Sunday, 18 October 2009

CIA - 666 - FOX(Y) NEWS


I know that I have told you before - but I'm going to tell you again, simply because there seems to be an incredible amount of American Christians out there who have been completely deceived and who believe in this most obnoxious of news channels - owned and controlled by the evil, Satanic CIA. The name FOX was chosen as it is the numerical equivalent of 666 of the English alphabet:

F = 6th letter
O = 15th letter - 1+5 = 6
X = 24th letter - 2+4 = 6

Now I am not saying that any of the world's news services are good - they are ALL controlled via Reuters of City of London Corporation Mafia banksters, so none qualify as reliable and honest - those days are well gone! The world's news services are today more of an extension of the entertainments industry as a means to distract and mind control us. The Bread & Circus of the elite controllers to keep us entertained and out of their hair so-to-speak. Our TV's have all been thrown out as there is no way the new digital TV's are going to enter our house. The old TV system was one of the best weapons of government against us - digital TV is even more so - in fact, if you knew how dangerous they were, you too would be wise and have nothing to do with them. Please do your own investigation and please also read my posts on this matter which I will insert links to after these three videos.

Edward Laughlan

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