Friday, 6 November 2009



The world in general is a world of God rejecters. And I mean The Creator God of the heavens and the Earth God rejecters. The penalty for this, whether you agree with it or like it or not, is death and destruction. Can't be any other way. Can you not imagine what the world would be like if it was filled with only people who worshipped and obeyed Satan? (Lucifer to his merry band of followers).

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Lucifer's followers - which includes of course Fabian Socialists, Communists, our royal families, top bankers and owners of the larger corporations and oil companies, big pharma, high degree Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Templar Knights, Knights of Malta, and the members of a myriad of other black occult groups and fraternities are the ones behind all the world's lies and deceit, chaos, destruction, death, wars, revolutions, famine, poisons in foods and drinks, chemtrails, weapons of mass destruction, deadly education of our doctors, deadly medicines like AZT and Tamiflu, the cancer lie, the AIDS lie, Swine Flu, puppet governors and world leaders, population reduction, human sacrifice, Satanic ritual abuse and mind control, etc, etc, etc! Add to that list their New World Order and you get a glimpse of where the world is heading!

Doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out what the final end of life on this planet is destined to be does it??

Being God rejecters doesn't work! The west is now on its last legs. If you have not noticed it is only because you have not been paying enough attention. You can ignore all my warnings as well - it is entirely up to you. One thing you will not be allowed to do though, is when the time comes to meet your Maker - and it will come sooner than you think - you will not get off the hook by saying, "I did not know... nobody told me...", that argument will not hold water I'm afraid! The Creator God has given us more than enough evidence of His existence and now the end of time invoice must be paid. Time has come to an abrupt end! Man's allotted 6000 years, plus the tiny stoppages for His Son's time on Earth etc is nearing it's conclusion. Laugh if you will, enjoy yourself whilst you still can - the time of the final world dictator looms. It is not Obama, but he will possibly/probably lead us to the real candidate. - Edward Laughlan

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