Friday, 24 April 2009

What The Hell is Going on at Denver Airport?

What is so special about Denver and its new World Airport? Why are the elite of the world buying up property there? Why did Obama go there to sign the Stimulus Bill in February? Why did he begin his campaign in Denver, setting up his HQ there? Is Denver set to be the capital of the New World Order after the fall of Washington DC?

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Anonymous said...

I believe there is definitely somethin goin on...shit is wayy to blatant...and people are so brainwashed they dont think its possible....wake the fuck up people!!! If it makes has to be true!! Im not closed minded on the subject or any subject of that g dad was a mason and he was evil as hell...i dont think they are all like that but somethin is fishy about most....this airport tho...learning about it gives me the a pisces and i can feel in my heart if something is weird and this airport seems like the case....maybe i should pay a visit