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Daniel 8: 23: "And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up."

Children's hospital launches sex change for kids program
'This isn't conjecture, it's happening now'

Posted: April 19, 2008
By Bob Unruh
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

A doctor at the renowned Children's Hospital Boston has launched a new program to drug children to delay puberty so they can decide whether they want a male or a female body, according to a report today in the Boston Globe.

Pediatric endocrinologist Norman Spack, 64, says he started the Gender Management Service Clinic because he found himself encountering 20-somethings who were "transgendered" and in good shape socially, "but they were having trouble getting their physique to conform to their identity.

"I knew the 20-somethings could have better chances of passing if they were treated earlier," he said.

"We don't think that demonic is too strong a word to describe this," said a statement from the pro-family Mass Resistance organization. "It brings us thoughts of the Nazi doctors who thought they were doing good things."

WND has reported previously on some of the controversies prompted by the belief that a man can be born in a woman's body, or vice versa, including in Montgomery County, Md., where county officials have adopted a law that precludes those who provide public accommodations from discriminating based on that "gender identity."

Voters there have petitioned to have a vote on that law because they fear men who "decide" they are female walking into women's restrooms and locker rooms.

"Is this our future?" asked Mass Resistance in a commentary. "Dr. Norman Spack runs a clinic for young children who've 'decided' they are transgendered. Among other things, the clinic administers powerful hormones to delay (or even stop) puberty in order that the children more easily undergo operations that mutilate their bodies to 'change' them to the opposite sex."

"This is going on at the world-renowned Children's Hospital in Boston – not some backwater clinic. This is the elite of the medical profession," the organization said.

In a question-and-answer session with Globe columnist Pagan Kennedy, she starts the apologetic for doing surgery on children by saying, "Little boys sob unless they're allowed to wear dresses. The girls want to be called Luke, Ted, or James."

"Until recently, children with cross-gender feelings rarely received modern medical care – and certainly not hormone shots. After all, who would allow a child to redesign his or her body?" she asks.

But Spack, she wrote, has started a clinic that "is one of the few in the world to give children treatments that change their bodies."

She reports he uses drugs to delay puberty, "granting them a few more years before they develop bodies that are decidedly male or female."

Spack tells the interviewer he's seen "preadolescents" who have been dressing in underwear of the opposite sex "for years."

"The puberty-blocking drugs work best at the beginning of the pubital process, typically age 10 to 12 for a girl and 12 to 14 for a boy," he said. He's based some of his work on a Dutch model for sex-change, and said the recommendations there are age 16 for hormones that forever change a child's body.

But "for others," he wrote, "you lose opportunities if you wait. [One of my patients, a] transgendered girl from the UK, was destined to be a 6-foot-4 male. With treatment, she's going to end up 5-foot-10."

He said such treatments not only change the physical characteristics of the growing children, but also could leave them sterile for life.

"You have to explain to the patients that if they go ahead, they may not be able to have children. … But if you don't start treatment, they will always have trouble fitting in," he said.

"This isn't conjecture," Mass Resistance' commentary said. "It's happening now. And 'transgenderism' is being promoted to kids by homosexual/transgender activists in the public schools."

Children as young as 12 already have been given the treatment.

Meanwhile, LifeSiteNews has reported that Spack previously acknowledged that only about 20 percent of children who claim to have a confusion over their gender hold those feelings in adulthood.

The hospital itself calls the program "unique in the Western hemisphere."

"This will be the first major program in the country that … [is] also welcoming young people who appear to be transgendered and are considering medical protocols that might help them," Spack said.


Hazumu Osaragi said...

1) Aren't you a little late posting this? It was on WND over a month ago.

2) Can you write a little more -- y'know, use your own creativity, rather than copy-pasting someone else's work in its entirety? Do you really understand the issues going on here, or are you possibly knee-jerk reacting to something that weirds you out? If you really wish to stand on principles, then treatment for diabetics and a host of other diseases should be denied, because the underlying knowledge and technology that make those treatments work blaspheme the bedrock principles you espouse.

Eddie said...

Well the original post is actually dated April 2008 so it is over a year old. And so what? Do you live in a paradigm where once something is reported it cannot be reported or posted again? What about video documentaries exposing evil? Can they only be shown once?
As for writing more myself, my time is very limited. I copy paste a lot of other peoples works simply because they need as much exposure as possible. You know, I believe that certain things must not be forgotten, brushed aside as if they really did not happen or are not happening. That is what the elite do, swamp us with constant info at such a rate we cannot remember what happened the day before, everything has got to be new and different. They do not give people time to really think about what is going on, news becomes entertainment only.
My job is to post whatever I can in order to try and let people see just how evil and controlled their world is and that it is coming to an abrupt end, nothing more. They then have a decision to make. I forever point out to folks that the movers and shakers of this planet are all Luciferian, so if if they themselves do not believe in the God of Creation, they had better start thinking a bit more deeply. The movers and shakers all believe and have made a firm decision to stand against Him, worshipping His adversary instead.
That is what evolution and the Big Bang theories are all about - destroying any possible faith that youngsters may have about the God of the Bible and Creation.
I do know what I am about regarding the stuff I post. I understand very clearly the aims of the elite in regards to reproduction and population control and one of their aims is to destroy the family unit and produce homosexual males (as the elite themselves practice homosexuality and bestiality frequently).
They like to keep as many on drugs as they can. All pharmaceuticals are damaging to our health, so why would you want to bring a child up on drugs until they reach 20? It may sound great to you, I do not know.
As for science itself, I am not against science, far from it. What I am against is the voodoo science practised by the pharmaceutical industry and the voodoo science involved with the theories of evolution and the Big Bang.
If you care to download and watch The Beautiful Truth documentary that was launched in New York at the end of last year, you will learn something about natural medicines that have no side effects whatsoever. The mainstream media of course, being controlled by the banks and big pharma, totally ignored this amazing film because it is certainly not in their interests to find cures for cancer or diabetes etc.