Friday, 17 April 2009


On Wednesday, April 15th, all over the United States, citizens flocked to the streets and parks to show their anger and defiance against Washington DC and her super-corrupt government. The ruling elite oligarchy of banksters and multi-national owners/royal families etc. have been trying over the last decade or more to force such protests. The oligarchy need to finish the U.S. as a nation in order to push forward their evil New World Order plans for the world, so protests play right into their hands! It is a known fact that the United Nations in New York, make and hand out to willing members of the public, placards to help people protest.

Without protests and general chaos of any kind, and that of course includes their controlled 'terrorist' actions, it would be difficult for them to launch forward their nefarious schemes and plans. The United States I believe, may be about to fall!

With a president placed in power by this same elite oligarchy, who has never put forward a legal U.S. birth certificate, the situation looks particularly bleak. He has been placed in power for no good reason - the reason, unfortunately, may be about to show its ugly head very soon! Citizens of the world - beware!! Click on the link below to see videos of the historic occasion:

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