Tuesday, 17 November 2009


HEBREWS 10: 38: "Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him."

Is it any wonder that Christians pray for their food before they eat? Living here in the south of Spain - next door in fact to a US/Spanish military base, has given me the opportunity to learn many things that I would not have if I had remained in my native Scotland! The Yanks are always at it with their incessant, insane propaganda, promoting something or other to their troops. Everything from their country being the only free, democratic nation on Earth and that they are spreading freedom and democracy across the globe, to the 'fact' that even their music is worth dying for, to drinking plenty of water and eating tuna fish and their infamous "eat five a day" - fruits and vegetables! I used to wonder about that more than anything. Why, if they are attempting to slowly kill off the west and damage western troops with contaminated vaccines and depleted uranium weapons do they promote and even ram down their throats, the health benefits of eating wholesome foods and drinking plenty of water? It didn't add up to me!

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I have not really had to wait so long to find the answer to all of this though - only a few years. North American water is heavily contaminated with many highly toxic substances from heavy metals to pharmaceuticals (their bottled water is just tap water put into bottles!! - well it's bottled is it not??) Their fish are equally as contaminated - sadly enough including tuna fish! I found out much earlier though about the vegetables but less so regarding fruits. I would have thought that poisoning fruits like apples would be a much more dificult thing to achieve, but not so! Maybe we should have paid more attention to the fallen (CIA agent) Walt Disney and his Snow White story - the witch with the poisoned apple! You know, they always like to try and tell us what they are or have been doing to us - it's part of their sick satanic nature!

Anyway, without further ado, some interesting information about the 'wholesome' food you eat - is it any healthier than eating at Illuminati McDonalds?? YOU be the judge! But remember - don't eat or drink anything before you thank God for it!! Edward Laughlan
"Further degradation of the food supply is found in high levels of mercury in tuna fish and other seafood. The FDA recommends that a woman weighing 130 pounds can safely eat 1/2 can of albacore tuna per week. The Environmental Working Group (www.EWG.org) states that no amount of albacore tuna is safe for a woman of this weight based on the high levels of mercury in tuna fish. Sadly, there are few freshwater or saltwater fish that are safe for human consumption on a regular basis.
Say, here's a fun tip, did you know that the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) allows toxic waste to be "recycled" and placed into fertilizer? Yep. Millions of pounds of toxic waste -- dioxin, lead, mercury and other hazardous wastes are spread on U.S. farmlands as fertilizer every year. Millions more pounds of insecticides, herbicides and pesticides are sprayed on our crops to accompany the fertilizers. Guess what? It ends up in your fruits and vegetables.
We don't want to leave the carnivores among us feeling slighted, so consider that fifty percent of all pharmaceuticals used in the U.S. are to treat diseases in animals caused by confined conditions on factory farms. Steroids are being used to produce larger and fatter livestock faster. Bovine Growth Hormone is being injected into dairy cows in order to induce increased milk production. Along with that production comes increased mastitis and the need for more antibiotics to treat the diseased cows. Of course, if it's in the cow, it's in the milk, so milk drinkers beware.
By now, we've all heard about mad cow disease, salmonella, campylobacter, listeria, and e-coli. According the Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( www.CDC.gov) food-borne diseases cause 76 million illnesses, 325,000 hospitalizations, and 5,000 deaths each year in the U.S.
Does this seem like our food supply is healthy and safe? Okay, trick question. Really, we'll be describing the flip shortly, have faith. For now, the point is, that while government agencies such as the USDA, the FDA, and the EPA are made up of good people trying to do good work and keep us safe, the heads of these organizations are political appointees. The party in power is always beholden to the corporate interests who put them there. They install former lobbyists, industry advocates, and former corporate executives to oversee the very agencies that regulate their businesses.
Conflict of interest? You bet. Who benefits? Food manufacturers, fast food chains, chemical manufacturers, multinational corporations and politicians.
Who loses? The American people: children, the elderly, your parents, your friends, your neighbors. We all lose in this game of commerce that seeks to push product and profit at the expense of people.
Multinational corporations like Monsanto and Cargill are patenting seeds and creating genetically modified organisms (GMO) (including new strains of corn, soy, rice, and wheat) to create "Frankenfoods" that could pose staggering health, disease and lifestyle consequences on a societal and personal level. By 2003, there were 167 million acres of farmland in 18 countries growing GMO crops.
Opponents of GMOs rightly state that once these new organisms are placed in fields, we lose control of the pollination process with unpredictable consequences for other species in the plant, animal and insect kingdoms. Proponents of GMOs state that they are trying to bring food to the world to stamp out hunger. This is a noble cause. However, if the food manufacturers were truly intent on ending starvation, they would arrange for better distribution channels so the ample supplies of food we already have would make it to those who desperately need it. The problem isn't that there isn't enough food, the problem is that it isn't equitably distributed.
The real motivator behind the multinational food conglomerates creation of GMOs are patents and the monopolistic fortunes they bring. In the summer of 2005, Monsanto filed several patents on the pig -- specifically its gene sequence. It's sheer madness.
A significant symptom of an upside-down world is when millions of people are overfed and simultaneously malnourished. Instead of nutritious food provided by the bounty of the earth we consume high calorie food invented in laboratories. But our relationship to food is in the process of a huge flip."

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