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This post has been reproduced from a new blog I am following put together by my friend and sister in Christ, Pamela Schuffert. I feel that it needs as much coverage as possible, and also it backs up what I have been saying on this-present-crisis blogspot and in my unpublished book; The Best-Laid Schemes O' Mice An' Men... It is high time that western and in fact, ALL English speaking Christians in the world, WOKE UP to the crude realities of what is going on in this big bad world, and to WHERE it is coming from!


As a Christian active in ministries for 35 years, and now an investigative journalist for 13 years, I have become aware of MANY painful realities.

This includes the frequently flattering and "feel-good prophecies" being circulated at times across the Churches of America from supposed "prophets" who are in reality padding their pockets and lining their wallets by speaking things Americans so desperately WANT to hear. Such false prophets flourish in times of despair and crisis.

However, let me give you a more realistic, less flattering and hard-core tested prophetic word for America, that God has been steadily speaking for decades now to real Christians with real ears to hear and hearts to understand.

Judgment is irrevocably coming to this nation, to the unbelievers who have filled this land with violence and the shedding of innocent blood and blasphemy and perversion from the highest levels of the leadership down.

When American Christians and pastors tolerate, play games with and refuse to expose and denounce satanism/Illuminism, pedophilia, and abominations committed by the highest levels of leadership in this nation (from the WHITE HOUSE down), you know this nation is in trouble.

Judgment is ALSO coming to the CHURCH IN AMERICA, or rather to the many pseudo-churches and pseudo-christianity, masquerading behind expensive church buildings and television cameras, that is in fact often filled with fornication, adultery, abortion, corruption and love of money and perverting of the pure and true word of God for financial profit.

True DISCIPLESHIP CHRISTIANITY has been disappearing from the pulpits and churches of America today, often being substituted with a carnal "feel good" religion that turns God in the "great sugar daddy in the sky" whose sole purpose is to glut His people with every carnal "blessing" they can imagine.

And in these pseudo-churches of America today, TAKING UP YOUR CROSS, DENYING SELF AND FOLLOWING AFTER JESUS AS HIS DISCIPLE has been forgotten and is not longer being taught. And what ever happened to HOLINESS?

America is about to fulfill her role in the BOOK OF REVELATION 13, regarding the BEAST of the world globalist system of antichrist, and all of the North American continent has already been designated as REGION NUMBER ONE of the TEN WORLD REGION of the "NEW WORLD ORDER" or kingdom of the beast of REVELATION 13. This has secretly been in place, though concealed from the American people for many decades. The NORTH AMERICAN UNION is only recently being revealed publicly.

Millions of modern guillotines are already in place throughout America ( in her military bases like FORT LEWIS, WA, and many more locations) to fulfill REVELATION 20:4, the beheading of the Christians Under the NOAHIDE LAWS who will not renounce their faith in Jesus Christ nor accept this satanic ANTICHRIST NEW WORLD ORDER about to be openly manifested under soon coming martial law.

Persecution and martyrdom are coming to the church of the North American continent. Over 800 modern detention/TERMINATION camps are all in place, to both persecute and terminate the Christians of this nation and all others who will not accept this satanic NEW WORLD ORDER agenda as it is imposed by force under coming martial law.

Christians receiving visions and prophecies by the Holy Spirit for decades across America are numerous regarding the COMING PERSECUTION OF THE CHURCH IN AMERICA.

Let me give you even more hard-core truth about America, as an investigative journalist. Up to one million innocent abducted victims die annually in America, on the satanic altars and crosses of America's satanists and the Illuminati, with their controlled news media blacking out this grim truth and statistics, coupled with corrupted and infiltrated police departments and law enforcement networking with the Illuminati and satanists and covering up for it nationwide.

Our own military and intelligence community agencies are involved in child sex/porn rings and satanism, they are involved in the illegal drug trafficking and the bringing in to our nation countless kilos of cocaine and other drugs that are destroying this nation, her youth, and whose sales are funding the future persecution and martyrdom of the Christians in this nation who will refuse their NEW WORLD ORDER agenda when it is manifested.

The US military is now controlled with those who have sold America and her citizens out to a coming NEW WORLD ORDER (world globalist communist antichrist) agenda, and our own military (coupled with foreign troops) will be involved in the future persecution of the Christians in America under martial law.

Our churches in America are infiltrated with both government spies and satanist infiltrators, and often filled with false pastors, including CIA and intelligence community spying on "the faithful" every Sunday (confirmed recently through CIA admission when questioned.)

America is filled with satanist-front churches, to provide a facade for the satanists of America to appear as "upright citizens in the community," but whose pastors and members by night offer human sacrifice and commit abomination and sacrilege throughout this nation. (The CHURCH OF THE OPEN DOOR in ELYRIA, OHIO, being one of MANY such satanist front churches, exposed by former satanists who once attended but have become Christians and come out to sound the alarms.)

In fact, my own revered Bible College was finally infiltrated by government intelligence , who actually tried to recruit students with high academic records into working for the SPY COMMUNITY in Washington DC..right in the offices of my Bible College and unknown to leadership!

Was I surprised when later, this government spy (Palmer Johnson), infiltrating my Bible College and deceiving leadership there DROPPED DEAD for NO APPARENT REASON at our Bible college one day? No. God is neither decieved nor mocked.

Let me go on...........Over 50 million innocent children have been brutally butchered in the abortion clinics of America, many up to the ninth month of growth. And abortion shows no signs of slowing down or ceasing, either. Approximately 4,400 innocent children are murdered in the wombs of American women every DAY. If God judged Israel and Judah and allowed them to be defeated by enemy nations, famine and other judgments FOR THE SHEDDING OF INNOOCENT BLOOD IN THE LAND among other abominations, HOW CAN GOD THEREFORE NOT JUDGE AMERICA and cause her to fall as well???

IN fact, the Holy Spirit is speaking constantly to His genuine men and women of God in this nation, that AMERICA IS ABOUT TO FALL...both from WITHIN and WITHOUT. JUDGMENT IS COMING TO THE UNBELIEVERS, and PERSCUTION AND MARTYRDOM IS COMING TO THE TRUE CHRISTIANS OF THIS NATION.

TRUE men and women of God have been constantly receiving visions and dreams and prophecies of AMERICA ABOUT TO FALL: of foreign troops invading, persecution and martyrdom coming, famine and other judgments coming, and in effect end time Bible prophecies being fulfilled before our eyes.

FAMINE is coming to this nation. There is coming an hour when the grocery shelves of this nation will lie bare and empty and rioting will occur in the streets of America due to lack of food and basic staples. The government of America has been planning to create ECONOMIC CHAOS including FAMINE in order to bring America down under MARTIAL LAW and the well planned NEW WORLD ORDER (of REVELATION 13) for MANY years now.FOREIGN TROOPS will fill the streets of the cities of this nation, patrolling them under MARTIAL LAW.

In fact, they have already been secretly trained extensively, in many of our own military bases, for this very task, from many nations (UN/NATO/PfP.)

Deadly PLANNED destructions are coming, which include massive explosions nationwide (our own traitorous government and military being behind them to help trigger a state of national emergency leading to martial law), and deadly pestilences sweeping across this nation as well (developed by the military and CIA to deliberately incapacitate American resistance as this NEW WORLD ORDER agenda is manifested.)

God has stated repeatedly by HIS WORD and HIS HOLY SPIRIT to His true servants in America, that this nation is GOING TO FALL.

America is GOING TO BE JUDGED, PERSECUTION AND MARTYRDOM IS COMING to the genuine remnant of Christians in this nation, and BIBLE PROPHECY (Matthew 24, Revelation 13 and 20:4 and related end time prophecies) will indeed be fulfilled throughout this North American continent exactly as it is written.

The era of flattering prophecies and false hope being given to Americans is finished and through. Our God is a God of TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS and NO COMPROMISE. His judgments are holy and just and true. Because of her many abominations, and the great wickedness and darkness in the highest levels of leadership over this nation, and because of the great sin and compromise throughout the Church world in America, and much more, judgment is coming to this once great nation, and AMERICA IS ABOUT TO FALL.

And many in this present generation WILL WITNESS THIS WITH THEIR OWN EYES.

Church in America, are YOU prepared???

-Pamela Schuffert


Eddie said...

I agree totally Pamela! It is extremely sad and very shocking, but TRUE! American Christians have been hoodwinked into believing that the 'good ole U.S. of A.' is as God-fearing as ever, and is out there in the world fighting evil! How on earth have Christians in America remained so blind and deaf? Mind control certainly works! I have tried to tell American Christians as well that their nation is the most corrupt nation on the face of the Earth - some admit it but still say; "God will protect us, we are a nation of believers!"
You know Pamela, what you have said about the U.S. and her position within the 10 nation end time Babylon of Antichrist, is spot on as far as I'm concerned! I was heavily inspired on December 2000 to put a book together based on the prophetic books of the Bible between 2001-2003, which has been updated right thru to 2008, and in this book I point out the very same things as you are pointing out. Great Britain, the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, Germany and two other nations that I am not completely sure about, will most probably make up this Beast conglomerate. Of that I am completely convinced, and I believe that the 10 nations relate right back to the 10 Lost tribes of Israel. - God bless you Pamela!

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