Wednesday, 6 August 2008


That the United Nations, governed of course by our Illuminati elite friends, uses food as a weapon, was first brought to my attention by that hard hitting government controlled Texan, Alex Jones. Indeed, if you do some investigations yourself, you will discover at least three ways in which food, is used as a silent killer, or what the military would term a non-lethal weapon! As our charming Prince Philip himself has said, "there are too many mouths to feed", then one way to help solve both hunger and 'overpopulation' is by feeding people poisons that look like food!

What a wonderfully brilliant idea. Why did we not think of that one before! Well, we the people are not paid to come up with such ideas, the United Nations does that for us, they and the one thousand organisations that they have given birth to.

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No. 1: Food as a weapon. The main ways in which they have accomplished the poisoned food task is by adding dangerous chemicals and sugar substitutes. Sugar itself in its washed white form, is a poison, the sugar substitutes are even more dangerous and are known to cause cancers. Milk in many parts of the U.S. is unfit for human consumption due to chemicals that are pumped into cattle to boost milk production. The cattle then get sick so are given antibiotics - all this stuff ends up in the milk! Sound bad? The whole truth is actually much much worse! Check out: The Whole Truth About Milk.

Our food also gets irradiated in order to kill germs they say, to sterilise it. The fact is, irradiated foods, (nuclear foods) are now known to trigger heart disease and cancers. The food is exposed to high level radiation which penetrates it, changing its molecular structure and destroying vitamins and nutrients. This causes free radicals - atoms which have lost an outer electron. Apart from the many other health problems they can cause, they can wreak havoc with our delicate reproductive system and will also affect negatively any growing embryo.

Fruits and vegetables - you know - "five a day in order to stay healthy!" Is that not the current call we hear every day from government backed ads? Well, it depends on who is growing the stuff! If it is not genetically tampered with and thus unfit for consumption, then the farmers are ploughing dangerous poisons into their fields that end up on the inside of what we are eating. Carrots, for example are like sponges that will soak up all the poisons and chemicals you put their way. Organo-phosphates in various forms are used to spray crops, wash down cattle susceptible to warble fly infestation, and as a fertiliser. These organo-phosphates are said to be behind Mad Cow Disease and not the scrapie contaminated cattle fodder. (More details of this are in my book.)

So-called organic foods, like the conventional, can be deficient in anything up to 70 minerals and trace minerals, although the consensus is that they are better than the conventional.
Our farm soil today has been pushed way past its limits in that the fields do not go through the old and tested crop rotation routine. Neither are they given a year of rest - which is vital to their overall health. Instead, they are loaded down with pesticides and fertilisers in order that the farmers can keep producing year after year, stuff that looks like real crops! Have you noticed that many fruits and vegetables just do not taste like they used to. They can't because of what they lack. They are certainly not as they were intended to be. They have been so manipulated by man and changed, that they no longer do the job that our Creator God, Yahweh intended.

No. 2: Food is used as a weapon against countries who have suffered bad harvests and end up with starving millions. One problem farmers have in the world - here I challenge all you people, like our lying Prince Philip - and that is overproduction. There are always vast stores of grains around the world that could be used to alleviate hunger. Problem is, our governments - rather, the overlords who pull the strings of governments, the multinationals and banksters, do not want to see suffering and death alleviated. There is money for them too in death and suffering, and anyway, they are hell-bent on depopulating the Earth. That is what the Green Movement and all environmental movements are all about: "leave plenty of room for nature!" People are the problem they keep telling us, it is we who have destroyed the planet, not the huge multinationals, but we!

Countries like India for example could at times sell at a very low price, grains to suffering nations. The problem? The United Nations will not allow them to do so because their grains are not genetically modified! Genetically modified grains are not fit for human consumption and are a curse upon the Earth. Companies like Monsanto should be closed down and their owners sent to jail! (Some call this company Mon Satan, and no wonder!)

The United States and the United nations, through USAID, and the World Food Programme, (WFP) hold starving nations to ransom. Their offer is: "Buy our genetically modified grains or your people can starve to death." Needless to say, the majority of starving nations reject USAID. THEY WOULD RATHER STARVE THAN RECEIVE TOXIC AID! The aim of the United States is - as it has always been - world domination and total control of its inhabitants, nothing else... oops, and world depopulation, I almost forgot! At the same time, Americans are brainwashed into believing that the 'good old US of A ' is the most caring, generous nation on Earth. A nation led by God who has godly presidents performing God's will upon the Earth! How pathetic! Waky waky! Dream's over! 

The sad thing for me, is that American believers (people who are supposed to believe in the Creator God), are equally fooled, if not more fooled. Pride has gotten a strong grip on that nation and has blinded the people, even God's own, they are sold out to their flag and their government instead of being sold out to the Creator God! Nations that accept USAID end up becoming slaves to multinationals like Monsanto. Their contaminated grains not only make people ill - which helps the pharmaceutical giants - but also spread throughout these nations, taking control by infecting native crops. USAID grains usually arrive in husk form that can germinate when they fall off the sides and backs of lorries. When they germinate, the Monsanto seeded fields become the property of Monsanto and therefore the Illuminati controlling elite! Is Satan stupid as the churches teach, or the wisest being created, according to Yahweh's Word?

No. 3: Food as a weapon, CODEX ALIMENTARIUS. Our governments have been working behind the scenes now on this crafty scheme since the end of WWII. To cut a long story short - you can watch the video at the end of this post - vitamins and minerals, vital to our health because our controlled foods now lack them, are coming under direct control of the Illuminati United Nations, or New World Order. Codex Alimentarius if it is allowed to become law at the end of 2009 as planned, will cause the unnecessary deaths of countless millions. That is one of the ideas behind it. Nutrients - vital vitamins and minerals, are being labelled as poisons by these monsters. Truth in life, is certainly becoming many times stranger than fiction! If it becomes law, we are all doomed, and I mean it seriously.  

It will be unlawful for anyone to even grow their own food in their garden! I am not joking. This is very serious and is part of their total control plan. After this one becomes law, the next juicy part is to start microchipping us to help us become a little bit more of the well behaved mind-controlled slaves that we are! I will now sign off and allow you to watch the video. The lady in the video, Dr. Rima Laibow, is another Illuminati plant. Her husband, as I discovered on doing some checks, is in the intelligence community, so beware! Do not be fooled into joining her gang. Her assignment, most probably from the CIA, is to sign up as many people as possible across the face of the Earth, in order to waste votes against CODEX ALIMENTARIUS. She is telling the truth, but she is also leading people away from standing against one of the Illuminati elite's most powerful schemes. I repeat, do not join her gang, join up rather, with Freedom Force International if you feel you must join with someone. This subject, like all subjects on my blog, need informed prayer warriors that can attack the problem specifically. May the Lord God Almighty, Yahweh, bless you all, we truly are facing the last days, Eddie.

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