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I said that I would post links to a few excellent videos on 9/11 that go well with LOOSE CHANGE II. Instead I have decided to imbed the first one here on this post. Please force yourself to watch it - if you do not have time - make time! It is very important that we know the truth and stop being fooled by our leaders and the media. They are leading us directly to our enslavement!
This one then is by ex-Los Angeles Police Dept. narcotics officer Michael C. Ruppert who - being too good at his job was kicked out on the street and lost all he had. His crime? His narcotics nose and his determination to both do his job well and help his fellow citizens by becoming one of the best in his field, led him straight to the doors of the CIA (Cocaine Infiltration Agency!) For obvious reasons, they did not appreciate his expertise so he lost his job and almost his life. They told him that if he ever fathered a child, it would not live!
Mike goes through the dirty dealings of this same CIA, one of the Illuminati elite family's most favoured intelligence agencies whose main purpose is to keep the streets of the U.S. flooded with cocaine, heroin, crack etc, thereby performing at least four super important tasks for their masters:

1. Helping to keep the U.S. economy afloat. 2. Laying the basic foundation that helps destroy families and society itself. 3. Laws can be introduced in order that youngsters can be thrown into their highly profitable private jails. 4. Population control.

Most Illuminati elite families of course, made their initial fortunes through dealing in drugs. The Drugs War, is their private war against all the small opposition that arises , and they have at their disposal the world's puppet governments, the Military Industrial Complex (including the Pentagon) NASA, the world's intelligence communities and the world's media! Above the Illuminati elite families you can find only Lucifer himself!

Mike says that the "GOD" in "IN GOD WE TRUST" is Gold-Oil-Drugs. His investigations over the past 20 odd years have proved this to him. You must always remember of course that in gleaning information from any source - no matter how good the information seems - no matter how honest the source seems - you must check every detail you can by cross referencing and by finding out what other trusted people know about that source. If things do not add up, if you have a doubt... be careful! The elite families may be very very evil, but they are certainly not stupid! They plan well in advance. They pay authors, website owners, film directors, scientists, journalists etc., to prostitute their services to them for some easy money in order to pacify or confuse the general public. They form controlled opposition groups that squander your donations, or they write an 'exposé' or produce a film that only goes so far. 'Damage control' is the name it goes by. Michael Moore is probably the most famous example of this type of deceit.

A good example of damage control was circulated in all of the world's media soon after 9/11. The world's foreign intelligence services and even some world leaders went public, saying that they had warned Washington that muslim terrorists were planning an attack and that some of these terrorists were known to have had taken flying lessons but that Washington , the FBI and the CIA had ignored all of these warnings. That was all a big cover-up. Damage control! It helps confuse the issue and leads people to believe that the BIG FAT LIE is actually a big fat truth!

Attention was immediately removed from the real criminal perpetrators of this horrendous crime i.e., THE ILLUMINATI ELITE FAMILIES! The real controllers, schemers and murderers.

On this video from Mike, this point is not clarified when he shows you newspaper clips. Nevertheless, his video is excellent!
NOTE: The original video I posted here has been removed - as many others throughout my blog. The below video has been added to replace the original which I hadn't noted the title of, however, there are many videos out there on Youtube of Michael Ruppert for anyone who may be interested in his work. Yahweh bless! 

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