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Some very interesting information regarding Codex Alimentarius and other health issues can be gathered from the following sources. I believe that you will find these people and the information they carry very helpful in combating the lies and disinformation that we are being fed. Our health and our very lives are at stake. We must keep informing ourselves with alternative views and alternative scientific truths. If we do not seek for ourselves we will be left blindly at the mercy of the elite killers. We hand over our hard earned cash to these devils every day, trusting that in return they will give us reasonably healthy foods, cosmetics, medicines etc. Instead, we find that their only aims are to damage our internal organs - including our brains - reduce our life expectancy, which aids their overall depopulation plan, and in the process get richer and more powerful! The families who control the food industry are thus helping the families who control the pharmaceutical industry - both sets are loading us down with poisons. 

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Although there are reported evidence of ozone and oxygen treatments to the blood that could keep us free from all sorts of ailments including cancers, these treatments are not easily available to the majority of us who live outside of the ruling Illuminati elite, so a few alternatives have come my way. One of them in fact may now take the place of both ozone and oxygen treatments, and involves the use of very low voltage electricity, the other is quite new and involves the use of bicarbonate of soda. Problem is, the bicarbonate of soda needs to be administered professionally, which at the moment may prove impossible, but nevertheless it is good that we know of these safe alternatives. Again, the more people who know of these things, the better. That way, groups can be formed, information dispersed and things could start moving for the good.

According to this cancer surgeon from Italy, cancer is really just a fungus so therefore cannot survive alongside an alkaline such as bicarbonate of soda. His tests have proved 99% successful!

On the other hand, Dr. Robert Beck (1925-2002), came across an even more astonishing fact regarding health. Electrification of our blood, in extremely small doses, completely rids our bodies of all viruses, parasites and cancer causing agents. This information of course has been stamped on by the elite's Health (Death) Industry. The best idea is to watch the video at the end of this post. But first, I would like you to watch the following 20 min video by Dr. T. Simoncini.

(Original video removed by unknown "others" so I have replaced it with this one which is 60 minutes long):

Before you watch the video by Dr. Robert Beck at the foot of this post, I believe you should read up on the demonic Codex Alimentarius. We really must take the time to fight this satanic lunacy before it is too late, otherwise all the health tips we learn will not do us so much good. It could be that, very soon, all we will have access to is poisons... nothing else!

What You Can do About Codex, A Threat to Your Health Freedom

By Nancy Lee Bentley
There's a plain and simple fact about your health and health care choices you won't find covered in any of the mainstream media today: Your health freedom is under attack! If you are at all concerned about your and your family's health, you do most, if not all of these things:
  • You take vitamins, herbs or other supplements.
  • You try to eat the cleanest, healthiest, foods you can find.
  • You think all of us should have the right to make our own health choices.
  • If you follow any or all of these habits, I urge you to keep reading about Codex, a threat to your healthy lifestyle and your ability to access what you need to maintain it.
Your rights have not been taken away… yet. But, if we don’t all wake up and act now, our access to nutritional supplements to prevent, treat or cure health problems and diseases, as well as our access to clean, uncontaminated food, which hasn’t been genetically modified, treated with hormones, antibiotics, growth stimulants or irradiation, including organically grown food, can ultimately become unavailable to us. If the pharmaceutical interests have their way, even access to alternative, complementary, or holistic treatment practices will ultimately be in jeopardy. Don’t panic, the sky is not falling… yet. But now is the time to become concerned, educate yourself and take action!
You may be asking yourself, "What is this threat? Where is it coming from? I've never heard of it!" Keep reading...
What is Codex?
The origin of Codex Alimentarius (CO-DEX' AL-A-MEN-TARE'-Y-US): A stealthy foreign threat that means:
Food rules that are about to be imposed upon you!
An international regulation designed to control food trade and food standards all over the world, created by the United Nations more than 40 years ago.
A hidden danger to your health and freedom, masquerading as food safety and protection, the US Congress is about pass into law, one way or another, unless we act now!
Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes, End of Your Health Choices, Xtra pain, suffering and even premature death.
Where is it Coming From?
CODEX is part of the World Trade Organization -- what Lori Wallach, author of “Whose Trade Organization?” calls the multinational corporate country club -- and its insidious, long-term effort to “harmonize” the world’s food, agriculture and edible health product standards by 2010. Attempts at “HARMonization” have already made inroads through back door politics in the European Union, Norway, Canada and Australia. Already, zinc in Germany costs $54 a bottle and 3-4 days worth of synthetic Vitamin E costs close to $200!
Vitamins and minerals are the first target, although only the tip of the iceberg. Final ratification of these restrictive vitamin and mineral standards’ framework, a prelude to all of the food and health-unfriendly provisions of this multi-headed Hydra, is practically assured at the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Commission meeting this July 4-9 in Rome. Unless we make a very big noise!
The United States is Next!
A consensus of international watchdog groups tracking this issue agree that these stringent international food rules will most likely be mandated into law here in the US through regional “HARMonization,” once we ratify CAFTA, the Central American Free Trade Agreement and the more expanded hemispheric Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).
Identical language contained in the SPS (Sanitary PhytoSanitary Measures) in NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA and the FTAA, bind us to make Codex standards law domestically, part of an overall strategy to create a European Union equivalent, called the Western Atlantic Union (WAU), here in the Western hemisphere.
Even merely being a member of the World Trade Organization guarantees ”HARMonization” of our laws with Codex standards. While most of us may not realize it, treaty law supersedes domestic law. Bills such as Rep. Dr. Ron Paul’s HJ27, proposing our withdrawal from the WTO, are currently on the docket, but as long as we are members of this global management initiative, we are obligated to “HARMonize” with world standards, facing stiff trade sanctions for noncompliance.
At the same time, there is a concerted, although veiled, effort here in the U.S. Congress to gut the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), our remaining legal assurance that food supplements are classified as foods, not drugs. Despite this seeming safeguard and natural trade industry assurances, DSHEA is still vulnerable. Canada and other countries already have provisions that make supplements drugs.
How Can This Possibly be Happening?
So, obviously threats to your health choices are multiple and insidious, like the tentacles of a giant, health and freedom-snatching octopus. How can this possibly be happening? Although difficult to believe, to paraphrase Marshall McLuhan, The truth is so outrageous, it is almost impossible to believe. Keep on reading. This truth is one you definitely need to understand and act upon.
What Will Codex Mean?
New England Journal of Medicine studies showed that 40 percent of Americans value disease prevention and alternative health care so they spend over $13 billion annually with out-of-pocket (non-insurance) money.
Up until this point, compliance with Codex standards has been voluntary. Yet, that is only the start of the “Boiling Frog” strategy. First, as you may have heard, allowable supplements will be reduced to a handful of ultra low-dose, synthetic vitamins and minerals. Then, incredibly -- without public intervention and outcry -- starting this year in phases, CODEX will go on to do these things:
Prohibit the use of any natural substance to prevent, treat or cure disease.
Legalize genetically modified organisms (GMOs), mandate antibiotics and hormones in animal feed.
Hoist allowable pesticides, toxin and drug levels in foods, making organics inaccessible.
Even eventually prohibit the traditional herbs and medicines indigenous cultures have used for thousands of years.
CODEX is not just about vitamins and minerals, although this is the most acute issue today. It will negatively impact agriculture and economies too. It’s predicted that if CAFTA passes, for example, U.S. corn exports to Central America would increase by 10,000 percent in the first year. In the first 10 years after NAFTA went into effect, 1.7 million farmers, who make up the majority of the population there, lost their land.

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Who is Behind Codex?
The pharmaceutical, chemical and agribusiness corporations stand to make huge amounts of money from CODEX. Well-funded, massive disinformation campaigns, half-truth, half-lie “spin” websites like, as well as infiltration and control of trade organizations supposedly designed to protect the health food and supplement industries, are all smoke-and-mirror tactics of these three “Big” interests. So, if you have heard of CODEX at all, it may have been from industry or government or even trade group assurances that it is a hoax, beneficial to you, or even both. Don’t be misled by the massive disinformation campaign. It’s easy to just go along and rely on the opinions of so-called “experts”, the government and others, but as a veteran health advocate who has worked for years, like Dr. Mercola, to champion Natural Health, I can assure you that this is no time to take anything for granted or allow yourself to be lulled into complacency. There is enough smoke about this issue – you will be hearing more about it here and elsewhere in the coming weeks – to warrant making this a priority to understand, act on and spread the word.
Who Stands To Gain The Most?
Pharmaceutical, agricultural and chemical companies, including the makers of Vioxx with a litany of 139,000 deaths, just accused by the House Committee on Government Reform of both withholding the truth and releasing misleading information about the increase heart attack dangers of this drug five years ago! Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s analysis: “Since it has become an indisputable scientific fact that NUTRITION is the best PREVENTION and CURE of disease, the owners of the “sickness industry” are determined to remove this ECONOMIC THREAT to their MONOPOLY CONTROL … by regulating nutrients out of the open marketplace and under the pharmaceutical umbrella where these nutrients become their property and they can exercise control over their availability.
CODEX is nothing more than “removing of all competition.” The issue is neither “safety” nor “protection.” Beware, for “He who protects you completely, also OWNS you completely. i.h.”
Who Stands To Lose The Most?
We do. Our families and ourselves. If we wait until there are no legal options besides drugs and contaminated foods, and no nutrients or ways to protect ourselves from pesticides, hormones and foreign genes in our food, how will we be able to keep our families and ourselves healthy?
What Can I DO?
DON’T WAIT. Start becoming educated and take action against CODEX NOW. You can:
Sign up to receive an automatic email list of articles, Web sites and “disinformation” Web sites, plus more detailed info on the CODEX issue, including sample letters to fax to Congress protesting CAFTA, our membership in the WTO and attempts to demolish our health choices, by visiting
Call into FREE interactive teleconference phone calls on Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 9:00 p.m. EDT conducted by representatives of the newly formed Coalition for Health Freedom. (Wed., Thurs., 9 p.m. EDT, Dial: 712-824-4100, press 2 at prompt, then enter Access Code: CODEXNO# (2633966#) Learn more about this complex issue and what steps you can take to help protect your health freedom. Request an informational meeting in your local area. Representatives of the Food Circle and the new Coalition are now scheduling a city-to-city awareness and action tour. With a local contact person willing to coordinate, you can request that your town or city be included as a stop on this action tour at
CODEX is not without its vulnerability, and WE CAN STOP IT, BUT NOT WITHOUT YOUR HELP! Take a proactive stance and let your Congressmen and women know that permitting any attack on your health freedom will mean that they will NOT be re-elected to Congress again! Get the word out to ALL of your networks. Keep your health freedom alive!

Nancy Lee Bentley is a dynamic holistic health expert, chef, nutritional consultant, teacher, writer and speaker. This Cornell-educated food, nutrition, and communications professional, whose career spans over 25 years in the commercial and whole foods industry, foodservice, health care and media, has been called a pioneer in the fields of organic and natural foods, sustainable food systems and holistic health. Her work has appeared in national and regional publications, with recognition from Earl Nightingale, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and 2000 Notable American Women, among others.

Please now take time to watch this astonishing video by Dr. Robert Beck. You will probably find it difficult to believe - but then, is not the TRUTH like that - DIFFICULT TO BELIEVE? This video may not be available for much longer. The ruling elite do not want us to learn of these things. Please do all you can to share this information. God bless, Eddie.

(Original video removed and replaced with this one):

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contrina said...

I have four children and I am so tired of them talking abot the h1n1 shot. I woul love to know what materials I wioud need. I will also need the instructions on how to make them and how to use them. I f you would please send the information. My email is

Eddie said...

Hi Contrina!
Thank you for your comment and request. The best - or one of the best ways our body can combat the manmade swine flu is by soaking up natural sunlight which produces vitamin D. Check out this website for excellent info on all health issues:

My family has moved away from using sun screens because of the toxic additives found in them that can actually promote skin cancer. Seems safer to be in the Sun without any of their poisonous skin creams but you should do some research on that yourself.
The Bob Beck electronic method of keeping our body clear of contaminants can be bought from a few companis ready made, for instance:
Instructions on making your own can be found by going to YouTube and typing in Bob Beck. You will also find info there on colloidal silver which is also excellent for killing parasites and viruses. Hope this is of some help to you, Ed.

Eddie said...

Here's the link to go direct to Mike Adam's, the Health Ranger's website:

The one I posted above is only for books and videos.