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Johnny Todd, also known as Lance Collins, whom I have written about before, and who many believe to have been a liar and a fraud, knew far too much of the truth to be anything other than what he claimed to be - a member of the Scottish/American Collins occult Illuminati family, a family who some say have as much or even more occult power than the ruling Illuminati City of London Rothschild clan who own more than half the wealth of the entire Earth. Johnny, who had his IQ rated at 175, rose quickly through the ranks to become a high priest aged only 18 and eventually went on to become a member of the Council of Thirteen (at the very top of the Illuminati pyramid), which by interpretation means that he was one of the Rothschild family's high priests - in other words, one of the priests who takes orders from the Rothschilds (the gods) and passes it down the line to the Council of 33 who are the top Masons on Earth. These in turn pass the orders to the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

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In the ongoing battle by the forces of evil (within these Satanic families), which one of them is destined to produce the forthcoming end time world leader, the Antichrist, will it be the Rothschild family, the Collins family, Britain's royal family, the Rockefellers or will it be a complete surprise candidate? I guess we will just have to wait and see! Johnny Todd, it is said, was murdered on the very day of his release from prison in April 2004. Edward Laughlan.

"Now the son of Lucifer was called Adam... and that Adam being the father of this world, and Eve, they also called her Asherah, Diana, Isis, Aphrodites, ahh, many names... in other words, the Mother of Creation, was his wife. Now, according to this doctrine, the people that came to this world were the gods that lived on Olympus and other places of high altitude, and that when the Rothschilds, back in about the 17th Century or so, the gods started living in the Rothschilds - they had chose them as the purest family in the occult belief. And through the Rothschilds, making them gods, not mortals and not witches, but gods themselves, they created the Illuminati... they believe that Adam is alive again today and is ready to rule the world - with peace by the way - what else!
"Now if you look at the pyramid - the capstone is free from the pyramid because the capstone is the Rothschilds and they do not consider them human, they consider them gods, and the eye is the father god Lucifer. Now the Council of 13 is right there because they are the Rothschilds private ministers. The Illuminati functions as all of the pagan governments used to function - of Babylon, of Moab, of ah, Egypt, of Greece, of Rome, of Scotland, of Ireland and so on. All of the pagan governments functioned the same way. The priests and priestesses of the temple told the rulers of the government, like the pharaohs, or the caesars or whatever, what to do, because they were told by the gods what to do, and the pharaohs listened to them.

Now in this case, the gods are the Rothschilds! So if while I'm speaking tonight, and if you heard my testimony, and if you wonder why can one man - so young, in witchcraft and so on, tell governors and senators and sometimes even presidents what to do - it's because they belong to the Illuminati and the Illuminati is a pagan government that listens to them because they don't give the orders, they simply repeat the orders that were given to them by that capstone called the Rothschilds."
"The Trilateral Council (Commission), is the brain centre of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Most people do not know that America, without being an official member, is a member of the European Common Market. The Trilateral Council is the American version of the European Common Market. Every man in the Council on Foreign Relations and every man in the Trilateral Council, believes that Lucifer is God Supreme, has declared it, has taken a vow of secrecy, and has dedicated his life to seeing that "Adam" (the Antichrist) change the world. Our president (Jimmy Carter) is a member of the Trilateral Council and that is a well known fact to people who dig into politics, so don't anybody, don't anybody please, tell me how great a Christian he is."

"... and in all of theirs (books, tapes?), they stop the Illuminati at the Rockefellers. They always are after David and Nelson and these types of people as the leaders of the Illuminati - they are not! Second, they also say that the Illuminati - and it's in many books, and I can prove it, and on many tapes, that the Illuminati is a Zionist conspiracy - and it is not a Zionist conspiracy. The Learned Elders of Zion (who got the blame for writing the extremely evil Protcols of The learned Elders of Zion, which caused hatred against true Jews and Israelites both in Russia and later in Germany - which were more likely put together by the Rothschilds and their agents like Colonel House who during his day controlled the U.S. government for City of London Corporation) are the Synagogue of Satan that were Jews who believed that Lucifer was the true god, OK, existed before the Illuminati, and the Illuminati, y'know, used their teachings to start the Illuminati, alright, but they are not Zionists, in fact most of us, their leaders, are Gaelic. The Rothschilds are Zionists by birth, (I don't really know what Johnny means by saying this. The Rothschilds are much more likely to be descendents of Esau and the Canaanites/Hittites who rejected the One True God and followed Lucifer - just like the Learned Elders of Zion. The Rothschilds are extremely unlikely to be true Jews or Israelites at all. I for one, do not believe it! They hate God's people - true Israelites and Christians alike!) "but they quit believing in Yahweh hundreds of years ago. Weishaupt (the guy the Rothschids paid to put his name on the starting up of the Illuminati) had already left the Jewish Church (Synagogue), and had been a Catholic and a Satanist before the Illuminati was formed, and on and on - and they try to make the Rockefellers and everybody at one time, a Jew, and everybody's changed their name to hide they're a Jew and all the Jews are evil people and they lead the Illuminati. Well I have news for them, I sat on the Council of Thirteen that runs that organisation (The John Birch Society), and my famliy's never been a Jew, they're all from Scotland!" - Explanations in brackets by Edward Laughlan. Do not be put off by the bad English. Americans speak American - not English and their education system is the worst in the world, (remember President Bush Jnr?), so although Johnny may sound a little uneducated, he knows a lot more than most.

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