Tuesday, 8 September 2009

THE ROCKEFELLER ANTICHRIST - Will Their Plan Succeed? The Best-Laid Schemes O' Mice An' Men!

Imagine... the link to the book at the bottom has been removed... hehe... a website or blog is almost impossible to maintain in these last days folks... bullying, deceit, and lies rule ok??? The ruling elite families do not like truth.

At the beginning of the year 2013, it is surmised that the controlling Illuminati elite families wish to set up their long awaited New World Socialist Order - a world order based upon the style of the old Soviet Union. I have stated before that I believe that from January 2013 to the end of 2019, a period of around seven years, as set out in the books of Daniel and Revelation, they actually propose to have the world at war - the III and last world war so-to-speak. The year 2020 they have already set aside as the year of 'Clear Vision', the year by which no-one left alive upon the face of the Earth will be left in any doubt that the wrath of the Creator God has fallen upon this planet and that the surviving inhabitants are entering into the New Age of Peace on Earth.

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They do seem to have horrific things planned from now and leading up to the end of 2012, which, by use of their weather control HAARP machines (Tesla-technology), they can cause horrendous damage by inducing earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis worldwide. They also have nuclear tsunami bombs and satellites fitted with lasers and holographic equipment. They are hell bent on reducing the Earth's population and microchipping the remnants, forcing them into covered cities to work as slaves (Project Venus).

In the meantime, please meet the Satanic elite family Rockefeller's, attempt at producing the end time world leader commonly known as the Antichrist - Edward Laughlan:

Chapter I: Supriem Rockefeller – How It All Started

by Wes Penre, Friday May 8, 2009

Supriem Rockefeller – Messiah or AntiChrist?

Supriem Rockefeller in Jerusalem

His full name is Supriem David Rockefeller, a 34 year old man who says he is Lucifer redeemed, the Messiah the world has been waiting for and the Bible has been telling us about. He is supposedly the man secret societies have been anticipating and prepared for since ancient times. He says he is the one who rebelled against God, The Universal Father and caused the Wars in Heaven. He is the one who created ‘sin’ and is the reason the world is in the shape it’s in. According to himself, after thousands of years in exile, he has now returned in the body of Supriem Rockefeller, but has redeemed himself.
Instead of bringing the world to its knees and fulfill the End Time Prophecies, he has decided to save the world he once had the purpose to destroy. Upon all this, he is also the Jewish Messiah. As you may know, the Jewish religion does not acknowledge Jesus Christ as being their savior or Messiah — they are still waiting for their Messiah to show up.
People I have corresponded with, who know him, tell me that Supriem has two sided to him – he can be very charming and likable, someone you want to be friends with, while the other side of him is a ruthless businessman with a strong vision with which nothing and no one is allowed to interfere. I thought this sounded pretty strange when I started looking into him, but I have now researched this matter for months, endlessly and tirelessly, and come to the conclusion that Supriem “is for real”. If it was only him, it would be easy to write him off as delusional already from the start, but when I found out that the Military, NATO, The UN and more are now supporting him behind the scenes, I had to seriously reconsider. This man is on a mission and he is determined to reach his goals!

To read the entire book, please click on the link below: 

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