Monday, 24 August 2009


Dr. Leonard Horowitz And His Inside Information

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Difficult as it may be to comprehend first time around, our elite banking oligarchy masters of deceit and their nefarious Illuminati family friends, have a policy of letting us know what they are up to and what they have been doing to us in the past. If the ordinary man in the street could only grasp the incredible extent of their power and control, he would also understand why they can be so bold and truthful with us today. They actually want us all to know that it was they who pulled off 9/11 - in fact, they are only too aware that the majority of folks are much to frightened to know the truth! How sad and yet how true! Who among us are really brave enough to want to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Very few!!

Dr. Leonard Horowitz produces some amazingly truthful, hard hitting Hollywood style documentaries - in fact I recommend them to you. You can learn a lot from them although you have to be sharp enough to catch the odd untruth. Dr. Horowitz, as I have pointed out to you before, knows too much. He is an insider! Like his many compatriots of the so-called 'Truth Movement', his job is to stir up anger and the will to get out on the streets protesting (which the elite just love because they can manipulate protests in the streets to suit their agenda), or - the feeling of impotency, which brings with it apathy and eventually depression.

How do I know this? Quite simple really, lots of research and looking at things from above and below, from left to right - analysing the situation, looking for reasons and getting into the mind of the enemy.
Nothing makes sense until you can see clearly who these people are and what their beliefs and goals are. Then and only then, can you begin to make sense of this world and what is going on in it and why things are the way they are.

So, Swine Flu is man made
and the vaccines 'against' it are full of poisons - including a good dose of the swine Flu itself! You have a choice to make. Trust these people who rule over us, including their Satanic United Nation's World Homocide Organisation (would you trust a snake?), and take their "Here is one I prepared earlier for you" potion, or resist and suffer the consequences (whatever they may be if any). Me, I will face a firing squad before allowing them to vaccinate me with their demonic potions! Oh, in case you did not know, they plan on forcing you to take 3 doses of their vaccine - not just 1. The reason for this is that they know one dose may not damage us enough - be prepared!

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