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First of all I must thank my friend Annette for passing this video on to my wife Fiona. Although I actually came across this guy Ian Crane a few months ago, I never really paid attention to what he had to offer due to the volume of stuff I had already lined up to go through - what a mistake! Ian's input is really great as far as I can estimate at this early stage of getting to know his work. Thank you Annette! Ed. (Video follows on at end of post).

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Revelation 6:8 (King James Version)

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

'The First Global Revolution' (1991)

Published by the Club of Rome - a globalist think tank

"In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill...

All these dangers are caused by human intervention...The real enemy, then, is humanity itself."

Dr. Eric R. Pianka, professor of Zoology

University of Texas, Austin

In April 2006, a top scientist gave a speech to the Texas Academy of Science in which he advocated the need to exterminate 90% of the population through the airborne Ebola virus.

Dr. Eric R. Pianka's chilling comments, and their enthusiastic reception again underscore the elites agenda to enact horrifying measures of population control. Pianka's speech was ordered to be kept off the record before it began. (He received a standing ovation!)

(An alternative to this is:
CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Code X = Poisoned Food = Death! - Edward Laughlan)

- Unlabled GM processed foods (low nutrient, low mineral, low vitamin values).
- All vitamins and mineral supplements to be of low (ineffectual) dosage.
- Herbs and other natural health remedies to be classified as drugs.




- International (Harm)onisation
- Abolition of Organic Farming
- Introduction of GM Food and Livestock to foodchain
- Removal of ALL ingredient labelling
- Restriction of ALL Natural Remedies

(To include all supplements, herbs, vitamins, minerals, homoeopathic remedies, flower remedies etc etc)

Think it can't happen? Think again! It is already being operated gradually in countries as far apart as France and Thailand. This is extremely serious stuff! In 2005 Codex began to regulate vitamin dosage, dropping the permitted amounts down to useless levels! - Edward Laughlan


The July 12th ruling of the International Court of Justice in Luxembourg followed the July 4th Rome meeting of CODEX when the 85 countries present ratified the restrictive guidelines for dietary supplements. Canada and the U.S. were among them. Objections from China and South Africa were ignored. Just as in the original 2001 version, the current guidelines of the EU Directive, STRICTLY PROHIBIT INFORMATION ABOUT DISEASES BEING TREATABLE BY NUTRIENTS and call for future supplement dosage restrictions.

"Codex is the political equivalent of the current toxicology manuals because it endorses and promotes for international trade and consumption in the whole wide world, everything from pesticides to irradation, genetically engineered foods and synthetic analogs for drugs and nutrients, in preference to bio-compatible natural substances."

"In 2002, the profitability of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies, exceeded the profitability of the other 490 companies of the Fortune 500." - Ian Crane

"The Alliance for Natural Health right now is actually fighting a case on behalf of a French lady... (it's a test case obviously), but she is effectively being charged... as a drug dealer because she was growing illegal herbs." - Ian Crane

"Agricultural biotechnology (Genetically Modified foods), will find a supporter occupying the White House next year, regardless of which candidate wins the election in November." Monsanto Inhouse Newsletter, Oct 6th, 2000.

"These guys have so much money, they can afford to buy everybody. There is only one organisation that funds more political activity in the U.S. than the pharmaceutical and the biotech industry, and they have the Star of David on their flag!" - Ian Crane

Big Pharma
Corporate Crime

Serle - 1983Tamiflu
Gilead - 1999

Donald Rumsfeld - The link between Aspartame and Tamiflu

Aspartame causes brain damage and cancer!
Tamiflu is useless, it only delays the symptoms!

Is the shrewd vehicle for protecting the pharmaceutical industry.
The industry has decided upon an unethical course of action by using deception and deceit in the quest to eliminate natural health products completely.

Natural Solutions Foundation

"Now there is an organisation called the National Association of Health Food Stores, who you think would be natural allies in the fight against the implementation of Codex. Well, there you'd be wrong! Because the National Association of Health Food Stores have been targeted by the pharmaceutical industry and they have been shown how much greater their profits will be when they start selling synthetics, over natural products." - Ian Crane

Extract from newspaper shown by Ian:

80% of world population rely on herbal medicine
60% of Scottish doctors prescribe homoeopathic or herbal remedies
6000 shops across the UK offer traditional Chinese treatments

Please take time out to watch this 80 minute video. Codex could spell the death knell for humanity as we know it! - Edward Laughlan

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Pale Horse and message of the Bible. Shocking events of the end times.


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