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OBAMA - BIDEN = OSAMA BI(NLA)DEN. What is the Difference?


By Edward Laughlan

Shortly, the world will see who the Illuminati overlords, via the Bilderberg Group had previously chosen as the new American Puppet President. Will it be McSame or Osama? A court case, fought on Friday in Hawaii came out on the side of a guy who has been fighting a desperate battle against time in order to show Obama as a fake and a fraudster. The birth certificate placed on the internet for Obama is not the original - it may even be a complete fake! Seemingly, both CNN and FOX News, have got egg on their faces due to this important court ruling!
Anyway, it does not make any real difference who ends up as president, the same overall plan will continue as normal. Will Bush remain and become America's first true dictator or will McCain move into the White House? Obama looks like a real cert unless he is dethroned due to him not being a true American. His mother is said to be connected to the British royal family - I joked about that recently with someone online. He asked me that if U.S. presidents were normally connected to London, then what about Obama. I jokingly replied that he was most probably a long lost cousin - guess what? Looks like he really is!!

If a miracle occurs and Obama escapes being thrown off the political scene - false birth certificate and all - and becomes America's next president, why was he put forward in the first place when we know that the Conspiracy is a white dominated Conspiracy, led by and for the dominant white races of the world from Britain to Germany, Canada, America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand? Has he been put forward so that he can shortly be assassinated, causing a revolution and therefore forcing Martial Law to be implemented? Has he been put forward in order to help bring Islam to the States? Like most presidential candidates, he is a known criminal, so he will be happy to do as Bush before him and kow tow to the Masters of Deceit who rule over all.
Between now and 2012, we can expect, (unless enough believers form prayer warrior groups and start praying like they never have before) more and more chaos and 'terrorist' strikes. Plans may be afoot to start forced immunisation of America's citizens... just in case of an attack of some kind! Be prepared - vaccines are all tainted with poisons of one kind or another! We know that AIDS is a scam and that it is the medicine that really kills. Why should we trust their contaminated vaccines?? Flu shots cannot be trusted, we do not need them! Our immune systems are just fine without cancer viruses and mercury being flung at them.
I believe that the Illuminati elite families are laughing their heads off right now with their chosen candidates Obama-Biden (Osama-Bi(nla)den! They love playing around with numbers, symbols and names. They are like nasty little children who just love to play games of deceit and who run off scoffing at the result. 2012 and 2020, are very important dates for them because, when you think about it - Yashua Messiah was placed on this Earth in September 3BC. That date has been accurately calculated on computers that can trace the movements of the planets and stars, going back in time year by year. In 3BC, the stars and planets made some extremely rare alignments that prove beyond any shadow of doubt, the birth of Messiah. I also believe that the Creator God Yahweh, stopped the clock of time upon this Earth during His stay here. The church teaches that Messiah's ministry was 3 years long - many of you know that I do not go along with much of what is taught within the mainstream churches - given that they are mostly controlled by the Masonic lodges. Interpretations of the Bible as well fell into their grimy hands many centuries ago, so that very careful study must be done in order to arrive at the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!
Too many believers take the Word of Yahweh for granted and do not wish to study - on their heads be it! I personally believe that Messiah's ministry was of one years duration - which can be proved by doing an in-depth study. That being the case then, if time was stopped during Messiah's time here upon the Earth, 31 years must be discounted from our time clock. Taking also into account the 3 years mistake in the Roman calendar, the year for Messiah's return to collect His saints from the Earth would be the year 2021. No man knows the day or the hour, that is very true, but maybe we can get near to the year!

Why 2021? Well, that gives us exactly 2031 years minus the 7 years of Tribulation. 2021 is actually 2024. Add 7 years to 2024 and you get 2031. That would then take us to the end of the age as we know it. 6000 years from Adam, plus a 31 year stoppage of time for Messiah's time here. His 1000 year reign upon the Earth - the last day of the week given to mankind to be upon this present Earth, would then begin!

Can you see now why the years 2012 and 2020 have been chosen by the Satanic Illuminati elite families as their most special years? They have promised us death and destruction beginning near the end of December 2012. This planned destruction will come from them, not Yahweh! They have everything in place to do this right now, but they like to stick to specific dates and sometimes to the very minute! They are so superstitious and proud, stuck on numbers and symbols that it is hard to take in - but it is true! They have planned to start WWIII at the beginning of 2013, after much destruction has hit the west. They plan on bringing over the Chinese with their allies which will include a few African countries - hence the reason why Spain received a warning a few years ago from Morocco. They let it be known to government ministers here that Spain, Al-Andalus, is still theirs! They plan on coming back!!
You see, the Illuminati elite always boast about what they are about to perform. They want to be seen in the end as prophets and/or gods! WWIII is to last between 2013 and 2020. 7 years of Illuminati tribulation on Earth that has been calculated to catch unawares
all Christians and dissenters against the Satanic NAZI/FASCIST NEW WORLD ORDER. By 2020, the year they have dubbed Clear Vision, they want no-one left on Earth that could possibly doubt that the wrath of God has fallen and that the Earth is ready to enter the thousand year reign of their christ figure and his philosopher king rulers - the Illuminati families themselves. Satan's elite!

I have said before, and I will stress it again - if ever there was a time upon the face of this Earth when it was VITAL for ALL Christians to get together in groups or alone at home, to pray against this Devilsh plan and stop it dead in its tracks until the time appointed by Yahweh, then it is right now! If we do not rise up and pray that Yahweh places a stick in the spokes of Satan's wheels - we will live to regret it and to suffer greatly. Satan is not stupid, he has not chosen those dates just because! Yahweh's timing depends on us doing what we must do, we as believers are never ever counted out of the equation. It is imperative that we recognise this fact and stop being fooled by Satan and his teachers in this. Satan is teaching believers - and has been for well over a hundred years now, that we do not have to be afraid of the Tribulation, because Messiah is going to come back and collect His own before it begins... meanwhile, Satan and his followers have been working round the clock putting 'miraculous' things together, in order to fool the elect and drag them off to concentration camps or to the most horrific war of all ages. Christians - AWAKE - before you are caught out!! Satan is planning a pre-tribulation Tribulation!!

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An "October surprise" for the presidential campaign
State of Hawai'i backs Andy Martin in Obama birth certificate battle

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Andy Martin
2008-11-01 12:13:29 - Andy Martin lobs a grenade into the final weekend of the presidential campaign; the relentless Chicago corruption fighter exposes Barack Obama and mainstream media as liars.

State of Hawai'i backs Andy Martin in Obama birth certificate battle
CNN, and Obama campaign exposed as liars
"Internet Powerhouse" Andy Martin drops a grenade in the final weekend of the presidential campaign

Executive Editor

'Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct'




Internet powerhouse Andy Martin wins a major victory in Hawai'i
as state officials examine and confirm the existence of Barack Obama's secret birth certificate

CNN and are embarrassed; Martin demands retractions and apologies for their misleading reports

Andy vows to keep up the battle whatever happens on November 4th; a court hearing is scheduled in Honolulu for November 18th and Andy says, "I'll be there."

Martin's birth certificate litigation victory will roil the final weekend of the presidential campaign; the Internet Powerhouse is set to hold a Saturday news conference in Chicago and disclose new attacks on Obama

Martin issues challenge to Barack Obama: Stop lying to the American people and immediately authorize the release of your original, typewritten 1961 birth certificate

Internet warrior Martin returns home to Chicago on Saturday after one month of "combat patrols" fighting the "Obama Gang"

"Barack Obama has been lying to the American people," Andy says

Fox News faces lawsuit for sliming its source.

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