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As we near the end of life on this Earth as we know it, we can expect to see more and more 'ancient' artifacts emerge,
manufactured recently by the ruling elite Hollywood style, in order to fool humanity into believing some very big lies. The elite families who control the banks, big pharma, the petrochemical industry, the Pentagon, NASA and all the world's major corporations, have, as could only be expected of them, made a powerful stand against the One True God of all creation, joining ranks with His adversary Satan in a last gasp effort to defeat His plans for the human race. They chose Lucifer instead of Yahweh simply because they do not want to be told what to do and what not to do - they are free spirits so-to-speak who wish to live as they please and do as they please, ignoring the plight of the poor and dying. Lucifer allows them all the pleasures the world can offer - and also their heart's most wicked desires!

They have left themselves with no choice other than to stand boldly against their very Creator, with the ridiculous false hope that they can defeat Him with the help of their puny god Lucifer. In this attempt, they hope to pull as many people their way as possible with a myriad of false artifacts that have been carefully planned and designed to shake the faith of God's elect, fool unbelievers and offer an alternative hope for a New World Order. But first, they must convince us that 2012 will bring the beginning of the end, with its culmination being around the year 2020 - their year of Clear Vision. The year by which no man left alive on the planet will be left in any doubt that the wrath of the Creator God has fallen and that we are now ready to move forward into the thousand year reign of their New Age Christ.

Their calculation has been based on their belief that the Son of The Creator God Yahweh, Yashua HaMasiyach, is due to return for His faithful during the year 2021. Why 2021 you may ask? Yashua was born on (9/11) the 11th of September 3BC, as has been proven by modern computer based astronomical backtracking of the star and planet positions. That being the case, the elite have calculated the return of the True Messiah as 2000 years from His birth plus the 31 years of His life, and minus the 7 years expected tribulation of the books of Daniel and Revelation. In other words, not counting the 7 year tribulation period, His return would have been expected during the year 2028 as 28 plus 3 = 31 - the age He was at His death and resurrection.

But you say, "No! Yashua died aged 33 as His ministry started at age 30 and was 3 years long". Well that is what the controlled mainstream churches teach. It is not what the scriptures teach though! A proper and thorough, well researched and rightly divided look at the Gospel records show that His ministry was indeed only 1 year long and not the 3 we have been taught. The Gospel records have been misinterpreted. Certain records have been counted in the various Gospels as being 3 distinct occurrances when in fact each record is giving 3 different accounts of the same occurrance. To get into it here would involve pages and pages of painstaking explanation. The elite families know this to be true and is why their chosen dates are as they are.

Now, regarding the year 2012 and the reason it has been chosen as a special year for the elite families to shake the Earth to its very core, you have to understand that they have many secret or semi-secret weapons of mass illusion and destruction set in place around the globe and hanging in space. They have their HAARP weather control machines dotted across the face of the Earth that can set off earthquakes, cause hurricanes and tornadoes, and also set off nuclear sized explosions without the risk of radioactive fallout. They have a series of space-based hologram machines and of course their MIRACL space-based laser system that can send fire to Earth. All in all, they have worked hard and rather well in order to fool the inhabitants of planet Earth and when you include the false 'ancient' books, scriptures and artifacts that have begun to appear and which will continue to appear over the next few years, the confusion and delusion being spread is pretty powerful indeed.

The end of December 2012 is looked on by the elite as the perfect time to begin their main attack on humanity as 2013 will be used to set off their 7 year tribulation. 2020 is their year of Clear Vision for the final and conclusive opening of their New World Order 1000 year reign of Lucifer. And all to try and stop the return of the True Messiah, Yashua! They expect Him to be returning during 2021, so what better way to try and stop the whole process than to pre-empt it by bringing forward - as they see it - the tribulation, decimating the human population and setting up their chosen god, Lucifer's 1000 year reign. But what does the Bible say about this?

Luke 12: 40: "Be ye therefore ready also : for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not."

In other words folks - make your calculations based upon your best man made knowledge and understanding of numbers and signs of the times - but the Creator God's plans cannot be figured out by anyone. His chosen year for the return of His Saviour Son is known only to Him alone and the reason for choosing that particular year will only be made clear to us after the event and not before. Meanwhile, as I have pointed out to you, be prepared to see many more Hollywood style 'ancient' books, scrolls and artifacts, made to shake belief in the Bible and put you on the wrong track - Edward Laughlan.

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