Friday, 7 November 2008

Change We Can All do Without!

By Edward Laughlan

To begin with, I want to give you a detailed description of Obama's logo. You can find hairy fairy descriptions to cover its true meaning like the sun shining over a ploughed field, so I would like to give you the opportunity to see the truth. Symbols are very important to the ruling elite. They pay good money to witches, warlocks, Satanists and druids to come up with them! Here is my description:

1 - The blue sky is actually not sky. Neither is it the blue of the American flag. This blue represents the sea and the mega-tsunami the elite have planned to hit the States, Portugal, Ireland and the U.K. with sometime between now and the end of 2012. The curve, unbroken by the 'suns' rays is deliberate, to imprint in our minds subliminally this message. Stars have been left out as well because it is sea, not sky.

2 - The white 'sun', is actually the planet Venus, which to the elite families represents Lucifer (he is also referred to in the Bible as the "son of the morning" which is the planet Venus). It could be seen as Venus rising, which means that the Antichrist is waiting in the wings to be empowered by Lucifer. They are proudly announcing to the world that time is up as we know it!

3 - The red and white lines represent the west officially being turned over to Socialism. As you look at the image, taking north as the highest point, the lines are coming at you from east to west. That is part of the elite plan, and always has been from at least 100 years back. China and Russia are to invade, bringing their allies with them! That part is to begin during 2013. The red lines also represent the blood which is to flow between now and 2020. Population reduction is to increase greatly!

Well, that is the plan - what we need to do is pray like we never have done before in our lives!!

When you think about it, the ruling elite families at the top of the tree, only had two choices this time round for the presidential elections. After the horrendous and very bloody eight years of their Mars Warlord Bush - a man who never went to war when he should have - what else could they do but put up a war hero (McCain), to see if folks would fall for it and vote voluntarily for more of the same... which they knew they would probably not, or put up either a woman or a coloured person. You have got to hand it to them, the elite know what they are doing when it comes to fooling the masses!

With warmonger Bush at the helm, the elite were able to pull off the biggest and most horrific fraud of all time - "America has been attacked by terrorists!" Well, the biggest fraud apart from World War Two that is! George W. Bush now has linked directly to his name, the deaths and unnecessary maiming and suffering of a few million people, Iraqis, Afghans, Americans, Britons and many other nationals. But when you think about it... so do many other presidents of this 'Christian' nation. The United Kingdom (for want of a better description!) is not exempt from this accusation either, seeing that she 'follows' her brother everywhere he goes! Or should that be sister... or if you look at the Statue of Liberty - Drag Queen!

Obama's catchphrase of "Change We Can Believe In", was very cute when you realise what the ruling elite were up to! I mean, if you are trying to restore voter confidence in an absolutely corrupt system you cannot do any better than to adopt this 'FOX NEWS' type slogan. (Fox News = 666 News. F is the 6th letter of alphabet, O is the 15th, 1+5 = 6. X is the 24th, 2+4 = 6). That is why FOX was chosen by its administrators, the CIA.

666 - CIA News - information you can trust - balanced news!

Anyway, what kind of changes will Obama be allowed to bring in with him? No more Masonic demonic Ordo Ab Chao? No more hunting down of the coloured and other ethnic races? No more KKK? No more special drugs like crack, made especially for the CIA to push in the coloured communities? No more Mr. White bad guy???

Whatever the changes, you can rest assured that they were worked out decades ago - and if Mr. Obama, starts to get cocky and decides to bring in his own REAL changes... then how will the CIA deal with this one? Be interesting to see. One thing for sure though, he would not last long enough to regret going against his controllers. Mr. Kennedy has got to be admired at least for his courage in trying! As for me... I'd rather die fighting evil than go to the grave as a compromising coward!!

The election, for what I saw of it, seemed to be very one sided. It looked very much like there was really only one candidate - Obama! Couldn't they have had the decency to have put up a coloured person with no ties to the elite? No ties to the British royal family? Well no, obviously not.

So Obama is going to change America and the world is he? Just the man we have all been waiting for! The changes he will bring - if not entirely horrific - are changes I am sure we could well do without. Bush was pulled in to do the very same. So were the many presidents that went before him! We will have to wait and see, just what the elite are up to this time round! If he manages to stay alive, with no real attempts on his life via the KKK, then the elite will have shown us very clearly how even the policies and actions of the KKK are controlled completely by them.

If it is a revolution they are looking to instil, then what easier way to cause it than to have him assassinated. They could, in this day and time, easily fake his death if he is regarded in high esteem by the elite. Failing that, he will have been lied to and will be done away with. In elite terms, no-one is indispensable!!
Changes, with a capital 'C', are what we should be looking out for, as we are nearing the point of no return! We must never forget the words of President Bush or Richard Perle, who, after 9/11, told the world in no uncertain terms, that we had entered a new arena - a new world. A world that was never going to go back to the point it had been at before 9/11, a world where everyone was being given a choice... the choice of choosing to back the United States and its policies fully or being labled a terrorist!

“The world has changed; we’re not going back to where we were. I find one of the sillier ideas is the notion, and you hear it all the time, that American policy has been hijacked by a handful of people and as soon as they’re out of there, we’re going back to where it was… they’re wrong about that because we are not the same people we were before!” – Richard Perle.

"You are either with us or against us, you are either evil or your'e good" - George W. Bush, November 6th, 2001

Those of you who forget or dismiss these two statements, will be very foolish! Neither President Bush nor Richard Perle, put their voices to these words without having insight into the overall plan. The elite families have gotten so strong, proud and bold these days, that it is no longer necessary in their eyes, to hold back information. They feel themselves to be so much in control, and to be sitting in such a strong position, that absolutely nothing can stop them at this late stage of the game!

The world has certainly changed, and may not go back to where it was before the horrific events of 9/11 - only the fervent prayer of devoted Christians can allow enough power to be released by the Almighty Creator God, Yahweh, to stop Satan and his followers dead in their tracks at this point. Prayer warriors are the only hope we have of holding back the plans and schemes of the adversary. Anything else, as in the aim of the patriot groups in the States, will be certain suicide. The controlling elite families are most definitely insane, of that there can be no doubt whatsoever, but they are not stupid! Insanity and stupidity are two different things.

The wealth they carry cannot even be imagined by the ordinary citizen - it goes way beyond our imagination, but with that understanding, we can then see that with such colossal wealth, the control and power it gives them goes also beyond our imagination! Politicians, scientists, historians, authors, cine directors - all colours and flavours of people, fall at their feet in worship and adoration! Money not only talks... it controls. The elite agenda calls for more brusque and radical changes that will send the planet hurtling towards their New World Order. We need to pray that their plans be usurped or at the very least, slowed down.

I do not believe that the timing is right for them to mow us all down - that should come in its own time, when all believers have been taken off the face of this Earth. Believers, if they awaken from their subtly induced slumber, placed on them by wolves in sheep's clothing, can unleash sufficient power from the Almighty Creator God Yahweh, to hold back the power of Satan a few more years. Why should we sit back and believe any longer that the wrath of Yahweh will not fall on us and therefore continue in our complacency when our adversary has been working round the clock on a plan to catch us all unaware. Messiah warned us to watch and pray always that we are not caught out and that tribulation does not fall on us. Satan has been teaching us not to worry, sit back, relax, Messiah is coming back to save you, the tribulation will not get you - that is for the unbelievers!

See the subtlety of his ways? I was very surprised to discover that it was people on the wrong side who began teaching believers not to worry, that tribulation was not going to fall on them, that Messiah would return before it began. It did not make any sense to me at the time. Why would witches and Masons want to teach that in our churches? Now I know, and so do you!

Let Satan's people have their New World Order when the time is right - not before. But that will take much prayer, believe me! We have got to get serious about this before time runs out. We have a few short years until December 21, 2012 comes around. After that... ?? They plan to shake the Earth to its foundations and a few other things as well before they launch their long awaited war to end all wars. A fake return of Messiah via holograms in the sky - voices sent direct to your mind via microwave towers that encircle us everywhere we go. Satan is not the dumb animal many believers have been taught that he is, he is the wisest of all the beasts of the field. Let us rise to the occasion and show him that our God can keep us wise as well, as wise as serpents!

May the Creator God Yahweh, bless and keep you all and may He inspire you to pray, and when you have finished... to pray a little more!

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