Sunday, 1 November 2009



Just as I have been putting forward, both in my book and on this blogsite, China is setting itself up - or rather, it is allowing itself to be set up by the Rothschild's City of London Corporation for invasion by an unexpected American end time Antichrist world leader. Now I may be wrong in my understanding of Biblical prophecy but as time goes on, it makes me believe that in fact I could be correct!

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No-one taught me how to understand the prophecies, that was between myself and my Creator. Anything I have understood correctly is entirely due to Him and Him alone! When I first felt inspired to study the prophetic books of the Bible, I had absolutely no idea whatsoever of the interpretation of them, I was completely stumped! Only prayer and asking God via His Son Yeshua gave me any answers. I did not want to become bogged down and swayed by the interpretations of others within the controlled church system, and I have learned since then just how Satanically controlled they can be!

Now the Rothschild family and all the other ruling elite families under them, from the Rockefellers down, who are guiding this world to hell itself, in no way wish China to be invaded - that is not their plan. No, they prefer that China and Russia will one day soon invade and destroy the west! Rothschild agent/puppet Maurice Strong, the man who leads the UN from behind the scenes, has stated that the only way to save the planet is to destroy the west - and that is what we are witnessing today! From the crashing dollar to the corruption in society and corruption by politicians, to the unnecessary slaughtering of poor innocents worldwide to the invasion of the western nations by Muslims in particular, the west is slipping down the slippery slope to certain death.

It was never God's intention to mix the nations. Each nation has its own particular beliefs and culture. Mixing peoples together brings eventual problems. That should be becoming obvious to even the most blind of us. London is now a powder keg that could explode at any given moment, but that was always part and parcel of the plan! Why did God scatter the nations that had gathered under the world's very first dictator, world leader, Nimrod? It wasn't for nothing that God seen fit to intervene and stop this 'New World Order' dead in its tracks! And what about the setting up of the United States of America? Was not that another of Satan's plans via the occult societies as the New Atlantis? The powerhouse that was to be used to lead us to where we find ourselves today - one step away from their long awaited New World Order??

I know that the above statement is going to bring me much criticism from American Christians, but I'm sorry, I say what I believe to be true and do not go out of my way looking only for friends! The stuff that man esteems, the Creator God abhors! You should always remember that! Now the above video about Muslims in Britain and their aim to take over the country has all been very cleverly orchestrated by treasonous Britons themselves like our modern day Tony Blair. The aim is to destroy Christianity - nothing else! The controlled Muslim extremists do not understand that part of the equation. They believe that they will one day rule over the world but that is not part of the bankers plans. They are being used by the international bankers to take on and destroy Christianity and help bring anarchy and chaos to the nation. Afterwards, they themselves are to be dealt with by the same City of London Corporation bankers who are loyal to Lucifer alone!

Well, I have made a statement that I am sticking to, and it is this - as far as I can see, the Bible mentions two kings of the north. One is obviously Russian and the other must be either British, American, or Canadian. I say he will be American. Because one of the kings of the north is Russian, it seems reasonable to believe that the country of the king of the south mentioned in the book of Daniel that the Antichrist invades, could in fact be China as China sits south of Russia. In ancient times there were two countries of the north mentioned and they were Assyria and Babylon.

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My belief that the king of the south's country is China is aided by the fact that it is mentioned in scripture as being a land having a large and powerful army and that the Antichrist has to pluck up courage to invade it and who only manages to subdue it because of anarchy within that country. What other nation could fit that category? What other nation does the United States NEED to conquer in these end times in order to survive? My friends, please listen to the following video and understand that this has been the plan laid from way back in time. City of London Corporation Satanic bankers, being of the household of the fallen Red Esau, who initially set up world Communism during the early 1900's, and who are today funnelling money and arms to these same countries with the idea of destroying the west, are desperately awaiting the fall of the U.S. and the rise of their Communist red brothers. Esau - Child of Wroth - The Rothschilds! Edward Laughlan

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