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Below: Commemorative coin minted by the Freemasons in honour of the Moon landing. "OUR FLAGS ON THE MOON", a direct reference by City of London Corporation Freemasons regarding the planting of their Masonic flag alongside that of the U.S. The writing on the coin reads: "THE SUPREME COUNCIL, 33' MOTHER JURISDICTION OF THE WORLD, OF THE ANCIENT & ACCEPTED SCOTTISH RITE OF FREEMASONRY".

Here below is the original article. I do not agree with Matthew's belief that human beings have been upon this Earth for tens of thousands of years, being a believer in a young Earth, but the article points out some very good facts that I certainly do agree with! Edward laughlan

NASA's moon ritual to mark the end of an age
By Matthew D. Jarvie
October 8, 2009
Dissecting the New Age

Tomorrow, Friday, October 9th, NASA is scheduled to literally bomb the moon. In short, at approximately 7:30 AM EST Friday morning, a missile launched and steered from a shepherding spacecraft will strike the lunar surface at what is said to be twice the speed of a bullet. The official story states that this is to eject a plume of debris that will be analyzed by the shepherding spacecraft for traces of water.

The planned "attack" on the moon is a violation of Space Law and is defined as an Act of War in the existing International Space Treaty. The myth-makers and disinfo agents say this could trigger a war with what they claim to believe is an "extra-terrestrial civilization" under the lunar surface. This is of course utter nonsense. So who or what is this "act of war" really against?

In reality, this undertaking by the NAZI-established NASA is little more than a Masonic ritual and is purely symbolic of Freemasonry's war on women at the end of the Piscean age. The Aquarian age we are entering is to represent the birth of a new variety of genetically-engineered worker bees: the hermaphrodite. Women as we know them are to be eliminated.

In the high tradition of Zoroastrian Freemasonry the moon represents the female, which is said to only reflect the sun's (male) radiance/greatness. Those who truly understand ancient Freemasonry and the various religions it spawned realize that it is controlled at the highest levels by homosexual priests hiding behind the veil of organized religion. This agenda goes back quite literally tens of thousands of years, to a time when women were the leaders of matriarchal, clan-based societies which were eventually overthrown by the same power-hungry, pedophile control freaks (and their secret societies) who are in control today and striving to impose their New World Order on humanity.

NASA is a NAZI organization and 90% of what it does is secret. What the public sees the merely the product of a multi-billion dollar PR campaign to create fantasy about the wonders of space travel and exploration, so the worker bees who pay their taxes to the system seeking to enslave them willingly submit to funding its diabolical agenda. Like anything you read or hear, nothing NASA says is to be taken at face value.

(Image added by Edward Laughlan)


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