Tuesday, 2 June 2009

U.S. Known by Occultists Worldwide as New Egypt

joining ranks adversary devil elite lucifer so-called god light wisdom

Although this man Jordan Maxwell, like Alex Jones and many others, is working for the elite controlling families, he is allowed to speak the truth of what is going on and who is behind it. The elite now find themselves in such a powerful position as to feel perfectly safe in telling the world what they have been doing and what their end game plans are. They do not mind any more that we know they are Luciferian and that they have been controlling us through dialectics and the corrupt banking and judicial systems.

The word "system" to them means "sewer" as in "sewerage system", so in effect, the elite have given us our banking sewer, health sewer, political sewer, judicial sewer and of course our education sewer. They do not want wealthy educated, healthy citizens - no way! That would be an enormous threat to their corrupt, easy way of life! All they want now is to cut the world's population down to around half a billion and to herd us into covered controlled cities as their slaves. Money is not a priority for them any more as they have all the wealth of the world in their filthy pockets.

The world as we know it cannot last much longer as the elite are planning on destroying the west - "to save the planet" as they like to put it! That is why we hear so much about Planet X and 2012 the end of the world. Whatever they are planning to do, you can take it from me that it will be due to these evil families and their weapons of mass destruction like HAARP. What Obama is doing at the moment (destroying the U.S.) is all part and parcel of the elites plan. The New Word Order end game plan cannot succeed until America falls - only then can they march on with the rest of their scheme.

And that is why they are trying as hard as they can, with the help of Alex Jones for one, to try and force as many Americans to fall into their trap by inciting them into rising up against government. Beware! They may be extremely evil, but they are not dumb! They have had many generations to finalise their plans and they are more than sufficiently prepared to take on the whole nation if they have to!

For those of you who believe in the God of the Bible, it is time to form prayer warrior groups. For those who do not, you will soon enter into a world scenario that may force you to think again! Your overlords believe in the God of the Bible - but have stubbornly decided to make a last stand against Him by joining the ranks of His adversary, the Devil - or as the elite prefer, Lucifer - their so-called god of light and wisdom! Time is short.

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