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In the same way that the United Nation's organisation stops food, water and medical supplies from getting to starving, suffering African nations - it seems to use the same methods to stop emergency supplies getting to suffering, dying victims of hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes around the world. (My original video has been removed without trace... sorry):

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Silent Weapons And The War Against Women 
"... There are few women here in the West who would accept or acknowledge that for at least half a century, a `quiet war using silent weapons` has been waged against them. This is because women have been so inculcated with feminist ideals, that the Illuminists have been able to dupe them into becoming willing if albeit misinformed accomplices in the Global Depopulation Agenda. Women throughout the Western nations, deceived by Illuminati sponsored feminist propaganda, deviously disguised and cloaked in the garb of women’s rights, equal opportunities and the full array of Cultural Marxist dogma, have simply `bought into` the lies being sold them and adopted as inalienable truths, doctrines which fundamentally contradict the very nature of humanity. In effect, women have been tricked into working for the very same cabal whose ultimate goal is a World State comprised of the Super Rich Elite and a vastly reduced populace of slaves, wherein the status of the human female will inevitably be vastly reduced. 
Recently, the `cloak` has slipped a little, and the face of the `quiet war` against women has begun to reveal itself. There comes a time when all conspiracies must show themselves, and just like all the other spurious aspects of the Illuminati agenda, such as the bogus `war on terror` and the disproved and discredited lie regarding man made climate change, now the global war on women is becoming ever more recognizable, to those who have eyes to see at least. 
In his article `Pharmageddon: the Global War Against Women`, the highly talented and informed Danish researcher Kjeld Heising writes:
“For me, it started as an idea which became a thesis: How come that more and more vaccination campaigns are targeted on women? Recently in Denmark, the media have been strongly marketing the HPV vaccination against cervical cancer, not as given to women of exactly that age where cervical cancer occurs, no, they are about to be included in the normal children’s vaccination scheme, targeting girls at the age of 12 – where it has absolutely no positive effect. How come? “( 
The `agenda` to depopulate has apparently existed for two centuries (see Malthus), and at least since World War II, has gone into overdrive, due mainly to advancements in medical science and the pharmaceutical industry. Trying to view the situation here in the West objectively, one can but conclude that it is `game set and match` to the Illuminati. The birth levels are so low in the West, that absent divine intervention or a `sea change` in the attitudes of women, the situation seems irreversible.
So having more or less achieved their goals to depopulate, de-construct and destabilize Western nations, the Luciferian Illuminists have for some time now been implementing their Depopulation Agenda in the developing nations of Africa, Asia and Latin America. The methods being used are quite different to those which proved so effective in the West, where the presence of compulsory state controlled education, and a highly advanced propaganda machine, fronted by the owned mass media, utilized Cultural Marxist Front Groups such as feminists, the Civil Rights Movement and the `Gay` lobby to break down resistance amongst conservatives in the main and the population in general, to population control measures such as abortion and family planning programs. 
In the Third World, the agenda is of a more direct nature, utilising the ungodly power of the pharmaceutical giants, and implemented by using coercive economic measures against native governments who do not cooperate, along with the looting of money and natural resources from Africa and other continents, all facilitated by the Debt Trap, IMF Structural Adjustments and World Bank administrations. 
It is fairly obvious that to minimize a population, one must primarily target women, not men. Only by reducing the number of females can you reduce the amount of offspring. One man can fertilize thousands of women. One woman can not be fertilized by thousands of men... 
Now, turning our attention to the methods being used in the developing world, the Kissinger Memorandum recommended the following institutions to be used in order to effect the plan for population reduction in that region: The World Bank, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, Governments from "donor" countries, UNFPA, and Private N.G.O.'s"

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