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Thursday, May 28, 2009
Foreword: Although I did not write the following article, it is excellent and a severe warning to the Christians of America of what is to come. - Pamela Schuffert



For all the Evangelical Pastors who promoted President Obama, look carefully at the language of the new bill called “Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education” (GIVE).

It forms what some are calling “Obama’s Youth Brigade” and his goal is to enroll over one million youth. But, look at the anti-Christian nature of the bill.

The Bill would forbid any student in the brigade to participate in “engaging in religious instruction, conducting worship services, providing instruction as part of a program that includes mandatory religious instruction or worship, constructing or operating facilities devoted to religious instruction or worship, maintaining facilities primarily or inherently devoted to religious instruction or worship, or engaging in any form of religious proselytizing.” (Christian missionary type outreach to others.)

[NOTE-This does NOT mean they can't do the above only WHILE WORKING ACTIVELY in the YOUTH BRIGADE. It MEANS in their OWN PRIVATE LIVES on a daily basis! How OUTRAGEOUS! And how very COMMUNIST!-Pam]

That means no church attendance or sharing your faith.

Here is part of the HR1388 Bill’s wording:


Section 125 (42 U.S.C. 12575) is amended to read as follows:


Engaging in RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTION, conducting WORSHIP SERVICES, providing instruction as part of a program that includes mandatory religious instruction or worship, constructing or operating facilities DEVOTED TO RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTION or worship, maintaining facilities primarily or inherently devoted to religious INSTRUCTING OF WORSHIP, or engaging in any form of RELIGIOUS CONVERTING[missionary outreach to others]."

In other words Christians would not be allowed to be part of this Obama Youth Movement. Why do you think that is?

Dr. Orly Taitz, is a female attorney who lives in Mission Viejo, California. She is also a dentist and speaks five languages.

According to an interview she gave in WorldNetDaily, she was born and raised in Kishinev, the capital of the Republic of Moldova, a country in Eastern Europe that was formerly part of the Soviet Union.

She compares the “Obama Youth Bill” to the Soviet Union which used children for slave labor and indoctrination.

Dr. Taitz said, “Parents were NOT ALLOWED TO HOMESCHOOL their children. They were forced to enroll them in government schools. From the age of 6, all children were required to become YOUNG COMMUNISTS. You had to send your child to school, and your child had to be a member of the young communists,” Taitz said.

“There were no children who were not members. You had to do it. If you were one of the best, you become a member of the Communist Party. It was constant brainwashing. There was no choice, and people resented that. They were scared to speak up.”

[Christians in America, you better NOT be afraid to SPEAK UP in this hour! COWARDS have never won a battle YET! -Pam]

There are parallels between what happened in the Soviet Union and Nazi, Germany and what is happening in America now. BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTIANS are being profiled as DANGEROUS "RIGHT WING EXTREMISTS!"

In Communist China churches and Christians are not allowed to preach or teach on Bible prophecy. In the same way Christians who believe in “end time’s prophecies” are to be profiled. THE SAME THING IS NOW HAPPENING IN AMERICA!

These “unnamed rightwing extremists", a term which is used over 47 times appears to profile any taxpaying U.S. citizen who may hold one or more of the following beliefs and could be classified on an elaborate government computer network as a “rightwing extremist, militia member or terrorist.

Any one of the following beliefs could classify an individual or groups as a terrorist:


[NOTE-A major plank of communism and the NWO is world population control by ABORTION.-Pam]

Critical of the United Nations (The UN is majorly a tool of Russian communist agendas for the world.)

Critical of the New World Order (a modern term for WORLD GLOBALISM/COMMUNISM)

Critical of the Federal Reserve

Homosexual marriage [There goes preaching from the BIBLE!]

Oppose the North American Union [The NWO plan to create ten world regions uinder the NWO, with the NAU being "REGION NUMBER ONE"]

Critical of the income tax

Oppose illegal immigration [A major tool to create "multi-culturalism" or destroying our national identity as Americans and providing homogenizing of Mexicans, Americans and Canadians for the NAU merging of all three nations into one world region. Communists did this all the time when annexing other nations to form their "SOVIET UNION."]

Fear foreign powers such as Communist China, Iran, Russia and India [Who would NOT fear what Russia and China plan to do to America in the future?]

Concern about RFID chips [The kinds of chip implants that will be forced upon Americans for the coming "CASHLESS SOCIETY," called in the Bible the "MARK OF THE BEAST."]

Belief in Bible prophecy or “End Time Prophecies” (Because the NWO IS End-Time Bible prophecy fulfilled completely! How they HATE exposure!)

[Hmmm...sounds suspiciously like MY BRAND OF ANTI-NWO AGENDA JOURNALISM is targeted! COULD my name possibly be on their HIT LIST? Ha-ha-ha.-Pam]

What is interesting about the above list is that a great deal with it has to do with things that have nothing to do with the individual nation. The only possible reason any national government would be concerned about its citizen’s objecting to things like new world order, world government, the United Nations, homosexual marriage, a regional global government like the North American Union, abortion, RFID chips and belief in end times prophecies is because this is what they are planning to promote in the near future. Otherwise why be bothered about it?

I would suggest to you that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled far faster than most of us realize and that this why governments around the world are concerned about these things.

Make no mistake about it: across the U.S., Europe, Australia and other regions, Bible-believing Christians are going to be persecuted before the Tribulation Period. However, many Christians and Christian leaders think that if they “give up land for peace,” they will be left alone.

It will not work for the Church. Getting up and apologizing on national television for supporting traditional marriage as some American ministers have done, is not going to earn you acceptance from the world.

The answer is to obey the words of Jesus Christ when He tells us to “occupy until I come.” This is not a plea for a kind of Christian reconstructionism, it is simply Jesus telling us to faithfully proclaim the truth in season and out of season until He comes for His Church. Maranatha!
Endnote from Pamela Schuffert-I finally stand vindicated on what I have been warning America and my fellow Christians now for 13 years, both on radio, lectures and websites and television. AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST IS COMING.

And as I have stated for 13 years, based on many inside revelations from former CIA NOW planners, military and many other sources, CHRISTIANS ARE AMONG THE MAJOR TARGETS for arrest, brutal mistreatment and elimination at the FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY deathcamps via prisoner boxcars and shackles (Nazi/Bolshevik style.)

Such reports of mine documenting this have been all over the internet and on websites worldwide.What is coming to "AMERIKA" is exactly what happened to Christians in COMMUNIST RUSSIA and CHINA and all other communist nations. And exactly what happened to confessing Christians who dared to stand up against Nazi atrocities in Germany as well.

They were taken mainly by TRAINS to the GULAGS/CAMPS for brutal torture and finally elimination. Isn't it interesting: HISTORY DOES REPEAT ITSELF.

And it should be obvious as to what can happen to an outspoken Christian-based journalist like myself when they finally decide they have had enough, and I get taken away to never be seen again in this world. You can imagine what I will face before they finally terminate me.

I have worked with surviving victims of Russian/Eastern European communist persecution for 3 decades now, and I know what happens to Christians who oppose communism (NWO) actively.

I am glad I have been a committed Christian of 38 years now, who realizes I must prepare for great suffering and martyrdom at the hands of this coming tyranny.

I am glad my Bible taught me to expect such persecution for righteousness' sake, to not fear them that can destroy this body, and to be faithful unto death. That is frankly all I live for now, as this NWO/communist tyranny comes down in "AMERIKA." I am so marked for elimination by so many people, it is not funny.

But friends, I tell you, JESUS CHRIST is WORTH IT ALL, and so is my eternal soul. Church in America, many of whom used to scoff at my reporting and tell me IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE, you are about to have a rude awakening.

And for you mockers and deniers, please don't expect much sympathy from people like myself who have suffered many things and laid down our lives to tell you the TRUTH, only to be mocked by so MANY OF YOU!

Bible prophecy told you it was coming. Investigative journalists like myself have told you it was coming. All the evidence was there. And now it is almost upon us. Are YOU prepared to face this coming persecution?

-Pamela Schuffert

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Irv said...


(It's still legal - and always God-honoring - to air messages like the following. See Ezekiel 3:18-19. In light of government backing of raunchy behavior (such offenders were even executed in early America!), maybe the separation we really need is the "separation of raunch and state"!)

In Luke 17 in the New Testament, Jesus said that one of the big "signs" that will happen shortly before His return to earth as Judge will be a repeat of the "days of Lot" (see Genesis 19 for details). So gays are actually helping to fulfill this same worldwide "sign" (and making the Bible even more believable!) and thus hurrying up the return of the Judge! They are accomplishing what many preachers haven't accomplished! Gays couldn't have accomplished this by just coming out of closets into bedrooms. Instead, they invented new architecture - you know, closets opening on to Main Streets where little kids would be able to watch naked men having sex with each other at festivals in places like San Francisco (where their underground saint - San Andreas - may soon get a big jolt out of what's going on over his head!). Thanks, gays, for figuring out how to bring back our resurrected Saviour even quicker!

[If you would care to learn about the depraved human "pigpen" that regularly occurs in Nancy Pelosi's district in California, Google "Zombietime" and click on "Up Your Alley Fair" in the left column. And to think - horrors - that she is only two levels away from being President!]

(This was seen on the web!)

Eddie said...

I think the main problems come from apathetic believers who are much too content with spacing out in front of the TV with all of its evil contents (and I used to be one of them), the mainstream churches that do not teach the properly rightly divided Word Of God, and our Satanic education system that spews out more atheists and confused, burnt out students than anything else!
We cannot have it both ways - we either stand on the rightly divided Word and live in this world but not involved with its evils, or we become a part of the whole system and end up being useless and apathetic which unfortunately has happened to far too many Christians today - but then the Word tells us that in the last days Christian's hearts would grow cold - I wonder why??

We have allowed our churches to be taken over by God's arch enemy. As the apostle Paul warned us before he departed, that grievous wolves would move in - and they most certainly have! But then, what are WE doing about it? Zero!!
It is always easier to blame others than point the finger at ourselves, but my friend, we have no-one to blame but we ourselves! It is all our fault for being too complacent, too cold hearted, too lazy... ad infinitum!

But thank you for the other info, very interesting, and imagine - in the heart of the 'Christian' nation of the world!!
You see, that is what I am talking about. We ourselves have allowed this to happen by falling asleep!