Tuesday, 24 February 2009


This has got to be a blockbuster!! The young man you are about to listen to, must be a candidate for The Person of the Year Award 2008! No kidding!! Just when you thought that the Evolutionists were gaining in adepts after all these many many decades (15 in all), this guy comes along and bops them on the head!!
No, seriously, there are many thousands of scientists/microbiologists, that understand very clearly the voodoo science involved with the RELIGION of 'The theory of Evolution'. It is a religion - NOT a science!! The Theory of Evolution falls flat on its face and dies a very uncomely death, even before it gets up off the ground! It is a farce from beginning to end and should be chased out of ALL education systems - but then, who on earth are the responsible ones behind the world's education systems? The evil Satanic elite families once again?? You bet!!

The Rothschild, Rockefeller, Astor, Bundy, Collins, Dupont, Reynolds, Freeman families (to name but a few), Europe's royal families - the big name families who lead the United Nations. These are the ones directly responsible for forming our public education systems and they are all Luciferians! They employ witches and warlocks to write up the curriculum. Is it any wonder the system is going downhill? That the voodoo Theory of Evolution is being pushed down our children's throats??

Extracts from The Best-Laid Schemes O' Mice An' Men...:

"Alice Bailey needs no introduction to followers of the New Age Movement. Her 24 New Age books, her organisation Lucis Trust (originally named Lucifer Trust), her Arcane School, and the Findhorn Community in Scotland (started by her disciples Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Mclean) are present-day reminders of the immense impact she and her 32° Mason husband had on the New Age Movement. She is credited with starting over one hundred New Age groups. She worked for the Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare in 1958 setting up educational goals, and her writings were used in the new Globalisation 2000 curriculum (already tried in some areas) and soon to be used across the board in the U.S. public schools."

"David Rockefeller is part of Lucis Trust’s management. Lucis Trust puts out the book Externalisation of the Hierarchy by Alice Bailey which spells out The Plan for The Satanists and New Agers on how the spiritual hierarchy… is to externalise their rule of the planet. The book gives quite a few of the details of the plan, and is used as a textbook for New Agers at the Arcane Schools in N.Y., London, and Europe on how the New Age/One-World-Religion/One-World-Government will be brought in. If anyone doubts the Rockefeller’s commitment to Satan, read page 107 of Externalisation of the Hierarchy. On page 107 Alice Bailey, President of the Theosophical Society and part of Lucis (formly Lucifer) Trust, tells us who will rule when the New Age (New World Order) takes over. On the earthly level… the ruler is given… as Lucifer. On the spiritual level – called ‘Shamballa – the Holy City’ the coming ruler is given as ‘the Lord of the World’ which we Christians know as Satan.

Lucis Trust knows it is Satan too, but for public consumption they say that the ‘ruler of the world’ is Sanat (a scrambling of Satan) Kumara. They also predict that there will be a Christ Consciousness… (actually the Anti-Christ). The book… teaches repeatedly… that the 3 vehicles to bring in the New Age will be the Masonic Lodges… the Churches (this is clearly revealing to us that men like the Rockefellers are using the churches for the Luciferian plan of Lucis Trust), and finally EducationThey have developed their occult and worldly powers to the point they consider themselves gods"

Anyway, here for your enjoyment, I present:

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