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by investigative journalist Pamela Schuffert
Part I

It is particularly tragic when it's NWO adherents are found to be in the highest levels of the US MILITARY...where they have access to national secrets, access to high tech deadly military weaponry, access to the young impressionable minds of the new recruits, and the power to set up and implement the NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA for the ILLUMINATI.
In fact, it is BEYOND tragic. IT IS TERRIFYING.

Here is just one of their many infiltrator groups into the USAF (United States Air Force).
The "ORION GROUP" I recently exposed online exposed in the related article,;article=122891;title=APFN

refers to an utterly clandestine group of hard-core satanists in the USAF whose names and purposes will never be officially published nor acknowledged as such by the USAF and for obvious reasons.

You will never know about their clandestine activities nor their names by USAF publications, nor by their official website and related government sites.

Satanism/Illuminism hides continually under a cloak of CLANDESTINE SECRETS.

All you will ever read about in USAF publications and related websites, is that which is general run-of-the mill type military information.

There are many different operations in the USAF and US military, going by names that may indeed include ORION GROUP, OMEGA GROUP, etc.

But their hard-core black-ops like the hidden NWO "ORION GROUP" you will never read about openly. That would destroy their covertness, obviously.
As I stated earlier, the clandestine "ORION GROUP" is a covert organization of high level USAF officers, who by day labor to bring forth the NWO through the USAF's agenda, and by night are hard-core SATANISTS (and by hard-core I expressly MEAN human-sacrificing/child-raping...The ONLY kind. Such NWO satanists working to bring forth the NEW WORLD ORDER satanic agenda are infiltrated into every branch of the USA military, the intelligence community, etc.)

There are numerous military/intelligence community black ops that you will never read about or know about, and they happen every day.

There are numerous SATANIST/Illuminati black ops and dark activities that news media bias/blackout will NEVER inform you of, and they happen every day.

So let's become realistic in seeking to understand these facts, and not dumbed down as the government wants us to be.

My father "Jake Schuffert" was recruited into Pentagon/USAF satanism and the NWO agenda (BOTH of which are totally connected), and NO ONE EVER knew from official USAF publications or websites.

In fact, the satanists and the Illuminati always provide A COVER FOR THEIR OWN, to conceal the truth from the public.

My father's cover was "THE ICON CARTOONIST FOR THE USAF" and he was always given laud and perks and kudos from within the USAF.

And the airmen who read his cartoons with every publication of AIRMAN MAGAZINE, distributed on every USAF military base worldwide, NEVER HAD A CLUE.

My Christian mother and I DID, and we fought this NWO programming and satanism in my father for 30 years, before he came out to become a born again Christian and was finally set free.

Military Chaplain Col. Jim Ammerman of FULL GOSPEL CHAPLAINCY sent one of his USAF chaplain contacts, Chaplain Ailsworth, to confront my father with the truth from the WORD OF GOD in our Washington DC home, and my father repented and found Jesus Christ.

Col. Jim was a co-worker of mine as well, traveling nationwide to expose the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda. he referred to this as "THE IMMINENT MILITARY TAKEOVER OF AMERICA." We both knew many of the same truths regarding the NWO. Col. Jim as able to confirm much of the information I was receiving while I performed investigative journalism.
Col. Jim personally confirmed to me the reality of the satanic ORION GROUP in the USAF force, and the information I have posted about them. They are not to be confused with any mundane official USAF organization OPENLY referred to by this name. The clandestine satanist ORION GROUP is totally separate and undercover (black ops).

One of the main purposes of investigative journalism like mine, is to EXPOSE this kind of terrible darkness in our nation, and help the American people to understand the level of deception and darkness and cover-up that goes on all the time throughout our government, military, etc.

The American people will have to choose in this hour to be DECEIVED..or NOT deceived...and THAT is the question.

-Pamela Schuffert


All TRUTH goes through 3 stages:

FIRST- it is ridiculed...

SECOND- it is violently opposed...

THIRD- it is finally accepted as SELF EVIDENT.

Jesus Christ declared,

"You shall KNOW THE TRUTH,

and the TRUTH shall make you FREE."

~Pamela Schuffert~

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