Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Fritz Springmeier was the first person to bring Johnny Todd to my attention a few years ago. Johnny is of the Illuminati Todd/Collins family and also goes by the name of Lance Collins. As is normal practice within Illuminati families, their children can be fostered out to related families. He was set up and thrown into prison by his family after miraculously turning his life over to Jesus Christ (Yashua HaMasiyach) around 1973, although he may have renounced that decision at some point later on in his life. To understand people like Johnny, you have got to understand how the Illuminati elite families live and what they believe. I do not want to go into that here as it would take up far too much space, although Satanic Ritual Abuse Mind Control has everything to do with it! This process, splits the human mind into many compartments. Each compartment carries a different 'personality'. Understanding this, helps us to understand people like Johnny and their, confused at times, descisions. Unlike us, they are battling with a multitude of inner personalities that are continually fighting for control of the mind. My unpublished book, The Best-Laid Schemes O' Mice An' men..., goes into that in much detail!

An attempt was made on Johnny's life whilst he was in prison in South Carolina, which failed to kill him. As far as I know, he is never to be released! The contents of these two 10 minute tapes, may be too much for you to believe. I can assure you that every word he speaks, makes perfect sense and fits with my knowledge of the Word of the Creator God, Yahweh, and also with my understanding of the spiritual realm and of these Luciferian families who are completely dedicated to their god Lucifer, the Prince of the power of the air, the god of this world:

John Todd a former Illuminati (The Witchcraft of Rock & Roll)1

John Todd a former Illuminati (The Witchcraft of Rock & Roll)2

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smuggler said...

Truly, an EXCEPTIONAL Servant of God. Todd's revelations on ROCK and other music is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to DISTRIBUTE. THIS is EXACTLY the work that is needed: for ALL True Christians to call ALL SUCH ILLUMINATI to REPENT and COME OUT OF SUCH SATANIC SERVICE. Masons, witches, even demonic entities need to ALL be EXPOSED. For SIN cannot EXIST once it is EXPOSED. THAT is WHY it is kept SECRET. Hence, LIGHT needs to be SHONE on THAT to BUST WIDE OPEN THEIR LIES and OBLITERATE them. God Bless, Protect and Heal John Todd + and All Such Souls in BONDAGE, under MIND CONTROL, TOO BLIND to even REALIZE IT in a CONSCIOUS WAY. May they all SNAP OUT OF IT and do an ABOUT-FACE is My Fervent Prayer and Work in Jesus' Name + xo~A

Angelina Lazar
ORTHODOX Defender of Human Rights