Monday, 2 March 2009


The Satanic United Nations (SUN - for the sun worshippers that they are!), in their ongoing attack on worldwide Christianity and freedom, have brought out a new resolution that makes it a crime to speak against the Islamic faith. But this is only the beginning, the spirituality of the SUN (Satanic United Nations) has got to be studied in order to be believed! But even then your brain cannot take it in! We know that Sharia Law has been introduced in Gt. Britain (check link below),
much to the glee of Americans who think it hilarious, to allow those of the Islamic faith to be tried under Islamic Law - is it now to be declared worldwide? Islam must be protected at all costs against Christianity. Time is sure running out for this evil world! Lucifer - the Prince of the power of the air... the god of this world, is reigning supreme!

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