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FROM THE SHADOWS – FREEMASONRY - NEW WORLD ORDER RELIGION, and, Fall Of The Republic - The Presidency Of Barack H Obama 

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Although I do not agree with everything put forward in these videos, I believe they give a very good overall idea of the power and control the international bankers have via Freemasonry. The first video gives the impression that it was the Knights Templar who fought against and ousted the powerful English army from Scotland in 1314, but it has to be recognised that King Robert the Bruce was a brilliant guerilla warfare commander in his own right, and that he had already been fighting the English from around 1306, after his coronation as King of Scots, years before any Knights Templar fled to Scotland. Not only had King Robert managed very well without them, it would not have been in his interest to have them fight alongside him, seeing that he was being careful to keep both the French and the Pope in his favour. Scottish connections with the Knights Templar seem to be very unclear.

 - Edward Laughlan

In the following video, you will hear, regarding the Rothschild family, "... but because of their status as Jews, they were forced to work from the shadows of others". It is imperative that people recognise the difference between the "Jews" of the tribe of Judah, i.e., Judahites/Judeans, and the false "Jews" who dominate our world today and who also make up the vast majority of the world's so-called "Jews", but who are in effect the Khazar Jews or Ashkenazi Jews (notice the word Nazi in their name). These "Jews" are descendants of the Canaanites and the disgraced, fallen Esau - the cursed brother of the blessed Jacob who loved His Creator with all his heart! Remember that God's Son Yeshua called these people false Jews of the synagogue of Satan in Revelation 2: 9 and 3: 9. The Creator God, in Malachi 1: 2 had also previously declared that He loved Jacob but hated Esau (referred to in Romans 9: 13). That is because Esau despised his birthright blessing and preferred to follow God's arch enemy, the Devil! 

The producer of these videos very cleverly removed the "embed" code for number 3 to force viewers to visit his site. To watch it, you need to click on the below link:

Now on this fourth video, you will hear it said that Communism has been destroyed. NOT true! Communism is still very alive and well - unfortunately!

Problems I have with his fifth video are the lies about AIDS and that Muslims are the number one enemy in the eyes of Freemasonry. There are more and more diseases and ailments being thrown together and treated as AIDS these days, as the so-called AIDS syndrome, is part and parcel of the elite's depopulation program. People in the U.S. who are diagnosed with this problem are usually suffering from drugs abuse related diseases or - could you believe - the common cold! The main problem is with the AIDS test itself which is COMPLETELY UNRELIABLE! ... And of course, meant to be! A link has been added at the end of the post to a very important documentary by HONEST scientists (not interested in Voodoo!) and researchers regarding the AIDS lie. In Africa, people are dying of the same problems as ever - lack of food and clean drinking water, Malaria and a lack of proper sanitation. UN troops have also stood back helpless in many areas of the world as multitudes of innocent, helpless Christians were slaughtered in front of them. Possibly the worst example occurred in Rwanda:

His video documentary then, is a little bit biased towards Muslims and could have been - in general, more thoroughly researched. But anyway, overall, I would give him 5 out of 10 for trying as the videos are still quite informative.

Read "Christian" for "Muslim" in this final one.

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Fall Of The Republic - The Presidency Of Barack H Obama - The Full Movie HQ

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