Saturday, 10 July 2010


First of all I have to make it very clear that I do not endorse the beliefs or teachings of The Prophecy Club. The only reason I am posting these videos is due to the important information revealed by Lindsey Williams - no other reason! Anything quoted by Stan Johnson (the owner and interviewer) of the Prophecy Club, has to be taken with a pinch of salt and researched thoroughly by the listener. Neither do I believe in the prophecies given by his wife nor those of Dumitru Duduman. Some say he was a KGB agent - I would probably second that - just going by his name alone! Sorry!

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I know that the information comes out very slow and that Lindsey repeats himself a bit and that the interviewer could have helped a little bit in speeding the whole thing up instead of doing the opposite - BUT, this is worth listening to. I know we cannot afford to listen to and believe everything the elite say when they decide to talk to us - they are crafty devils to say the least and deceitful to the utmost, but there is some truth in these videos that you ought to hear. Be careful though about selling all you have and investing in gold and silver. In 1933 the U.S. government brought out a law making it a treasonable offence for any American citizen to hold gold or silver, either in bullion, coins or bonds. They were ordered by government to take what they had (within 14 days), to their nearest bank, hand it over and receive paper money in its place. In other words, the elite banking families, robbed, in broad daylight, the wealth of the American people!

As history tends to repeat itself, you may find this same thing occurring, but this time it will be worldwide! Instead of money, you may be offered "points" in a bank account or some of the new world currency they are planning. You may be better advised to move out of the cities if you can, buy a place in the country and start growing your own food. But even that may not go too well for you seeing that the elite have already got their murderous Codex Alimentarius on the go! You could find that growing your own food will soon become illegal as well - a treasonable offence! An act of war against government! Thank you United Nations for caring about us so much!! - Edward Laughlan

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And now - The False Energy Crisis!

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