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7 05 2009
by Wes Penre, Thursday May 7, 2009 at 5:30 AM
[Note from the author: Due to the urgency of having this material published, I have not had the chance to polish and edit words and potential grammar errors to the extent that I would have preferred. My apologies].

Wes Penre
Wes Penre

It has been a stormy, exhausting and turbulent time for me personally since I in January of 2009 happened to stumble upon a young man called Supriem David Rockefeller, who claims he is Lucifer redeemed and the world’s new Messiah.

At the end of January 2009 I posted a blog I called “Lucifer’s Redemption“, and the main focus on that blog was a long article in five parts called “Who is Supriem Rockefeller? Mr Charming and the Priesthood of Amen”. That article alone created a wildfire on the Internet with people raging for and against it. The basic content of that article was Supriem Rockefeller claiming to be Lucifer redeemed who is now, as we are closing in on the End Times, bypassing end prophecies and instead of ushering in the Battle of Armageddon he is working on creating a benevolent One World Government with a healthy banking system. He also wants to rebuild the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, where his Headquarters will be.
I did a lot of research on this and many people could see how the puzzle came together, while others were laughing and discarded it as either a hoax or a psy op.
Of course, when you research something on this level, you are going to find people who speak the truth, others who speak half-truths and those who bluntly lie. Everybody has their agenda and a reason for coming out and give information. Sometimes, though, the reason is to genuinely tell the truth to wake up the peoples of the world.

But the question is, what is “truth”? Truth is an agreed upon reality, isn’t it? And therefore a BELIEF. We usually believe something is true because “that’s what we are taught”, or “that’s what everybody else say”, or “that’s our experience”.
But what about myth? Can myth be true too? Yes, according to many secret societies it can — if they create that reality and make people agree upon it, consciously and subconsciously, it can. If you have read Madame Blavatsky’s work, you know what I mean — in occult circles, myth is more important than truth. The Church of Scientology is another good example. It’s probably one of the fastest expanding “religions” or “cults” of today, and Hubbard almost entirely based his philosophy on myth — he created his own myth combined with occult knowledge he received from the OTO and AMORC. Late researcher William Cooper, who worked for U.S. Intelligence before he became a whistle-blower, once told me in person that Scientology was a Navy Intelligence experiment that went way beyond expectations and took on its own life. Most certainly the initial experiment was to see how easy it would be to create a new reality from myth and have everybody believe it to be true. If so, they really exceeded all expectations.

To those of us who live outside the “reality” created from mythological deities and entities (or think we do on the most part) myth is just fiction. But how about if we all create our own reality? Can a handful of people take myths in combination with real events and create a new reality for us where myth is senior to truth and myth actually becomes truth? Is it possible to inflict on our “free will” here in the 3rd density/dimension to create this effect upon us and thus it’s possible for the few to control the many in a world almost entirely based on occultism and myth?

According to many occultists, the answer is definitely yes! Keep this in mind. I have learned a lot since I first started researching this in January 2009. We will discuss this in great details in Chapter XII.

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Now I like to share my new insights.
What some readers had most problems with was the “Lucifer being redeemed” part. Was this young, shaggy, partying womanizer Lucifer, trying to take over the world? And even weirder: Lucifer had now redeemed himself? Yes, it was understandably hard for many people to swallow. But is it true? Well, hopefully this blog will give you a closer look into who Supriem Rockefeller REALLY is. Important is that you read the whole thing in sequence — don’t skip through — or you’ll get lost in the information and it will most probably not make total sense. It is a pretty complicated issue at times, but I have done my absolutely best to simplify it but still include everything that’s important.

In Reference to “Lucifer’s Redemption”
In the beginning of April 2009 I pulled the blog, Lucifer’s Redemption, off the Internet. I did so for many reasons, two of them being that it was the only was for me to be able to continue receiving information from my sources. The other reason was that I simply had to restructure my blog. As information came to me on a steady, regular basis the blog became disorganized and hard to read and follow. I had the idea of putting it in book format and that’s what I’ve been working on since then and this is the result. Since I pulled the first blog, I have realized that there is so much more to this than I thought at the time, and I have found out things I had no idea about at first, and hopefully this information will be of help to the reader, to prepare for days to come. This has everthing to do with 2012 and the End Times.

I managed to find people who were willing to talk in both camps — Supriem’s camp and the Thule Gesellschaft’s camp — and gained their trust. Things loosened up, because everybody could see my agenda, which is NOT to boost my ego or publish something sensational. With other words, I think people in both camps started recognizing that my pure intention was and is to publish things as they are, what we normally would call “the truth” but in fact is a belief system as everything else, which we shall see as we go on.
There certainly is a conspiracy out there to take over the world and create a One World Government with a World CEO, who will run the show in a dictatorship. The Conspirators’ motto is “the end justifies the means” when comes to reaching their goals, even if it means genocide, torture, mind control and crime in general. The Conspirators are only interested in their own wealth and power and are willing to do anything to keep it and expand on it. The question is — does Supriem Rockefeller support this Agenda, or has he come unto the scene to put a stop to it and turn things around? We will elaborate on this as well…

What I managed to do was to gain trust so I could talk freely to certain individuals within the two mentioned organizations. How do you do that? Well, you have to try to meet people on their level to the best of your ability and be able to see with their eyes, be diplomatic and never antagonistic towards anybody, whether you are talking to allies or enemies. I have seen so many good researchers blow it all because they are angry and openly rage against those they oppose. If you do that, not only do you get what you resist, but you also lose credibility and ability to get results. How are you supposed to get any balanced information and how can you gain trust from your readers or audience?

Another thing to keep in mind as you read on is that although there is tension and there are fractions between what I call the “different camps” in this book, they are all basically on the same side, meaning they are working towards a common goal. They may have different opinions how this should be done occasionally, but they also have a tight bond to each other, knowing they need each other to complete the “mission”. This will be more obvious the further into this we dive.

Often people I talk to don’t even mind if the information comes out if it is told correctly and balanced. Especially now when we are getting close to the end times, there are those sitting on secret knowledge who think it’s time for part of that knowledge to come out in public. There is a real reason for this, which will be discussed in Chapter XII.

This release is to some small degree a re-post of the old Lucifer’s Redemption blog, and some of the material from it will be included here while some of it will not, but here is also so much more which will help the reader to see the even bigger picture. Hopefully this “e-book” will explain it easier and down-to-the-point now that I have a much better overview of the situation myself.
I also need to add that this e-book is published on my own determination. Neither Supriem, nor anybody else in either camp know that I am posting it at this particular time. I have worked furiously to get this book ready, because we are running late and those who are willing to open their eyes and ears need to know NOW.

In the meantime, Supriem’s Intelligence has worked hard to make the Supriem Rockefeller story I originally posted look like a psy-op. This has been said to me by someone working in his camp.
I will from now on quite frequently use the terms “Supriem’s camp” and “Thule’s camp” when I refer to certain sources, as I can’t name them in person for obvious reasons, Thule being the main secret society who is working behind the scenes with Supriem (in cooperation with the Vril Society, which is actually the Inner Core of Thule).

Religion and Prophecies
I must say that since I wrote/edited the article about Hidden Hand in October-November 2008 my views on the world and beyond have changed drastically. One thing led to another — I found the Ra Material (Law of One) which eventually led to that I found out about Supriem Rockefeller. Although the Hidden Hand dialogue is a mix or truth and disinformation, it is actually very enlightening and a must-read for every truth-seeker. The Ra Material, on the other hand, is not disinformation in my opinion and if understood will blow your mind. Only inaccuracies I have found in it is when the questioner (it’s channeled material) asks a question that was misinterpreted by the higher level spirits, whom they channeled.

I am aware of that people will ask me where I stand religiously and spiritually. It’s not really relevant for the story, because the story is not going to change whatever I believe and is not biased by my spiritual beliefs. I am on occasion discussing the material from my understand and viewpoint, but what I am saying is that even if I left all that out, the story wouldn’t change. However, for the record I will briefly let you know that I don’t belong to any organized religion, secret society or group whatsoever. I am working mainly alone and with my sources. I believe that the truth about who we are, where we’re heading and who God is can only be hinted at from a variety of different sources. In our reality, as human beings, I don’t think there is any way to find out everything about anything however hard we try. That’s for other realities higher up — spiritual places we can only reach by studying, connecting dots, and most importantly – help others! Although I am in no way supporting the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, the founder, once said: “You’re as valuable as you can help others” and I believe that to be an accurate statement.
I think we are all ONE with the Creator, at this point divided into “other selves” to experience things and learn, but that we consciously or subconsciously are working towards being ONE with the Supriem Being. This can’t be done in organized religion or by following any dogma, as spiritual growth can only come from within each individual, not from the “outside”. For more understanding, please click the links above, “Hidden Hand” and “Law of One”.

I think most sacred scriptures have truth in them — including some channeled material, we just have to connect the dots. I do not think that you can find the truth by only reading one source, like the Bible, The Book of Mormons, the Qua’ ran, The Urantia Book or whatever scripture you choose.

Contrary to Jewish beliefs, I do not believe that the God in the Old Testament was God at all. I do believe he is the God of the Khazar “Jews” (YHWH), but not God Almighty. There is a reason for this, and it will be revealed as you read on. On the other hand, I put some faith in the New Testament (and especially the Gospels that were not included) and contrary to Judaism, like I said above, I do believe Jesus (Yashuha) was a genuine “ascended master”. I don’t mean that like in New Age beliefs, but I think Yashua was descending to help us out when the world had difficulties spiritually. It is pretty well explained in the Ra Material, and later in this e-book I will go deeper into who he actually might have been.
But, like I said, what my religious and philosophical beliefs are is basically unimportant — it does not change or alter this body of information. What is explained in this e-book is what these people believe, and that is what is important! Their beliefs shape our world and our future while we are sitting and watch baseball and soap operas on TV and read about Britney Spears in the tabloids with great interest.

Then we have channeled information, which includes the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Anyone who has read it and understands at least some of it can see how shocking it is that information that was channeled by St. John the Divine is now coming true. I am a firm believer that the End Times are here and that it’s connected to the Mayan Calendar. However, I do not believe that it’s the “end of the world”, but it is the “end of the world as we know it”. There will most certainly be earth changes within the next few years and land and sea will change place. Many people will die, but this is also a time to ascend spiritually for those who are ready. We will discuss that later, as well.

Some of the spiritual material I have had the priveledge to read through, or read excerpts from, are listed in the “Spiritual References” section in the right frame of each page.
Lastly, before we start this journey, I want to emphasize again that what is written here does not necessarily reflect my own beliefs and values. It is given to you as a gift so you can get a better understanding of what is going on here on Earth now, the past history and the near future. It will also explain what is happening in higher realms, not well known to common man.
And now I think we are ready to introduce Supriem David Rockefeller, self-proclaimed Messiah and Lucifer redeemed.
To be continued - Edward Laughlan

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