Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Today, for those of you who need some hard evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, perpetrated by the elite controlling families who hide behind the scenes, this video LOOSE CHANGE II if you have not already seen it, should leave you in no doubt as to their Ordo ab Chao leanings. They give us orchestrated controlled chaos, wars, destruction and terrorism in order to enslave us to them more and more! Presidents and Prime Ministers are their controlled puppets. For those of you who say your allegiance is to your government - think again. Allegiance should be directed to the One True God Yahweh and not to man. For people who find it difficult to face the truth or to believe what is being put forward in this first video, I beg you to persevere and to force yourself to watch a few more videos that help prove what is being said by many brave souls out there who are on the frontline/cutting edge of exposing our current day evil and cowardly world leaders. Tomorrow I will post links to some of these very important videos.

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Eddie said...

Since posting this blog in July 2008, I have discovered that the people behind Loose Change are in the same boat as professor Steven E. Jones and his thermite info. Looks like these people were brought on board to do some "damage control" as it is termed in order to take our minds away from what actually happened which includes hiding extremely powerful new Direct Energy Weapons (DEW), that they do not want us to know about (check out Dr. Judy Woods) ::