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Matthew 24: 11, 12: "And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold."

Both within its own church groups and also out in the streets, our modern day church system, for the most part, ignores the poor - unlike the 1st century Church that shared and cared for all. Has today's Church turned hard hearted and selfish?

Nowhere To Run with Chris White

NTR – Doug Perry Interview – The Poor and Needy
Posted: 07 Jul 2010 09:15 PM PDT


Listen to the amazing story of Doug Perry, Fellowship of the Martyrs:

This is an interview with Doug Perry from Fellowship of the Martyrs.
It starts out with a testimony about Doug's life and ministry and then we get in to helping the down and out, what does the bible say about it, what does it mean to US:

The following explanation is for the many people out there who follow this blog and who may be wondering why I do not post very often and also to warn beforehand that I may very soon be forced to stop posting because of continual and worsening computer problems that we are unable to do anything about due to lack of funds. I began this blog 2 years ago (24th July, 2008). The blog consists of countless thousands of hours of investigation, transcribing videos, studying the Bible, gleaning information from books, talks, and presentations that have taken me from December of 2000 until today, to go through. The blog is only 2 years old but contains almost 10 years of study. The heart behind it was to cut through the deceit of the ruling, controlling elite families who have given us everything from our education sewer to our health sewer, as part their infamous, multi-armed, Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars, depopulation agenda, offering truth to people and throwing light on Satan's evil kingdom. Why? I felt driven to this task because it was becoming more and more evident that time was coming to a close, that life on this planet as we know it was approaching its final, cataclysmic end. I could not stand aside and watch in silence as the Earth and its inhabitants slid blindly down the slippery slope to destruction!

I have a strong internal urge driving me to cry out to this dying, currupt generation in the hope of reaching through to as many people as possible, giving them the chance to step outside the box and see this world for what it is - hopefully shaking them awake in time that they can walk away from the evil they are embroiled in, repent of their ways, and join the winning side before all hell breaks out on the face of this Earth!
This world is NOT going to be a very pleasant place to be, shortly!

The Creator God throughout the history of this planet, has always sent out warnings to the masses before calamity finally struck. The elite families, being copy cats, do the very same! They have their own kind of morals, although I believe the reason they tell us beforehand in books, videos and via Hollywood, what they are planning for us, is more to do with their belief that they themselves are gods - in other words, they are extremely proud and love to boast! This present generation has received more warnings of what is about to fall upon this Earth than any other generation before them. Time is very very short! It is a miracle of God that we are still here and able to enjoy anything! The patience, mercy, love and long-suffering of the Creator astonishes me! But NOW it is time for every man, woman and child to find God before it is too late! You must wake up to what is coming!

God reaches His own through a variety of means. He reached me initially, via  a  David Attenborough nature documentary the BBC (Beelzebub Broadcasting Company) had been running, and I know He is reaching people via this blog - for which I am eternally grateful - to have been given the opportunity to reach people on a worldwide scale. I appreciate very much the many emails and messages of support and "thank you's" I have received. I pray that if I am forced to stop, that others out there who have the resources available to them will pick up where I leave off, and continue to reach out to people wakening them up and bringing them into reality and a knowledge of the truth. The internet will not be available to us for much longer, there are plans in the pipeline to crash the internet service for good. The elite want to leave us with no means of communication by the end of 2012 at the latest. They already have an alternative service that is only accessible to them, their intelligence services, the police and the military. We may only have a maximum of 2 years to continue reaching out to souls around the world via the internet. Please join me in this effort - whether I am here or not. Yeshua commanded His disciples to be "wise as serpents" - why has His Church been, and still is, everything but! "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents...."

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Edward Laughlan.

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