masters of the World.’ Page 817.

“Freemasonry is a front for the Power, but it also is a major part of their power. To illustrate this point let us look at the manned mission to the moon, Apollo. We’ll develop the story enough that the significance of the final point will be appreciated.

In 1960, Pres. John F Kennedy tugged on the emotional heart strings of Americans, ‘We are in a strategic space race with the Russians, and we have been losing… But we cannot run second in this vital race’ Kennedy challenged the nation to land a man on the moon by the end of the decade. And so America was rushed into a race to the moon. It seemed forgotten that the moon had been around for a long time, and would continue being there for a long time, even if man didn’t get there by the end of the decade.

… First, the interested person can learn about the U.S. technology that our leaders have quietly given the communists over the years, such as nuclear weapons; by reading Anthony Sutton’s well documented books. F D Roosevelt’s own son James Roosevelt wrote a book alleging FDR sent Russia the plans and materials to build an atomic bomb. The officer in charge of Lend-Lease to Russia during WWII states this in a book too… One area of cooperation that is extensive and has been for many years is between the CIA and the KGB. Both of these agencies feud like siblings, and both are honeycombed with double-agents, triple-agents… communist CIA agents etc. it is rather impossible to develop a clear picture of where loyalties are of particular individuals. In fact it may be harder to see the overall picture for those closest to the scene because these agencies are so segmented that people work in offices unaware that other secret offices adjoin their own rooms, and unaware of people working in secret only a few feet away. It is the epitome of Orwell’s 1984. And the process is that Big Brother of the New World Order controls the world and works through the MI6, MI5, the CIA, the KGB and Moussad.

“… Rocketry is a sophisticated science. The U.S. leaders knew that the Russians were strapping several small rockets together in a hazardous fashion, and that they were not far out in front of us technologically, but inferior. (How could they get ahead of us? We were supplying them with much of the technology, just as we had for years. The examples are endless. One example is the chassis of the feared WWII T-34 Tank was American technology). The space program actually serves purposes that are entirely different from its cover. That is material for another book.
The point this author is making is simply that the Russian threat, which was blown out of proportion, helped NASA sell its space program to the public… The lives of many brave American astronauts were recklessly played with so that the world could marvel at Americans planting the American flag on the moon. But America wanted that glory… Americans wouldn’t trade that glory for more moon dust, or for more knowledge of the lunar surface. They were proud to get their flag to the moon first. It seems then that with so much hoopla and pride, with so many billions spent to achieve that great feat, with so much danger given to our brave astronauts that America would not want to share the glory of the moon landing. It would seem that it might be disconcerting to some Americans to learn that the Masonic flag got to the lunar surface at the same time the American flag did. The Masons tied for first flag to the moon. Yes, taxpaying Americans spent billions of dollars to get the Scottish Rite’s flag to the moon first.
Most people I have mentioned this to have seen the significance of this. Then others say, ‘So what if the Masons got their flag to the moon first?’ Our President Kennedy answered that one. He said that whoever got their flag to the moon first was to be considered the leader of mankind on Earth.
There are other interesting aspects to this. How ironic it is that the organisation that sponsored and got the first Communist Internationale going was given such a big privilege by a supposedly anti-communist US space program. Communism’s sponsoring organisation during the 1860’s was the Masonic Lodge.

The great Pontiff of Masonry, Albert Pike, has had his words on page 819 of Morals and Dogma often quoted. He states there that lower degree Masons are intentionally deceived and whoever tries to undeceive them will labour in vain because the first degrees are convinced they have the true explanations. As most people, including most Masons themselves, do not know what the deep secrets of Masonry are, they are not in a position to know whether Masonry has any secrets.
Deception itself has many forms. Deceptions management is adroitly used by the Masons not only to deceive outsiders as to their true goals and intentions, but also to deceive many of the Masons, who are supporting a structure that unbeknownst to them is destroying what they believe in. The impact of Masonic disinformation and smokescreens is extensive.
In the C S Lewis Screwtape Letters, the novice demon is taught how to convince others he doesn’t exist. Likewise, the Masons who worship Lucifer and/or knowingly know the Masonic machinations to control the world, find that they are likely to find more unwitting accomplices than actual hardcore occultists in favour of enthroning Lucifer. On the one hand, they must expose what they really are about to get those recruits who will give themselves over to their evil designs. Yet on the other hand, they must conceal their true face to the majority. By filtering the candidates through a series of degrees, the ones who will serve Luciferian [Satanic] goals, can be identified.
“Those who control power over the world benefit from the general populations reluctance to admit the possibility of ugly realities… Perhaps the best book on the mind- set of those who secretly rule the world is Lindsey Williams’ Syndrome of Control. Lindsey Williams, who rubbed shoulders with some of these men, studies how the mind-set of power is in a different realm than the common person. Think power, control, and money. Think of men who believe they are special, and that destiny has called them to Lord it over the world.
The Christians are manipulated to fight each other. The various nations pretend to feud with each other, concealing the fact they are puppets on strings with the same master. The democrats and republicans feud with each other, when real power has nothing to do with their pretended power struggles. Many straw monsters are created and pretended power struggles, and senseless conflicts, simply to mask the growth of the One-World-Power. This strategy is taught in military colleges as ‘Divide and Conquer.’
… Still, this author’s experience is that many Christians would rather listen to men who have repeatedly sworn to deceive than to read what the Masons actually teach. Why? It is discomforting to them to disturb their secure feeling in this present system. They don’t want to learn that their present system is an elaborate myth, concealing and insulating the world power from anything that might oppose it.
… The Mason Rev. Dr. William Dodd in a speech to brother Masons to open a new Masonic Temple in 1794 traced Freemasonry from ‘the first astronomers on the plains of Chaldea, the wise and mystic kings and priests of Egypt, the sages of Greece and philosophers of Rome.’ Whether or not this would be historically correct, if one looks from 1794 backwards in Masonic history, it clearly shows that even in 1794 the Freemasons did desire to identify themselves with the Mystery Religions of the ancient pagans.
Let us examine one Masonic deception – that their organisation was or is Christian. (See chapter 1.17 for more on Masonic deception) Recently, Episcopalian theologian Dr. Morey wrote a book declaring Freemasonry’s origin and early history to be Christian. Today, Masons are still leading people to believe it is a Christian institute. Morey’s book has been in Christian bookstores… they opened up locked documents and made suggestions as to what he could see… The reader can draw his own conclusions, but it is the opinion of this author that it is highly possible the grossly misleading research of Morey’s book, was a set-up, aided by his Masonic friends who asked their library to play dumb, break the rules, and assist (guide) this research.

It is true that there are several centres of power on the Earth. However, these groups have made alliances and together create the New World Order. A One-World-Government already exists. Even though the world is ruled by a secret world government, the world has not willingly consented to this. H G Wells, who spent his life planning how this One-World-State would come into power and function, fully expected today’s situation in his timetable, ‘The World Council was in effective possession of world power, but not in unchallenged possession. Even in 2000 C.E., nineteen-twentieths of mankind were still unassimilated to the organisation. If the world was not rebellious it was mutinous, and there were plenty of alert and intelligent people in opposition… to the reconditioning of human affairs on Modern State lines.’

“The reader is familiar with how two royal bloodlines can be joined by marriage to produce a new royal bloodline containing both lineages. This principle has been used a great deal in creating the unified One-World-Government of today.

The Black Nobility is a group of nobility that traces back to the Roman Emperors. Many of the royalty of Europe belong to the Black Nobility. The Knights of Malta are one of the Black Nobility’s secret orders. The Order of the Knights of Malta helps continue the cohesion of the Nobility as a group. This Black Nobility have formed an alliance with two major groups, the Jewish bloodline of the House of David, and the group of international bankers who are practising Satanism. The merging of these three groups has created a unity called the New World Order. A host of other organisations are built upon this nucleus. Freemasonry is one of the fundamental ones.
The Jewish bloodline (considered to be not only the House of David but to contain the royal bloodline of Jesus) has been preserved by the secret order of the Prieure de Sion. The Satanists have been actively working through groups that are ‘Illuminised.’ There are groups called the Illuminati. There are also individuals (usually at the head of Gnostic religious groups - - see chapter 1.3) who are Illuminati. One main Rosicrucian group is called the Church of Illumination.
The three groups – the Black Nobility, the Satanists and the claimed Bloodline of Jesus – have an outer group of about 500 men who assemble once a year. This group is nicknamed the Bilderbergers. Although the heads of some of the largest newspapers attend, and their meetings are newsworthy, the media do not cover their super secret meetings. (More about the Bilderbergers in chapter 2.12)
The centre of power geographically resides in Great Britain. That does not mean New York, Zurich, Rome, Paris and Moscow etc aren’t important. These cities also are centres of their power.
Through a vast number of organisations the world has been brought under their control… While others like the Order of the B’nai B’rith and the Order of the Skull and Bones play major roles… As a reference to help the reader get started, a list of some major groups is now provided. (This author has files on hundreds of organisations and sects. The number of religious groups and secret fraternal organisations and New Age organisations started by the One-World-Power is simply fantastic…)


The Order of B’nai B’rith – Although it’s strictly Jewish membership is not secret anymore, the inner workings at the top are. Its purpose is to organise, unify, and direct the Jewish people. It also directs Christian clergymen and Freemasons at times. Its militant arm is the JDL and ADL. It also has Hillel and some other all-Jewish organisations included in its membership. Although it claims to represent all Jews, it has promoted the liberal ‘Reformed’ Jewish Movement. The order has around 500,000 members and 3,500 local lodges.
The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn – An illuminated satanic group that worked with the German Thule Society, related to the O.T.O. reportedly directed by the Rothschild family. (See chapter 3.3). This was a branch of the Masonic Societies in Anglia. Many groups developed from the Golden Dawn including Stella Matutina (Morning Star). The Morning Star is Lucifer. [Fritz means that their ‘Morning Star’ is Lucifer, a title stolen from Yashua Ha Masiyach – Ed.]
Grand council of Allied Masonic Degrees (AMDGC) – The council controls the various allied degrees. It works fourteen degrees: Royal Ark Mariner, Secret Monitor, Knight of Constantinople, Grand Tyler of Solomon, Red Branch of Eri, Ye Ancient Order of Corks, and other degrees. Its subordinate groups are called councils.
Grand Orient – This is a type of Masonry which is almost global, but based in Europe. It is blatantly occult and sponsors revolutions. It maintains strong ties with all the other branches of Masonry incl. British Masonry. The French Grand Orient is the mother lodge directing other G.O. in other countries. Funds for the assassination of the ArchDuke in 1914 travelled from Paris to Rome between the Grand Orients on behalf of the Alliance Israelite Universelle.
The Group – Based at Oxford University, this groups initiates form part of the Illuminati’s British elite.
Jason Society – A branch of the Order of the Quest. This secret group is extremely powerful in the United States. Some of its men sit on MJ-12, the body that rules the United States for the New World Order.
Jesuits, the Society of Jesus – This is the Catholic branch of the Illuminati. Black masses are performed at the higher levels. Only the higher echelons are aware of the Illuminati contacts. There are about 28,000 Jesuits worldwide. They have been primary agents to change Christianity into Marxism through Liberation Theology.
Knights of Malta – This order preserves the cohesion of the Black Nobility, the European aristocracy that dominated Europe for many centuries. The head family traces itself back to the Roman emperors. Not all Knights of Malta members have connections to the Black Nobility though, only about half of the 10,000 members are Black Nobility. (Another Black Nobility group in Europe is the Club of Rome with a small select group of about 75) Typically, US government envoys to the Vatican are Knights of Malta.
Mizraim Rite (of Freemasonry) and the Prieure de Sion (Priory of Zion) – These two closely related groups are guarding the lineage of a future messiah to rule the world. The Mizraim Rite is almost exclusively Jewish. The Prieure de Sion is primarily in Scotland, England, the U.S., Canada, and France. France has about 43 members of the 9371 members. The Prieure de Sion is divided into the Legion (charged with the Apostolate) and the Phalange (charged with the guardian of the tradition). The Prieure de Sion has nine levels of initiation.
Palladium Rite – A secret rite that extends globally. This super-rite is sold out to Lucifer and controls Freemasonry behind the scenes. Both men and women are members. Its triangles (lodges) are in the major cities.
Independent Order of Oddfellows – This group is designed for the lower classes and minorities. Because its members are not often in powerful positions it functions less as a powerhouse fraternity than does Freemasonry but places more emphasis on the occult for the lower levels.
Order of the Quest – This is the group in charge of preserving the plan for world domination. (The name used here for this order is the one Manly P Hall used for it. It, like other groups, most likely has an esoteric name also). Several groups mentioned in this list play important roles for the Order of the Quest.
Scroll & Key Fraternity – Based at Yale, this is a secondary group which also provides some leadership for the Illuminati along with the Wolf’s Head.
Skull & Bones Order (Russell Trust) – Based at Yale, this group is one source of [for] American leadership. It is part of the larger Brotherhood of Death. Exactly 15 members are added each year. (Previous to 1860, the number initiated varied.) There are about 600 active members currently. In the last 150 years about 2500 Yale graduates have been initiated into this super-secret society. Some members, perhaps exceptions, have been initiated away from Yale. Most are descended from the early Puritan families, and are tied to the Unitarian/Universalist movement. These older Skull& Bones families have formed blood alliances with wealthy families such as the Rockefellers. (See chapter 2.3)
Thule Society – Based in Germany, this group was the primary German Illuminati group prior to WWII. This society recruited German leaders including Adolph Hitler who they placed in charge of their Nazi Party. Their symbol was the swastika, which was then also used by their daughter organisation the Nazi Party. Saturn was an important god so their lodges met on Saturday. It was associated with the Prussian Freemasonic Lodges which were opposed to the Western or Jewish Masonic Lodges.
York Rite Sovereign College (the YRSC) – A partial supreme council for the York Rite, organised into at least 57 colleges. Membership is by invitation only, and the insignia of the order is the pentagon. It has an annual General Assembly, and headquarters in Detroit, MI.

OTHER MASONIC ORGANISATIONS (For white-skinned Masons) not shown in diagram. [In Fritz’s book the diagram he mentions was not made available in his pre-launch version – Ed.]

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Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots
Ancient Order of Knights of the Mystic Chain
Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in NA
The Convent General Knights of the York Cross of Honour
Daughters of the Eastern Star
Daughters of Mokanna
Daughters of the Nile, Supreme Temple
Federation of Masons of the World
George Washington Masonic National Memorial Association
Grand College of Rites of the U.S.A.
Grottoes of North America
Heroes of ’76 (1776)
Heroines of Jerico
High Twelve International
Independent Order of Owls
International General Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters
International Order of Job’s Daughters
International Order of Rainbow Girls
International Supreme Council of World Masons Inc
Jason Society
Knights of the Globe
Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America
Masonic Life Association
Mutual Guild of Grand Secretaries
The National League of Masonic Clubs
National Sojourners Inc
The Order of Amaranth
Order of the Bath
Order of the Builders
The Order of the Constellation of Junior Stars
The Order of DeMolay
Order of Desoms
Order of Eastern Star
Order of the Golden Key
Order of the Knight Masons
The Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem
The Philalethes Society
Royal Order of Jesters
Social Order of the Beauceant Tall Cedars of Lebanon
Prince Hall Order

“The following pages will discuss selected aspects of the history and development of Freemasonry and related groups. These selections will help you to understand the story of the New World Order.
THE PRIEURE DE SION PLAYED AN IMPORTANT LEADERSHIP ROLE IN THE EARLY MASONIC LODGE SYSTEM. The St. Clair Charters of 1601 and 1628 are interesting. William St. Clair, who was part of the Prieure de Sion, and a descendent of the St. Clairs of Roslyn (Scotland), was given the right to govern the Masons.

Charles Radclyffe was the Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion from 1727-1746. ‘It is probable that Scottish Rite Freemasonry was originally promulgated, if not indeed devised, by Charles Radclyffe.’ Holy Blood Holy Grail, page 169.
It seems most likely that Charles Radclyffe was one of the ‘unknown superiors’ (likely the head one) of a German nobleman Baron Karl Gotthief von Hund (1722-1776) who is well known to have created the Rite of Strict Observance. According to von Hund, a Grand Master of a super-secret order authorised him to start the Rite of Strict Observance. The Rite of Strict Observance entered France in 1758 under the name of Council of the Emperors of the East and West, and three years later authorised Stephen Morin to take the Rite to the four corners of the Earth. With his Charter of Authority Morin went to Jamaica where he initiated the Jew Moses m Hayes. Hayes went to Charleston, South Carolina. The Rite that, Hayes established had only the 25 degrees that Von Hund had offered. The Rite of Perfection is now known as the Scottish Rite, and around1802 the organisation was given to allow Masons to progress in eight more degrees. Another early branch of the Rite of Perfection had 32 degrees, and this contradiction was eventually worked out. The result is that Scottish Freemasonry has 32 degrees for most worthy Masons to achieve, with 33 special men chosen to an advanced 33rd degree. In addition to this numerous men are made honorary 33° Masons. The Scottish Rite Lodges are still referred to as the Rite of Strict Observance.
The Prieure de Sion recruits its own special ones from the upper reaches of the Scottish Rite. After the Scottish Rite, men can proceed to the Rite of Mizraim, which also has ties to the Prieure de Sion. The upper grades of the Scottish Rite are the lower degrees of the Prieure de Sion… the Prieure de Sion is generally Jewish but a few non-Jewish members are admitted. [Keep in mind the false Jews – Ed.]
Why would a man like (Jean-Luc) Chaumeil leak information about this powerful Jewish society which is claimed to guard the holy blood lineage of King David and Jesus Christ? Because the time is close when the most powerful ‘Jews’ in the world plan to re-establish a King-Priest to rule the world. People must be given a chance to believe in this purported blood descendent of Jesus Christ. In order to legitimatise their story, they have orchestrated a complex series of ‘leaks’ which has revealed the existence of their Order and its antiquity… it has enough truth in it to fool most people. It is and will be one of the best orchestrated hoaxes of history. By uniting both the Christians and Jews behind this Messiah, they can rule the world with the religious blessings of the masses. Now the reader begins to see the significance that the present day Pope (Pope John Paul II) is Jewish, a Freemason, and working with the Prieure de Sion… ‘each lodge is and must be a symbol of the Jewish Temple; each Master in the chair a representative of the Jewish king; and every Mason a personation of the Jewish workman.’ Mackey.

“… In the big book Masonic History of the Northwest written by some past Grand Masters we are told:
‘In the English organisation of the Chapter the presiding officer is the Prince and heir to the Jewish throne, ZERUBBABEL (being descended in the direct line from King Solomon), and as such represents the King, though nominally a tributary Prince, first under the Persian King Cyrus and afterward Darius…’

“Masons look forward to the Jewish goal of rebuilding the Jewish Temple. It is a theme repeatedly pushed in the Masonic temples. An example of this is the Scottish Rite article by 33° Mason Charles L Bachtel entitled Where is King Solomon’s Temple. ‘Until the arrival of the day when the Temple is located and reconstructed for the use of all mankind, we should carry the symbol of the Temple in our hearts.’

“The first early lodges in the various European nations of Scotland, England, German states, and France built upon a number of existing organisations. Various secret societies were built upon. Although it is beyond the scope of this chapter to explain Masonry’s early history, it will be found in the Knight’s Templar groups, in the secret societies of Europe and the Middle East (including the Order called Roshaniya, the Assassins, and Sufism), the Rosicrucians, the Prieure de Sion, the Mystery Religions (including the evolution of the Mazdains to Mithraism to Manichaeism to Freemasonry), witchcraft, and Platonic humanists and philosophers.
Not only were the Masonic Rites formed from the early secret societies, but the secrecy of the lodges encouraged and provided a forum for men of all types of anti-Christian persuasions, including – but not limited to – the Jews. John Robison, a Mason and a leading intellect of his day, exposed the conspiracy of Illuminised Masonry to take over the world and destroy Christianity in 1789.

‘… In short, I have found that the covert of a Masonic Lodge had been employed in every country for venting and propagating sentiments in religion and politics that could not have been circulated in public without exposing the author to great danger. I found, that this impunity (freedom due to Masonry’s secrecy) had gradually encouraged men of licentious principles to become more bold, and to teach doctrines subversive of all our notions of morality… under the protection of Masonic secrecy they planned schemes… they found associations in opposition to… the superstitions of the Church… The Church dreaded the consequences, and endeavoured to suppress the Lodges. But in vain…’

“Robison found in his attendance of Masonic meetings that even some of the Church officials like the Prince Bishop of Liege at the Loge de la Parfait Intelligence, mocked and attacked the Church in his talks given at the Masonic Lodge, and this while many of the other Lodge members were dignitaries in the Church. This type of thing is still continuing. Today, some of the most important ‘Christian’ ministers who are Masons have only contempt for Christianity once they have the Lodge’s secrecy to talk.

“… A quick overview of the eleven founders of the Supreme Council 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite:
Rabbi Abraham Alexander, 33°, Jewish
Emanuel de la Motta, 33°, Jewish
Israel De Lieben, 33°, Jewish
Moses Levy, 33°, Jewish
Dr. Isaac Auld, 33°, Presbyterian
Dr. Frederick Dalcho, 33°, Episcopalian
Dr. James Moultrie, 33°, Scot who studied at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland
de Grasse 33°, French aristocrat active with Grand Orient Masonry
Jean B Delahogue, 33°, Frenchman
Mitchell and Bowen, both 33°, two men born in Ireland
Hezekiah Levy, a Jewish Mason, was one of the earliest members of the Fredericksburg Lodge No 4 to which President George Washington would join. Jews played prominent roles in the lodges of America and Europe. For instance, the English Grand Lodge’s Coat of Arms was designed by Jewish Mason J. J. Leon Templo. [Fritz explains a little bit further on that Masonic years are not counted A.D. but A.L. – Anno Lucis. After Light or After Lucifer – Ed.]

… A very famous Jewish Mason, born in Boston to descendents of the Puritan tradition is Benjamin Franklin… Benjamin Franklin contributed to the Mikveh Israel Jewish congregation in Philadelphia… He did practice the occult, and things that would be weird to Christians. He became head of the very occult Grand Orient Freemasons when he was in France. Franklin’s life was surrounded by Freemasons. Franklin’s role in the establishment and promotion of Freemasonry is overwhelming. His role in the destruction of Christianity is quite unknown… This author has in his library the somewhat rare book, Benjamin Franklin as a Freemason by Julius Sachse (J F Sachse was the last in a line of Sachse’s in the World Order) This leading Masonic scholar writes: ‘To write the history of Franklin as a Freemason is virtually to chronicle the early Masonic history of America…’

“… Benjamin Franklin was the founder of the American Philosophical Society. He was also a Rosicrucian… in 1727, he started the secret revolutionary political society called the ‘Leather Apron Club’ which changed its name in 1731 to Junto, and took on the appearance of being a literary society. The same year… the St. John’s Masonic Lodge that Franklin belonged to got in touch with the Grand Lodge of London whose Grand Master the Duke of Norfolk, appointed Daniel Coxe. Daniel Coxe advised the Masons when he arrived, of a plan for the federation of the colonies. In 1754, while deputy Grand Master, Franklin unveiled at Albany, NY to his brother Masons, his plan to unite all the colonies under one government. Albany was the site of one of the earliest Scottish Rite’s Lodge of Perfection.
Between Jan. 21, 1769 and Jan. 21, 1772 a series of inflammatory letters called the letters of Junius, which were written in England, were circulated throughout the American colonies. The letters advanced those causes that the colonists would declare to be the causes of their revolution; human rights, freedom of the press, and taxation without representation. The letters were read by Franklin and many of the Masons who initiated the American Revolution. The man who wrote these letters, according to his niece, was the Reverend James Wilmot (1726-1808) a Mason and rector of Barton-on-the-Heath in Warwickshire in 1785.

‘… Historians have never ceased to wonder at the enormous psychological influence which Franklin exercised in colonial politics. But up to the present day, few indeed are those who have realized that the source of his power lay in the secret societies to which he belonged and which he was the appointed spokesman.’ Manly P Hall, The Secret Destiny of America, Los Angeles, CA: Philosophical Research Soc., 1972, page 133.

“… Turning our attention to a different aspect of Franklins, in a statement of beliefs Franklin states: I conceive then, that the INFINITE has created many beings or gods… It may be that these created gods are immortal; or it may be that after many ages, they are changed, and others supply their places.’ Not only were Franklin’s beliefs not Christian, but in the later years of his life, all the Christian standards were violated, so that it is really a travesty of honest reporting that Franklin is held up by so many as a role model for Protestants. The distortions in the popular history books about Franklin are but a microcosm of the distortions that history books in general suffer from.

There is a great man of history whose life was more mystery than it was known. But certain men, especially Alfred F Dodd, have broken codes, have uncovered ancient overlooked letters and documents, and have analysed and put multitudes of tiny pieces together so that the evidence is so great as to be incontrovertible about who this man really was. But it is not likely you know who I am writing about, because Alfred Dodd’s books with their evidence have been suppressed by the system.84
I am writing about an extraordinary genius, a great philosopher, a great orator, a great lawyer, and a man of great character. a man who was framed in his old age for a crime he was innocent of, by a ruthless politician.85 A man who gathered the sciences together under the Royal Society.86 The man who wrote the greatest works of English literature,87 and proofread the King James Bible.88 Many of his incredible works of genius are known under his pen-name of William Shakespeare.89 He conjectured ahead of his time that heat was energy in motion and that light travels very fast.90 He created the modern English language and is responsible for English replacing Latin in the English higher schools.91 He was of royal blood and proper heir to the throne of England.92
He also lived in an age when the shadow of the executioner’s block haunted men. It was a day when the heads of those who displeased the queen were severed and put on public display. He would have lost his head for some of his works written under Shakespeare’s name had the queen been able to identify who wrote the works. Therefore, he wrote much of his works under pseudonyms, and many of his works were published after his death. He concealed his royal identity. He concealed his leadership of secret societies.93 He concealed the role he played in designing the plans and machinery for the creation of his vision of a New World. 94
His mother the Queen, ruling when half of her people questioned her legitimacy, feared the repercussions if the truth of her secret marriage and two sons were revealed. Indeed his mother, Queen Elizabeth 1st, had almost been beheaded by her own sister, and had watched the first man whom she had romanced be beheaded by her father for him being too forward. She had watched baby heirs to the throne be killed. Such barbarism is forgotten, and the Elizabethan age seems now to be only full of the glamour of romance. It was difficult and dangerous times, even for the Queen of England.
Who was this great man? Sir Francis Bacon, Viscount St. Alban, for over two decades the leader of the British [English] Parliament’s House of Commons, and later in life, on January 30, 1621, a member of the House of Lords, the secret first son of the secret marriage between Lord Robert Dudley and Elizabeth Tudor.
On January 22nd, 1621 in honour of Sir Francis Bacon’s sixtieth birthday, a select group of men assembled without fanfare for a great Masonic banquet. This Masonic banquet was to pay tribute to their leader, Sir Francis Bacon… A dear long-time friend of Bacons, the famous English poet Ben Jonson gave a Masonic ode to Bacon that day…

‘On Francis Bacon’s Sixtieth Birthday
Hail! Happy Genius of this Ancient Pile!
How comes it all things so much about thee Smile?
The Fire? The Wine? The Men? And in the MIDST
Thou STAND’ST as if some MYSTERY thou didst.’ 96

“This ode goes by most of us today, without being told the double meaning it had for those Masons that day. ‘Hail’ was a Masonic sign, a Masonic call. The word Pile also meant spear in those days, an allusion to Francis Bacon’s role as the happy genius who was Pallas-Athena the Spear-Shaker. Smiles referred to their fellowship in their brotherhood. The Masons would Fire with their glasses, and the Wine refers to their toasts that went along with their Firing Glasses. As their gathering was all male it refers to the Men. Because Bacon was like a Christ figure Ben uses the wording ‘in the MIDST.’ Finally, the word Mystery is full of Masonic connotation. Sir Francis Bacon had revived the Mysteries which only his genius and deep scholarship could have done so well.97
… Sir Francis Bacon is widely known for his Utopian book the New Atlantis. What is not widely known is that it was originally titled The Land of the Rosicrucians. The concept of Atlantis has been preserved by the Mysteries. Sir Francis Bacon and the other leaders of secret societies in that day felt that the New World held out the best chances to create the New Atlantis.104 Sir Francis Bacon played a leading role in creating the British colonies, especially in Virginia, the Carolina’s and Newfoundland.105 The British Masons with the British Empire behind them were entrusted with the plan to create the New Atlantis. Bacon’s descendents moved to Virginia in 1635, where his descendent Henry Blount took the name Nathanial Bacon.106 Nathanial Bacon, a Master Mason, led a premature revolution called Bacon’s Rebellion that prefigured the American Revolution.108 It is true that Freemasons served on both sides of the American Revolution. Naïve people think that indicates that the Masons could not have had anything to do with the Revolution.109 On the contrary, the Masons were the primary instigators and leaders of the Revolution, although they allowed others to get involved. The British Masons fighting the rebels actually contributed to eventual independence of the colonies, 110 as did the secret societies in France and Germany.
… Some of Sir Francis Bacon’s last words known to us, ‘I have held up a light in the obscurity of philosophy, which will be seen centuries after I am dead. It will be seen amidst the erection of tombs, Theatres, Foundations, Temples, of Orders and Fraternities for nobility and obedience… the establishment of good laws as an example to the world. For I am not raising a Capital or Pyramid to the Pride of men, but laying a foundation in the human understanding for a holy Temple after the model of the world…’ 112 “On another occasion he said: ‘I go the same way as the Ancients, but I have something better to offer than the Morality Dramas of the Greeks and the Mystery Ceremonials of the Egyptians.’ True, he gave part of the Masonic ritual 113 and much of it decidedly non-Christian.

Bacon describes the Masons in New Atlantis ‘… amongst the excellent acts of that king, one above all hath the pre-eminence. It was the erection and institution of an order, or society, which we call Solomon’s House; the noblest foundation, as we think, that ever was upon the Earth…’

“The idealism, charity, and integrity that characterised Bacon is notably absent today in the inner circle of the One-World-State power. Bacon was a philosopher. A man who for much of his life was not wealthy or exceptionally powerful. His life was in jeopardy a great deal of the time, although contrariwise he and those who knew about his secret royal blood were more respectful, never knowing if he might be proclaimed king by his mother the Queen. When James 1st [King James VI of Scotland] took over the throne from Bacon’s mother, to protect his head Bacon wrote a letter to King James, delivered through the Secretary of State, renouncing any ambition to the throne, and announcing his decision to marry a commoner. 116 By comparison, those who are as prominent today in the One-World-State as Bacon was then are part of a far greater power, and have been corrupted by that power. Technology has made a One-World-State much more ominous. It is possible that Bacon would be aghast at what the One-World-State is going to be.

“… According to Christian researcher Edith Star Miller, 118 once Masonry was open to the public, it was to serve as the screen behind which a host of secret societies, whether theurgist or political, would operate clandestinely. In other words, organisations like the secret Palladium Rite of Masonry find it easier to function behind the screen of regular Masonry. Masonry acts as a clearing house for many of the occult organisations. The centre switchboard for the various types of Masonic lodges is the Alpina Lodge in Switzerland‘The Masonic Order usually draws its members from the leading merchants, and from the professions, bankers, doctors, and lawyers. They come to their meetings, they dabble in some charity work, and in general, they mark time until the day when they are asked to perform some unusual task for a fellow Mason, or for the national or world order. At that time, they finally realise that the blood oath does have significance, but by that time it is usually too late. They may be asked to support a Masonic candidate for political office, to swing a business deal to a fellow Mason, or even to commit perjury or some other illegal act for a brother Mason. Even then, they are never offered any confidences; they are merely told what they must do, and they obey.120

“… One of the modern known groups of the Illuminati is also known as the Ancient Order of Oriental Templars (Ordo Templi Orientis. OTO) … Aleister Crowley was the leader of the OTO when he was alive… 33° Scottish Rite Mason Aleister Crowley… who called himself ‘the beast’ is infamous as one of the world’s leading Satanists… To belong to the OTO initiates pledge loyalty to ‘unseen superiors’ The OTO was openly satanic, worshipping Satan, and the Anti-Christ. The Black Mass is performed by them, and their rituals include blood, sacrifices, excrement, horrible sexual acts, etc.
To illustrate the interlocking directories of various rites and orders – some more openly occult and satanic than others let us consider the following men:
Aleister Crowley – (1875-1947) For Crowley’s personal description of his initiation to the 33rd degree of the Scottish rite read his book, Confessions. He was the following: Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis – Patriarch Grand Administrator General, 96th degree; Scottish Rite, 33rd degree; Rite of Mizraim 90th degree; Order of the Golden Dawn – Ruling chief or Supreme Magus; OTO – Chief Magus or Frater, aka Master Therion; Stella Matutina – Chief; and other things. Of Jewish ancestry.
Adolphe Isaac Cremieux (1796-1880) He was the following: Scottish Rite 33rd degree and Grand Master; Alliance Israelite Universelle – Part founder and twice later President; Carbonari – member; Order of Mizraim – Supreme Council, 90th degree; Grand Orient – 33rd degree and Grand Master; friend of Karl Marx, the Rothschilds and Maurice Jolly. A Jew.
… Papus (Dr. Gerald Encausse 1865-1916) He was the following: Order of Martinism – Grand Master; Rite of Mizraim – Grand Master; Rite of Memphis –grand Master; Swedenborg Rite – their delegate in France; occult advisor to Russian Czar Nicholas II; friend of the Duchese de Pomar; OTO member.
…There are numerous secret ‘interoffice memo type’ papers that indicate that a Satanist, a Luciferian, a practitioner of black magic or the like, has an easy time in Freemasonry, because the upper degrees are controlled by men who will bend any rules to help them.
“… In Israel, Masonic ceremonies are held in the caves of Hezekiah, which have a chamber about 130 feet underground below the Temple Mount… The cave itself will seat about 200. The cave is near the Damascus Gate. The City of Jerusalem gives a special privilege to the Masons to use it.

Freemasonry is ‘directly or indirectly the parent of all modern secret societies, good, bad, or indifferent.’ Cyclopaedia of Fraternities. One outdated source indicates there are over 600 secret societies in the U.S. utilising Masonic symbolism, and operating largely under Masonic influence, so that about every third male adult in the U.S. is a member of one or more such societies.130 The 600 figure is outdated, and the actual number of secret societies has increased by several hundred more.

In the hard to obtain book, The Hidden Life In Freemasonry, written by 33rd degree C W Leadbeater for Masons, one learns in Masonic language what the upper degrees of Freemasonry can get into… First we’ll discuss the 30-33 Scottish Rite degrees. This is where it is becoming evident that Lucifer is the God of Masonry. Leadbeater says, ‘It must of course be understood… the conferring of the higher degrees puts certain definite powers in the hands of the recipient.’ Where does such power come from? ‘The 33 degree links the Sovereign Grand Inspector General with the Spiritual King of the World Himself – that Mightiest of Adepts who stands at the head of the Great White Lodge, in whose strong hands lie the destinies of Earth – and awakens the powers of the Triple Spirit as far as they can yet be awakened.’ The Hidden Life In Freemasonry, page 302. Other Masons like Manly P Hall (33°) and Foster Bailey (32°) have said similar things.
Foster Bailey calls the spirits that Masons communicate with ‘the Illuminati.’ 132 These spirits initiate these higher Masons into becoming light-bearers themselves. The Illuminati… ‘assist at the unfolding of the consciousness of the candidate until the time comes when he can “enter into light” and, in his turn become a light-bearer, one of the Illuminati who can assist the Lodge on High in bringing humanity to light.’ 133
“… Is 33° Mason Leadbeater talking about linking up with the Christian Christ? ‘The H.O.A.T.F. makes the actual links both with Himself… and also through himself with that Mighty King… This stage combines the wonderful love of Horus the Son with the ineffable life and strength of Osiris the divine Father and Isis the eternal Mother of the world’. This initiation connects the Mason with the pagan Egyptian trinity? That’s what he says. Leadbeater goes on to say how much glory, spiritual power, and worldly power the Mason has after this initiation, (p. 304). The next page Leadbeater begins the section telling the Mason ‘How to use the Powers.’ He talks about the Liberal Catholic Church. Yes, men who have left the Liberal Catholic Church have verbally and in writing talked about how satanic it is.
Leadbeater continues, ‘Yet when one of these bright Spirits is attached to us by a Masonic ceremony we must not think of him either as a director or as an attendant, but simply as a co-worker and a brother.’ (p. 309)
The next chapter, ‘Two Wonderful Rituals’ describes Egyptian rituals to Amen-Ra, and the Blazing Star. They sing a hymn to ‘Ra, the Logos, the Sun-God, thanking Him for His response…’ They take a sacrament to Osirus.
… The Palladium Rite created by Albert Pike is totally Luciferian. It is ‘androgynous’. In the larger cities, activities are carried out in the Masonic Temples, which allows women to slip into the Temples without arousing attention. All of this will be strongly denied by the Masonic Lodges. Members are selected mainly from higher levels of the Scottish Rite, although the members can come from other Rites too. The Palladium Rite has its own budget. Its power over the Masonic Lodge does not derive from being a part of the power structure, but from the careful selection of Masons that participate in the Palladium Rite and their distribution throughout the various Rites of Masonry and their controlling bodies. The Grand Central Directories (and from there to the Supreme Councils, Grand Encampments, Grand Orients, and Grand Lodges) are the nerve centres of Masonry from which orders emanate. The Palladium Rite is popular among those in positions of power.

“This chapter has shown how Freemasonry is the One-World-Religion. Freemasonry has created hundreds of organisations. Freemasonry itself is the pagan Mystery Religion, which at the highest level becomes Luciferian [Satan] worship. It has quietly played the dominant political role in the United States even before independence.

84. Dodd’s research and his books are overwhelming. The One-World-Order has worked hard to keep them out of the United States. Delia Bacon, (no relation to Francis Bacon) was the first… person to really realise that Sir Francis Bacon was Shakespeare. She was so overwhelmed by this discovery; she went to England and devoted her life to researching the connections. They managed to lock her up in an insane asylum near Stratford, but not before she succeeded to get her book published. Her nephew finally rescued her from the British insane asylum and brought her back to Hartford, Conn., where she died in peace ‘trusting in the Lord.’ She was cruelly slandered, ridiculed and mocked as if her discovery was an insane idea. Whether true or false, her theory, now substantiated, makes more sense than any other explanation. Interestingly, various Masons, including Mark Twain, and various important men in the One-World-Power like Henry James and Sigmund Freud believed in her research, while the ‘profane’ world almost entirely ignored her.
85. Dodd, Alfred. Francis Bacon’s Personal Life Story, Vol. 2 The Age of James, London: Rider & Co., 1986, pp. 518-532. See also Dodd’s book The Martyrdom of Francis Bacon, (same publisher).
86. Dodd, Francis Bacon’s Personal Life Story, pp. 157-158. See also Dr. Sprat, History of the Royal Society, pp. 36-36, Part I, Sec. xvi.
87. Dodd, op. cit.
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108. This is well known in American history. Referred to in Hall, Marie Bauer, op. cit., p. 23.
109. This can be verified through many sources, especially Masonic books and periodicals have numerous references to the Masonic leadership role during the American Revolution. The book, The Temple and the Lodge has some good chapter on the subject. This book interestingly has been placed in Masonic libraries.
110. Again as in note 35, numerous sources. The Temple and the Lodge would be a good place to start.
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SECRET RULING BODIES OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER… A diagram of how the United States Policy is created is in chapter 3.6. A diagram of how Christian religions are directed is in chapter 2.1. [Not included in these extracts – Ed.]
Level 1 – Elders of Sion. An inner core of Jewish world rulers numbering 13 who are dedicated to Lucifer and his alien demons… This group includes the Rothschilds and some other ‘Jews’ who believe they are gods and who have worshipped Satan for generations. If we were as rich and powerful as the Rothschilds, we might also think we were gods. And in addition to their power and wealth are the witchcraft powers they have attained. The Bilderberg Club is an extension of this. This group will make the final decision on who is selected of the various candidates to be the world’s King-Priest ruler that the public will worship.
Level 2 – There is a top circle or Round Table of nine members of the Bilderbergers. Next is a policy committee of 13. The next level, are the three inner core groups of the Bilderbergers. Each of the three inner core groups number 13, and are made up of members of the Prieure de Sion, Illuminated Masons, the Black Nobility, leading Satanists, and men of power. Some are in the leadership of the Catholic Church…
Level 3 – Majesty 12, this is the inner group that directs the U.S. Other major western nations have an equivalent group of rulers. MJ-12 consists of:
6 members of the executive committee of the Jason Group which is a group of intelligent men that began with the Manhattan Project.
6 members of the executive committee of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) – these men are known as ‘the wise men,’ they are also all members of the Jason Society, which is a branch of the Masonic Order of the Quest.
6 other key people – heads of the FBI, CIA, etc. usually also Masons and CFR people.
Majesty 12 has been variously named by those in the U.S. government in the know as: 5412 Committee or Special Group (Eisenhower & Kennedy Admin.), 303 Committee (Johnson Admin.), 40 Committee (Nixon, Ford, & Carter Admin.), PI-40 (Reagan Admin.). It has been seen in some intelligence messages as MAJIC.
“Level 4 – Covert groups like the Mafia, and a host of tens of thousands of public organisations. These are directed through a host of channels including the CFR. (It is worthy to note that the CFR ties in with Masonry, particularly the Grand Orient.) The Mafia, which was empowered by Illuminated Masonry, works closely with the CIA, the Vatican, and the Freemasons to militantly control local situations. They are able to deliver local elections. Pres. Kennedy turned on the Mafia, and was attempting to attack their leadership after they delivered the Presidential election to him.

Recommended for further study:
Occult Theocracy by Edith Star Miller (Lady Queensborough). This book should be in every Christian minister’s library. It was the forerunner to this book Be Wise As Serpents. It was Miller’s wish that someone would continue where she had left off. Her book covers over 100 secret and occult groups that are coordinating their activities and are offshoots from one another. Her book was printed after she died for private circulation. Had she lived longer she may have been able to guard against a few minor errors that occurred when they printed her manuscript. She concludes her book on page 665, ‘The work is far from being completed. It claims, in fact, to be only an attempt in the direction of inexhaustible research work upon the coordination of the aims of all societies whether political or occult. It is hoped that others, and may they be many, will begin work where this book ends for – The harvest is great indeed but the labourers are few.’ This book is difficult to obtain, but can be obtained from the publisher of Be Wise As Serpents.
Fire In The Minds of Men by James H Billington. This great historian was a member of the CFR. I say great because he wrote an expose that the Power let slip through their censorship. After it was published they tried to suppress it, and were successful in limiting its availability and visibility. The book covers the details of how secret occult societies have been behind all the revolutionary forces since the American Revolution. The book is written for scholars by a scholar.
Francis Bacon’s Personal Life-Story by Alfred Dodd. This remarkable book is part of Alfred’s intensive lifelong research into the personage of Francis Bacon. The book is divided into two volumes – The Age of Elizabeth (Vol. 1) and The Age of James (Vol. 2). Alfred Dodd died before Volume 2 could be printed. Both parts were finally printed together years later in 1986. The book gives many details concerning Bacon’s involvement with the Rosicrucians and the formation of Freemasonry. This excellent book has been suppressed by the Power for some reason.”

[Fritz has many charts in his book to help explain how the various groups work and how they are interconnected and controlled. Offshoots of Freemasonry include: The Universalist Church, The Primitive Methodist Church, The Mormons, End Adventism, Theosophical Society, The Watchtower Society (Jehovah’s Witnesses), Christian Science, Boy Scouts, Lucifer Trust (now Lucis Trust), Philosophical Research Society, ad infinitum. – Ed.]

“Bloodlines, they can mean authority (such as royal lineages), they can mean power (occult wisdom and power is generally passed down in Satanists), they can mean like-mindedness. (World views are learned to a great extent from our parents, similar physical brains are genetically inherited; for instance, identical twins separated at birth and rejoined at adulthood are found to have surprising similarities in modes of behaviour.)… After thousands of hours of research on the Power, one thing is blatantly clear – the Power resides in bloodlines that pass authority, occult power and knowledge, and likeminded world views from generation to generation. Bloodlines have not ceased to be important.
… In researching the Power behind hundreds of individuals and groups, it has been like peeling the layers of an onion. Which men and women are front men, lackeys, and hirelings, and which ones are really running the show and making decisions?
For instance, men like Anton LaVey, George Bush, William Buckley, the major networks news anchormen, although powerful in their own right are, in the overall picture, front men. There is an elite not only in the United States or Great Britain or Russia, but an elite over the entire globe… That elites are inevitable is debatable (the elites are actually unproductive parasites on society), but this is not likely to be debated in today’s population, which have been conditioned by the elite’s media to be sheep. It was debated by the United Sates founding fathers, who set up an alternative to an oligarchy or a democracy, by establishing a Republic… The Power that is in control of the world is not the benevolent wise and spiritual group some of the masses have been conditioned by behaviour modification to believe. This book intends to expose that world power, and that means attempting to expose the bloodlines that have savagely maintained their parasitic power.

Important bloodlines for the Power include:
The Jewish bloodline of the Prieure de Sion which starts at the Tribe of Dan, extends through the Merovingian Dynasty and into the Hapsburg royalty. This bloodline has kept a close association with all branches of the occult, often providing the leadership for the occult.
The bloodlines of the leaders of the LDS and RLDS churches which go back to the bloodline of the Prieure de Sion, the Merovingians. A secret society of Danites was created by the LDS church.
The bloodlines of the 13 Illuminati families which include several Jewish and Maranos Jewish families.
The bloodlines of the petty Hasidic Jewish messiahs that began their religious reigns in Poland among the Askinazim.
The bloodlines of the Babylonic Talmudic Jews. Historical evidence shows these bloodlines were of mixed blood even in Christ’s time, in disregard to the Scriptures commandments not to mix blood.2
“The bloodlines of the ‘Successors of the Messiah,’ that is the bloodline of the Sufi leadership.
The bloodlines of the Knights of Malta. The aristocratic/royal bloodlines carry titles, wealth and power.
The bloodlines of the descendents of William of Orange and those who helped him conquer England. They have been in powerful positions since, especially in England. Part of William of Orange’s help was derived from those of Jewish descent.
The bloodlines of the 13 Illuminati families (which have tie-ins to the bloodlines above). These 13 are not a fixed set, but because of their power, change in who are the 13 doesn’t often occur. A tentative list of these 13 families include: Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Lee, Onassis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Van Dyne (Van Duyn) Besides those families there are a host of other families that are important within the Illuminati. The list includes: (Those of German Jewish heritage): Adler, Geisenheimer, Guggenheim, Goldschmidt, Lazard, Oppenheim, Oppenheimer, Seligman, Sichel, Speyer, Stern, Russell, Wolf(e). (Those of British or Scottish heritage): Acheson, Bell, Billings, Brown, Buckland, Clinton, Eddy, Frost, Gardner, Hall, Hopkins, Hooker, Kennedy, Leek, Lord, Morgan, Sinclair (St Clair), Smith, Tolkein, Llewellyn, and others such as: Hapsburg, Sassoon.
What makes this study of vital and timely importance is that members of these bloodlines intend within the 7-year period of 1992-1999 to launch a sequence of events to lead the world into a one world slave-state ruled by a man controlled by the god which the elites worship. Should the reader allow, I will quote from the Power’s own statements plus other proof to show that this god, the god of the world, is Lucifer (aka Satan, Sanat, Venus, etc). For thousands of years, ‘The Plan’ for world domination has been passed down from occult generation to occult generation. Spaced every 20 years plus is a ‘Feast of the Beast.’ A year long holiday during which Satanists receive new instructions from Satan on how to carry out The Plan.3 We read of the great holiday and its Great Councils in Externalisation of the Hierarchy, where Satan’s instrument Alice Bailey writes, ‘The past year… has, however, been the year in which the greatest spiritual Approach of all time has shown itself to be possible – an Approach for which the initiates and Masters have for centuries been preparing, and for which all the Wesak Festivals since the meeting of the Great Council in 1925 have been preparatory. I have, in past instructions, referred to the great meetings held at intervals by Those to Whom is entrusted the spiritual guidance of the planet and particularly of man.’ (Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 389.)

… The mysterious Watchtower Society and its founder Charles Taze Russell will serve as perhaps the most used example in this book of an organisation that is secretly serving the New World Order… Let’s comment about the type of Russells that keep appearing throughout the course of the history of the New World Order… these various Russells (who until the genealogy work is done to show the connections should be viewed as individuals – not a group) have been prominent members of the Illuminati, the Masons, the Fabians, the Mormons, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Jesuits, the Royal Society, and the media controlled by those of the New World Order, and a deputy chairman of the Federal Reserve. Typically they have been merchants and lawyers…
C T Russell’s story.
“Once there was a Jewish family whose name was Roessel. They lived in early 17th century Germany. They moved to a country called Scotland. There they respelled their name Russell… The English tried to settle Protestants from Scotland in Ireland in order to control the Irish. When the opportunity opened up to go to the Emerald Island with the Scottish settlers… they went. It is possible, but not known for sure that they got to know the Rutherfords either in Scotland or Ireland.
Scotland repeatedly appears as the source of much of the religious heresy connected with the Power. That C T Russell’s family were in Scotland for a period, and also from the German states which seem to be a hot-bed for Jewish Satanism may only be a coincidence and then again it might be a clue to understanding the origins of The Watchtower Society.
2. This subject is very controversial. One of the few books even willing to touch the subject in a scholarly Biblical manner is Crawford, Jarah B. Last Battle Cry, Christianity’s Final Conflict With Evil. Knoxville, TN: Jann Publishing, 1986. Although I don’t concur with all of Crawford’s conclusions, the book shows more than enough evidence to support the point superscripted.
3. Confidential source personally involved with it.

“The following stories, statistics and facts are revolting and are not something we particularly want to dwell on. However, for the minute it takes to read through the next few paragraphs, this author wants to point out how prevalent yet secret Satanism is. Whether you the reader are or aren’t aware of evil spirits, the facts remain there are countless people down through the ages who have worshipped evil spirits.
On Friday and Saturday nights across the United States, members of satanic covens are secretly meeting.1 They also meet on the many satanic special days. (See the list of their sacred days and the blood sacrifices that they carry out on those days.) An ex-Illuminati member estimates that over 300,000 covens exist in the United States each having 13 or more members. A Black Prince (Black Satanic Magician) estimated 40,000 to 60,000 satanic human sacrifices occur in the U.S. yearly.
This author had the privilege to talk to someone who had an accidental rare encounter with Satanists in Kansas City and managed to successfully flee to live and tell about it. Having been a West Point cadet, it especially caught my attention when the West Point Day-care Centre was accused of being involved in the ritual abuse of 30 children. The officer requesting an investigation into his 2 ½ year old daughters’s abuse was told to resign his commission. (This is no surprise in several ways.)
Many dozens of day-care centres in California are investigated each year for subjecting the children left in their care to Satanic Ritual Abuse. In Los Angeles County 800 allegations of ritual abuse involving 64 schools and pre-schools and 27 neighbourhoods were reported. The newsmen and newspapers are repeatedly coming upon news stories involving Satanism. Most of these stories never get printed, and many stories which do, do not draw conclusions from the obvious clues indicating satanic activity. An example of this is a news story describing the desecration of a grave by some young people. Certain bones are listed as having been taken, and the story writes the incident off as youngsters playing games. If more were known about Satanism, the fact that the left hand was taken would have clued people that Satanism was involved. The left hand, the femur, the skull, and a particular rib bone are especially important parts of the body. Left hands are associated with Satan, right hands with God. Human sacrifices are always done with knives in the left hand, except when the Priestesses battle to the death for power. 4

“Many criminal cases showing clues of Masonic involvement have the Masonic clues ignored by the police and the press… The Chicago Tribune, Sunday, April 27th, 1986 carried a story, ‘Satan Worship Called Dangerous, Growing’ by Eric Zorn. The story told how youth in the area had been involved in attempts to sacrifice humans to Satan, and about a series of mutilation killings in Cook and Du Page Counties in 1981-82 in which 4 men abducted and murdered up to 18 women. The parts of the dead womens’ bodies were used in satanic rituals...
In Mexico, across the Texas border, a satanic group which sacrificed people recently managed to splash across the headlines and television screens. Even though the news media is careful not to give the full ramifications in such stories, and is reluctant to carry these stories, the stories still can’t be totally suppressed. Two points have been introduced, that Satanism is widespread, and that our awareness of its activity is very slim due to its extreme secrecy and poor news coverage.

The satanic Skull and Bones Order has initiation rites which include the candidate lying in a coffin and relating their sexual exploits. Another part of the ceremony involves wrestling in a manure pile.5 This is the type of degenerate activity Satanism is well known to draw people into. One of the top Christian researchers in demons, and author of two excellent books on Satanism and demons, Merrill F Unger writes, ‘People who deal in the occult are often found to be immoral. Men and women who abandon themselves to immorality reach a point where God gives them up, in the sense of restraining Satan and demonic power from them, so that they are abandoned to the degrading depths of immorality and are shamelessly reduced to actions that even animals avoid (Romans 1: 26-32; cf. Revelation 9: 20, 21).’ 6

Hinduism is replete with many gods and many superstitions. It has a deep-rooted tendency toward mysticism, and derives much of its power from demonic activity. Some of the holiest men of Hinduism are deranged men who run around on all fours like animals. This author has personally seen the total demonic degradation of the human by Hinduism all in the disguise of making the person ‘spiritual.’
Primitive religions are as a rule full of magic and the worship of evil spirits. These evil spirits are feared, ceaselessly placated, and slavishly worshipped. 7 The polytheism of the Mesopotamians, the Sumerians, Assyrians, the Persians, the Babylonians, are full of demons from the earliest of historical records. Demonism is the dynamic behind the magic and spiritual powers of these groups’ religions. 8 The Canaanite, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman gods relate to the Babylonian gods in character and nature, and are also demonic. All kinds of magic, immorality, human sacrifice, astrology etc. came to be practised.


BASIS FOR CHART: This chart has been developed from charts by ex-Satanists; it is also collaborated by information received from many historical sources. Historical information describing the hierarchies and power structure of demonology are worldwide. Although differing in details, it is clear that multiple levels of demonic authority have been experienced by people.

LEVEL A: SATAN AND RULING SPIRIT PRINCES – The ruling spirit princes are widely known among Satanists. Many of the ruling princes go by several names, as do many of the Satanists…

LEVEL B DEMONS: The highest ranking Satanists teach their children that the demons are aliens from other planets… The first rumblings of satanic plans to use a mock alien invasion… to unite the world under Satan’s rule were given to the Satanists in the 19th century, perhaps at a Feast of the Beast in possibly 1868. After the next Feast of the Beast 28 years later, UFOs began appearing in large numbers in the U.S. especially California. H G Wells novel War of the Worlds was published in serial form the following year too. By 1917, the secret occult fraternities show signs of working toward creating this artificial alien invasion. The UFO phenomenon is accompanied with repeated accounts by abductees and contactees…

LEVEL C. PRINCIPALITIES & POWERS: These forces are akin to ‘school spirit’ or the power that a rampaging crowd has within itself. These powers of synergy are carefully manipulated by the satanic forces. These energies produce a Zeitgeist – a spirit or fad of the times. Peer pressure is a form of such power. These power structures are known and manipulated by the satanic forces.

LEVEL D. GUARDIANS They are the goon squads, the enforcers, the sergeant-at-arms and have rank according to the level they operate on.

LEVEL E. ILLUMINATI: … Illuminati members have their names written by a quill pen into a book. The various factions of Illuminati rule the world as the kingpins in politics, finance, porn, drugs, communication, and religion in preparation for the Antichrist to take his throne… This level includes the Grand Druid Council and the 13 highest satanic families…

LEVEL F. BRIGADES – SISTERS OF LIGHT/ASMODEUS: These are the Mothers of Light, the overseers of power. Training for these Illuminati begins at age 11. Coronations for a queen in the Mother of Light is at 14 years old.

LEVEL G REGIMENT: This level is led by a Grand Master/Matriarch. Regiments are divided up into various levels of groupings of covens, into sub-regiments led by captain and major types. Rings are worn by the various levels.

LEVEL H COVENS: Basic low level group (similar to an army platoon) containing 13 plus witches with a Priest or Priestess as an officer. Most covens are extremely well kept secrets. A few ‘show’ temples like Anton LaVey’s Temple of Satan are put on for the public’s consumption.

“… According to the Masonic book, An Interpretation of Freemasonry, by Mason Martin Wagner, p. 97, the name Solomon which is used by Masons so frequently is actually a Sun-god trinity, ‘This name Solomon is not the Israeli king. It is name in form, but different in its meaning. It is a substitute which is externally like the royal name. This name is a composite. Sol-om-on, the names of the sun in Latin, Indian, and Egyptian, and is designed to show the unity of several god-ideas in the ancient religions, as well as with those of Freemasonry.’ If Wagner, and ex-Mason McQuaig who also claims this is the case are accurate, and this view was known in Elizabethan England, then Solomon’s Temple… ends up to be nothing other than Lucifer, the light-bearers temple.
… Rabbinic Judaism is based on the religions of Babylon, not the Old Testament as most people especially Christians incorrectly assume. The Kabala and the Zohar of the Jews are the fundamental books that most occult, magic, and satanic groups base their activities on. One of the leading well known Satanists and a magician E Levi wrote in his book, Transcendental Magic, ‘All truly dogmatic religions have issued from the Kabalah and return therein. Whatsoever is grand or scientific in the religious dreams of the illuminated, of Jacob Bohme, Swedenborg, Saint-Martin and the rest, is borrowed from the Kabalah; all Masonic Associations owe to it their secrets and their symbols.’ 9

“One of the strangest things for this author was to continue running into evidence that seems to indicate Charles Taze Russell, the man who started the Jehovah’s Witnesses Watchtower Society, was secretly an important Satanist. Lest the reader devalue the evidence, permit this author to state that the evidence came in first before I came up with my theory that Russell was an important Satanist, and not vice-versa.
Some of the outstanding clues are:
a) C T Russell was definitely a Mason, yet he puts up some great smokescreens in his writing concerning his membership.
b) C T Russell’s Bethel staff became concerned about his occult activities and required him to take an oath forswearing any further occult activities.
c) In my previous book The Watchtower and the Masons, I study 35 parallel beliefs that Russell had with Masonry. I spent a page per parallel. These 35 are not in any way inclusive; Russell had many other identical ideas to what the Masonic lodges propagate.
d) Various items from magic were part of Russell’s religious beliefs including healing handkerchiefs, phrenology, the Winged-Sun-Disk, Enochian Magical Planes etc.
e) Russell family’s possible Illuminati links, and his wife’s possible connections with a family line of Satanists.
f) Russells apparent secret Rosicrucian membership with the Quakertown, PA group of Rosicrucians, as revealed by the pyramid he ordered erected, his use of the Winged-Sun-Disk, and his cremation three days after his death.
g) Russell owned a cemetery in Pittsburgh. Leading Satanists try to own cemeteries for several reasons. First, it facilitates the disposal of human sacrifices which are buried in pieces below the fresh holes dug for someone else’s burial. When the casket is placed in the hole, it would be rare for anyone to dig below the casket level ever again. Second, magic power is associated with cemeteries. The spiritual power of the dead is pulled up by making a circle of light over them then within the circle a naked Satanist lays. Third, specific bones are sought such as the skulls and left hands. Left hands are preserved in order to hold candles for certain ceremonies.
h) Contacts from various places today indicate that the modern Watchtower Society is working with the New World Order. This implies that at some point the Society began cooperating with the New World Order. Russell seems to be the likeliest starting point.

As with all occult organisations a veil of secrecy is maintained by requiring initiates to take secrecy oaths on penalty of death. As in Witchcraft, Masonry repeatedly demands secrecy oaths at every new level. Charles T Russell began participating in this secrecy when he took the Entered Apprentice (first Masonic degree) oath on penalty of mayhem and violent death, ‘I… do hereby and hereon most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear that I will always hail, ever conceal and never reveal any of the arts, parts or points of the secret arts and mysteries of ancient Freemasonry which I received, am about to receive, or may hereafter be instructed in…’” 10

1. Confidential interviews with ex-Satanists.
2. Interview by Dr Al Carlisle with a Black Prince recorded in Stratford, L. Satan’s Underground, p. 144.
4. Confidential interview with ex-Illuminatus.
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9. Levi, E, Transcendental Magic, trans. Waite, London: England, n.d. p. 24f.
10. The wording of this quote is taken from ex-33° Mason Jim Shaw’s book The Deadly Deception. Lafayette, LA: Huntington House Inc., 1988. The wording also may be found in Revised Duncan’s Ritual of Freemasonry, Part 1, by Malcolm C Duncan, Behrens Pub. Co., Danbury, Conn. 1922, p. 30, where the entire Entered Apprentice ritual is given. The Knights Templar magazine (9/1988) p. 21, indicates that a few Grand Lodges have recently experimented with doing away with the blood-curdling oaths on penalty of death, and substituting the use of the more moderate oath on penalty of ‘expulsion from the Fraternity.’ This was done as an expedient to raise recruiting levels.”
(As Fritz Springmeier’s book Be Wise As Serpents is over 700 pages long, and as each chapter contains so much important information, it is impossible to cover much more here. To this point I have given extracts of chapters1, 1.2, 1.6 and 1.8. Fritz’s books are all indispensable; I would urge everyone to get their hands on a copy of each book he has published to date. To whet your appetite more, I will end here with extracts from Fritz’s Introduction and Dedication):
Part I. THE MAGICAL WATCHTOWERS… The Watchtower Society and its connections to the New World Order
4. A RAINBOW OF DRAGONS. Examines the various New Age groups…Learn who Lord Maitreya is… and some of the stock tools of the conspiracy
5. Mysteries of the WT Society. Three items of C T Russell, the Winged-Sun-Disk, Pyramids, and the Golden Age are exposed.
6. The Emerald Island. Are bloodlines still significant today? A look at Ulster, Ireland and the Russell family before C T Russell. The Scottish cultural seedbed of today’s global power is examined.
7. … A close look at who C T Russell was.
8. “To have my throat cut.” C T Russell as a Freemason…
9. A Blank Check. An expose of how the B’nai B’rith helped Russell’s organisation get started, and why.
10. “Jehovah.” Uncovering the meanings behind the Watchtower’s symbology.
11. The Magical Watchtowers. Uncovers the Masonic and magical meaning to Watchtowers…
12. The Channel of Angelic Redemption. Explores J F Rutherford as a channeler who said he was helping to redeem demons.
13. Cult of the Double-Sexed God Jehovah. For centuries men have worshipped a double-sexed god, explores the possible connection of this god with the rampant homosexuality of WT leadership.

[Theosophy occult glossary: TG Jehovah Nissi (Heb.). The androgyne of Nissi (See "Dionysos"), The Jews worshipped under this name Bacchus-Osiris, Dio-Nysos, and the multiform Joves of Nyssa, the Sinai of Moses. Universal tradition shews Bacchus reared in a cave of Nysa. Diodorus locates Nysa between Phoenicia and Egypt, and adds, "Osiris was brought up in Nysa . . . . he was son of Zeus and was named from his father (nominative Zeus, genitive Dios) and the place Dio-nysos" -- the Zeus or Jove of Nyssa.
TG Jehovah (Heb.). The Jewish "Deity name J'hovah, is a compound of two words, viz of Jah (y, i, or j, Yodh, the tenth letter of the alphabet) and hovah (Havah, or Eve)," says a Kabalistic authority, Mr. J. Ralston Skinner of Cincinnati, U.S.A. And again, "The word Jehovah, or Jah-Eve, has the primary meaning of existence or being as male female". It means Kabalistically the latter, indeed, and nothing more; and as repeatedly shown is entirely phallic. Thus, verse 26 in the IVth chapter of Genesis, reads in its disfigured translation . . . . "then began men to call upon the name of the Lord", whereas it ought to read correctly . . . . "then began men to call themselves by the name of Jah-hova" or males and females, which they had become after the separation of sexes. In fact the latter is described in the same chapter, when Cain (the male or Jah) "rose up against Abel, his (sister not) brother and slew him" (spilt his blood, in the original). Chapter IV of Genesis contains in truth, the allegorical narrative of that period of anthropological and physiological evolution which is described in the Secret Doctrine when treating of the third Root race of mankind. It is followed by Chapter V as a blind; but ought to be succeeded by Chapter VI, where the Sons of God took as their wives the daughters of men or of the giants. For this is an allegory hinting at the mystery of the Divine Egos incarnating in mankind, after which the hitherto senseless races "became mighty men, . . . . men of renown" (v. 4), having acquired minds (Manas) which they had not before.

WGa Jehovah, literally Male-Female. The god of procreation, or sex-god. The tribal-god of the Jews -- now worshipped by Christians as the "Most High".] Theosophy Glossary added by author of The Best-Laid Schemes.

14. The New World Society. A look at the Orwellian world of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and their battles and fixation with demons.
15. The WT’s Mein Kampf. What do they really say is in store for the world in “paradise”?
16. The Mark of the Beast. The WT Society is preparing their people to accept the New Age Initiation, the mark of the beast.
17. Smokescreens. Identifying some smokescreens and blowing them away.

1. Assassinating 3 assassins. Exposing the Masonic plot to destroy the Church, nationalism, and the family.
2. Capturing the Catholic Church. Revealing the infiltration and capture of the great Catholic Church by the Conspiracy.
3. … Reveals the close connection between Masonry and the Universalist/Unitarian Church, and the Order.
4. … The occult, religious, and Masonic forces that created Mormonism are brought into clearer focus.
5. The Golden Age… introduced by the Masons through Communism, the Second Adventists JW’s, Mormons, and others.
6. “The Healing Light.” Exposes the close connections between Christian Science, the Jews, and Masons.
7. Councils of Heresy. Find out who represents the Christians at the World Council of Churches. Find out how Masonry rules Christendom.
8. Mormons, Moonies, and Masons…
9. Heresy interlocks with power…
10. Reviving the Mystery Religions. Find out what the occult is, why the mystery religions are being revived, and how these religions are resurfacing. You will learn the names of one of the most powerful bodies in the world, and more information to get you to take the satanic threat of world domination seriously.
11. Comparing New Order Statements. Comparing the various plans that have surfaced from the various groups, and noticing the parallels between these plans concerning the “Utopian” New Order.
12. The Second Tower of Babel. Examining the roles each group plays in the overall plot to create a New World and One-World-Religion and a One-World-Government.

1. Preparing the Money System. Examines their economic plans, the World Money waiting in Canada for distribution orders, and the planned cashless society.
2. Interest Taking. How the Conspiracy ‘bites’ the world with interest; and God’s secret formula concerning money.
3. Financial Wizards, and Wealthy Cults. Find out about the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and others. How they use the Federal Reserve, Interlocking Directories, a hereditary Aristocracy, and the world’s resources to maintain control.
4. Education. Reveals how controlled our history has been. The values and doctored history that the Conspiracy approves have been taught for many years.
5. The Media and Communication ‘Improvements.’ Exposes the evil role that the media and communications play.
6. Concentrating Power. Examines the continuing process of the centralisation of all power.
7. Scandals. Examining scandals created to discredit Christianity.
8. Separating Church and State. The Masons devious efforts to ensure that Christianity has no power at all.
9. America’s Concentration Camps. Are you ready for camp? They are ready for you, that is if you don’t want to enjoy the good life of a New World Order slave.
10. Where the rubber hits the road. Coping in a Christ-like way with an overwhelming Satanic Conspiracy. Seeing how Christ can win a victory under difficult circumstances.

“… I will consume man and beast; I will consume the fowls of the heaven, and the fishes of the sea… and I will cut off man from off the land,” saith the Lord.
(Zephaniah 1: 3. KJV)

Wakeup call to the Redeemed of God!

An excellent source of sane, on the Word teachings of the TRUE Gospel of Yashua Messiah and what the redeemed of God should be hearing, can be found by checking out the following post. You need to understand clearly, the difference between "everlasting life" and "eternal life" - your understanding is most probably very wrong! Indeed - "There shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth"... but NOT by unbelievers!! The resurrection of unbelievers comes AFTER the initial 1000 year plus reign of God's only begotten Son, Yashua:


Anonymous said...

What drivel!
Paranoia rules supreme!

Eddie said...

It's amazing to me how brave and upfront all "Anonymous" people are out there! But please "Anonymous", do yourself a real favour and get yourself some real education - then we'll talk!
Check out Dr. Judy Wood's website for starters!