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By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Biblical perspective-

Monday, June 1, 2009

For many years I performed investigative journalism exposing SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY.

I often worked with satanic crime investigators and good police officers who desperately wanted to apprehend and help curb satanic crime in America.

I also worked with former satanists and leaders who came out to tell the truth, survivors of SRA, and victims who managed to survive their ordeal of attack by the satanists. Satanic/Illuminati related crime is far more rampant nationwide/worldwide than most good people can imagine.

And due to intense cover-up and complicity by controlled news media/corrupted law enforcement, reaching up into the FBI/CIA and even the White House itself, it is one of the most under-reported subjects in America today.

My eyes were opened in the years I performed such investigative journalism ( and still do to this day, though not as intense as previously.)

I discovered many horrors in the realm of this abomination of SATANISM/ILLUMINISM in our nation.Particularly shocking (though perhaps it should not have been) was the involvement of the world of ABORTION with the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda and Satanism/Illuminism.

Revelations from the inside of satanism revealed that: ABORTION is one of the MAJOR TENETS of the 10 main goals/planks of the NEW WORLD ORDER: WORLD POPULATION CONTROL BY FORCED ABORTION.

Former satanists/Iluminati revealed furthermore to me that EVERY BABY ABORTED would count as ONE MORE HUMAN SACRIFICE TO SATAN/LUCIFER, to obtain occultic power from him to bring for his NEW WORLD ORDER agenda.

This directly confirms Revelation 13, where it states that satanists/Illuminati worship (offer sacrifices to Satan/Lucifer the dragon) to obtain power to bring forth this BEAST of the NWO. Satanists further confirmed to me the Bible is correct in this. HUMAN SACRIFICE is primarily HOW HE IS WORSHIPPED. And they all believe they get power from Satan for doing so.

(A side note: satanists/Illuminati told me they also believe that every person or Christian who is arrested under martial law and killed in the prisoner boxcars/camps as resisters of THEIR NWO, will also count as ONE MORE SACRIFICE TO SATAN to obtain power to bring down their NWO agenda.)

Hence, they told me that abortion is a very protected part of the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda and of THE CRAFT/BROTHERHOOD (Satanism/Illuminati) as well.

As I continued in my investigating, I began to uncover much evidence of many abortionists in America (and worldwide) being involved in satanism and some actual high priests for some covens.

One graphic example in particular, confirmed through satanic crime investigator and several members of his coven, was Dr. Phillip Kittner, abortionist by day in Asheville, NC, and satanic high priest of the "power people coven" that secretly ruled that city, by night. Kittner was a Jew from NJ who moved to Asheville, NC, many years ago. he is now retired from the profession of abortion.

When our Christian pro-life teams began to perform pro-life activities around his clinic on Orange Street in Asheville, NC, we knew that strange things were attacking that we could only conclude were of an occultic nature. Much research confirmed we were right.

A former member, raised in this coven by her rich parents, finally came out and told me in the safety of a Church in Asheville one day, much of the inner workings of this coven.

"Phillip Kittner was chosen by the coven to OFFER HUMAN SACRIFICE BECAUSE OF HIS SKILL IN KILLING CHILDREN BY ABORTION, " she told me. And when I was gang-raped by the men of the coven in one ritual, I remember his face more than all the others. He also forced all his children into this satanism as well. We grew up together knowing the terrible truth about satanism...."

Many women were injured by grim KITTNER'S abortion methods, and some had to file lawsuits. One woman had a particularly tragic account. She went into the hospital for gynecological surgery under KITTNER, a minor operation, and ALMOST DID NOT COME OUT ALIVE.

Instead, she found herself in intensive care for many months. And when finally released, she discovered to her horror that there were now SATANIC SYMBOLS CARVED INTO HER TORSO...that only could have happened during that surgery! She finally realized she was never meant to come out alive and instead was supposed to have become ONE MORE SACRIFICE TO SATAN by Kittner!

I spoke to a representative of a woman's support group helping her. She told me the woman tried to get legal help and a lawyer to help her sue KITTNER, but that NO LAWYER IN ASHEVILLE WOULD TAKE THE CASE..they were too afraid!

Another former victim of satanist upbringing (now Christian) Paula, told me how while she was a member (forced into it by her parents from birth) she was taken to an abortionist in Tennessee, who in fact was also a satanic high priest by night, and forced to watch as he performed several abortions.

When I joined Christian pro-lifers in BOULDER, CO, to protest at abortionist WARREN HERN'S clinic, they gave me more grim facts."HERN IS A SATANIST, and his clinic personnel all wear THE SATANIC PENTAGRAM patches on their uniforms...."Chilling. Hern is also Jewish.

(I do not know if they still wear the pentagram on their uniforms. They did several years ago when I investigated there.)

My ongoing research has found this to be disturbing pattern across the nation, of many abortionists involved in satanism. I am NOT saying that all abortionist are actual practicing satanists. But how perfectly satanism and abortion match! Killing innocent victims on the altar of sacrifice, using the most cruel and gruesome methods known to mankind, for a pay-off, either from satan or financial!

Former satanists also confirmed to me that INTACT LATE TERM ABORTED CHILDREN are bought from the abortion clinics and then used in their rituals by night. They are offered to satan, desecrated, and then cannibalised by the coven members.

Yes, there IS a clear occultic/spiritual link between the act of ABORTION and SATANIC HUMAN SACRIFICE!

BOTH are crimes against humanity and cold blooded-murder. The spiritual father of BOTH is clearly SATAN/LUCIFER. Jesus called satan a murderer and a liar, and ALL ABORTION is built on the foundation of LIES and MURDER.

Abortion clinic personnel speak lying words of false comfort to nervous women awaiting abortion:

"Oh, it's not REALLY a baby...just some tissue!"

"Oh, you will be FINE!" Etc.

And then the doctor steps in to murder the unborn child.

And Jesus Christ declared in the Book of Revelation that all murderers will have their part in the LAKE OF FIRE, eternal damnation and THE SECOND AND FINAL DEATH.

Don't get angry at me: I did not write the BIBLE. GOD DID. And His word remains truth in spite of ALL that wicked and ungodly mankind may say to contradict it.

One of the major reasons God is going to allow this nation to be judged, is because of the enormous volume of innocent blood shed across this nation, due to the sin of what the Bible calls, "THE SHEDDING OF INNOCENT BLOOD."

(Over 50 MILLION dead babies on America's doorstep by ABORTION, and no end in sight!)

In ancient times, God judged ISRAEL and JUDAH more than once, with foreign invasion, famine, pestilence and other horrors, BECAUSE OF (among other sins) the SHEDDING OF INNOCENT BLOOD throughout the land.America is no better than ancient Israel/Judah.

We Americans CLAIM to be "ONE NATION UNDER GOD."

Well, God is no respecter of persons OR nations. HE IS HOLY AND JUST. And He will judge this nation, America, also for this terrible sin against God and crime against humanity called ABORTION.


-Pamela Schuffert

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