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September, 2009 Update: All variations of Cansema® are now available from our online store.
Practitioners: "Clinical size" jars are now available for all variations for just $59.95 before applicable discounts. At 102 g. (3.6 oz.), the new size nearly five times the content of a our traditional 22 g. jar. (The photo at left gives an idea as to proximate difference in size).
As reported in the April, 2009 issue of the Ashwin, read our rebuttal to Quackwatch's preposterous attack on escharotic preparations.
Purchasers of Counterfeit Product: If you have purchased imitation Cansema® from another company, please see our Fake Product Compensation Program.
If you want to know the REAL history of Cansema® -- plus get valuable formulary information, read Meditopia® at
For the latest at Alpha Omega Labs, read this month's Ashwin.

Cansema® Introduction / Product Variations:
Adjunctive Wound Healing Products:
Testimonial Links:
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Cansema® Black Topical Salve (Original)
Code 800 -- Price: $24.95 -- Net Wt.: 0.77 Oz. (22 g.)

Amount sufficient to take care of 5 to 10 cancerous lesions in the 2 cm. diameter range
This site contains background information, user instructions, and technical support material on the skin cancer treatment system, Cansema. If instructions are followed, Alpha Omega guarantees 100% success in the removal of dermal or epidermal malignant lesions, including basal cell, squamous cell epitheliomas and even melanomas -- regardless of type or size... or the treatment is free and payment is refunded. (See Warranty).
Note: Our end users in the U.S. must be guarded in not making any therapeutic or curative statements about this product, since no escharotic formula has ever been approved by the U.S. Food & Administration, despite over 150 years of successful use by various parties and communities within that country. We have a separate page that provides the reasons for this sad development.)
Cansema Although designed for self-administration, Cansema is not a replacement for timely, competent medical advice and attention. Alpha Omega highly recommends that prior to usage, the user obtain a biopsy or other diagnosis of the suspected cancer site. On the basis of reliable diagnosis and in conjunction with medical consultation, the user may then make the decision as to whether or not to use the CansemaCansema, because of its ability to discriminate between healthy and cancerous tissue, is often used simultaneously as both a diagnostic tool and a skin cancer remedy, but we do not recommend this use, simply because skin cancer is sometimes a by-product of other pathological condition(s) that should be attended to by a competent physician.
Information and order instructions on Cansema are broken down as follows:

Cancar killed. Eschars form. INTRODUCTION:
Cansema is a miraculous product with a miraculous history with roots that go back to the late 19th century. Only suppression and greed have prevented its enormous benefits from being made available to the mainstream.

Eschar dry... separate from healthy tissue PICTURES:
How Cansema Works: A quick pictorial demonstration.

Why Cansema will never be openly approved in the West.

Eschars come out: decavitation stage
Using Cansema in conjunction with...


These instructions are for both users and physicians.

Decavitation heals over. Process complete.
You should not use this product unless you are willing to take the time and read through the instructions thoroughly. If you overuse or abuse this product, you could be dealing with serious pain management issues.

Of physiological response.

Importance of keeping

photos & journal of your progress.

Of people with cancer -- just like you.

Written testimonials are now broken down into recent (2007-2009) and archived (1995-2000 and 2001-2002). We also have a newer video testimonial page, which accommodates both broadband and slower modem netizens. Given how many tens of thousands of people have been helped by Cansema products, it is amazing how many comments have come back to us that have never made their way into written form. For this reason, we now have a testimonial submissions page to make it easier for people to feel comfortable submitting their comments. On this page you can determine the level of secrecy or privacy that you want in submitting your comments, in addition to the comments themselves.

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