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The QUESTION No One Wants to DISCUSS Among Christians in AMERICA
by Pamela Schuffert, investigative journalist and unapologized CHRISTIAN
There is a very real nervousness in the air today among many Americans. Those who have been following the NWO agenda for years, realize that things are SO close you could SPIT on it, as OBAMA signs piles of legislation and bills hastening police state USA.

Many CHRISTIANS nationwide are also getting very nervous who understand what is coming. They know through my in-depth reports of many years about the COMING CHRISTIAN PERSECUTION by the NWO of the CHURCH IN AMERICA (and WORLDWIDE.)

I have stated without apology that persecution and martyrdom is coming to the Christians throughout the NA continent. FORMER NWO PLANNERS/CIA and others told me many years ago that the boxcars and shackles and guillotines and more were prepared for NWO resisters under martial law, and also for the CHRISTIANS especially, who because of their BIBLE would never accept a NWO agenda.

Many pastors and Christians leaders nationwide have read this material and have a sneaking suspicion that it is all true. They know the Bible has foretold this as well. The guillotines/beheading of Christians in REVELATION 20:4, and REVELATION 13 and beyond talking all about the martyrdom of the saints of Jesus Christ under their Antichrist world 666 government.

But when I confronted them behind church doors on this, they told me they knew this was true BUT they were terrified (many)to mention this from their pulpits to their congregations. They themselves are secretly afraid as well.

And many Christians who are by now convinced this is coming to the Christians in America are also concerned. Nervous. Some scared. And others leaving the country even.

But no one wants to discuss this serious subject. And FEW if ANY pastors have the guts to prepared the Christians in America to face end time persecution and martyrdom.

Who is preparing God's people for the coming suffering, testings, and martyrdom from the pulpits of America today???

And if Christians are NOT being prepared to stand FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH when they face all this, then won't many in fact FALL AWAY and DENY HIS NAME before men, as they react in terror to the foreign troops, the manifestation of modern guillotines and the question:


Or if they face the spectre of being arrested and taken to modern BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES to be take to camps to face brutal torture and death, IF THEY HAVE NOT BEEN FOREWARNED AND PREPARED to face end-time martyrdom and suffering standing FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH and confessing His name before men boldly, is there NOT a potential for them to deny Him and fall away, to the own eternal damnation?

The realistic answer is YES.And the blood of those who denied him AND PERISHED will in part be on THE PASTORS and CHRISTIAN LEADERS OF AMERICA who FAILED to adequately warn GOD'S PEOPLE of these things to come.

I can ONLY IMAGINE what I may face, as a Christian journalist facing these things due to my many years of exposing their NWO and their many secrets and tactics. The FBI has been on my case, the USAF OSI, the CIA frankly HATES me,and many others angry at my exposing these things.

But my confession before them will be "I AM A CHRISTIAN, and will never DENY HIS NAME to save my life or future. And NO I have NO REGRETS for faithfully reporting to the American people THE TRUTH exposing the NWO, it's agenda, and many of their covert tactics." NONE. NO regrets, and no apologies.

Frankly, I can realistically understand the kind of torture they have prepared for Christians like myself. Let me spare you the details. Use your imagination. Especially with a woman.

But I had had to reconcile myself to all of this...many times. I AM A CHRISTIAN against their NWO, and it can be no other way. There is no reconciliation between their kingdom of darkness and God's holy and everlasting Kingdom. CHRISTIANS CANNOT DENY JESUS CHRIST BEFORE MEN...NOT to save their LIVES, nor LOVED ONES, nor family members, job, home, etc.

We are always called to be FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH unto our Lord and SAVIOR Jesus Christ, regardless of the cost. Check out His eternal word in the Bible on the subject of CONFESSING HIS NAME BEFORE MEN and FAITHFULNESS UNTO DEATH.

SO in spite of my much research on this subject, as far as what I may (no, WILL) face in the future as the MARTIAL LAW agenda finally comes down, I have reconciled myself to the eternal word of God and THE COST OF TRUE DISCIPLESHIP with Jesus Christ. There is no other exit.

And so, as the early Church martyrs declared, BRING ON your lions in the arena, your chains, and your tools of torture and execution for our faith.

Polycarp, early Bishop of Smyrna and martyr in the arena, wrote that "Chains are the FITTING JEWELLERY to be worn by the saints of Jesus Christ." Little did he know that Christians in these days before Jesus' return would ALSO be faced with MILLIONS OF FEMA CHAINS/SHACKLES AND PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES for the saints of God of today as well.

And later, he died a glorious MARTYR OF JESUS CHRIST in the ARENA IN SMYRNA.

He would not be a HYPOCRITE. He preached FAITHFULNESS UNTO DEATH and he was called upon by GOD to also DIE A MARTYR FOR HIS FAITH to set the example.

(GOOGLE UP Polycarp bishop Smyrna martyr)

I would be an utter hypocrite before my fellow Americans and God to NOT expect to die a true martyr's death for my faith and my outspoken reporting exposing their NWO darkness, exposing their boxcars and shackles and death camps and guillotines as well.

For this reason I am not going to run and hide. I will continue my witness until they take me out. And it will probably be a very bloody and gruesome ending as well. Even as MANY OTHER CHRISTIANS had had such an ending for their faith in Jesus Christ. It will be no different in THIS GENERATION as well in America.

If YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE CHRISTIANS giving deep thought to all this, but never really talking about this and feeling overwhelmed and frankly nervous, I advise you to spend much time with God the Almighty in prayer, through Jesus Christ His Son, and find grace and peace and strength with GOD to face such things faithfully and steadfastly for your soul's eternal salvation sake, and find peace with God.

In the cases of SOME, God IS calling them to leave America with their small children and wives and find refuge NOW while they can. I agree.

BUT for many others, we FACE THE CROSS IN North America. And for those of use who face the CROSS and the spectre of persecution/martyrdom of JESUS CHRIST for confessing HIS NAME BEFORE MEN, it is time as the NWO agenda hastens to prepare our hearts to follow Jesus Christ all the way to the end.

I am compelled to speak this to ALL MY FELLOW CHRISTIANS IN THIS CONTINENT and in fact WORLDWIDE as well. Although many Christian pastors fail to do this to the Christians worldwide and yet KNOW this is all true, I cannot. No one's blood will be on my hands for failing to have been the faithful WATCHMAN ON THE WALL for the TRUTH.

Please, if you are a Christian, take the time to examine your hearts before God and pray that you may NOT fall into temptation in the coming hours of testing, and that He keeps you faithful through many trials and even UNTO DEATH where called for.

Your ETERNAL SOUL is far more important than your TEMPORAL BODY. Jesus declared that we are to FEAR GOD who can DESTROY BODY AND SOUL IN HELL, and NEVER MEN and what they can do to you. Let's face it. Your body was programmed by God to die someday anyhow. Why NOT die a glorious MARTYR'S DEATH for HIM and inherit that eternal MARTYR'S CROWN and enter into GLORY?

Personally, I am PROUD OF JESUS CHRIST AND HIS WORDS AND WHO HE IS, I was SAVED BY GRACE through HIM, and I HAVE no reason to deny Him, ever. SO as Polycarp stated, bring ON your boxcars and shackles, your guillotines, your FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY DEATH CAMPS and NWO tools of torture....Christians have faced martyrdom and torture by the unbelievers for two thousand years now, and nothing will change until HE RETURNS.

We are headed for a BETTER WORLD, a BETTER RESURRECTION BODY and HIS ETERNAL KINGDOM OF GLORY! HALLELUIA! And so frankly I pray daily for the grace to face these things and to be faithful unto death, and IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN, so should you.

Please take the time NOW to pray and THINK about this serious matter.

Your servant in Christ and future martyr WITH NO REGRETS for HIS glory and Name's Sake,
Pamela Schuffert




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