Friday, 8 May 2009


I am sure it is all a very deliberate ploy to try and get Americans to call a new revolution - which would be in the elites favour and definitely NOT in the favour of the revolutionaries. The elite have been trying everything in their power to try and wake Americans up to what they have been doing behind the scenes, so what better final tactic than to put a black foreign man in power?

It is the elite themselves who have been at the forefront of the conspiracy movement expose with people like Alex Jones, Jordan Maxwell, Dr. Deagle, and even Mark Phillips could you believe (of TRANCE-formation of America fame). The elite ruling oligarchy want all Americans to know thoroughly that their country is governed from London and that the Fed is NOT American and that The United States of America is a London owned corporation etc etc etc.

(Original videos removed by unknown third party CIA troll so I have replaced them with these... sorry, but there are many youngsters out there who find it impossible to find a decent job):

People of America - if you rise up against them, they will unleash all the power of the Pentagon and of the UN against you - be aware of this please! They have been planning for this day for many many decades. They may be very sick, evil people, but they are not completely stupid!

(Original video removed by a troll and replaced by this one):

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