Wednesday, 19 August 2009


I've said it before and I suppose most thinking folks must have thought about it themselves at some point, that the internet as we know it cannot keep going. Think about it - it is overflowing with filth, pornography, paedophilia, sick satanic sites, gambling - in fact everything evil you can imagine! Why has it never been properly censored and brought into line, fit for a sane society? Because our governments want it that way - no child left behind uncorrupted!!

Our governments, being Satanic in nature, naturally protect that which is evil and wrong for society. Their criminal justice system is exactly that - justice for criminals! For those who say that the internet cannot be controlled and pornographic/Satanic contents kept off our screens, how come the Chinese right from the beginning, put up a system of filters that control completely what their people can access? Researchers here in the west who scan the web regularly will notice how more and more links to sites do not work, you are either redirected to an alternative site or you are told "Server not found". That is because our computers go through a filter in London - they decide what we are allowed access to! It therefore cannot be so difficult to clean up the net if they so desired, but of course, they can now use the filthy network as an excuse to curb its use and get rid of all the bloggers like myself and websites they do not want. Oh of course, people like myself are today labled as 'terrorists' simply because we do not agree with what our governments are up to. We must toe the line or be thrown off the web!Excuses they will have in abundance when push comes to shove. They do not like free speech - they never have done! Our media is completely controlled and has been for centuries really. The media in general is governments most powerful indoctrination force - their mind control arm so-to-speak! So anyway, enjoy what you have left of your 'free speech' internet, its funeral bells are about to ring. -Edward Laughlan

And now you have it! Today, February 2016 and my blog has been tampered with video-wise and links-wise to a very high degree. It has all but been taken apart by maniacs who hate freedom of speech. I have worked on it for weeks on end now replacing links and videos to the best of my ability but have no idea exactly what these particular videos were labelled. We are now fighting a losing battle against haters of freedom - people who only want silent slaves. Blog and website owners are now up against paid 'intelligence' freeks who can't find a decent job! Youngsters straight out of college who find it easier to sign up with their local CIA, MI6 or MOSSAD and who then sit at a desk all day long going through their toilet roll lists of websites and blogs, attacking either by removing videos or tampering with the video link, breaking links to other sites or blogs, altering texts, or leaving nasty comments. The internet is overflowing with them sadly! Empty shell facebook pages, empty shell Youtube accounts... they are very very sad, sick people... from the top down! From their cowardly, maniacal, power crazy, bloodthirsty controllers who at the very top are the international Mafia bankster cabal of City of London Corporation, down through the ranks to these sad poorly paid beings who do the bidding of their mentally sick masters. Time sure is running out for humanity!  - Eddie Laughlan

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