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My Son, the time is drawing nigh for the Gathering, but I have something to share with my children before you collect them. I am sending our beloved Paul whom I have awakened from rest.

He has been briefed as to his mission, and knows exactly how things have developed below. His mission is to write to the Church to warn them of the end that is coming and to teach them a more accurately divided Word. His heart is obviously saddened by how things have deteriorated amongst the Church, and the damage done to the Word, but he will recuperate quickly.

I shall send him by the hand of your angel who will lodge him in the south of Spain, from where he will go about his short work. He shall write a letter to the scattered Church in Europe and the United States, from where it shall be published worldwide. He shall then fall back on sleep to await the Gathering. My sons and daughters need prepared for the Great Teaching period I have planned. We must have an appropriate number of qualified teachers of my accurately divided Word, so that it shall come to pass, my saying: 'Those that have, shall be given more, and those who have not, will have that which they have, taken from them.'
A shocked and rather bewildered Paul, a strong, devout man of God, finds himself in an apartment in Cadiz, Spain. A note lay on the table of his room, welcoming him to his temporary home from the grave and explaining to him that all had been taken care of - no-one would disturb or question him of anything - his angel would see to that!

Paul thought on all that Yahweh had told him by way of one of His angels, and after shaking his head in almost disbelief that things could be so bad within the Church, held his head in his hands and prayed for the strength, determination and wisdom, to be able to perform the task that lay before him. This is his letter:

I Paul, an apostle of Yashua HaMasiyach, not by man, but by Yashua
Himself and Yahweh the Father, who raised Him from the dead, unto the Church that is scattered around the world, bring greetings and blessings to all who stand strong in the faith and upon the rightly divided Word, from the Holy Righteous Judge of all mankind and from His Son, our living Saviour, the faithful Messiah who gave His life that we may be saved by that precious promise, that by His death, we should live!

My words to you do not come easy, I am more than a little disturbed. The Creator Yahweh, has awakened me from sleep and has caused me to understand the problems that very sadly reign throughout His precious Church. I am surprised, shocked and perplexed that Satan could have had his way within God's Holy Church to such a degree! But not that I had not seen it in my own times. By a miracle of the Creator Himself has time been allowed to linger on so. You have fallen to such depths and have allowed yourselves to become so deceived - I wonder at the Creator's great, immeasurable mercy and unfathomable patience with you!

You read His Word, including my letters, but you do not understand - no, hardly a single word! But instead believe and teach a word that was neither given by God nor by His Son, nor by His angels - Yahweh be blessed forever! Shame on you for believing devilish lies and doctrines of demons! The Almighty Yahweh - Yahweh of Spiritual Hosts, has sold you over to blindness, and deafness stops your ears from hearing the truth! Yea, a veil covers your heart so that the truth may not enter - for you are a proud and covetous people who wax strong in lies!

You perpetuate the lies and deceit of your teachers. Your pastors like wolves, devour the truth, spitting out the lies of their father, the eternal deceiver! Woe unto you! Shall man mock God? Yahweh forbid! You mock your own selves having been taken in so readily and easily by your adversary who claps his hands in glee over you! You have been taken in his snare, his cohorts of devils and demons dance around you and ask in jest, “Are these truly son's of the Most High?" they are most happy and satisfied with their achievements, of the which, you are not even aware!

Shame on you - the elect of God! Who say with their lips that they love the Creator, but with their hearts have strayed far off. You despise His Truth! O that man could always show forth wisdom, filled with all the wisdom of Yahweh! Yet he could, but through covetousness, a stiff neck and stubborn pride, has been handed over to him that is overflowing with lies, deceit and all wickedness!

I speak not to those who are of humble spirit and who search for the Truth - to you I say, be patient and faint not - learn from me. But to you teachers, pastors, apostles, evangelists and prophets - your first estate is to know and keep the Word of Truth, for God will not teach you by His mouth that which can be learned by the careful dividing of His written Word! Your first estate is to rightly divide, and then Yahweh shall add to your understanding. Your problem is you do not know - neither will you learn! Woe to you, for you walk as natural brute beasts, some having the spirit within but denying the power. Others having not the spirit through wrong believing and neither can they be convinced of their state!

Fools you are though you profess yourselves to be wise. I pray that the Father will remove the veil that covers your eyes and unstop your ears that the Truth may enter! Has God indeed changed? I think not, but one thing I do know, and that is, you are far from Him and know not His ways, and it seems that you are happy to be in this straight, having been enchanted by that evil one - the Serpent of old, who has bewitched you and who holds you in the palm of his hand!

Praise the Almighty Father, Yahweh, those of you who are born again and have escaped the snare and the coming Wrath, and thank the Father always - all of you, that His love, mercy, forgiveness and patience know almost no bounds, and that He remains Faithful and True, waiting in silence with outstretched arms, ever eager to accept you as His own as you find His Truth. But pray earnestly all of you that those who are indeed saved will humble themselves to the Truth and will accept the reproof of this letter, that they may go forth from here on, teaching that Truth, no more living and teaching a lie. Pray for those who are still lost but who believe themselves to be saved, that they too may be humbled, and that they too may drink of the unadulterated Truth of the Word (the Water of Life), and live.

Those of you who remain in your blind state, puffed up in your own wisdom shall indeed pay the price of your stubbornness, by your coming shame when you discover the loss of your rewards, which you hand over willingly - for as it is written, "The man whose work abides, he shall receive a reward." Your works shall burn as chaff, your teaching will be counted as dung, the word you have shall be removed from your mouth and you shall learn afresh as a child! The Father indeed shall break your pride and all men will bow their necks and humble themselves before the Greatness and Power and Glory and unsearchable Wisdom of our God!

As the Father Himself, through His Grace, Wisdom and Might, made me to be as a wise master builder, putting down as my foundation, the Truth I did learn from Messiah Himself - the sure Foundation Stone, that if any man lay another stone, his work shall crumble, but on that Sure Stone, which is Yashua HaMasiyach, let all men beware of what they build on top, for every man's work shall be tested openly by fire, to see of what sort it is. If any man's work abide, he shall receive his reward, but whosoever shall put forth work fit only for the fire, that man shall suffer loss though his life be spared.

I know that even now, many are scoffing and say in their pride, "Has Paul truly returned to correct our error? Who is this fool who claims his name, and who has given him authority over us to teach and to reprove?" It is the Lord Yahweh Himself who deals with authority and reproof - and this is done as a witness against this latter day Church that some may turn from their error and become wise, and that the plan of the Almighty may be fulfilled in its entirety. The Father Himself, by His angel, awoke me from sleep, saying Paul, Paul, awake for My Church is unruly and there are none who correct - Yea, I have looked, I have searched the Earth but there are none who will hear My voice and obey My calling, who will stand bold and wield the Sword of Truth, and the time is drawing nigh - it is already getting late! But I have laid aside the latter day seconds that you may have time to wield My Sword, that you may cut through to the hearts of this unruly generation, that some may hear and change their ways and exchange lies for Truth, and yet others, death for life!"

I pray to the Father yet again that He takes away your blindness and that He unstops your ears and removes the veil from off your hearts. That you may see, hear and understand, that in these last days you may stand bold in the full knowledge of His Truth, being quick and ready to teach and to reprove, that the family may grow in knowledge and understanding, and be ready for His Appearing! But what is it to me? No, I have fought the good fight and have kept the faith, rather, it is for your own sakes that the Devil removes not all of your rewards, and that others may still save their necks before the great day of Wrath come. As it is written,
"Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the hearts of men, the things that Yahweh has prepared for them that love Him and do His bidding."
If you say that you love the Father and seek true wisdom, and yearn for the Truth, then pay attention and take great heed to what I am about to say. Repent and ask forgiveness for your wrongdoing. Ask Him for real truth and wisdom - for He gives liberally to those who ask from a pure heart and who are in His will.
How I should have known that the Church would end up so! Earnestly I prayed before my death that the Father would send others, better than I, to look after and feed the flock! But time has passed so. Much greater time than I could have imagined! By a very great miracle indeed the Church has been kept alive until now! But then, the Serpent is a wise and subtle beast, and has proved himself to be much more wise than the elect of God! You have forgotten the commandment, "Be ye wise as serpents and as harmless as doves", for if you had remembered, you would have striven to be so. Without Godly wisdom, we remain as beasts ourselves - as your forerunners have proven! Whether they were of the spirit of the Father, or of that evil one, I cannot say, for the Father has not revealed that unto me. But one thing I know - they stand guilty of a terrible crime! Having invited Satan himself to dine with them, and who tasted is sweetmeats and earned the just token of their sin - which was blindness and hardness of heart!
Satan, in thankfulness, profaned the Holy Oracles by treating them in a most sinful manner - as the father of sin that he is! But you brethren today, cannot be completely excused and excluded from this continual sin. Through ignorance, one can be excused, but the scriptures are to be worked by honest workmen - their findings to be taught and listened to - weighed by the righteous balance of the Word. You have the necessary tools available, as no generation ever has! Therefore has blindness of heart and mind and deafness of ears fallen upon you! For your disobedience and complacency! As clearly stated in scripture, "Know ye therefore that no prophecy of the scripture is of any personal interpretation", and, "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth".

Firstly, it must be clarified, what the words "rightly divide" mean. These words appear only once in the scriptures. Yahweh, in various places in His Word, has chosen to use a specific word or words which are never repeated elsewhere in the Bible. This most specific use of words should always arrest the attention of the attentive, studious workman and cause him to think! Yahweh, has a reason for everything He says, when He says it, how He says it, where He says it and to whom He says it! You must be made aware that the Creator God, Yahweh of Spiritual Hosts, does not waste His breath going into much detail when it is not required! We are to be workmen of the Word - not readers or hearers only! The Father gives us usually the minimum of detail, but sufficient for our understanding if we choose to work. It is left to us to decide whether or not we wish to apply effort and time to "rightly divide". By not doing so, we will never stand approved before Him!

'Rightly divide', in the Greek is 'orthotomounta'. 'Orthos' means 'perfectly right' or 'perfectly straight'. 'Temno' means 'to cut'. Put them together and you get 'orthotomounta' - translated into your English language as 'rightly divide' - well at least in your Authorised King James Version, which is the Bible I have been commanded to work from.

Literally speaking, it means, "a perfectly right cutting". In other words brethren, the Father is telling us that there is only ONE WAY to cut His Word - one way and one way alone! To simply read the Word and ask in prayer what it means is not good enough! You do not understand the true nature of Adam's fall! Adam changed his direct spiritual connection to his Creator with a corrupt line direct to Satan! Are you wise enough O man, to tell your own spiritual state and to have full confidence on from whence comes your information? Beware lest you be continually deceived! Be ye wise as serpents!
Do you speak in tongues much as did I? Do you pray much, as did I? Are you suffering persecution for your stand on the Word? Are you covetous? A talebearer? Hold hate or malice against any of the brethren? Do you harbour pride? How clean are your thoughts? In what state is your heart? Are you faithful to the Word that you know? If you have full confidence in your heart and know without doubt that it is the Father who is revealing hidden secrets to you, then good and well. But if not, one needs to perform a little work! Humble yourself O man of God, humble yourself and pray for forgiveness. Ask that it be revealed unto you the changes required in your life and thoughts. Read His Word much, pray much, meditate on the Words of Life. Ask daily for wisdom and understanding - but learn also to take that perfectly right cutting!

In order to "take that perfectly right cutting", you must adhere to some basic rules, that when these rules are overstepped, you are straight back into your own personal interpretation! Another added problem for people who have not been taking that perfectly right cutting, instead reading theological works, and other works of man that veer off to the side of the rightly divided Word, is this: Satan will guide you ever so willingly if you have been disobedient to that which you have been given. You must learn to distinguish between the small silent voice within, that is, the voice of the Father, from the voice of the evil one! I cannot emphasise greatly enough, the importance of obeying what you know of the Truth, explicitly, as it is written. You either take heed and obey and be in fellowship with the Father, or disobey and be in fellowship with the enemy!

Prophets of Yahweh, in times past, lost their lives because they refused to compromise His Word. They refused to preach what the people wanted to hear, preferring scorn and death, to preaching a lie! Today it seems, you have become people pleasers and could not care less, for the accuracy and integrity of the written Word - shame on you! Many millions have been deceived before you, and countless millions today! Satan has been hard at work over the millenniums, leading men astray since time began. Having the spiritual seed of the Father in you, does not make you immune to Satan's subtlety of wisdom! The wisest beast created! The Father guards the truth of His Word jealously from those who are disobedient! The Father is The Word, The Word is the Father! His Son is The Word, The Word is His Son! The Father, The Son and The Word they are One! One in thought, One in deed!

Those who treat the Word with disrespect shall be sent a deceiving spirit! Do not ever underestimate the high value that has been placed upon the revealed Word - His Word He has magnified above all His Holy Name! Would you have been so quick to treat His Son in such a shameful and disdain way? Putting words in His mouth that were not His own? Think well O man before you do further damage and remember the words He spoke: "Who is my mother or my brother but these that do His bidding", and "If you love Me, you will keep My Word". But with such terrible disdain has that Word been treated! I speak again to your shame! Yahweh forbid that He deal with you in like manner as you have dishonestly dealt with His Word!

Learn here and now, those of you who are humble enough - even as our dear Saviour! A sacred standard has been all but lost through the many centuries, that holds the key to unlocking the precious treasures of the Word, with some added information for these times, as these times are not my times nor your customs my customs:

1. The Word will interpret itself right in the verse, or if not, then in the context of what is being said.

2. The words must be understood in the terms of the day in which the translation was made.

3. A difficult or seemingly contradictory verse must be understood in light of of ALL other verses relating to the same subject - and MUST fit with them.

4. A word will find its interpretation in where it has been used before - search the scriptures, for where Yahweh has previously used a word, its meaning will be evident!

5. A word or words must be understood in light of orientalisms and customs, remembering always that the Bible is an eastern book!

6. Words must be understood in light of the constant change in meaning that comes upon them - the Devil is constantly working to change the meanings of words in order to confuse things. Your word 'wicked' used to mean, 'of the utmost evil', but now is used to describe 'good' or 'delicious' things! Do not underestimate the wiles of the wicked one in his endeavour to confuse your children!

7. A word must be understood in light of Biblical usage and must be in harmony with the verse as well as with all other scripture relating to the same subject, and with scripture build-up and narrative development, i.e., several passages of scripture on an identical incident or subject may increase the information given in each one if you take the sum amount of information - add them together - they must agree and compliment each other!

One problem to be aware of in this, is that you must also recognise that similar situations are not identical - you need to get very keen and perceptive with your mind and not mix two similar situations that have at least one clear contradiction, and say that it is the same situation. For example: one of your most famous mix-ups has come to you by man deciding that the records of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, regarding the people crucified with Messiah, all talk of the same two men! This is wrong teaching - wrong dividing of the Word! The scriptures clearly teach us that FOUR men were crucified with Messiah!

John 19: 18: "Where they crucified Him, and two other with Him, on either side one, and Jesus in he midst."

This is how it reads in your Authorised King James Version, but it has not been dealt with in an honest way! One important pointer to this, is the word "midst". You cannot place a person in the midst of only two! You can place him in the middle or in-between, but not in the midst! To place someone in the midst, you need to put at least two on each side, and that is exactly what John said!

If you check the Greek text from which the AKJV was translated, the Stephen's Text, you will find that the word "one" does not appear! It was added by the translators! The reason being, that you people here in the west have carried in your minds, paintings, carvings and traditions, the image of Messiah with only one criminal on each side f Him! And your traditions seem to count for more than for the truth!

Remove this added word "one", and the commas, and read it once more:

John 19: 18: "Where they crucified Him and two other with Him on either side and Jesus in the midst."

You see the difference in what was actually said and what the translators wrote? "Two other with Him on either side." Yahweh always gives enough, though at times scarce, information for you to be able to work and find the truth! In Matthew 27: 38, we read the following account:

"Then were there two thieves crucified with Him, one on the right hand, and another on the left."

These two "thieves", were in fact robbers, who are more dangerous criminals. Thieves, are not normally dangerous, they are opportunists, waiting to steal and run at the drop of a hat! The Greek words used here are "duo lestai", "two robbers". Thieves would not normally be crucified. Following on in verse 44, we read: "The thieves (robbers) also, which were crucified with Him, cast the same in His teeth."

In Luke 23: 32, it is stated that two malefactors, "kakourgoi" in Greek, were led with Him to be put to death. Now one thing to remember at this point, the two robbers in the record in Matthew, were not led out with Him, but in contrast to this record, they were crucified later! After Yashua had been crucified and His garments parted, and the soldiers had sat down to guard Him, and later, making and fixing a sign over Him - then were the two robbers crucified!
These records are very clearly not different accounts of the same thing, but talk about two different sets of people crucified with Messiah! The two malefactors of Luke, were led out and crucified with Him, and later, the two robbers were brought out and crucified!

Remember in Matthew it is stated that the two thieves (robbers), cast the same in His teeth, but in Luke it says something quite different:

Luke 23: 39, 40: "And one of the malefactors which were hanged railed on Him, saying, If thou be Christ, save thyself and us. But the other answering rebuked him saying, dost not thou fear God, seeing thou art in the same condemnation? And we indeed justly; for we receive the due reward of our deeds: but this man has done nothing amiss."

Two different sets of criminals are recorded as being crucified with Messiah, and two different things are recorded as coming forth out of the mouths of the first set and of the second set. Have you learned the lesson brethren? Instead of believing what you read in books or see in paintings and carvings, it is more profitable to study the Word of Truth and put "right dividing" into practice!

You must also get "To whom was it written" correct and understand the different administrations that Yahweh has set up. Understand words in light of mannerisms and figures of speech - forget theological works of man!

One last thing you must agree to do, is to refuse to break any rules of language, as that makes a mockery of the Truth of God's Holy, Righteous Word! Be ye imitators of God and throw off all your learned bad habits, remembering that Yahweh, your Father, has gone to very much trouble and anguish of heart to give you His Word, and has made great effort to use language and speech in a most specific and accurate way, and that He Himself, is no rule breaker. Those of you who say that there is no logic with the Creator as He stands outside of all, are fools, and will remain in your blindness! The Truth shall be kept from you and you will remain in your sin!

By adhering to these simple rules, you will be able to stand approved before the Creator, a workman that need not to be ashamed, taking a perfectly right cutting of His precious, matchless Word! It is vitally important that you obey Yahweh in all that you learn of Him. The Law was given that sin could be recognised and accounted for, and that Yahweh's people could learn to judge things righteously and receive atonement for their sins, in order that fellowship with the Father could be a constant reality. It also set a legal precedent by which a man could be sent, not only to live up to the Law, but to become the atonement offering that would cover for all sins and for all time! However, whilst sin remains in the world, the Law also must remain - as where no Law is, how can there be judgement?

The law stands and works even today against all sinners, otherwise how could we be chastised when we sin if there are no rules nor curse? We are freed from laws and curses to the extent that we walk the Word and do His bidding, otherwise we could walk contrary and receive no punishment. But as it is written, "Whosoever Yahweh loves, He chastises!" If you love your child, you will chastise him, as foolishness is bound in the heart of children - if you hate your child, you will spare the rod! You put yourselves under bondage of curses by disobedience and cause devils to become your companions in life instead of the Father's holy angels! Should anyone really wonder why the Church walks without power and that many sleep before the time? Until heaven and Earth pass away, not one jot or one tittle shall be removed from the Law!

You cannot inherit the Kingdom of Yahweh whilst you are here on Earth if you are not in fellowship with the Father and His Son, which means, you will not enjoy any of the Covenant promises, nor the power of Yahweh in your life. You must learn to love as the Messiah loved, and love the Father and His Word with all your heart, soul, mind and strength if you want to walk with real power. You have walked ignorant of Satan's devices, his methods, tactics and traps - into the which you teachers and pastors have fallen head first and are not even aware that you need rescued! Nevertheless, you are my children in the Word, some of you at least, and I pray you will come to the Father in all humbleness and meekness of spirit, that you may be able to to fulfill Yahweh's will for you before the return of His Son Yashua!

Bear with me my beloved and take the harsh words as befitting men and women of the Word knowing that it is done for your own good - for in the Gospel is revealed not only the salvation of the Father, but His Wrath, as the Revelation of His Righteousness. I count it my highest honour and glory to be accounted worthy to proclaim such a Gospel! peace be with you! Your brother, Paul.

Taken from AWAKE TO POWER by Edward Laughlan and featuring the apostle Paul. 

Wakeup call to the Redeemed of God!

An excellent source of sane, on the Word teachings of the TRUE Gospel of Yeshua Messiah and what the redeemed of God should be hearing, can be found by checking out the following post. You need to understand clearly, the difference between "everlasting life" and "eternal life" - your understanding is most probably very wrong! Indeed - "There shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth"... but NOT by unbelievers!! The resurrection of unbelievers comes AFTER the initial 1000 year plus reign of God's only begotten Son, Yeshua:

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