Friday, 8 August 2008


The fact that in these end times, our staple foods, beverages and desserts have been severely poisoned by the ruling multinational company owners (i.e., the Illuminati elite families), should make us sit up and take very good note of all that is being pushed or pedalled our way. Certain 'health foods' may not be all they are lauded to be. Take for instance the humble soy bean. We have been brainwashed into believing that soy is a wonder food. The ultimate in good healthy eating. It is promoted as the substitute for many other foods that may not be so good for us. One thing the elite have practised from a long way back is the art of hiding things by sticking them in our faces. If they want us to eat and drink poisons, what better way than promote them as health foods. Hence, mixed in amongst the genuinely healthy foods in the store, we find foods that are positively harmful to our health.
If you take time to investigate yourself, you will find that the soy bean is being mass produced in the U.S. and can be found in the ingredients of many of our foodstuffs. In fact, it is even used in animal feed, including chicken feed which means it ends up in the eggs and the meats we eat. Taking into consideration, the fact that the soy bean was brought to the west from the orient, you would think that the eastern nations would be the biggest producers of soy beans - not so!
The world soy bean production chart for the year 2000 showed the United States to be way in advance of any other nation on Earth for soy production - 46% of total world production - almost 50%!! Behind them came Brazil with 21% and Argentina with 13%. China fell in behind with only a meagre 9%. Does that alone not make you wonder why?

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You see, the peoples of the east, particularly China, knew from ancient times that the soy bean was only fit for crop rotation and very good it is too for fixing nitrogen in the soil. That is the purpose of the soy bean - it is not for human consumption, except in its fermented forms, like in the case of soy sauce. Not only because of its extremely high yield of oestrogen, but also because of the toxins the beans carry which include neurotoxins. Soy Infant Formula, should be avoided like the Asian Flu! If you want your little girl to grow to puberty super quick then OK go right ahead. Your little boy may stay 'little' for the rest of his life - mentally and physically - he may even grow up thinking that he's a girl! Feeding your child soy formula each day is equivalent to giving it up to five birth control pills a day!
Is it only a coincidence that the heavily promoted and used soy bean causes hormonal imbalance? Our Illuminati overlords have always dreamed of having a world - a New World Order, overflowing with mind-controlled androgynous beings and homosexual men. It has been Satan's ploy from the beginning of time. THE PLOY OF SOY!!!
Many women in particular drink soy milk - it is heavily promoted as a very good aid against the problems of menopause. Certain 'experts' say that because women in menopause produce less oestrogen, soy bean products are ideal in order to redress the balance.
The major problem with this point would seem to be the extremely high content of phytoestrogen in this particular bean - so high in fact that neither males nor females can cope with the overload! Babies fed on Baby Formula have been found to have between 13.000 to 22.000 times the normal amounts of oestrogen in their little bodies!

The United States, and the west in general, has an unpaid bill that will absolutely not go unpaid for very much longer! I have come across incredible facts that generally go unnoticed these days because of the various smokescreens which the controlling elite have put up, especially during the past 100 years. The United States of America has today the most advanced marketing strategies known to man. By means of Hollywood and control of the mass media, they have the majority of the general public living in a virtual reality. We largely believe what the controlling elite would have us to believe. They can convince us of almost anything they want to - it has been proven over and over again! President George W. Bush - an active member of the Illuminati elite Brotherhood of Death organisation SKULL & BONES (he has never renounced his membership - not even when given the chance to do so on U.S. television), is promoted by the CIA as a Christian President who goes to bed at 9pm every evening, Bible in hand. Many American Christians swallow these lies. We are told that Bush owes his two elections to mostly white evangelical Christians, 10 to 15% of whom are said to be right wing - that includes the Ku Klux Klan and other white protestant Nazis! The mass murderer from Texas, promoted as a Christian!

All this in order to provoke as much hatred against the west and Christians in general. Christians these days are being put forward as the big problem in the world - oh they have been at the forefront of the world's worst horrors both past and present! What folks do not understand is that Christianity has been kidnapped and used by the elite progressively over the past 2000 years in order that they could go out and commit the most horrendous atrocities - like George W. Bush is doing today - in the name of Christianity!
American Christians who believe in parasites like the Bush family, are causing the very name of Christ (Yashua Ha Masiach) to be dragged in the mire. This adds to the problems that Christians already have in certain parts of the world - but especially the ones who dwell amongst Muslims. All very well planned. Arab Christians are despised for being Arabs, they are also now despised by their fellow Arabs for being Christians!

Getting back now to the problem of the soy bean - THE PLOY OF SOY! This humble bean is a very serious threat to our health and the health of our children. Its promotion as a health food cannot go on unchallenged any longer. We must all wake up and stop being so naive. There is a plot to undermine our health, and drastically reduce the world's population and the soy bean is a major pawn in their overall plan. You may not agree with all of my views, but please take the time to investigate the themes I present for yourselves, and please forward the information to all of your contacts. Give others the chance to decide for themselves what is going on in our very troubled world. For further information on the death benefits of the wonder bean, soy, please check out the web address below. You will receive on-screen all the scientific evidence you will ever need! Alternatively, Google SOY ALERT. God bless, Eddie.

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