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Unbelieving Mockers Unite in Their Final Push to Destroy The Living Word of The Creator God Yahweh!

And with this attempt, pull as many youngsters away from discovering the astonishing truths of this mighty spiritual weapon! Yahweh´s Weapon of Mass Conversion!

Believing wholeheartedly and undoubtingly in the infallable Word of the Creator God, Yahweh, can have its ups and downs. It happens to all Christians at some time or other I would say. There are too many so-called contradictions put forth by the myriad of denominations and Bible versions out there in the world, that unbelievers just cannot stop themselves from, and even enjoy, mocking the Word of the Creator Yahweh - especially the book of Genesis.

The elite controlling families of this Earth, whose power, control and wealth has come to them directly from the hands of the "Prince of the power of the air", the Dragon who goes around deceiving all the populations of the Earth, otherwise known as Satan or Lucifer, have always been attacking Yahweh´s written Word, however and whenever they could. Satan is anything but stupid. He may have lost his marbles and with it his wisdom, but he is not dumb! We know that he was created the wisest and most powerful of all the angelic beings, and that no-one stood between him and the Creator.
Why then, if Satan has such spiritual power and intelligence, added to his hatred for God´s Word and God´s people, do certain Christians believe that the physical Bible is completely untouchable and unchangable - completely protected spiritually by the Creator? We already know for sure that the only reliable Bible versions we have available to us today, in English at least, are the Authorised King James Version and the older Geneva Bible. All others fall short - some shorter than others! Satan´s aim is to remove the AKJV completely from Christian bookstore shelves. He has, for countless decades now, been flooding the market with Satanic/Communist Bibles which are anything but the revealed Word of the Creator God, Yahweh. He is also at present, inundating us with videos that mock and that try to tear apart the very existence of any Creator being.

'Zeitgeist The Movie' for instance, attempts to blow Christianity to smithereens by showing very ´cleverly´ how Christianity is a copy of many other more ancient religious systems. Firstly I must say here that Christianity is not a religion, rather, it is a simple belief that the Word of God is the will of God and that we, being born dead in tresspasses and sins through the fall of Adam, are in desperate need of a Saviour! Zeitgeist may fool the unlearned Christians or Christians to be, but it certainly will not deceive the educated elect of God! Zeitgeist, in other words, is a blatant
deceitful lie! Satan is a copycat artist whose only claims to fame are his insane tyrany against his very Creator and his sad copycat ability.
Another example of Satan´s video attacks on Christianity has been put forward by one of America´s top ´Jewish/Catholic´comedians, Bill Maher, and is called Religulous, yes just as written! He seemingly jumps on unsuspecting and not very learned Christians with a serious of questions that are never answered - mostly because he refuses to let people think and give their answers! Christianity in the western hemisphere is now very clearly under attack and Christians need to waken up and be more aware of what is going on in the world, at least so that their prayers can be more specific. Yashuah HaMasiach (Jesus
) Himself commanded us to be wise as serpents and also to be very vigilant regarding Satan:

Matt 10: 16: "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."

1 Peter 5: 8: "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour."

Satan´s time is almost up for the time being. He knows that his days are very short and he has but a little time to wait in order for him to get his hands physically on the job so to speak, by way of the soon coming world leader, popularly known as the Antichrist, something he has been patiently waiting for during the last 6000 years.

The United Nations, controlled by City of London Corporation via the all powerful Rothschild banking family, are pushing hard to see the official beginning of their long awaited New World Order. George Bush senior and his son have both been heard talking about it in one way or another, so too has Britain´s Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. The New World Order they talk of could be more accurately described as being Ancient Pagan Disorder, as their goals and beliefs are anything but new and are also firmly rooted in the oldest forms of Sun or nature worship!
The United States Constitution, revered by Christians, states: "one nation under the God of nature..." The god of nature is none other than Satan himself. American Christians have been hoodwinked into believing that their nation was set up by God fearing Christians and is a strong blessed country because it is so holy. Nothing could actually be further from the truth.
To obtain a better understanding of the birth of this great nation, you have to have a clear understanding of some ancient prophecies spoken by the Creator God. In the following chapters of my unpublished book, The Best-Laid Schemes O´Mice An´ Men, you can learn much more about that very subject. Without this understanding of ancient prophecies pronounced on the tribes of Israel, and without understanding that some of the prophecies had no conditions stamped on them, you will never clearly see how the United States came into being. It was less because of God fearing men, and more because of unconditional promises pronounced on the tribes in ancient times by Yahweh in order to prolong the time that man could remain living upon this Earth.

Chapter Nine

WHY THE NATION ISRAEL ITSELF NEVER REALISED THE BLESSINGS....... (Abram. The Promises. Declaration of Arbroath. The Symbolism of the Union Jack.)...........................................................316

Chapter Ten

THE TEN LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL...........(The Ten Thousands of Ephraim and the Thousands of Manasseh. The Deception of Yair Davidy. Tribe of Dan–The Antichrist? Who Are The Japanese?).........................................................334

Christians are being deceived left, right and centre by the very demonic being, Satan, that we have been commanded to be vigilant towards, whose methods and schemes we have been commanded to become as wise as serpents against. What has gone wrong? I ask myself. Where have all the true Christian leaders been over the last centuries? Yahweh´s adversary, the Devil, has been allowed in to control the setting up of the greatest, most powerful nation the Earth has ever seen and has also had his men sit in on the translations of His most holy and precious Word! By a miracle alone do we even have an understandable version of God´s holy Word (that is not without a few changes and additions), but even that is now under severe threat.

Many changes are lined up to take place over the following years to aid the bringing in of the satanic New World Order, and we all need to be on our toes (or on our knees praying). The United Nation's New World Order is extremely evil and vicious. It cares not for humans at all - except of course Satan's elect themselves, the cowardly elite families from the Rothschilds and Rockefellers down. The families who control the banks and the world's major industries, including the media. They are all Luciferian (as they prefer), Lucifer being their chosen god of light and wisdom. They are much too powerful and therefore pride filled for the light of the Gospel to shine unto them, they seek only what their god seeks, and that is the destruction of all humanity except they themselves. One major step forward for them would be to remove all traces of the God breathed Word, which they hate with all their might! They know only too well that believers in the One True God, Yahweh, are their only major obstacle in obtaining what they have been craving for over many centuries now. They aim to destroy Yahweh's Word, and then us. Be sober and vigilant, be wise as serpents, be aware of what is going on because your adversary the Devil, is quckly gaining ground.

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