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Secrets of The Illuminati Revealed, by Dr. Stanley Monteith, The Prophecy Club 1999 


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“…151 years after… Tennyson wrote… Locksley Hall, this editorial appeared on the pages of the Wall Street Journal… written by Arthur Slessinger. It’s entitled ‘Bye Bye Woodrow’… at the very end Slessinger writes this:

‘The world of law will not be attained by exhortation. Law requires enforcement. Let us not kid ourselves that we can have a new world order without paying for it in blood as well as in money. Maybe the costs of enforcement are too great… But let us recognise that we are surrendering a noble dream. Remember these lines of Tennyson that Churchill called ‘the most wonderful of modern prophecies’ and that Harry Truman carried in his wallet throughout his life’:

For I dipt into the future,
Far as human eye could see.
Saw the vision of the world,
And all the wonder that would be…
Heard the heavens fill with shouting,
And there rained a ghastly dew
From the nations’ airy navies
grappling in the central Blue, …
Till the war drum throbb’d no longer
And the battle flags were furl’d
In the parliament of man,
The federation of the world.

“Churchill embraced this idea… wasn’t Churchill the great champion of the British Empire? Why did Harry Truman embrace this idea, wasn’t he dedicated to America? … under his watch we turned Eastern Europe over to the communists at the end of the Second World War and then of course we turned China over to the communists, and what most people have forgotten is how the communists happened to take China… In 1947-49 there was a policy in our State Dept. to do everything they could to undercut General Chiang-kai-shek of the nationalist government and bring communism to power. If you go back and read the McCarran Committee reports… the Senate Committee found that General Chiang-kai-shek had been undercut by American policy, who’d put an arms embargo on General Chiang-kai-shek so he couldn’t buy weapons anywhere in the world and even the weapons he’d already bought… which were on… Pacific Islands… and so it wasn’t that he was ever defeated in battle, he didn’t lose the civil war, there wasn’t any war, he retreated 3 weeks ahead of the Chinese communists who were advancing, because they had nothing to fight with!

“Well Congress was very upset about that, it looked like China was going to go communist and here our boys had fought a war to allow the people of the world to determine the type of government that they wanted. So Congress appropriated $125 million which probably today would be $1-1.5 billion for weapons for Chiang-kai-shek. But the State Department kept the ships ladened with the weapons in ports in San Francisco and Los Angeles for a year and a half and when the ships finally arrived in China, after the communists controlled the nation, they broke open the cases, why the bolts didn’t fit the rifles and were therefore useless!
We brought communism to China you see and it happened under Harry Truman’s watch… why did that happen? … well there are people who have a different view of the world than you or I. They believe in the Parliament of man and the Federation of the World.”

Cecil John Rhodes


“Eulogy spoken at Cecil John Rhodes funeral in 1902, it was written by Rudyard Kipling his close friend and associate… To quicken is to come back to life and Cecil Rhodes still lives on, his shadow still hangs over Africa and Europe and the movement that he began dominates the country in which you live today because Cecil Rhodes had a dream, a dream of the Parliament of man, the Federation of the World, of creating a secret society that would one day bring about a world government. And so he left his great fortune to two purposes, one was to the secret society and the other was to something known as the Rhodes Scholarships.

Now it is not simply coincidence that our president… Clinton happens to be a Rhodes Scholar, that the Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, General Wesley Clark happens to be a Rhodes Scholar, that the Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbot, is a Rhodes Scholar, in fact Rhodes Scholars are at every level of our government. They are working within our major banks, our industries. They are the presidents… of our colleges because the men who were taken from the United States and from Europe, from the various British colonies and sent to Oxford for a Rhodes Scholarship are indoctrinated in these ideas of world government. Indoctrinated in the idea that we really need an elite to rule the world because you common people are incapable of governing yourselves.

After three years… they return to America… to key positions. If you want to get ahead in the world, maybe you’d like to become president, one of the best places to go is to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar.”Dr. Stanley Monteith. (End of quote)

Following now are extracts from a work by John D. Christian that was published on the Internet (2005), exposing amongst many other things, the spurious ‘Christian’ Bible course for teenagers that seems to be taking churches worldwide by storm entitled, Hidden Secrets of the Alpha Course. The Dark Agenda Behind Alpha:

~ The Dark Agenda Behind Alpha ~


“… Osiris was the personification of the sun during the normal daylight hours that by (his) its power made everything grow. But when (he) it went down at sunset, it was said to ‘die’ and be ‘sacrificed.’ At night, during its ‘death’ in the underworld, the sun was believed to ‘impregnate’ mother-Earth Isis, who conceived, and brought forth (her) its son (sun) Horus, (the ‘resurrected’ sun-god Osiris) in the morning of the new day. This ‘son’ Horus, of course was nothing more than simply the rising sun at dawn in the morning – i.e. ‘Horus-rising’, hence the word ‘HOR-IZON.’ The foolishness of man! As Paul said to the Romans:
‘For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse… Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the creator, who is blessed forever. Amen’ (Romans 1: 20-25.)
“But the Roman Catholic Church never learned did it? They changed the ‘broken bread’ of the Lord’s Supper into a ‘round wafer’ – the Babylonian symbol of the sun. They stamped I.H.S. on it claiming it represented Iesus Hominum Salvator, ‘Jesus the Saviour of Men’ when in truth it characterised their idolatry in worshipping the Egyptian Holy Trinity – ‘Isis, Horus, Seb’ – after which Holy Trinity Brompton [London] is named! (Remember, ‘Seb’ is just another name for Osiris.)

… Two powerful Luciferian priestly orders grew out of the Roman Catholic Church. The first was the Nights Templar. The second was the Jesuits. The Order of Poor Fellows – Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, which gave the Templars their full title, was founded in 1118 AD. The Templars, who collected taxes and tithes for the British King, the Pope and the Crown, took a big slice for themselves and became rich and powerful. So much so, that they paid no taxes, just like the giant tax exempt Foundations today. They had their own courts of justice, and established Temple Bar in London, which even now still controls the world judicial system.

They became so powerful that through debt and blackmail they finally ended up controlling many of the countries and monarchs of Europe. Finally they became a serious threat to the Roman Catholic Church itself when the French king, Philippe IV, on behalf of the Pope, initiated a purge to destroy them in October 1307. It continued to March 1314, when Jacques De Molay, Grand Master of the Order was burnt at the stake. The Templars who survived were driven underground and fled to Scotland where they avoided persecution. They infiltrated British court circles in the City of London Corporation, and resurfaced with the official birth of Freemasonry in London 1717… Their secret aim is to rebuild the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, and infiltrate both the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches to destroy them from within – before consecrating the lot to the worship of their Babylonian sun-god…

The Jesuit Eucharist Emblem
The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) was founded by Ignatius of Loyola in 1540 to counter the Protestant Reformation… the I.H.S. Eucharist emblem of the Society of Jesus from the Church of St. Ignatius in Rome. It is surrounded with exactly 32 rays of the sun – which is identical to the Freemasonic Star of Lucifer. The centre ‘round sun disc’ is the Eucharist, and is the 33rd element in the emblem, similar to the 33 Degrees of Freemasonry. (Of course, the 33rd element of the Roman Catholic, Jesuit and Freemasonic ‘Eucharist’ or ‘Star of Lucifer’ represents their rebellion and hate of Jesus Christ, who was crucified in his 33rd year). In Satanism, the highest orders of Freemasonry and Catholicism converge as one.
The Babylonian Sun-god Eucharist.

[Ref. THE TWO BABYLONS by Hislop p.162]

Taken from page 284: Hidden Secrets of the Alpha Course by J. D. Christian.

The Grand Temple, Great Hall Ceiling, in Freemason’s Hall, Great Queen Street, London
Taken from pages 288-289: Hidden Secrets of the Alpha Course.
The control center of World Freemasonry, the Grand Lodge of England controls all the grand lodges of the world including the Grand Lodge of Israel, the P2 Lodge in the Vatican, and the US Scottish and York Rite Lodges. British Israel World Freemasonry’s Luciferian plan, based on a perversion of I Chronicles 17:12-14, is to counterfeit Ezekiel’s “millennium temple” (in Ezekiel chapters 40-48), rebuild the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, and following a period of orchestrated global chaos, consecrate it to universal Catholic worship for all religions, headed by their Antichrist Grand Master, who will establish a New World Order kingdom of God on earth. NOTE: “and I will not take my mercy away from him, as I took it from him that was before thee” in I Chronicles 17:13 is MISSING! Observe also the many witchcraft emblems, and the fact that the Eucharist 32-point Blazing Star of Lucifer (representing the 32 Degrees of Freemasonry) and the center sun-disc of the Star (representing the 33rd Degree) are protected by the “four Archangels of the Presence,” (or Eucharist) revered by both Roman Catholicism and Islam. Hence, the Masonic election of the Lord Mayor of the City of London takes place on 29th September, Michael-mas Day, in honor of these four Babylonian Eucharist demons, who are headed by the Archangel Saint Michael (but who is really the Christianized ‘Mercury’ – Roman god of thieves), the protector of the Roman Catholic Church, and the royal patron of the Queen’s knights.

Pope image added by author of The best-Laid Schemes O Mice An' Men...

Page 286: Hidden Secrets of the Alpha Course by J. D. Christian.

Jesuit Emblem
“IHS” Roman Catholic “Eucharist” emblem of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), from the Church of St. Ignatius, Rome. [Ref. The Jesuits: A Story of Power by Alain Woodrow]

St Paul’s Cathedral [A pagan Protestant sun-god temple] Babylonian Eucharist.
View from the Whispering Gallery looking down to the floor beneath the dome, dominated by the symbol of the Babylonian Eucharist, with British Freemasonry’s Star of Lucifer in the centre. Also note that the “Lord’s Table” (High Altar) is blasphemously positioned in the centre of a Maltese Cross, the ancient emblem of the Assyrian sun-god.
Page 287: Hidden Secrets of the Alpha Course by J. D. Christian.

Modern Babylonian Sun-god Star of Lucifer Eucharist Emblems.

Page 293: Hidden Secrets of the Alpha Course.

UN Eucharist Emblem
“The UN emblem is also a Babylonian ‘Eucharist’ logo. The UN sun-god disc is divided up into 32 individual Masonic segments around a centre disc which is the 33rd. This design is further surrounded by 26 ears of corn (which symbolise the 26 knights who founded the British Order of the Garter dedicated to the worship of the Babylonian ‘bread of life’ sun-god, St. George). There are two extra ears of corn, or branches, at the bottom of the logo which increase the total to 28. This number represents the 28 day cycle of the moon – the Babylonian mother earth/moon ‘bread of life’ goddess Ishtar, whom apostate Christians worship at Easter named after her, with… hot-cross buns… Ishtar’s name in Egypt was Isis, in Greece it was Demeter and in Rome she was called Ceres… Her Roman celebration was called the Feast of Ceralia and was held on April 19th every year by burning a pregnant cow whole. This whole sacrifice was called the Holocaust. The UN logo is both a Babylonian ‘Eucharist’ and a Roman ‘Holocaust’ logo. That is why the Roman goddess Ceres is now the patron of the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation. In December 2003, the New Zealand Prime Minister, Helen Clark, was awarded the UN Ceres Medal of the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation…

The Cross of St. George of England and the Cross of St. Andrew of Scotland dominate the United Nations emblem and St. Peter’s Square in Rome – just as the Cross of the Babylonian sun-god dominates every hot cross bun – representative of the fact the City of London sovereign reigns over the entire Earth through the UN and EU… St. George, of course was not really a valiant Christian soldier at all. His feast day, April 23rd, both in the Roman Catholic Church and Anglican Church, and in Russia as well, just happens to be the same day as the Vinalia, the greatest heathen feast day consecrated to Jupiter on the Roman calendar!

European Union Eucharist Emblem
The new European Union Flag, twelve golden stars arranged in a circle on a dark blue background is also an emblem of the Babylonian Eucharist identified with the worship of the sun-god, and Ishtar, the Babylonian Queen of Heaven (or the Virgin Mary in the Roman Catholic Church)… Albert Pike said that the Gnostics derived their leading doctrines and ideas from the (Jewish) Kabalah, and that they believed that there were Twelve Star-Spirits of the zodiac – well, the spiritual father of the EU flag was Paul Levi, a Belgian Jew… Interestingly, the Supreme Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of England and Scotland, depict the Twelve Tribes of Israel in ‘zodiacal form’ on all their Great Banners…
The Marxist (Communist) Eucharist

Karl Heinrich Marx was born on 5th May 1818 in Trier, Germany… Karl Marx was a Jew. The forebears of both his father and mother had been rabbis for many generations. At the age of 35, in the year 1816-1817, Marx’s father had himself baptized … he adopted the Protestant creed… he equated Protestantism with intellectual freedom. Marx was baptized on 26th August 1824. For five years Karl Marx went to the Jesuit school in Trier… after this, he attended university from October 1835 until March 1841… In Bonn, besides attending the regular law course, he studied the Mythology of the Greeks and Romans. (Ref. Karl Marx by Werner Blumenberg 1962)… The late Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, a Jewish Christian, wrote a book entitled Marx and Satan. He writes:

‘Who was Marx? In his early youth, Karl Marx professed to be and lived as a Christian. His first written work is called The Union of the Faithful with Christ. There we read these beautiful words: “Through love of Christ we turn our hearts at the same time toward our brethren who are inwardly bound to us and for whom he gave Himself a sacrifice.”
‘Marx knew a way for men to become loving brethren toward one another – Christianity … When he finished high school, the following was written on his graduation certificate under the heading “Religious Knowledge”: “His knowledge of the Christian faith and morals is fairly clear and well grounded. He knows also to some extent the history of the Christian church.”’
“However, in a thesis written at the same time he repeated six times the word ‘destroy’ … ‘Destroy’ then became his nickname…

Shortly after Marx received this certificate, something mysterious happened in his life: he became profoundly and passionately anti-religious. A new Marx began to emerge… Marx wrote the following lines in his poem Invocation of One in Despair
‘… I shall build my throne high overhead, Cold,
tremendous shall its summit be. For its bulwark –

superstitious dread. For its marshal – blackest agony…’
“Marx dreamt about ruining the world created by God…
The words ‘I shall build my throne high overhead’ and the confession that from the one sitting on his throne will emanate only dread and agony reminds us of Lucifer’s proud boast, ‘I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God.’ (Isaiah 14: 13).
“Pastor Wurmbrand continues:

‘Why did Marx wish such a throne? The answer is found in a little-known drama that he also composed during his student years. It is called Oulanem. To explain this title, a digression is needed.

One of the rituals of the Satanist church is the black mass, which Satanist priests recite at midnight. Black candles are put in candlesticks upside down. The priest is dressed in his ornate robes, but with the lining outside. He says all the things prescribed in the prayer book, but reads from the end toward the beginning… A crucifix is fastened upside down or trampled upon. The body of a naked woman serves as an alter. A consecrated wafer stolen from a church is inscribed with the name Satan and is used for a mock communion. During a black mass a Bible is burned. All those present promise to commit the seven deadly sins, as enumerated in catholic catechisms, and never to do any good. An orgy follows. 

Devil worship is very old. The Bible has much to say about it – and against it. For example, the Jews, though entrusted by God with the true religion, sometimes faltered in their faith and “sacrificed unto devils.” (Deuteronomy 32: 17). And King Jeroboam of Israel once ordained priests for devils (2 Chronicles 11: 15). So from time immemorial men have believed in the existence of the Devil. Sin and wickedness are the hallmark of his kingdom, disintegration and destruction its inevitable result. The great concentration of evil design in times past, as well as in modern Communism and Nazism would have been impossible without a guiding force, the Devil himself. He has been the mastermind, the secret agent, supplying the unifying energy in his grand scheme to control mankind.

‘Characteristically, “Oulanem” is an inversion of a holy name. It is an anagram of Emanuel, a Biblical name of Jesus which means in the Hebrew “God with us”… Now I quote from the drama Oulanem itself:

“And they are also Oulanem, Oulanem.
The name rings forth like death, rings forth
Until it dies away in a wretched crawl.
Stop, I’ve got it now! It rises from my soul
As clear as air, as strong as my bones.
Yet I have power within my youthful arms
To clench and crush you [i.e. personified humanity]
with tempestuous force,
While for us both the abyss yawns in darkness.
You will sink down and I shall follow laughing.
Whispering in your ears, ‘Descend,
come with me, friend.”

‘… Marx desires to draw the whole of mankind into this pit reserved for the Devil and his angels… Marx had loved the words of Mephistopheles in Faust: “Everything in existence is worth being destroyed.” Everything, including the proletariat and the comrades. Marx quotes these words in The 18th Brutmaire. Stalin acted on them and destroyed even his own family 
… In Oulanem Marx does what the Devil does: he consigns the entire human race to damnation. Oulanem is probably the only drama in the world in which all the characters are aware of their own corruption, and flaunt it and celebrate it with conviction… Here are all the servants of darkness… All are Satanic, corrupt, doomed.’

“Marxism is the final product of APOSTASY: - Judaism, Roman Catholicism and Protestantism mixed together. Though a Jew, Marx even hated his own people. Marxism is not atheism: It is the worship of the old time Babylonian religion! Marx had a naked bust of Zeus in his study. In Greek mythology, Zeus, a cruel and heathen deity transformed himself into a beast and took Europa (Europe) captive – as did Marxism in the Soviet Union – and now in the UN and European Union as well.

Two statues vividly characterise the UN headquarters in New York. One is a bronze statue of St. George (really Jupiter) slaying the dragon, gifted by the Soviet Government. The other is a statue of Zeus, which resides in the main lobby… Marx is buried in Highgate Cemetery in London – London is the birthplace of Marxism…

Significantly, two of the principal corrupt Bible versions promoted by the Alpha course library are the NIV and the Contemporary English Version (CEV). Both these spurious Bibles have REMOVED the name of ‘Lucifer’ from the text of the biography of Lucifer in ISAIAH 14: 12-17 and replaced his name with ‘morning star’… The American author Gail Riplinger, in her revealing book, New Age Bible Versions, pages 39- 44, perceptively explains:

‘Who is the Morning Star?

The ultimate blasphemy occurs when the “morning star” takes “Lucifer’s” place in Isaiah 14. Jesus Christ is the “morning star” and is identified as such in Revelation 22: 16, 2: 28 and 2 Peter 1: 19. With this sleight of hand switch, Satan not only slyly slips out of the picture but lives up to his name “the accuser” (Revelation 12: 10) by attempting to make Jesus Christ the subject of the diatribe in Isaiah 14… Blavatsky echoes, “[T]he pentagram… is the Morning Star.”’

“This is how the ‘Babylonian Eucharist’ became the ‘Star of Lucifer.’ There is a satanic pentagram star sitting on top of the Kremlin, a centre still, of Russian Marxism. There are pentagrams on the U.S. and E.U. flags, to mention only a few – and now the Eternal Boy [or Lucifer] presides on the Alpha course emblem as well. 


Holy Trinity Brompton’s Alpha course emblem is a boy dressed in blue jeans, wearing a yellow jacket, carrying a giant red question mark. The three principal colours of the logo are blue, yellow, and red… are they meticulously chosen to illustrate a specific belief? Hislop in The Two Babylons, p. 16-18 writes:

‘In the unity of that one Only God of the Babylonians, there were three persons, and to symbolise that doctrine of the Trinity, they employed, as the discoveries of Layard prove, the equilateral triangle, just as it is well known the Romish Church does at this day… showing blasphemously, the unity of Father, Seed, or Son, and Holy Ghost.’

“Masonic author, Albert Pike, in Morals and Dogma, writes:
‘Three, or the Triad, is most significantly expressed by the equilateral and the right-angled triangles. There are three principal colours or rays in the rainbow, which by intermixture make seven. The three are the blue, the yellow and the red.’ (p.57)…’

“Masonic author, Manly P. Hall, in his classic book of witchcraft, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, p. XLIX, writes:

‘The origin of the Trinity, is obvious to anyone who will observe the daily manifestations of the sun. This orb, being the symbol of all Light, has three distinct phases: rising, midday and setting. The philosophers therefore divided the life of all things into three distinct parts: growth, maturity and decay. Between the twilight of evening is the high noon of resplendent glory. God the Father, the creator of the world, is symbolised by the dawn. His colour is blue, because the sun rising in the morning is veiled in blue mist. God the son, the illuminating One sent to bear witness of His Father before all worlds, is the celestial globe at noonday, radiant and magnificent, the maned Lion of Judah, the Golden-haired Saviour of the world. Yellow is his colour and His power is without end. God the Holy Ghost is the sunset phase, when the orb of day, robed in flaming red, rests for a moment upon the horizon line and then vanishes into the darkness of the night to wander in the lower worlds and later rise again triumphant from the embrace of darkness.’

“Hislop in The Two Babylons, p. 226-227 writes:

‘Along with the sun, as the great fire god, and, in due time identified with him, was the serpent worshipped. ‘In the mythology of the primitive world,’ says Owen, ‘the serpent is universally the symbol of the sun… 

The dragon of the Greeks,’ says Pausanias, ‘was only a large snake.’ … the word rendered ‘Red’ properly means ‘Fiery,’ so that the ‘Red Dragon’ signifies the ‘Fiery Serpent’ or ‘Serpent of Fire.’

“Revelation 12: 3 speaks of a ‘red dragon,’ and Revelation 13: 4-8 says that all that dwell on the Earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

‘And, I beheld another beast coming up out of the Earth; and he had two horns, like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.’ (Revelation 13: 11).

“Could this beast with two horns be an apostate One World Christian Church, with one Roman Catholic horn and one Protestant horn, like a lamb, but speaking as a red dragon?
After all, both the Protestant and Catholic churches are now being merged together as one by Holy Trinity Brompton and the City of London Corporation under the Alpha course emblem and Babylonian Trinity – blue for God the Father, yellow for God the Son and red for the Holy Ghost – with a boy carrying a giant red question mark, a Masonic depiction of the Fiery serpent and Red Dragon from Babylon and Rome – the pagan symbol of the worship of the sun! Hislop in his Conclusion in The Two Babylons perceptively warned:
Romanism is a refined system of Christianised heathenism, and differs from its prototype in being more treacherous, more cruel, more dangerous, more intolerant.’
“He was correct, but he forgot to add:

Protestantism is a refined system of Christianised heathenism, and differs from its prototype, Roman Catholicism, in being more treacherous, more cruel, more dangerous, more intolerant – nay, a thousand times worse than Roman Catholicism – because it is much more SUBTLE! …”

Gnostic Amulets and Alpha. (Page 267: Hidden Secrets of the Alpha Course.)
[Alternative image added by author of The Best-Laid Schemes O' Mice An' Men...]

Dear Reader, can you see where the Alpha course logo comes from?
The heretical GNOSTIC sects of the 1st – 4th century A.D. mixed paganism with Christianity, which later birthed the Roman Catholic Church. Modern Freemasonry is essentially based on Gnosticism, as is apostate Protestantism.


(Note from author of The Best-Laid Schemes: After giving about 3 pages of in-depth explanation from Rev. Alexander Hislop’s book, The Two Babylons, the conclusion by John D. Christian is):

“… Hislop wrote his book in the early-mid 1800’s, identifying Babylonian paganism with Rome. He started to pick up on its adoption by his own Protestant Church, and the centre of the world’s enlightenment in London, but because of the time in which he was living, the Protestant Church’s paganism and apostasy had not fully matured. Then, it was much more difficult to see it – but not so today!

So here, now we have it: The boy in the Alpha course emblem from Holy Trinity Brompton is Jupiter, the boy-god from Rome. Bacchus the god of revelry and drunkenness. The Babylonian Nimrod, the son of Belus or Bel founder of Babylon. The ringleader of the great apostasy. Hermes the original prophet of idolatry, the author of the pagan religious rites. The god of confusion, the great rebel. The great soothsayer and false prophet who was worshipped at Babylon. Phoroneus the apostate. Hercules who overcame the giants by the power of God and the might of the pagan, counterfeit Holy Spirit. Consus who was identified with Neptune. The god of the birth of sham miracles. A counterfeit Messiah. Tammuz, Adonis or Mithras, the Mediator. Baal-berith the Lord of the Covenant. The Sin-bearer. The Victim-Man. Zeus the Saviour. King of Kings and Lord of lords. The great World King.
“By Jove, the Son – the ‘Eternal Boy’ who is now universally worshipped, carrying a giant red-serpent ‘Question mark’ – from a PROTESTANT ‘Tabernacle of the Holy Ghost’ and ‘Temple of the Babylonian Trinity’ – at Holy Trinity Brompton – not to mention the Babylonian ‘Red Dragon’ who incidentally, is now the brazen emblem of the City of London Corporation, the Welsh Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, and His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales!”


Thus the Alpha course, which is being heavily promoted by both the Protestant and Roman Catholic Churches together, has for its leading symbol a ‘giant red question mark’ – the ancient emblem of the red ‘Fiery flying Serpent’ – a viper.

… In speaking about the wicked, David said: ‘Their poison is like the poison of a serpent, they are like the deaf adder that stoppeth her ear.’ (Psalms 58: 4) ‘They have sharpened their tongues like a serpent; adders’ poison is under their lips. Selah.’ (Psalms 140: 3).
Paul said, ‘Their throat is an open sepulchre; with their tongues they have used deceit; poison of asps is under their lips: Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness.’ (Romans 3: 13-14).

Jacobsen’s Organ and False Doctrine

Snakes possess a strange sensory device known as a Jacobsen’s Organ… Amazingly, the Jacobsen’s Organ on pit vipers is perfectly shaped like a ‘Shepherd’s crook’ or ‘question mark,’ – which traditionally, all arch-enemies of Jesus Christ… have identified themselves with. Indeed, Pharaoh in Egypt carried a crook shaped like a ‘question mark.’ The bishops of the apostate church blasphemously carry ‘question mark’ crooks, and so does the Pope – and HRH Prince of Wales. When the Bible speaks about serpents and vipers it is very precise you know! … The Bible is very precise when it is describing the characteristics of the Serpent and Satan. Indeed, the characteristics of real vipers are IDENTICAL in the minutest detail to those exhibited by unrepentant man empowered by Satan… The logos of the giant telephone companies like Vodafone and Lucent (acronym for LUCIFER’S ENTERPRISES) are both red ‘fiery serpents’ biting their tails. Verichip Corporation in the U.S., that manufactures a good proportion of the world’s implantable microchips and EFTPOS microchip reading terminals, has as its logo the literal ‘eye of a viper’… Could the satanic personalities behind the creation of the modern GPS satellite tracking system, the cashless banking system, and mobile phone technology have something to do with the deadly character of pit vipers? … Could the ‘grievous sore’ upon the men that take the mark of the beast prophesied in Revelation 16: 2, be the exact same agonising symptom produced by a fatal pit viper bite – immediately before it kills its unsuspecting victim? …
If genuine Christians had even an ounce of understanding of the incredible suffering and agony that victims of serious pit viper bites go through before they die – surely ALL Christians should now be warning others against taking the mark of the beast prophesied in Revelation 13: 16 – and also the venomous doctrine now coming forth from the foul brood of vipers at Holy Trinity Brompton – who lie through their fangs telling us a great global Christian ‘revival’ is coming… 

Personality of Vipers

… Interestingly, the modern camouflage clothing now worn by US, UN and NATO troops in the Middle East and elsewhere throughout the world almost exactly resembles the appearance of the skin of saw-scaled vipers… Carpet vipers…kill more people because in spite of their small size, they will not move away or retreat when alarmed, and because of their extremely ‘IRRITABLE NATURE’, when they are challenged they will bite almost anyone who comes in their path.” [Just like modern day US soldiers who bite even before they are challenged, and not only because of their frenetic training, but also due to the drugs they are force fed like Provigil, given to keep soldiers alert and said also to be popular amongst college kids in the U.S. “Provigil sharpened me up but it had another effect – it shocked me with surges of high-voltage anger... Fuck this place, I said. Fuck these people... such language was out of my character. The pharmaceutical was working on me – the drug had a mechanistic, soulless vibration. It was evident that Provigil was perfectly calibrated to turn nineteen-year-old army conscripts into hostile killing machines...” Page 316, 2012 The Year Of The Mayan Prophecy, by Daniel Pinchbeck, 2006. First published in Gt. Britain in 2007 by Piatkus Books Ltd., 5 Windmill Street, London W1T 2JA. – Ed.] 


“In contrast to vipers in the Bible, who represent Satan, badgers… represent God’s people.
Apart from the ‘Lamb of God,’ the humble badger is by far the most unique and important animal in the Bible. When the children of Israel were wandering for forty years in the desert, the Lord instructed Moses to make a tabernacle… (Exodus 25). The covering for the tent was to be made of rams’ skins dyed red (representative of the atoning blood of Jesus Christ), and an outer covering above that made up of badgers’ skins (Exodus 36: 19), (representative of the Holy Ghost and FAITH in Jesus Christ)… The Hebrew word ‘tachash’ on all fourteen occasions in the Old Testament is translated ‘badger.’ It is always plural and always relates to the badgers’ ‘skins’…

Mark of Faith

The pure white mark imprinted on badger’s foreheads is symbolical of the ‘faith’ of the believer. God’s house is a house of faith...

Seal of Jesus Christ in the Forehead of the Badger – and the Hebrew letter ‘Shin’
…The precise positions of these three white marks on each badgers’ pelt made up the ‘tips’ of the Hebrew letter ‘Shin’ [Like ‘W’] … This letter ‘Shin’ is the central letter in the Hebrew word ‘Y’shua’, which is the Hebrew name that God gave the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ… every badger skin carefully sewn together had the name of ‘Y’shua’ indelibly written on them…

Badgers and Scribal Vipers

… are you aware that the ‘scribal vipers’ of all modern bible versions have blasphemously REMOVED all references to ‘badgers’ skins’ completely from the text of their spurious bibles – and CHANGED the Lord’s ‘badger’ into a Babylonian fish or goat?

The Amplified Bible has CHANGED the badger into a goat, dolphin or porpoise. The New International version (NIV) vipers have CHANGED ‘badgers’ skins’ into the ‘hides of sea cows’ and the Contemporary English Version (CEV) simply reads ‘fine leather’ (ref. Exodus 25: 5, 26: 14, 35: 7, 35: 23, 36: 19, 39: 34; Numbers 4: 6, 8, 10-12, 14).

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The children of Israel were wandering for forty years in the wilderness and desert, not on a south-sea Pacific island! Even a 5 year old Sunday school child knows that dolphins or porpoises do not inhabit or live in deserts, yet these highly educated modern bible version vipers obviously don’t. Both the Pope’s and Archbishop of Canterbury’s fish-hats are shaped to represent the fish-god Dagon. Similar to serpents, goats in the Bible represent sin, Satan and rebellion.

“This is why the ‘Holy Spirit’ of the alpha course promoted by the corrupt bibles used by Holy Trinity Brompton is NOT the Holy Ghost of the King James Bible”.
Badgers or Vipers?

Perhaps the New Age scribal vipers have had good reason to remove the humble badger from the text of their venomous bibles. In real life the deadly arch-enemy of all vipers is none other than the humble badger!

… In the dry wilderness regions of the Middle East the main diet of badgers are snakes, particularly the poisonous ones like vipers…

Badgers’ Reproduction and Christ’s Second Coming

The badger is one of a unique group of mammals that does not follow the normal pattern of reproduction, but uses a special system of reproduction called Delayed Implantation… Regardless of when conception actually takes place at different times throughout the year, ALL BADGERS ARE BORN AT THE SAME TIME! The female badgers ‘time of travail and delivery’ is entirely in the hands of her Creator… all baby badgers who are conceived before the time of implantation lie fertilised ‘asleep’ as it were… until the appointed time… When Jesus comes again at His second coming, all those who have been ‘born again’ (i.e. conceived… by the Holy Spirit)… will be resurrected at the same appointed time together… If you have a modern Bible, with the badgers’ skins REMOVED, you do not have the Word of God…

Even David had to learn this truth, when Uzzah touched the Ark of God and the Lord slew him. (2 Samuel 6: 6-8). Instead of the ark (with the Word of God in it) being carried by the priests in badgers’ skins, as it should have been, David had allowed the chosen men of Israel to ‘DRIVE it on a cart’ (2 Samuel 6: 3). This is what the PURPOSE-DRIVEN Church is doing today… 

Badger Paths and Bible manuscripts
Generations upon generations of badgers have followed the same ‘traditional paths’ for hundreds, even thousands of years. Once on a path, badgers rarely use their eyes much as they have a very intimate knowledge of their path system… they hate to deviate from the ‘traditional’ ancient paths…

… There are two separate ‘paths’ of Bible manuscripts, the Traditional Text and the Alexandrian Text. The traditional badger path is identical to the Traditional Text that underlies the King James Bible... Not so with the corrupt Alexandrian text which underlies all modern bible versions. This text follows a CROOKED path just like a snake, not coming straight from the apostles themselves, but rather from Alexandria and Rome… If you do not have a Bible translated from the Traditional Text of the Holy Scriptures, you have a book of Satan – just like the characters that are running the Alpha course at Holy Trinity Brompton…

Eyesight of Badgers
Badgers have extremely poor eyesight… The apostle Paul said, ‘for we walk by faith, not by sight…’ (2 Corinthians 5: 7).

Persecution of Badgers and God’s People
Badgers are the most persecuted animals on Earth. Hence the term, ‘don’t badger me.’ From time immemorial, badgers have been the subject of much evil superstition, hatred and torture. They’ve been rounded up, tortured and killed for fun at major pagan feasts. They’ve been mocked, hounded, baited, castigated and blamed for everything imaginable under the sun – persecuted perpetually without a cause.

Badgers are the ‘barometer’ of the climate in which the Word of God proliferates. In particular, this applies to the free promulgation of the Traditional Text of the Bible. When God’s Word is allowed to proliferate, so do badgers, Jews and genuine Christians. When God’s Word is not allowed to flourish, there is an immediate corresponding sharp increase in the persecution of badgers, Jews and Christians…

When numbers of badgers decline, there is a corresponding dramatic increase in the ‘plagues of Egypt.’ This is because all the animals in the plagues of Egypt leading up to the Passover comprise the badgers’ diet.

Through the sympathy of Christian people in Britain, and after an eternity of persecution, the BADGERS ACT was finally passed in 1973. As a result of this act there followed a big increase in the number of badgers while they were given a short reprieve for a season. However, as the British people turn away from god, a mass cull of badgers is now imminent. This is because the majority of Britain’s ignorant, heathen farmers erroneously claim that badgers are responsible for spreading TB… cattle do not catch TB off badgers. Rather, the reverse is to be true… In Britain, unlike the case in the Middle East, badgers’ diet and favourite food is earthworms. They generally seek these at night in farming areas usually under cow-pads… This is how they contract TB from cattle. Cattle, on the other hand, contract and develop TB through the evil machinations of man. Cattle are now, to begin with, artificially bred. They live a life so unnatural, and their immune system is continually undermined through poor diet, antibiotics and vaccinations, it is a wonder any of them survive at all. This is why cattle get TB. Bovine TB does not come from badgers!

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In 1998, Israel’s tuberculosis rate rose almost 50%. Drug resistant forms of the disease are spreading quickly, and perhaps this has a direct significance to Israel’s relationship with God as well… On Tuesday, 17th February 2004, The Times newspaper in Britain reported, ‘Countdown to the Culling’ (of badgers). It said, ‘The government may gas badgers in a mass cull after an emotive plea by farmers to stamp out bovine TB and save British cattle…’
An interesting point is that the countdown to the proposed gassing and mass culling of badgers, in late 2006, is being ‘synchronised’ to the worldwide completion of the Alpha course program, Alpha International Space station, final ratification of the EU Constitution, and many other important events as well. Christians need to be vigilant.”

[Let’s break off a moment from this study to check out a report I found regarding Britain’s traditional barbaric badger persecution – Eddie, author of The Best-Laid Schemes O' Mice An' Men....]:

By Stephen Jenkinson

‘Why badger groups? What's so special about "Brock" that he deserves his own club? There are no badger groups in the rest of Europe - so why does Britain need them? Aren't all these badger laws a waste of time? 

The defenders of badger digging claim that badger groups are just a result of British sentimentality for one of our oldest mammals. Nothing could be further from the truth. Badger digging and baiting are so barbaric and inhumane that many participants in legal field sports are active and committed supporters of badger groups - being shot would be a relief compared to the intentional and prolonged suffering inflicted by badger baiters. 

The Badger in Europe

‘The Badger has long served as a readily available and useful commodity for the residents of Europe. Practical uses have been for hair, pelts and medicines; badger products were held to cure a range of ailments including asthma, rheumatism and even impotence if you were prepared to eat its cooked genitals! Less radical usage continues even to this day in some Eastern European countries where badger flesh and fat are used for meat and lard. Despite its uses, the badger has suffered some persecution in all countries. However, after studying badgers all over the world, Charles Long and Carl Killingley concluded, “Other countries do not appear to have such a long standing record of relentless persecution, involving cruelty in various forms, as does Great Britain.” 

Britain’s Living Legacy

‘You need look no further for proof of this barbaric tradition than an English dictionary:
Verb: badger Definition: to make a badger of, bait like a badger, hence to subject (one who cannot escape from) to persistent worry or persecution. [Oxford English Dictionary].
The badger has a place in our language for one simple reason - its courage and strength when cornered by man and his dogs. Today, an estimated 9,000 badgers are killed each year by persecution; whilst some gassing and poisoning does occur, badger digging and baiting remain the most frequent and brutal form of persecution. 

‘So what happens at a badger dig? The diggers arrive with terriers, spade, metal bars and sometimes even a sack to carry the victim(s) away. Terriers are entered in the sett - the badger is located and the men dig down to expose the animal and let the "fun" of watching the fight begin. A fit badger can easily get the better of many dogs using its powerful jaws and so for many centuries attempts have been made to even up the fight. The badgers jaws may be broken with a blow from a spade; it may be wounded (not killed) with shotgun pellets or its vulnerable internal organs may be stabbed with a knife. If the badger does not eventually die at the sett, it may be taken away for baiting. 

Nearly 150 years of protective legislation

‘The law is perhaps the most convincing endorsement of cruelty involved in badger baiting. The first law against baiting badgers was passed in 1850 - nearly 150 years ago! The badger, in theory, gained further protection through the 1911 Protection of Animals Act and the Cruelty to Animals Act 1935. The 1973 Badgers Act outlawed the killing and taking of badgers by unauthorised persons and the use of badger tongs and low powered ammunition. Then, as now, badger digging was far more prevalent in northern England, particularly so in south and west Yorkshire. Despite hopes for the 1973 Act The Mammal Society records of West Yorkshire showed that over 62% of setts used by badgers in 1973 had fallen into disuse by 1977. West Yorkshire was designated as the first special Protection Area under the 1973 Act. This prohibited even farmers from killing badgers, except where damage or a risk of spreading disease could be shown. Before then, landowners could legally kill a badger without needing a specific reason. In 1981, the Wildlife and Countryside Act extended this protection throughout the country. However, when caught, many badger diggers would claim they were only after foxes - the authorities found it difficult to prove illegal intent toward a badger beyond the reasonable doubt and court cases often failed. Consequently, a section in the Wildlife and Countryside (Amendment) Act 1985 attempted to address this problem; unusually for English Law, the burden of proof was placed on diggers to show that they were not acting against the Law, rather than the usual case where the prosecution has to endure the burden of proof. Even so, convictions remained a difficult matter. Even when diggers were found guilty, the penalties imposed appear far from severe; the average fine between 1986 and 1991 was £390, compared to a fine of £253 in 1878. Irrespective of statistics, the healthy market for books on badger digging is surely a clear indication of its present-day popularity. 

The badgers Act 1991 prohibited disturbance to badger setts, except for authorised loose hole blocking by fox hunts and interference licensed by English Nature or the Ministry of Agriculture Food & Fisheries. At the same time the Badgers (Further Protection Act) 1991 gave the courts powers to remove dogs of diggers. A year later, the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 consolidated all the previous laws into one piece of legislation. 

So how do badger groups help?

The toughest laws in the land would be virtually worthless without the support and activities of organisations such as badger groups. Badger groups maintain detailed and accurate sett records; essential to prove that an alleged offence took place at an active badger sett, rather than a disused one. Badger group members provide invaluable assistance by keeping a watchful eye for suspicious activities and immediately alerting police; training and special equipment allow accurate details to be taken. On no account do members confront badger diggers themselves; those involved have no respect for the laws regarding violence towards animals - or humans.’ 

Re-produced from NFBG Badger News - Volume 1 with acknowledgement to Stephen Jenkinson.

(Returning now to John D. Christian’s study):

Human Vipers
“In Matthew 3: 7 John the Baptist said both the Pharisees and Sadducees were literal vipers. In Matthew 12: 34 Jesus said the scribes and Pharisees were literal vipers and the same in Matthew 23: 33. But in Luke 3: 7 John said that the ‘multitude’ themselves were also a literal ‘generation of vipers.’ – the deadly killers of the serpent world, not a harmless ‘bunch of snakes’ – as some corrupt scholars, for example, the scribal vipers who wrote the CEV Bible version, would have you believe.

Human Badgers
… During the Nazi holocaust, Jews were required to wear a yellow Jewish Star of David badge on their left breast to identify themselves before being loaded onto cattle wagons and sent to the death camps… Yellow is one of the chief livery colours of the Devil, the Babylonian Jewish Star of David is one of the ancient emblems of the pagan sun-god, and in witchcraft the left breast is consecrated to the worship of the sun. There are twelve yellow stars also on the EU flag. The apostate Christian Church could well remember that. So should European Jewry.

… Badgers are the most social and hospitable animals on Earth. Members of other setts are always welcome to stay in the sett of another… As Britain turns away from God, it is only inevitable that foxes (and false prophets) will be protected, and badgers (and God’s people) will be persecuted. It is not without significance that British PM Tony Blair, who was Chairman of the Fabians Society before he became Prime Minister… in November 2004 passed a contentious Act of Parliament to protect foxes to be implemented in 2005-2006 – the very same time that the proposed gassing of badgers is also planned to be initiated throughout Britain… While the Jews have been dispersed and left without a country that they can call home, so too, the badger community in Israel…The ‘badger’ and the ‘viper’ are only two words out of thousands of individual words modern bible versions have deceptively removed from the King James Bible. The NIV editors have removed over 64,000 words alone from the KJV …


“…Virtually all of the heathen badges, medals or honours of the world, both military and civilian, monarchy or republican, are worn on the left breast, arm or shoulder and are predominantly sun-god symbols… all military marches begin with the left foot forward… as the ignorant soldiers march, fight for and follow the sun.

In the Hall of Heroes in the Pentagon, Washington DC, are displayed America’s three highest military medals. They are all satanic inverted pentagrams carried on 13 star ribbons – worn on the left breast – which indicate that the ignorant recipients fight not for the God of the Bible, but for the heathen sun-god and Satan. This fact alone should persuade all genuine Christians not to fight in the military – of any nation! 

… Albert Pike, the patriarch of American Scottish Rite Freemasonry, has a memorial dedicated to him in Judiciary Square off Indiana Ave., 3rd and D streets, Washington DC. At the top of the memorial is a statue of Pike standing up – with left foot forward following the sun.

In Washington Cathedral, Washington DC, there is a demonic statue of George Washington placed there by 33° Freemasons. Like Pike, he too is shown standing with his left foot forward following the sun. Following on from Washington and Pike, President George bush Junior and his American cohorts in their post 9/11 ‘war against terror,’ symbolised their rebellion in wearing a demonic badge of the American flag – also on their left shoulder. The stripes on the U.S. flag represent the rays of the sun.

From time immemorial, all the heathen religions and nations of the world have followed the left hand path of the sun…
Even right from the very beginning God knew that when men rejected Him as Creator, they would turn to the left hand and worship the sun. This is why He REJECTED the ram’s left shoulder in Exodus 29: 22 – and this is why He has REJECTED the Alpha course sun-god logo – which shows Jupiter carrying a bright red serpent Question Mark sun-god emblem – in his left hand and on his left shoulder – with left foot forward following the left hand path as he worships the sun. 

… ALL ministers, pastors, priests, individuals and congregations throughout the world who support and follow the Alpha course are following the LEFT HAND PATH OF BAAL –just like the priests of Baal and false prophets who supported Queen Jezebel and were put down by righteous King Josiah.

A Real Alpha Course ‘Viper’.
Just like real vipers, Holy Trinity Brompton’s venomous false prophets are subtly waving their bright red “Question Mark” serpent logo to lure their naïve victims, both Roman Catholic and Protestant, into their deadly lair for a meal.

Mexican pit viper showing its brightly coloured tail that it waves in the air to allure victims.
Circumambulation Ritual

Freemasonry is the leading Luciferian and witchcraft coven in the world. When a new initiate enters the Masonic Lodge, he goes through a witchcraft ritual called ‘Circumambulation’. This long word from the Latin, means ‘walking all around’. During the ritual , the candidate ceremoniously walks around the lodge in the direction assumed to be taken by the sun… Bernard E. Jones, in Freemasons’ Guide and compendium, p.274-275, writes about the ritual:

‘Thousands of years ago people became nervous of proceeding except in the sun-wise direction. We read when Plato, who lived in the fifth century B.C., gave a symposium – a dinner and a drinking party – the greatest care was taken to pass the wine cups round from right to left, and even conversation and everything that took place in the entertainment was made to observe that same rule… It was inevitable that, in the course of time, the stately rite of circumambulation should be adopted by the Christian church. Everywhere the church still observes it… we recognise in the circumambulation of the candidate an element of most or of all the mysteries, stretching back, probably, to before the dawn of civilisation.’

“High level witches, mostly masons, who control what the masses and most people do (albeit unwittingly), use the circumambulation ritual much more than most people realise.
Have you ever wondered why, when the Olympic athletes march into the arena at the opening and closing ceremonies… they march in a left-hand, or anti-clockwise direction, following the sun-god Zeus… This is why the highest levels of witches, and the chief false prophets of the apostate Christian church, including charlatans like Nicky Gumbel and Benny Hinn, always consecrate their ministries to the LEFT.


“Many of the apostate churches that run the Alpha course are also the ‘seeker-friendly’ or ‘seeker-sensitive’ churches. These organisations promote what they call a ‘purpose-driven spirit’ and often describe themselves as ‘purpose-driven’ churches. Since their teachings largely come from pagan Alexandrian Gnosticism, like the Alpha course, their leaders usually end up interlocking their evangelisation program with Alpha.

Two mega-churches in the United States are seen as leading models for this movement: Willow Creek Community Church (near Chicago), pastured by Bill Hybels, and Saddleback Valley Community Church (south of Los Angeles), pastured by Rick Warren. Their influence is stunning.

Bill Hybels’ Willow Creek Community Church and Alpha Willow Creek has formed its own association of churches, with 9,500 members. In 2003, over 100,000 church leaders attended at least one Willow Creek leadership conference. 

Bill Hybels… invited Nicky Gumbel to speak to the 17,000 people attending the four weekend services at Willow Creek Community Church in October 2002… In November 2003, Bill Hybels spoke at the first ever joint Willow Creek – Alpha conference in Nuremberg, Germany… In his introduction at the conference, Mr. Hybels said:
‘We’ve tried for a long time to do a conference in partnership with Nicky Gumbel and Alpha… There are thousands of churches that use seeker services as we do at Willow. Other churches use entirely different strategies… One strategy that I would like for all of you to consider is Alpha… Many people said, “It was when Nicky Gumbel explained Christianity… That was when I became a Christian…”’

Rick Warren’s Purpose-Driven Church
Rick Warren, the founding pastor of Saddleback Community Church, has been leading the way in today’s ‘seeker-friendly’ global Growth Movement. With over 50,000 members on his church roll, he pastors one of the largest churches in America.

He also founded www.pastors.com, a global internet community that serves and mentors those in ‘purpose-driven’ ministries worldwide. Their web-site advises that ‘over 60,000 pastors subscribe to Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox, a free weekly e-mail newsletter.’
The www.pastors.com web-site summarises his ministry by saying:

‘Rick Warren is well known as the pioneer of The purpose-Driven Church paradigm for church health. More than 250,000 pastors and church leaders from over 125 countries have attended Purpose-Driven Church seminars in 18 languages. Peter Drucker calls him “The inventor of Perpetual Revival.” Rick’s previous book, The Purpose Driven Church, has sold over a million copies in 20 languages. Winner of the Gold Medallion Ministry Book of the Year, it is used as a textbook in most seminaries, and was selected as one of the 100 Christian Books That Changed the 20th Century.’

“According to data supplied by U.K.’s Nielsen BookScan (0125274255) taken from the Total Consumer Market (TCM) 4 Week Period to 17th April 2004, Rick Warren’s latest best-selling book, The Purpose Driven Life (published by Zondervan in June 2003) was the top Christian best-selling book on the market. Not surprisingly, second place was filled by Nicky Gumbel’s Why Jesus? (published by Alpha International January 2004 [a reprint] ). Third place went to Lahaye’s Glorious appearing (published by Tyndale House in March 2004) and fourth place went to none other than the corrupt NIV Bible (published by Hoddart in September 1994)… Global sales of Rick Warren’s best-seller, The Purpose Driven Life, are truly staggering. As at August 2004, it was the #1 New York Times best-seller, having been on the best-sellers list for 73 weeks, with total sales exceeding 20 million. 

Clearly it is not a mere coincidence that Rick Warren’s books… with Nicky Gumbel’s… and the NIV Bible, are now linked together as the world’s top Christian best-sellers – so what do all these books have in common?

Simply put, their overwhelming message is that the true Word of God translated from the Textus Receptus ‘Received Text’ (in English, the King James Bible) and the power of the Holy Spirit are insufficient for delivering a person from habitual sin and for transforming his or her life into one that is fruitful and acceptable to God.

The real essence of Gumbel and Warren’s message is this: ‘FIND GOD AND YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF’ – and thus you will become ‘Purpose-Driven’ from an ‘Alpha’ new beginning.

These are old pagan Alexandrian, Gnostic, Neo-Platonist ideas and do not come from the King James Bible…

… On page 61 of Warren’s Purpose Driven Life is an illustration of an oak tree at the beginning of PURPOSE #1 – YOU WERE PLANNED FOR GOD’S PLEASURE. 

Accompanying the illustration is a blasphemous quote from the New Age Living Bible:
‘For God has planted them like strong and
graceful oaks for his own glory.’
(Isaiah 61: 3, Living Bible)

“Dear reader, are you aware ‘oaks’ in the Bible represent IDOLATRY and are almost always mentioned in terms of God’s judgement on the wicked. They are almost never mentioned in a positive light, and they are certainly not part of the text of Isaiah 61: 3. The KJV does not say anything like this at all… It reads:
‘To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion,
to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of
joy for the mourning, the garment of praise for
the spirit of heaviness; that they might be
called trees of righteousness, the planting of
the LORD, that he might be glorified.’
(Isaiah 61:3 – KJV)

…Warren’s ‘Kingdom of God here on Earth’
“Right at the very beginning of his books satanic dedication, (there is a subtle ‘oak-leaf’ at the top left and lower right corners of the dedication) on page 5, he blasphemously sets out to deliberately deceive his readers by stating in esoteric terms (so only fellow Masons and witches can understand):
‘This book is dedicated to you.
Before you were born, God planned this moment in
your life. It is no accident that you are holding this
book. God longs for you to discover the life he created
you to live – here on Earth, and forever in eternity.
It’s in Christ we find out who we are and
what we are living for. Long before we first heard
of Christ… he had his eyes on us, had designs on us
for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is
working out in everything and everyone.

Ephesians 1: 11 (Message)
I am grateful to the hundreds of writers and teachers,
both classical and contemporary, who have shaped my
life and helped me learn these truths. I thank God and
you for the privilege of sharing them with you.’

“God HAS NOT ‘created Christians to live – here on this Earth, and forever in eternity.’ In Mark 10: 17-21, when the rich young man asked, ‘what shall I do that I might inherit eternal life?’ Jesus replied, ‘One thing thou lackest: go thy way, sell whatsoever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, take up thy cross and follow me.’
In Matthew 16: 24-25, Jesus said to his disciples, ‘If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it’ … In Christ only, Christians have peace, but in this world they have ‘tribulation’ (John 16: 33). ‘We are fools for Christ’s sake… being defamed, we intreat: we are made as the filth of the world, and are the offscouring of all things unto this day.’ (I Corinthians 4: 10-13). ‘Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.’ (2 Timothy 3: 12). ‘Christ’s eternal kingdom is in heaven – not of this world.’ (John 18: 36). Christians have been relentlessly thrown to the lions, boiled in hot oil, burnt at the stake, tortured for Christ for their faith here on Earth – in hope of a future resurrection, and the gift of eternal life in heaven. 

Aristotle’s Purpose-Driven ‘Incarnation of the philosophic Spirit’
Socrates, Plato and Aristotle are the most famous of the ancient ‘classical’ Greek philosophers, teachers and writers to which Warren refers. Virtually all modern witchcraft and socialism has its basis in one form or another in the occult writings of these three heathens. Modern Freemasonry bases much of its witchcraft on their teachings, as do the Jesuits and many Roman Catholic Orders…

Rick Warren and the Tavistock Mind-Control Operation
Christians should not be so easily deceived. At the start of Warren’s Masonic 40 Day New Age journey, on page 17, entitled It All Starts with God, he quotes from ‘Bertrand Russell, atheist’. While openly admitting he is an atheist, Warren goes on and contemptuously uses Russell’s quote to support Colossians 1: 16.

“Who was Russell and why was Warren reading his writings? Bertrand Russell was the man who almost single-handedly brought Fabian Socialism (Communism) to China during his visit to Peking University in 1920. Bertrand Russell and Aldous Huxley, both secret society initiates, brought the satanic MK ULTRA PROJECT MONARCH mind-control program to the CIA in America from the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations in London… One cannot study the evil writings of Russell and Huxley without implicating them with Tavistock. What is Rick Warren doing studying their writings? “Clearly Warren is using their brainwashing techniques in his books and on his naïve flock…

Spirit-Led or Purpose-Driven?
Berit Kjos, author of a book entitled, Spirit-Led or Purpose-Driven? (Published by www.crossroad.to) writes an excellent expose of the heretical teachings of the Purpose-Driven Movement. In part two of her book entitled ‘Unity & Community’ she perceptively writes:

‘“I want to stress the importance of continually emphasising the corporate nature of the Christian life to your members.” wrote Pastor Warren in his church management manual, The Purpose-Driven Church. “Preach it, teach it and talk about it with individuals. We belong together. We need each other. We are connected, joined together as parts of one body. We are family!” (The Purpose-Driven Church p.328).

‘Yes, those who truly belong to Christ are one in him! … But Pastor Warren adds some questionable organizational reasons for emphasising fellowship and unity. As he explained in his article, “Relationships hold your church together,” fellowship among members may be the most effective way to “grow” large and strong churches. So, in the Church Growth Movement (CGM) people-pleasing fellowship – designed specifically to bond spiritually diverse people to each other – becomes a major purpose. This process includes the following steps:

1. … Continually emphasize the importance of fellowship and unity, commitment (including signed contracts) and community participation. Stress oneness – the “corporate nature” of churches. This is the heart of “systems thinking,” whether in secular business or church: everything is interconnected; all is one. Nothing has meaning unless it fits into the “Greater Whole.”
2. … Create organisational structures for bringing in new visitors and new members quickly into small groups where trained “change leaders” can facilitate the dialogue, encourage bonding and monitor the collective training.
3. … Warn people against neglecting “accountability” to the five purposes (or “mission statement”).
4. … Package truth in ways that make it palatable and pleasing to everyone, members, unbelievers and seekers alike. Avoid offensive Scriptures and divisive warnings. De-emphasize Biblical absolutes or “doctrine.” They hinder unity and “continual change.”
5. … Use signed contracts, the dialectic process and continual assessments to hold all members accountable to the kind of fellowship mandated by the purpose-driven management system.”’

‘Saddleback Church models these five points and many other practical guidelines for church growth and unity… that individuals only have worth and meaning according to their place in the whole system. (This holism now permeates, guides and unites organisations around the world). With that view in mind, ponder Pastor Warren’s next five statements:

‘“You discover your role in life through your relationships with others. The Bible tells us, Each part gets its meaning from the body as a whole, not the other way around… But as a chopped-off finger or a cut-off toe we wouldn’t amount to much, would we?” [The Purpose-Driven Life (PDL) p. 131] “The Bible knows nothing of solitary saints or spiritual hermits isolated from other believers and deprived of fellowship.” [PDL p.130] “… God wants his family to be known for its love more than anything else. Jesus said our love for each other – not our doctrinal beliefs – is our greatest witness to the world.” [PDL p.124].
‘Do you see the conflicting messages? The imprisoned apostle Paul, a “solitary saint” separated from his fellow believers toward the end of his life, is only one of numerous Biblical examples of faithful men and women who grew up in faith while standing alone and sharing the suffering of Jesus. Check the Psalms, the books of Isaiah, Jeremiah and other persecuted prophets, the Gospels… Remember that in many Communist prisons, the uncompromising Biblical faith of tortured believers brought multitudes of fellow prisoners – even cold-hearted inquisitors and torturers to Christ. Yes, our visible God-given love for one another demonstrates a divine gift that the world craves but cannot duplicate. But only the Truth of the Gospel (doctrine), made alive by the Spirit, can spark that same divine life and love in another person. “Love” without Truth cannot bring unbelievers into God’s kingdom.’
Satan’s ‘Focus on the Family’

“Berit’s book perceptively makes the clear distinction between Rick Warren’s satanic human, Earthly ‘family’ and the genuine Scriptural body of believers who belong to Christ’s eternal, heavenly ‘family.’ The differences between the two are subtle, yet profound. The word ‘family’ appears exactly 123 times in the Bible, 122 times in the Old Testament, yet only once in the entire New Testament. The word ‘family’ is an ‘Old’ Testament word. It is deliberately avoided in the New Testament apart from its sole use in Ephesians 3: 14-15:
‘For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Of whom the whole family in heaven and Earth is named.’

(Note from author of The Best-Laid Schemes: A clarifying note on the use of the word ‘family’ in the New Testament appears in Bulinger’s Companion Bible, p.1771):


“The whole family in heaven and Earth”

1. The word “family” is an unfortunate rendering of the Gr. patria. Our English word takes its derivation from the lowest in the household, famulus, the servant, or slave. The Latin familia was sometimes used of the household of servants, and sometimes of all the members of a family under the power of a pater familias. But the idea of patria is Hebrew, a group or class of families all claiming descent from one pater (father), e.g. the twelve tribes of Israel. “Joseph was of the house and lineage (family, Gr. patria) of David” (Luke 2: 4). The word occurs only in Luke 2: 4. Acts 3: 25. Eph. 3: 15, and denotes a clan all descended from a common stock.

2. To apply this: - God has many families in heaven and Earth, both in this age and in that which is to come. But with selfish disregard of this fact we see only one family, and that of course must be the “church”, for that is the family to which we belong. Thus we claim everything for ourselves, especially if blessing, mercy, or glory is attached, and so we completely ignore the fact that many of these families of God are named in Scripture. In 1: 21 we have “principality”, “power”, “might”, “dominion”; the first two being again mentioned in 3: 10, the principalities and powers in the heavenlies to whom God is even now manifesting His manifold wisdom by means of the church (His body) as an object-lesson. Others are mentioned in Col. 1: 16, 1 Peter 3: 22. What these heavenly families may be we do not know. The Greek words reveal to us no more than the English do, because they pertain to the unseen world of which we know nothing.

To limit this verse to the “church” as many do, and to interpret it in wholly unscriptural terms of the “church militant” and the “church triumphant”, and in hymn-book diction to sing:
“One family we dwell in Him
One church, above, beneath;
Though now divided by the stream
The narrow stream of death”:

is not only to lose the revelation of a great truth of God, but to put error in its place. Rightly divided, the families of God named in the N. T. are: - in heaven, principalities, powers, might, dominion, thrones, angels, and archangels. Among the families on Earth are Israel, the Israel of God (Gal. 6: 16), and the church of God (1 Cor. 10: 32).
THE COMPANION BIBLE, Zondervan Bible Publishers, Zondervan Corporation, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506.
(Back now to John D. Christian):

“The whole emphasis throughout the New Testament is that there is no ‘family’ salvation. Satan does not like this doctrine, so with the subtle stroke of his pen, he deftly alters the text to suit his devilish purposes in all modern New Age bible versions. Good examples of his vandalism of the text may be found in the NIV. Where the KJV has the word ‘family’ only once in the entire New Testament, the NIV scribal vipers have insidiously increased its appearance… to… 22 times. Indeed, wherever the NIV editors get the slightest opportunity to insert the word ‘family’… they do it unhesitatingly. Of course, there is a reason you know!”
[The Hooked Cross, seen below became a symbol of Christian Socialism under the National Socialist German Worker’s Party – Eddie.]

“A major tenet of ‘Christian Socialism,’ Fabian Socialism, or ‘Communism’ as it is more widely known, is that the whole face of society should be divided up into ‘community cells,’ where members are brainwashed to think of each other not as individual ‘friends,’ but as ‘comrades’ who are part of one close-knit ‘human family’ whole – who share everything equally together. The word ‘family’ in the Communist sense means the ‘collective’ – the ‘community.’

… Even in Ephesians 3: 15 in the KJV, (the only verse in the entire New Testament that includes the word ‘family’) the NIV scribes still cannot resist changing the Text. The KJV, ‘of whom the whole family in heaven and Earth is named’ is changed in the NIV to: ‘from whom his whole family in heaven and on Earth derives its name’… the ‘family’ in Ephesians 3: 15 (KJV) is not only ‘derived’ from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, it is actually part of the literal ‘paternal descent’ of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself! A huge difference between the KJV and NIV!

… There is no way that the NIV translators did not know the clear differences in the meanings between these exclusive words. Clearly, they deliberately chose to surreptitiously alter their text to comply with their socialist views and deceive their readers.”

… Whenever words like ‘common,’ ‘community’ or ‘family’ are used in the modern context, more often than not they are almost always used as euphemisms for COMMUNIST. Modern… phrases like ‘common goals,’ ‘common purposes,’ ‘common agricultural policy,’ ‘community policing,’ ‘community spirit,’ ‘community service’ etc. are all covertly Communist terms. Bill Hybels Willow Creek Community Church and Rick Warren’s Saddleback Valley Community Church are not called ‘community’ for nothing. Often used statements like; ‘selfish individual interests must unfortunately be sacrificed for the general good of the whole community’ are exclusively Communist terms.

“The word ‘community’ cannot be found even once in the entire King James Bible, yet the words ‘community, communities, community’s’ have been cunningly slipped into the NIV no less than 89 times. Many other ‘communist’ New Age bibles are even worse. It is patently clear that it was not the Holy Ghost, but a ‘Karl Marx Ghost’ that inspired the scurrilous NIV Bible editors to turn the NIV into a satanic COMMUNIST book!

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… Marx, Lenin and Stalin would feel greatly at home in Buckingham Palace, or in Rick Warren’s Saddleback Community Church. They would love his loud, degenerative contemporary rock music, his ‘common goals’ and ‘common purposes’ espoused in his 40 Days of Purpose study guide. So would the Pope, because Warren’s 40 Days of Purpose study guide is the Protestant Gnostic equivalent of Rome’s 40 Days of Lent, originally observed in pagan Babylon in honour of the sun and the mother-Earth goddess Ishtar… Perhaps we… should not be so surprised to see the ‘Purpose-Driven church’ growing into Antichrist’s final New World Order ONE WORLD COMMUNIST CHURCH. Rick Warren’s chief mentor was a man called Peter Drucker, an avowed communitarian. A ‘communitarian’ is a modern term for a communist…

Peter Drucker’s Fabian Socialism/Fascism/Communism
Lynn and Sarah Leslie’s superb paper, The Shepherding Movement Comes of Age, write:
‘Dr. Robert Klenck, an orthopaedic surgeon, has been speaking out at conferences around the U.S. and warning of Rick Warren’s influence from Peter Drucker, a corporate management guru with strong ties to the New Age/New World Order. Drucker influenced the start and growth of Saddleback Community Church. He has dedicated much effort into bringing the church into conformance with the system model of governance, which is known as Total Quality Management in the corporate world. In this model, parishioners are ‘customers’…’

“Indeed, it is noteworthy that the highest concentration of the new ‘covenant’ style churches can be found in the faith-based arena. The federal bills in Washington DC that originally began dispersing funds to churches that were doing welfare reform, job training, etc. required that these churches exhibit ‘ecumenicity’. Churches receiving federal dollars must be held ‘accountable.’ One significant way to achieve this goal is to transform the churches into the Corporate/State mode of governance, using the ‘systems’ model.

It is not uncommon therefore, to find that faith-based, government-financed ‘covenant’ churches are requiring even more of their members. Members at one such church in Pennsylvania must participate in daily e-mails from the pastor, evening worship several nights a week, daily intercession activities, cell group activities and up to 5 hours per week of ‘community service’ in any of over a dozen state-funded, community-based ‘ministries.’ Churches like this one have become ‘centres’ for State charity work…

Interestingly, Peter Drucker may have been brought up with the German philosophies of the 1800’s, but his advanced education was in England. Before he started preaching his Fabian Socialist ‘General Systems Theories’ adopted by Saddleback community Church, he first worked for a major bank in the City of London Corporation, and after that a consortium of British banks in the united States linked to JP Morgan and the Rockefellers. Consequently a symposium organised by the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Non-profit Management entitled, Emerging Partnerships: New Ways in a New World – was sponsored by none other than the communist Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

“The first sentence on the Tavistock Institute official web-site in 1996 read, ‘The Tavistock Institute was founded in 1947 with a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation.’ (We remember, the Rockefellers are simply the ‘American branch office’ of N.M. Rothschild & Sons in London – the same City of London banking conglomerate that indirectly controls UBS-Warburg – whose Jewish vice chairman, Ken Costa, is the very same individual who is chairman of Alpha Partners).

Both the Alpha course and Purpose-Driven Church/Spirit movements therefore are indirectly funded and controlled by the same City of London iniquitous individuals.

THE TRUE OBJECTIVE behind Holy Trinity Brompton’s Alexandrian, Gnostic Alpha course, (as it was used originally at the time of the Early Church in the days of Caesar) is to transform the naïve Church population away from the worship of the person of Jesus Christ, to the soon-coming Gnostic Christ – who in reality is Antichrist.” 

(Note from author of The Best-Laid Schemes: The Scriptures clearly command us to worship the Lord God Almighty, Yahweh, the Creator God, not His Son. We worship Yahweh in the name of the Son. We pray to Yahweh in the name of the Son. The angel in Revelation reprimanded the apostle John for attempting to worship him by stating: ‘See thou do it not: for I am thy fellowservant, worship God.’ (Yahweh) Rev. 22: 9. The word used for God is ‘Theos’ which we now know should never have been substituted for the Tetragramaton YHWH. Unfortunately there is much confusion in the church regarding who to worship and who to pray to due to the doctrine of the ‘trinity’ added by the Roman Catholic Church with help from Constantine which brought the church into line with pagan 3 part god beliefs. The word ‘trinity’ does not appear in Scripture, and in the book of Revelation it speaks only of thrones being set for Almighty God and the Lamb – no mention of the so-called ‘third person’ the Holy Spirit who in actual fact is the Lord God Almighty Himself. The problem has arisen from the fact that the word for spirit, ‘pneuma’ in the Greek, is never capitalised nor does it carry the article ‘the’ in front of it, translators therefore have had to decide for themselves when it should be ‘Holy Spirit’ or ‘holy spirit’ adding the article ‘the’ at will. Capitalised it should mean God Almighty or God the Father. In diminutives it should denote the ‘gift of holy spirit’ that we all receive from Yahweh when we believe, become born again.)

“The True Purpose behind Rick Warren’s books, The Purpose-Driven Church and The Purpose-Driven Life is to inaugurate the establishment of the final One World Religion, Luciferian, State-Run ‘Christian-Socialist’ Fabian Socialist/Fascist/Marxist/Communist Church – run in a large part by naïve, Roman Catholic, and Luke-warm apostate Protestant pastors who, as the old Soviet Communist saying goes, ‘have now become the State’s useful idiots.’

The satanic Term ‘Purpose-Driven’
Even just an elementary understanding of the Scriptures should tell all Christians that the term, ‘Purpose-Driven’, is entirely satanic.

Throughout his entire ministry, Jesus continually repeated the words, ‘Follow me’… All genuine Christians are FOLLOWERS of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the true good Shepherd. All of Satan’s goats are ‘driven’. All of the Lord Jesus Christ’s sheep are ‘led.’ …

… The ‘horned god,’ Baphomet, the god of witches and the Templars in Freemasonry, is often shown as a horned goat inside a pentagram, often called the Pentacle of Invocation. Manly P. Hall in The Secret Teachings of all Ages identifies Baphomet with the satanic ‘Goat of Mendes,’ and says he is the best known representation of Lucifer in all occultism…

Prince Charles: Pan, the Goat-Man, God of Flocks and False Shepherds

In pagan Greek mythology, Pan, represented by a wild horned goat-man, was the god of flocks and herds and the personification of wild nature. The Druid priests in Britain called him the Green Man or the Ever-Green-Green One, because he united man with nature, and as such was an environmental prince, hero of sustainability and the protection of mother-nature, a saviour who delivered the world from lasciviousness and unconscionable greed by robbing the rich and helping the poor. In Celtic mythology, he was later called Robin Hood, the Ever-Green-Green One, who lived in a Druid high grove in a forest of oaks, who stood up for the ordinary man by saving them from oppressive taxes and an evil lord.
In pictures of Pan, he is often represented as a horned goat-man with angel-like wings carrying a shepherd’s crook, playing on a flute of reeds of different lengths… dancing on his cloven hooves over glades and mountains, escorted by a bevy of seductive nymphs… paganism has continued to worship him right up to the very present. Course students who sign Rick Warren’s 40 Day spiritual journey OAK-LEAF COVENANT at the beginning of his demonic book, The Purpose-Driven Life, ignorantly consecrate their lives to the Druid god Pan.

Gail Riplinger in New Age Bible Versions, chapter forty, refers to Pan and how he is connected to the two principal spurious manuscripts, Vaticanus (B) and Sinaiticus (Aleph) used in the translation of all modern bible versions. She notes that neither of these two corrupt manuscripts end with the book of Revelation, and writes:

‘Vaticanus (B) completely eliminates Revelation, thereby disobeying God’s command not to “take away from the words of the book.” Sinaiticus (Aleph) adds two books after Revelation, both written in the same handwriting as the remainder. Hence this manuscript is guilty of adding “unto these things”. The addition of these two books presents an ending to the story that lines up, word-for-word with the scenario Satan would like to see. (Since the exegesis of most apostate Christian teachers regarding the book of Revelation puts it in the setting of the fall of the Roman Empire, the two added books will easily be used to form a manual for the New Age.) These two books, The Shepherd of Hermas and The epistle of Barnabus, spell out in detail the entire New Age scenario…’

“… Further, she shows how Blavatsky recognised the (the contents of The Shepherd of Hermas) as direct excerpts from pagan literature, ‘concocted from those Pagan 
predecessors… such as the Kabala, the Sohar, Hindu and Gnostic writings.’ … She explains how the Shepherd of Hermas contains and abstract phrase ‘and he took me away into Arcadia,’ a poignant reference to the home of the Greek god Pan, one of the names of the Devil; and says, ‘The root word of “Arcadia” is “arcane,” which means “secret,” consequently New Age leader Alice Bailey calls her teaching ‘the Arcane School.’
“… On March 7, 2002, the following article appeared in The Times, which read:
Winged Prince is ‘Saviour of the World’

LONDON – ‘The Prince of Wales is to be immortalised in bronze as a muscular, winged god dressed in nothing more than a loincloth. He will be the first living member of the Royal Family to have a life-size statue dedicated to his honour. Although the Prince is destined to become Defender of the Faith when he becomes King of England, the inscription on the statue in Brazil will honour him as “Saviour of the World”… The statue will dominate the town square, to be named after the Prince, in Palmas, the state capital of Tocantins on the edge of the rainforest. The sculpture, which will invite comparisons with the statue of Christ overlooking Rio de Janeiro from Corcovado, is set on a marble base. At its feet is an untidy mass of human bodies, one drinking from a bottle of wine, which is said to represent the world in a mess which the Prince is busy saving. Jose Wilson Sequeira Campos, the Governor of Tocantins, in central Brazil, said, “It is Prince Charles saving the world. We think he is deserving of it…”’

Prince Charles and the Goat-man god Pan.
“And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats: And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left… Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.” (Matthew 26: 32-41)

Above is a photo of a bronze sculpture of Prince Charles honoring him as “Savior of the World” as the Goat-man god Pan. The statue dominates the town square, named after the Prince, in Palmas, the state capital of Tocantins on the edge of the rainforest in Brazil. The Times March 7, 2002, ran an article about it entitled Winged Prince is ‘Savior of the World.’ According to their article, Prince Charles was given a miniature copy of the statue which he now keeps on a mantelpiece at Highgrove, the Prince’s home in Gloucestershire.
[Shown also in John D. Christian's book is a hieroglyphical representation of Jupiter or Pan that had been previously published in The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall, p.XXXV, one of the premier Masonic books of witchcraft in the world. This particular image of Pan shows him with wings, just like the image above of Prince Charles. Author of The best-Laid Schemes.]

Spiritual History of Alexandria
Alexandria, the chief port of Egypt, was founded by Alexander the Great in 332 BC, where he founded a school of philosophy there on an island near the mouth of the River Nile. This school developed during the first three centuries BC into the largest university, library of antique literature, and centre of learning in the world.
It was here that many of ancient Greece’s Neo-Platonist/Gnostic philosophers pursued their studies, and people like Ptolemy the geographer/astrologer and many others made their name there. By the time of Christ, Alexandria… had grown into the educational, medical and scientific centre of the ancient world… had 800,000 people second only to Rome. In industry and commerce it was first.

Alexandria’s harbour consisted of 9 miles of wharves, and Pliny records that the city’s wall measured some 15 miles in length. The port’s awe-inspiring Pharos lighthouse (the first in the world) was built in 281 BC and designed by the celebrated Greek architect Sostratus. It was constructed of stunning white marble, was over 100 metres high, and utilised a fire burning in front of a giant mirror… The Pharos lighthouse was… regarded as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. As the result of a big earthquake in 1324AD it was destroyed…

The city’s most famous beautiful woman was Queen Cleopatra (69-30 BC)… Two giant obelisks (emblems of the male sexual organ and the Egyptian sun-god) were consecrated to her called ‘Cleopatra’s Needles.’ These were two of the most important religious emblems in the city… appropriately, one now stands on the River Thames Embankment in London, and the other is in Central Park in New York. 

After the time of Christ, when Christianity spread to Egypt during the first five centuries AD, the philosophers and theologians at the school in Alexandria sought to merge Christianity and Greek philosophy together, and this gave rise to Neo-Platonism and Gnosticism, that spread like wildfire throughout the early church…
Modern rebuilding of Alexandria

Modern witchcraft is largely based on the teachings of the Jewish Babylonian Cabala and those of Alexandrian Gnosticism, which in turn originated from the early witchcraft practised in Babylon and Egypt.

Modern Freemasonry is the most visible extension and leader of this pagan system. Hence, the name of the town of Alexandria in Virginia… opposite the Capitol in Washington DC – and hence the reason why the George Washington National Memorial and Grand Temple of York Rite Freemasonry in the U.S. is located in the same area…
In mid October, 2002, after 1700 years of dereliction, the historic, new Bibliotecha Alexandrina, $397 million, high-tech library complex was opened by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. The building’s giant 120 metre diameter tilting roof is designed to represent ‘the rising-sun’ (Horus – Lucifer)…

Alpha and Alexandria
Less than 18 months after the opening of the Bibliotecha Alexandrina library… followed a remarkable feature in Holy Trinity Brompton’s Alpha News-U.K. Edition, July-October 2004, p.15, which read:

Alexandria hosts first Alpha Conference in an Arab Country
‘The first Alpha conference to be held in an Arab country took place in Alexandria, Egypt, in March, 2004. Around 300 church leaders from many countries across the region attended the event, which was opened by the Anglican Bishop of Egypt with North Africa, Dr. Mouneer Anis. Dr. Anis told the conference, “This Alpha course is a tool in the hand of the Holy Spirit to transform lives... A Roman Catholic bishop in Egypt, Dr. Yohanna Kolta, also spoke at the conference and attended the ‘Alpha in a Catholic context’ seminar…’
“Incredibly, this inaugural Alpha conference in March 2004 in Alexandria was held in a giant tent (grove) with its inside walls elaborately adorned with colourfully embroidered ‘hangings’ depicting emblems of the Egyptian Eye of Horus (the emblem of the ‘rising-sun-god’ – or Lucifer)…
… Could it be, that Mr. Gumbel deliberately chose to first launch Alpha in Alexandria – because he secretly is a modern-day heretic like Origen – a Neo-Platonist Gnostic? Some of Satan’s greatest ambassadors can appear as some of the nicest people you know!
The plot to introduce a Luciferian New World Order in more recent times can be directly traced back to May 1st 1776, when a secret society loosely called the ‘Order of the Illuminati’ [real name: Ancient and Illuminated Seers of Bavaria] (AISB) was supposedly founded by Adam Weishaupt, a Jewish professor of Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt, Germany.
Weishaupt was born on February 6th 1748. He received his early education under the Jesuits (where he was introduced to the Greek Classics including Plato). In 1771, he came into contact with a merchant named Kolmer, who had spent many years in Egypt where he studied the ‘Egyptian Mysteries’ from which he developed his own ‘secret doctrine.’ Kolmer had returned to Europe in search of converts to his ‘secret doctrine’… developed from the Egyptian mysteries, and also to a lesser extent, the Manichaeism he had studied in the east.
Weishaupt was initiated into Kolmer’s Luciferian philosophy and ‘secret doctrine,’ and he spent the next four or five years devising a plan, based on the Egyptian mysteries and the philosophies of Plato, to establish a revolutionary secret society whose ultimate aim was to control the world.
… The Manichaean’s derived their teaching from Mani, who was reputedly born near Baghdad in the 3rd century AD. Mani claimed to be an apostle of Jesus Christ, the promised Paraclete (Holy Spirit). He believed that Buddha, Zoroaster, Hermes and Plato were all his predecessors.
“Weishaupt got his dream for a New World Order from Plato’s Republic. When he founded the Order, his inner council was made up of five key men: Sir Francis Dashwood, Meyer Amschel Rothschild, Alphonse Donatien De Sade, Kolmer and Weishaupt. Contrary to the generally accepted view, Weishaupt was not the real founder and inspiration of the Illuminati. It was Sir Francis Dashwood, (who also founded the Dilettanti Club and the Order of the Hellfire Club) with his Masonic fraternity and Luciferian brotherhood in London.
Meyer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812)… funded the Illuminati and assisted Weishaupt and Dashwood from the very beginning. The Order was set up by Sir Francis Dashwood as a sub-branch of the Grand Lodge of England in London. Many of the original details and documents relating to this are secretly held in the Masonic Grand Lodge of England Great Hall Library and Museum, Great Queen Street, London, together with other related documents going as far back as 1717 and earlier – this author has seen many of them.
The Order of the Illuminati was founded on 1st May (May Day) 1776 to coincide with the date of the laying of the Foundation Stone of Great Hall… (the control centre of World Freemasonry) that had been laid the previous year on May 1st 1775, and was dedicated and opened on Thursday, 23rd May, 1776…
… Following on from the occult teachings of Mani… Weishaupt, like Kolmer, (similar to John Ruskin, Cecil Rhodes, Blavatsky, Marx, Hitler, and all the rest of them) – based his vision for a New World Order, Luciferian world government on Plato’s dream – to rule the world through a secret order of ‘Illuminated’ ‘philosopher kings’ – (with himself, of course, in the first instance, acting as the number one king-pin called the ‘Man-King’). Thus, Weishaupt called the highest degree of his AISB ‘Order of the Illuminati’ – the Man King!
Like weishaupt, who rejected Christianity, virtually all the modern successors of these devious despots are now ardent followers of Plato’s Luciferian teachings. As such, Talmudic Jews like the Rothschilds see their destiny and role in Plato’s New World Order Republic as the ‘Illuminati’ ‘World Republican Bankers’– ruling in concert with the Royal Families of Europe, who see their coming role in Plato’s demonic Republic, not as purely ‘hereditary monarchs,’ as they originally were in the Old Roman Republic, but more now as ‘philosopher kings.’ Kings who will ultimately rule the New World Order Socialist Republic, not simply as of right, but in a more honorary role, as kings who have gained their position through the respect, admiration and ‘will of the people’ – not only through hereditary title.
This… is why Britain and all other countries in the world including the U.S. will soon be ‘broken up’ and abolished as independent sovereign nations under the regionalisation program of the UN and EU (which the City of London controls) before Plato’s ‘Illuminati Kings’ take up their new roles on the New World Order Republican throne…
Why 1776?
… The number 1776 (16 x 111) is a key witchcraft number preserved in the occult Geomatria of the Babylonian Jewish Cabala, originally derived from the ancient Babylonian zodiac in which the worship of the sun through its zodiacal pilgrimages was divided up into 6 numerical periods of 111 totalling 666. The occult use of 111 is not only restricted to the ‘emergency’ telephone numbers in many countries, but is used in Freemasonry, Roman Catholicism and apostate Protestantism. For example, when Pope Paul VI died in 1978, there were exactly 111 Cardinal electors that entered the Sistine Chapel to select his successor etc. In Revelation 13, the 666 number of the beast is the number of a man (6) multiplied by 111.
The number 1776 is 48 x 37. These two numbers… in the Bible are two of God’s most unique and ‘sublime’ numbers. The number 48 is stamped upon both God’s House and His Word… The late New Zealand author and Bible chronology scholar, George T. Curle, in his book, God’s Hidden Plan – An Insight into Chronological Prophecy and God’s Control of History (1991), pp. 100-107, 152, writes:
‘From the DIVISION of Israel in 930 BC to 597 BC when the bulk of Judah were deported to Babylon is exactly 333 years, or nine times thirty-seven. From the DEPORTATION to the DISPERSION in AD 70 is exactly 666 years, or eighteen times thirty-seven – and of course from DIVISION to DISPERSION is 999 years or 27 x 37. These cycles of 37 years can be broken down still further – from the deportation in 597 BC until the crowning of XERXES King of Persia (Esther 2: 16) in 486 BC is 111 years or 3 x 37. From 486 BC to the crucifixion in 33 AD is 518 years or 14 x 37. From the cross to the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD is exactly 37 years… From the crossing into Canaan 1406 BC until the command to rebuild Jerusalem in 444 BC is 962 years or 26 x 37… Incidentally 444 is a special number, it is exactly 12 x 37! 12 is the number of God’s administration – and it was in 444 BC the command was given to start the 70 weeks of Daniel – the chronological vertebrate of prophecy…’”
(Note from author of The Best-Laid Schemes: Dating Biblical events is a very complex matter. Given that there are various thoughts on how it should be tackled, and numerous tables available containing birth dates, dates of battles etc. that do not coincide, the above information is only of interest insofar as numbers themselves being important to Yahweh. The below date for the death of Abraham being of interest to the Illuminati may or may not be true, but would depend upon their dating system.)
“George also illustrates via a graph in another of his books, God’s Hidden Plan, p. 151, that he calculates that Abraham was born precisely in 1951 BC and died in exactly 1776 BC. Could this really be why the date 1776 AD is so vitally important to the Illuminati? Are not these Masonic, Babylonian Talmudic Jews and apostate Christian devils actually rebelling against not only God Himself, but celebrating ABRAHAM’S VERY DEATH?
In Matthew 3: 7-9, when John the Baptist called the Pharisees and Sadducees a ‘generation of vipers,’ were they not then saying within themselves ‘we have Abraham as our father?’ In John 8: 39-44, when the unbelieving Jews said to Jesus, ‘Abraham is our father,’ Christ responded, ‘If ye were Abraham’s children, ye would do the works of Abraham… ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do…’
… Clearly, the Illuminati and other devils like them, similar to the Pharisees and Sadducees at the time of Christ, are still now celebrating Abraham’s very DEATH – unlike genuine Christians who celebrate his LIFE – as his spiritual ‘sons and daughters’ by FAITH in Jesus Christ. …
Libeskind’s ‘signature’ 1776 foot high ‘Liberty Tower’ in New York, more appropriately, should be called the ‘Tower of Lucifer’
Christ the Cornerstone or Lucifer the Capstone?
… The first stone and chief stone laid in the construction of any building is the ‘Cornerstone’… The last stone… is the capstone. In the case of the… Egyptian pyramids, this was the last stone placed on top. Thus, in the King James Bible, understandably Jesus Christ is referred to as the ‘corner stone’ in Mark 12: 10, Luke 20: 17, Acts 4: 11 and 1 Peter 2: 7, because without Him there can be no building. Not content with this, the Alexandrian NIV Bible version editors deftly CHANGE Christ from a ‘corner stone’ into an Egyptian ‘Illuminati’ pyramid ‘capstone’ in these same verses. If this is not enough, Revelation 22: 16 says that Jesus is the ‘morning star.’ In Isaiah 14: 12, the NIV scribal despots and ‘sons of Origen’ have deceptively CHANGED ‘Lucifer’ into the ‘Morning Star’…
Is History Repeating Itself?
“The apostle Paul was transported to his martyrdom in two ships from Alexandria. One of these SANK (Acts 7: 6-44) and the other, whose sign was Castor and Pollux (Acts 28: 11), brought him finally to Rome to stand before Caesar… Castor and Pollux (sometimes called the Dioscuri or ‘Twins’) were the twin sons of Zeus by Leda, who led Mars the Roman god of War to battle… In Paul’s time, there were temples consecrated to Castor and Pollux both in Alexandria and in the Forum in Rome.
The gleaming silver TWIN TOWERS in the World Trade Centre in New York… were Masonic buildings consecrated to Castor and Pollux. Could their ‘sacrifice,’ once again be part of a satanic plan to gradually bring Christians to Rome – to Caesar – to the Coliseum? The Pentagon in Washington DC is the modern equivalent to the Temple of Mars and the U.S. Capitol is the modern equivalent to the Capitol (Temple of Jupiter) in ancient Rome. Zeus was the Greek sun-god equivalent to the Roman Jupiter – and now the statues of Zeus/Jupiter reside in the chief buildings of both the EU and UN…
… 2 TIMOTHY IS A SPECIAL PROPHETIC BOOK FOR ALL END-TIME CHRISTIANS. This is the only book in the entire Bible which includes the express command for ALL Christians to STUDY! – This is so important. Yet today, the majority of professing Christians are not heeding this command, and as a result are now being ‘eaten alive’ by the Devil’s cunning vipers (needless to say this command is completely removed in the NIV). This scripture reads:
‘Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth’ (2 Timothy 2: 15).
“Immediately before Paul was to be martyred (2 Timothy 3: 6), he said to Timothy:
‘For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.’
(2 Timothy 4: 3-4. KJV)…”

Wakeup call to the Redeemed of God!

An excellent source of sane, on the Word teachings of the TRUE Gospel of Yashua Messiah and what the redeemed of God should be hearing, can be found by checking out the following post. You need to understand clearly, the difference between "everlasting life" and "eternal life" - your understanding is most probably very wrong! Indeed - "There shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth"... but NOT by unbelievers!! The resurrection of unbelievers comes AFTER the initial 1000 year plus reign of God's only begotten Son, Yashua:

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Here you can download - or read - the complete book "Hidden Secrets of the Alpha Course" by John D. Christian.

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John Christian's latest, highly recommended book, Antichrist and The Green Prince - Second Edition (published in November 2009) can be viewed or freely downloaded from