Thursday, 5 November 2009



Mike: I just want to point out how remarkable it is that you have been classically trained as an MD through medical school and with all the experience of clinical practice, but you are able to maintain an open mind and really see the big picture here. That is not so common today. How does that happen, and what sets you apart?

Dr. Strand: Well, what happened was that my wife had suffered from a disease called fibromyalgia chronic fatigue, and we had lived with this for twenty-plus years. In the 80s and 90s, she just started to go downhill. Every year, she got worse and suffered more pain and more fatigue. In 1995, she came down with serious pneumonia, and we were able to get through that, but she was left with serious chronic fatigue;she really couldn’t get out of bed for more than one to two hours a day. This went on month after month after month, and in spite of seeing four different specialists and being placed on nine different medications, she really did not improve. I didn’t get much hope from the doctors.
Well, at that time, someone gave my wife some nutritional supplements -- which I strongly did not believe in at that time. I was a typical doctor, and I thought that it would just create expensive urine or be a waste of money. But I told my wife, "Honey, you could try anything," because we were just not helping. When that happens to your family, it really hits home, being a physician. I have to admit that, within weeks, she got better. Within months, she was off of all of her medications, and within about five or six months, she was better than she had been in nine or ten years. That got my interest and caught my attention, and that’s when I started researching. So I have been researching nearly ten years now on this subject, and I am finding a wealth of information that I was never taught in medical school.

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