Saturday, 22 August 2009


City of London Corporation Mafia Banksters Push Their "Corporation of the United States" Towards Bloody Civil War!


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Why is the general world media ignoring what is going on within the United States? Will they refuse to report until there is blood on the streets?? Nothing is done here upon this fair planet Earth without there being a pre-planned reason behind it. Hollywood (Holly-wood - the magic wand), has been promoting over the past years fierce patriotism with the help of Mel Gibson and Braveheart and later on The Patriot. The hidden agenda behind this 'patriotism' , which the elite intend to stamp out once it has served its purpose, seems to be nothing more and nothing less than to stir up American patriots into marching on Washington DC.

I have spoken about this before. It seemed pretty obvious to me and to many people, that putting someone like Obama in the White House would carry with it a very great risk. The risk of assassination! Anyone with half a brain still functioning, and being aware of the various right wing Nazi groups who grace the 'Christian' U.S., could see it. Only the comatose would not. You only have to think of the infamous Ku Klux Klan for one to understand what I am talking about! And no, they have never gone away - they still lurk in the shadows of the night and hunt for new conscripts daily on the internet! Protected by the 'Justice' System (Justice Sewer), they are free to more or less do as they see fit.

Well, the people of the United States are being deliberately pushed into a corner - and by various
tactics and means. There is a limit to how much a 'free' people can take, and the freedom loving Americans have just about had enough! It has taken a long long time to stir them up into such a frenzy, and has included the use of a non-legible, non-American 'president' to get them motivated, but now things are really beginning to stir! How long then until blood spills for real upon the streets of America? Will it be this year or next?? - Edward Laughlan

There Will Be Blood:
Dems To Ram Socialized Medicine Down Our Throats


Way back before Barry’s coronation, I predicted on my site and others that I frequent that there would be blood in the streets. Not because, as the media would have the public believe, Barry is Black, indeed I’d have voted for Dr. Alan Keyes in a heart beat, but because I forsaw the death of our Republic. I saw the rapid jumps in Nationalized Socialism coming to this country, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany during the 1930’s.

Socialism isn’t new to America, but because we have had no ruling class, historically speaking, socialism has had to take slow baby steps compared to the leaps and sprints of the European Countries. However, just as in every great nation that has come to peril, ours has reached a point where the wolves are not at the outer gates, they are in our very midst. We are indeed in a Revolutionary War in this nation. One unlike any seen in this country before. For this is a truly revolution minded group that sits in our places of power and tramples on the Rights and Freedoms that our Founders fought and died for, and that our God granted with grace.

The question was once asked of me how I saw the fight starting. As I saw it then, there were two conceivable triggers for the coming fight: First, I saw the possibility of someone assassinating Barry which would spark a race war from one coast to the other to make the race riots in the 60’s look like a walk in the park with your children. The second possibility was for the government to so constrict our Freedoms and Rights that the American people would lash out at the government which would respond with greater and greater strictures on the freedoms of the body politic.
Now we stand on the brink. As I now see it, the run up to a full fledged conflict with our government will take a natural progression. First, there are the protests starting with the April 15th Tea Parties, Over 1000 individual peaceful protests in over 300 cities, towns, and municipalities and the resident of the White House says he doesn’t know anything about them. Again on July 4th there were Tea Parties held and again they were ignored.Now we have further demonstrations at these so-called Town Hall Meetings. Meetings where protesters are shut out, beaten by Obama supporters and refused entrance by leftist supporting Police.

Despite the outcry of anger and resistance to the socialization of 1/5 of our economy, not to mention ruining the best health care system in the world, along with the incredible hit in the polls that the democrats and Barry in particular are taking, our leaders in D.C. Have decided that they are going to follow through and ram this thing down our throats whether We The People want it or not.

When a people lose their voices, or the government loses its ability to hear their voices, then it becomes a Tyranny. We are on the brink of the rise of the soft tyranny of Nationalized Socialism. But always a hard tyranny follows the soft. I predict that Our nation will not long stand for this type of bullying. Pressure is rising in the hearts of patriots. Something will have to give and when it does, There Will Be Blood.

Image added by Edward Laughlan. 

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