Monday, 27 April 2009


In light of the supposed swine flu that suddenly raised its ugly head a few days ago and seems to be travelling the world at rocket speed, I think it wise to keep in mind a few things. One, vaccinations are not what they are trumped up to be! Two, the Centre for Disease Control in the United States and the various military laboratories that are linked with it should be under severe scrutiny in all of this. And finally, the highly toxic Chemtrails the elite are spraying us with in all of the western hemisphere! The German government are actually the first and only so far to admit to Chemtrails, but they say it is only a weather control experiment and not to worry!

What we are really dealing with here is the ruling elite form of world depopulation and control. Nothing more and nothing less! People have got to understand that the world of vaccinations is part of the elite scam, taken up Hollywood style and broadcast worldwide as a miracle cure! Nothing could be further from the truth, but as the cowardly, deceiving elite know full well - if you tell a lie over and over and over again and never give up lying, the man in the street has no option but to believe the lie!! That is how our Fabian Socialist politicians are brought up and instructed - lie and lie and lie, and when you get sick of lying - lie some more!

People. One of the elites plans is to force vaccinate as many people in the world as they possibly can - just like another of their plans is to force as many as possible to accept a control microchip! Me? I would much rather die! To Hell with the 'New World Order' and their ancient pagan beliefs and their god Lucifer! To Hell with them all! And the sooner the better as far as I am concerned!! To cut a long story short, I would like to bring to your attention again, a video that was actually produced by the ruling Illuminati families themselves that lets us see some of the things they are up to at the Centre for Disease Control in the U.S. (Read as: Centre for the Manufacture and Spread of Diseases Worldwide). Remember we are in the realm of 1984 Double-Speak! No, I will rephrase that statement - we are in the realm of Fabian lies and outright deceit!

Nothing is as it seems as I am continually pointing out to you. Everything is much more controlled than anyone would ever believe. The elite are so proud and sitting in such a powerful position that they feel they can tell us and show us anything they want to, and at the same time deceive us into believing that it is 'others' who are doing the actual exposing!

But why would they tell us what they are doing to us and have been doing to us for generations now? It does not make any sense! Well, it does really. It makes us feel both angry and helpless! It can make some folks fall into depression! It also makes us more easy to manipulate further as they put their 'solutions' under our noses! If you do not see that it is they themselves, the ones who have been controlling us through the corrupt education, banking, health, legal and political systems, that are now putting out the books and videos that are 'exposing' all these things, then you are being set up to fall deeper into their trap! Remember what the Word of God tells us about Lucifer - the wisest beast of the field! The snake that deceived Eve! (These of course are figures of speech, not to be taken literally). Well, be wary of what is going on and what they are telling you.

By the way, the word "system", and I believe it was Jordan Maxwell who let us in on this one, the word "system" comes from the Latin word for "sewer" - or so he says! So in other words, the elite have given us our Health Sewer, Banking Sewer, Education Sewer, Legal Sewer and of course our Political Sewer!

Anyway, getting back to what we were talking about before, please, if you have not watched this Illuminati Hollywood production, set time aside to do so as it will give you a bit more insight into the workings of these disgustingly evil families! Dr. Leonard Horowitz, (sounds so much like horror-witch) does not own up to the fact in this video, that AIDS is an absolute lie and one of the biggest depopulation scams on the face of the Earth today, which fact, first made him very suspect in my mind. Another video, put together by HONEST scientists, tells the truth about the AIDS hoax, called, HIV=AIDS: Fact or Fraud?

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