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You have heard it from me
before and you will no doubt hear about it again - Codex Alimentarius is probably the greatest threat to humanity that exists today on this planet! This information needs to be passed on to every family on the face of the Earth - it is so vital that it be stopped dead in its tracks! But you know, it will prove impossible to prise people away from their TV screens in order that they can stand up and be counted in this struggle of good versus evil!!

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that
good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke (1729 -1797)

And that, very sadly, is why we are seeing evil rampage during these end times, because people cannot be bothered! Complacency has set hard, concrete-like, in the western hemisphere, and now we sit motionless, awaiting our final fate. The pale horse is on its way, starvation and genetically modified, poisoned foods are our near future! Thailand has already fallen! First strike goes to Codex. The writing is on the wall. - Edward Laughlan.

Codex Alimentarius: Big Brother's Plan to Control Health Supplements

Monstrously Toxic Power Play for Control of the Global Food Supply & Natural Health Industry

Compiled from various sources and edited
by David Klein, B.S., Ph.D.
The Codex Alimentarius agenda, which has long metastasized in the recesses of closed board rooms and governmental chambers, is now coming to light. This is the paramount issue of our times, yet few know about it. If Codex standards ever replace the current laws in the U.S. governing food and dietary supplements, it will affect not just Americans' right to choose supplements, but our right to grow crops with untampered seeds, to buy pure organic food, and to live free of the tyranny of Big Agro-Chem-Pharma-Med, through health-destructive FDA rules enacted and enforced by a pro-corporate government that cares nothing about our health freedom. In other words, the "natural health" industry will perish. Now more than ever, we must exercise our democratic duty and be vigilant in protecting that freedom, the health and survival of the Earth, and all her creatures and citizenry. (To read more):

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