Friday, 24 April 2009

Controlled Chaos From Our Masonic Illuminati Overlords!


It is ALL being carefully manipulated and controlled by our intelligence agencies - there is abundant proof of that fact! Although I do not believe all that this man teaches (Dr. Deagle, below) - some is just too wacky to believe, his theory that micro-nukes were used to pull the Twin Towers down makes a lot of sense since the concrete of both towers disintegrated before our very eyes and turned to dust! Dr. Deagle is without doubt another pawn in the hands of the ruling, manipulative elite oligarchy, just like all the rest, whom I have pointed out previously on other posts, but because the ruling elite are sitting in a position of complete power and control over us - they feel that they can say and do exactly what they please! I will never ever tire of pointing out that they are proud boasters, just like their father, the Devil!

Dr. Deagle also states that there are today, micro-nukes placed in 22 US cities waiting for the order to set them off. If true, this would bring the New World Order issue to a quick head and allow them to march over the top of us! Is it true? Who knows, as they are putting out a lot of disinfo as well as real info. The god of confusion is definitely at work in the world!!

What Deagle says goes along with the London Telegraph news website and their disgustingly evil Operation Blackjack 'art' exhibition, and also the Illuminati card game that depicted all the events of 9/11 years before it happened - so beware! Sir Evelyn de Rothschild was once a director of this London newspaper! Oh, I almost forgot! Joe Biden PROMISED the world that Obama would be tested not six months into his reign!!

art exhibition illuminati card game depicted events 911 years beware

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